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Raining / Midday

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Sparrow Kelly Staff

It was raining and while Sparrow wasn’t wholly fond of the rain, she’d left Peregrine in their little hideaway since he’d outgrown the den. The boy was growing faster than her mind could keep up with, and she wouldn’t be surprised if he outgrew his brothers.

But she’d needed relief for a time, even if it was in the pouring rain. It made the lake look all the more interesting, small ripples forming with each falling drop. Somehow it was peaceful sitting there, watching the lake, the rain, the smells.

This truly was their home, and while some instinctual part of her said to claim it, she was content with what they had here, now. Family. Peace. A contentedness they’re not know for a very long time.

Feb 17, 2018 08:03 PM

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Narcisa Negrescu Lilja

A skeletal mass of starving flesh had wandered through the hills, the heat of summer dragging out far longer than it should have.  Narcisa preferred the winter.  It was where dead things belonged.  It was also the only season where the weather represented the ice inside of her soul.  Becoming a cold motherfucker wasn’t really what Narcisa Negrescu had planned to do but alas, there she was.  With prominent ribs and a raging headache from dehydration.  Course, the fucking heat wasn’t helping anything.

The colorless enigma preferred the north to the south, particularly the mountains.  Especially the mountains.  They were sharp and jagged and held as much danger inside their clutches as any murderer.  They were isolated and chilled at high altitudes, high enough to obscure herself from the world.  Because Narcisa belonged alone.  No, it wasn’t because she thought everyone would be better without her or some dramatic bullshit like that.  It was because the woman didn’t want to put up with the company of others.  Compared to her, they were inferior.

Scowling at the area around her, Narcisa flicked an ear in annoyance.  Rarely did she regard anything as pretty, but this particular place was all greys to her.  As colorless and plain as her very self.  However, she held a high regard for herself in the world of vanity.  Beautiful things belonged in beautiful places and this was no place for Narcisa Negrescu. 

Some days she wondered what had become of her littermates.  Other days she didn’t give a fuck.  Yeah, sure.  They’d been close and shit.  Didn’t matter now, though, did it.  Larisa and Dragomir were gone.  She was alone.  Perhaps she was just too complicated for anyone to love.  Eh.  Broken things were better being lonely.

Her pelt was mangled.  The pads of her paws were scarred.  Her stomach was empty and her head ached with fatigue.  Yet nothing read danger on the woman like her eyes.  Empty silver orbs that were as sharp as glass and cold as stone.  Underestimating Narcisa would be the last mistake anyone made.  Shame she didn’t really get around these days, though it didn’t much matter.  They lived alone.  They died alone.  Everything else was an illusion.

For now, the vengeful lass continued onwards, thirsting for a victory that could not be supplied, wandering on a plain of suffering under a sky of tears.

She’s a little ways off, but totally visible!

Feb 24, 2018 09:00 PM — Post #1

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Sparrow Kelly Staff

Sparrow had been contentedly sitting by the lake when she spotted the gray wolf off in the distance walking in a manner that she didn’t see of most wolves. It felt sharp, angry, and for half a second she wanted to rush to Peregrine, but the boy was far enough away from it all and behind her, hidden in the copse she’d scouted out.

Not one to turn down strangers, though, she barked, taking a few angled steps away from the lake so she was facing the distant wolf. The girl had every right to just keep on walking and ignore her, but Sparrow was nothing if not ambitious.

Something about her reminded Sparrow of Osiris and she felt a pang of nostalgia, a time long past. She was no longer that wolf, though it still remained inside of her, buried deep. Nevertheless, she’d see what this wolf’s deal was.

Mar 09, 2018 02:51 AM — Post #2

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Narcisa Negrescu Lilja

Narcisa had thought she was being sneaky.  Actually, what she really thought was that she was alone.  Apparently not.  An attention-seeking yap caught the colorless female’s awareness, her silvery orbs rotating in the direction of the sound.  Lo and behold, a pale and rather mangy female was moseying her way over, though Narcisa wasn’t one to talk.  She was just as mangy, and even more so.  Starvation did that to a gal.

She could have just walked away.  She could have turned the cold shoulder and kept on going.  She didn’t, the first reason because she was extremely tired, the second because the female might have food.  Hell, she could even be the food if she got any closer, allowing Narcisa access at her throat.

Ashes to ashes, they all fell down eventually, sweetie.

Instead of taking the coward’s way out, Narcisa simply eyed the other woman as she grew closer, an expression of ‘what the fuck to you want’ upon her dainty features.  Yes, dainty.  Underestimate her, bitch.  See what happens.

Narcisa Negrescu had never particularly liked other females, save her sister and a few others.  Of course, even her relationship with Larisa was on shaky ground.  Mainly because she wanted to fuck her cousin.  But no, Narcisa viewed other females as challenges.  Threats.  Not this woman, though.  Narcisa had more important things to worry about, like what her next meal would be.  What a shame it would be if such a pretty thing like Narcisa died in such an ugly way, ribs protruding and tongue cracked and dried.

Just a little closer, dear.

Narcisa remained standing, not intending to bow or dip her head in respect or whatever the fuck normal wolves did upon greeting.  They were pussies if they had to bow down to someone else.  Narcisa did not kneel.

Mar 12, 2018 06:35 PM — Post #3

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Sparrow Kelly Staff

Sparrow drew a little closer, though not quite within normal speaking distance, posture confident as always. There was something off about the wolf, she could tell from the second she studied her, starved looking, fur a mess, and a look that had her something on edge.

“Sparrow,” she said simple, brow raised. “Looking for something? Someone?” It was a common thing in the mountains, and while her muscles remained tensed, she was content to parlay a conversation. If the wolf wanted to pass though and do nothing else, she’d move out of the way.

So long as she didn’t head toward her child. Peregrine was still a distance out, but she wasn’t risking anything on a stranger who looked like she was about to eat the first thing she could get her paws on.

“Or perhaps you’d like to join up for a hunt?” she added as an afterthought. She always found it easier to read wolves while they hunted, study their strengths, their weaknesses. But she let silence fall and stared at the wolf, posture unwavering, certain.

Mar 16, 2018 05:41 AM — Post #4

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Narcisa Negrescu Lilja

The hairs on Narcisa’s back prickled as the older woman drew nearer, the side of her mouth twitching as if she were going to expose her fangs at any second.  She might; it was tempting.  She wouldn’t even have to have a valid reason, either. 

Sparrow.  She introduced.  Why the fuck was her brow raised?  The colorless woman mimicked Sparrow’s glance, except she personally thought hers had a lot more opposition to it.  She had no interest in telling the woman her name unless she specifically requested it.  In which case Narcisa would probably just lie.

She knew of the importance of her bloodline and the rebellion that had slaughtered many of her ancestors.  Thanks to her father’s blood, Narcisa wasn’t a full Blanc and had a less-infamous surname.  She did, however, value confidentiality and mystique.

Looking for something? Someone?

Narcisa shrugged her shoulders.  “Not really.”  She could search for her siblings and cousins, but they were all probably fine.  Either fine or dead.  She thought she might feel a slight pang of guilt for the loss of her sister, but quite honestly, she didn’t give a fuck about the rest of them.  Blood or not.

She valued the look the other woman was placing on her.  Like she was… dangerous.  It warranted Narcisa a power that she hadn’t felt from someone else in ages.  She was more violent than she looked with a petite body and frame, but you see, Narcisa’s teeth did more harm than help.  And her bark was certainly quieter than her bite.

Or perhaps you’d like to join up for a hunt?

She had to resist a snort of laughter from bubbling up.  Did she look like she was in the state to hunt?  Narcisa could barely think of food for it made her stomach emit loud, obnoxious growls.

“I don’t, really.”  Her mismatched sentence came out of her mouth before she realized that Sparrow wouldn’t understand her jumbled thoughts.  Come to think of it, she was thirsty, too.  “Hunt.”  That is, hunt.  She didn’t really hunt, because she was half starved to death.  Not that she didn’t appreciate the offer.

Oh, wait. 

Mar 16, 2018 09:24 PM — Post #5

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Name Player
Sparrow Kelly Staff

Someone wasn’t versed in conversation, she realized as the girl drew closer, starved, fur prickled like Sparrow had said something terrible offensive. The girl was mimicking her, and she wasn’t sure if it was lack of socialization or pure offense. Either way, she remained where she wasn’t studying her, large like they always were, so confident in their size difference. It was not something she was new to.

No name was given back which was fine. Sparrow was purely one edge, hoping the wolf fucking passed through. Or. The thought tickled her mind for a moment but she dismissed it. She was no longer High Queen of the Empire.

But the wolf spoke. Not looking for anything or anyone. Okay. It was nothing to go on. But the offer to hunt dismissed as it was drew another concerned glance. She didn’t hunt, which explained enough her emaciated state.

“We have a cache,” she said simply, posture confident as it had been. She felt uncomfortable bringing the stranger close to her boys, but she had no problem heading off to bring something back. A starved wolf with an offer of food was a wolf who owed something. Or at least felt compelled to discuss life situations.

She waited.

If the girl was too proud to accept it, let her starve.

Mar 16, 2018 10:43 PM — Post #6

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Name Player
Narcisa Negrescu Lilja

Narcisa caught the concerned look on the other woman’s features, if even for only a second.  It made her want to smirk and scoff in disbelief.  Save your pity, dear.  She didn’t want it.  What she did want was food.  And she was willing to go to great lengths to get it.  Narcisa Negrescu was no cannibal, but by the looks of the other woman’s face, she thought otherwise.  That was fine.  Let her believe that Narcisa was an insane madwoman.  She had more power that way, appearing more off her rocker than she already was.

We have a cache.

This time, both of Narcisa’s eyebrows raised, though her features remained unimpressed.  More disbelieving and skeptical than anything.  Not because of the cache, but because the pale female had implied that there were more of them.  A tribe.


It came out as more of a statement than a question, allowing the woman to elaborate.  While she wouldn’t pass down the offer for food, she did want to know what she was walking into.

A thought crossed her mind, evoking a mental smile from Narcisa.  There was an opportunity to rob the female of food who smelled of nothing more than solitary.  Or, or... Narcisa could simply play the she-wolf’s game, receive food, and be on her way.  Somehow the stealing seemed like a better option to Narcisa.

She knew she was bad.  But there wasn’t such a thing as being all good, either.  And once you’ve been told you’re a monster for long enough, that’s what you become.

Mar 17, 2018 03:09 PM — Post #7

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