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Valerian Wynter

Volly wondered if it was actually possible to actually track the progression- or regression?- of sanity over the days and weeks he spent on his own. He doubted he was really, honestly going some kind of batshit crazy, but it sure as hell felt like it the longer things went on. How else was he supposed to explain his almost pathological avoidance of anything that seemed familiar, in favor of a pathetically lonely life of keeping his own company?

He was talking to a rock, for fuck’s sake.

Y’know,” he said, sounding almost wistful, “I used to be, like, normal. There was a time when your buddy ol’ Vol didn’t sit around all day, inventing arbitrary personalities for rocks and pretending to carry on a meaningful conversation.

He furrowed his brow, as though listening to a rather well thought out response. Volly shifted slightly where he lay in the grass, a few dozen meters from the edge of the cliffs. The sky was cloudy and gloomy, just as the previous day had been, and the day before that. The noon sun didn’t even get to show its face through the heavily overcast skies. The weather made Valerian gloomy in turn- he normally handled his relative solitude better than this, but at some point he’d just started talking, and filling in both sides of the conversation.

Volly made a face, jaw shifting slightly askew as he used one forepaw to push the relatively flat stone away from him.

I tried. Okay? I went, talked to some nice fellas, managed to insult ‘em. Two outta two. They were too nice to say it, but still. Never even saw the big guy, but hey. Maybe he’s just busy. He’s got responsibilities.

Valerian’s voice faltered on the word, as though it were unfamiliar to him. He made a show of looking perplexed, as though pondering the meaning of it. He hadn’t been back to the basin since he had spoken to Relic, driven away when the wolf looked at him just a little too closely in a way that Valerian didn’t like.

So yeah. It’s just you and m-

He paused mid-sentence, head jerking back slightly in a show of hurt and confusion.

Look, I already told you that I didn’t know that family of mice I dug out from under ya were buddies of yours. I wouldn’t have eaten them down to the last, I swear. I’m s-

Another pause, then his ears splayed out to the sides of his head and he looked, on some level, rather mortified.

What. What are you saying. You can’t. Y-you and me, we go way back to like, ten minutes ago. Rock, you can’t leave. You’re all I’ve got.

How sad and strange and true that was. Only he didn’t have the rock either, because with one swipe of a paw it was sent sailing through the air, its oblong shape twisting end over end. It probably did a little rock-wave as it went on its rock-way, forgetting about him like everyone else did.

Nooooo whyyyy,” he mock-whined.

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Juliette Slash-GNR
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After leaving the suicidal man, Juliette continued on towards the mountains. Her soft fur blew in the semi-violent winds if an oncoming storm.

Her mint green gaze scanned the area as her delicate paws carried her farther in. Her gentle mind had wandered to many places. Thoughts if fantasies… future and past ideas.

It didn’t stop until a voice caught her attention. Flicking an ear, Juliette followed the voice trailed that soon turned into a scent. Her tongue ran over her lips as she laid eyes upon a male relaxing but talk to nothing.

Tilting her head, she blinked her green eyes. What an odd sight. “Umm, hello Sir. Are you alright?” She asked. Ya know, just to make sure he wasn’t suicidal either.

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Neeve Autneca Gabriel Lucas
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So the desert hadn’t had much to give her. Neeve was used to disapointment, but dullness was getting the best of her, and the white woman had taken to wandering again, not speaking for days at a time, sometimes not even eating, finding solace in the company of the wind and the rain and the few rare times of clear sky. Summer was coming to an end, and Neeve had never spend a winter away from her pack. But she was a fighter. She would survive.

This time her feet had carried her away, southwestern, to where the ground gave away and sea swallowed the Valley nuder her feet. Neeve had never been there before, but the sight gave her a sense of fulfillment. It was quiet, the breeze cutting through rocks and cliffsides and blowing her fur back. For a time when the sun was so high in the sky, a little chill went through her. Her thin pelt was not made for such places.

But that was alright, because much like the desert had been, this place was pretty and quiet and appeased her inner royalty. Neeve gazed off the edge, down to the water, its calm waves. Its calm waves, disturbed only be a loud plop as something fell off the edge further away and into the water.

Neeve paused, and blinked.

Uh. Unfortunate. An ear flickered- mismatched green eyes twinkled, and she hesitated. Maybe it was just the wind. If it hasn’t, she was nearly sure she had forgotten how to speak. But alliances were always useful, and with winter coming, she could not deny that the thought of companionship, although bothersome, had its appeals.

Neeve took a step forward, and then another. A little distance off, the shape of a dark wolf appeared. And close by, a girl. Without realizing, Neeve let out a huff.

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Valerian Wynter

He contemplated wailing and tantruming and shouting his misery to the sky for all to hear, but he decided that would probably take too much work, and remained lying in the grass where he was. It would mostly be a show, something to do- anything to do to occupy his mind- but it was all too close to how he felt for him to want to put that kind of thing on display, even if the view would only be a rock.

Err, himself. It would only be himself.

Volly had been quite caught up in his pathetic little charade, it seemed. Someone managed to sneak up on him while he wasn’t looking, though in all likelihood, she hadn’t been sneaking at all- he’d just not been paying attention to his surroundings. It was rare for him to be taken so off guard, but when he heard a voice not far from him, Valerian jumped, pushing himself up to a sitting position and well on his way to standing up when he managed to get himself under control. The surprise on his face registered easily for all to see, his ears pointed toward the timber female, his eyes widened.

She’d asked him something, and it took a moment of staring and looking like a complete fool before he was able to dredge up what she’d asked from the recesses of his mind. Was he alright, he thought she’d asked- or maybe are you out of your mind, or some variation of one of those. It seemed like the likely question when finding a random stranger talking to themselves.

Uhhhhh,” he said eloquently, looking somewhat flustered. “I’m. Uhh. Probably I mean I was just kinda… bored and talking to myself I didn’t know anyone else was around sorry ‘bout that.

Thus caught off guard and self conscious of what she might have heard and seen, his tendency to speak rapidly ran unchecked, though Valerian didn’t stammer and his words were well enunciated. He realized what he’d done, and breathed in to steady himself, trying again: “I’m not… crazy, I swear.

Maybe not all of what he’d said was the truth, but he didn’t think he was that far gone yet, was he?

He wouldn’t have noticed the shape drawing nearer to them if not for the stranger’s light color, but a white splotch in the corner of his eye drew his attention to the cliffside off to one side of him, and he grimaced.

Maybe this one, at least, hadn’t heard the show he’d put on.

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Juliette Slash-GNR
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Juliette couldnt help but smile and let out an amused chuckle. It was rather funny that the male was so flustered. He even claimed she thought him crazy.

Shaking her head… “Oh no no… Dear Sir. I do not think you crazy” she paused to take a pause and looked him over. He was a handsome man… But Juliette wasnt here to manipulate such an innocent.

“I too am guilty of talking to myself sometimes” she sighed. “I suppose it’s an effect of traveling alone for to long” she stated. Her graceful smile never left her lips. The woman wanted him to feel comfortable.

“Does…” she paused as a white figure came down. Had she trespassed? Perhaps she could apologize and be on her way? However… The girl did hope to collect a companion to converse with on her exploration. Maybe one of the two would be up for such an adventure?

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Valerian Wynter

The girl smiled at him, seeming amused rather than weirded out, which Valerian would take as a positive sign. She spoke then, and his brows raised slightly. He wasn’t sure anyone had ever called him a sir before.

He felt her eyes roving over him as he got to his feet, shaking debris from his pelt. Maybe she liked what she saw? Valerian grinned, but he didn’t return the appraising look.

Yeah, that’ll do it. Nothin’ worse than havin’ only yourself for conversation.” He said it flippantly, so the words came off light as he’d intended. He’d been just about to speak again when the stranger continued- or started to, anyway, her attention called away to the approaching wolf before she could finish.

He shrugged. Whoever it was, they’d get here when they got here. He focused on the one in front of him.

Name’s Valerian.

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