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[summons] Mid/Late summer, slightly backdated?? Looking for Marzena

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Eyja Jeames

This could not go on any longer. Eyja wanted to raise these kids, she really wanted to, but with the latest events she believed it was best if she… didn’t do that anymore. She had wanted to help Xanthos and Nemesis, raise them. So they would feel loved and welcome, but they still did not speak, and they refused her affection. They were growing more bitter by the day, and Xanthos even grew more aggressive… and her own pups were suffering because of it. Especially Finni.

Eyja could have forced them to get along, but she realized that would just not work. They would only fight, and fight more. And she was worried Xanthos would continue to attack and eventually grow into terrible behavior and actually hurt someone up to the point of… death. She needed Marzena, she needed the leader’s help. Like, right now. This aggression needed to end. The pups needed safety and stability and they would not get it like this, none of them would. Not if it continued the way it did now.

’‘Marzena. Are you around? I need your help.’‘ Eyja called out, and looked around the area. The pups would be fine without her for a bit, she was sure…

Feb 18, 2018 12:44 PM

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Effie Quinn Staff

Effie only heard the call because she was nearby. She’d been looking for herbs today, trying to hunt down a few plants she’d yet to locate.

It was the voice of a woman calling for Marzena that managed to pull Effie from the focus of her task. And honestly, she welcomed the distraction. It was becoming tedious now, and she wouldn’t mind a break. Woofing quietly, she turned to trot in the direction of the voice.

She was curious. She didn’t recognize the voice that called for Marzena. She considered for a moment just leaving it be, but she was curious and eager to meet a new pack mate. She just hoped the timing wouldn’t be terrible. The voice carried a note of urgency - maybe a little distress.

She slowed as she neared, spying the pale woman a small distance ahead. “Hello,” she called, calmly. “I hope I am not imposing.” She slowed to a stop here. “You sound troubled. I am not who you seek, but perhaps I can lend an ear?” Effie offered a hesitant, hopeful smile, head dipping. “Effie,” A simple introduction.

/// *Screams quietly about timelines and throws Effie in here anyway*

Feb 18, 2018 07:12 PM — Post #1

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Eyja Jeames

A wolf came to meet her, but it was not the wolf she was looking for. In fact, it was a stranger, someone totally new to her. Thank god it was a female… Eyja would have probably felt way too uncomfortable if she came across a male. ’‘Eyja.’‘ she responded. Effie, huh? The name reminded her a little bit of the name Finni…

’‘I was looking for Marzena… have you seen her around?’‘ she asked Effie. She didn’t really feel like telling her about the pups just yet. She wanted Marzena to help her. Because Eyja was sure Marzena knew what to do. Natasha had told her, that her mother was amazing with pups. A pup sitter in her past pack, apparently. Yes, Marzena would know what to do.

’‘I’ts important I speak with her as quickly as possible.’‘

Feb 19, 2018 08:11 AM — Post #2

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Effie Quinn Staff

It was to be expected, really. Effie didn’t blame the woman for wanting Marzena instead. Effie was a stranger and the woman apparently had important things to speak about. Effie dipped her head, apologetic. “Not since yesterday, I’m afraid. I’ve been busy collecting herbs,” Effie explained. And wandering the falls aimlessly, mapping things out, but that wasn’t important.

Effie blinked, eyes scanning the area. Effie didn’t doubt Marzena was nearby - perhaps just out of earshot. She glanced back towards the woman. “I’m sure she’s near,” Effie offered.

She felt a little awkward now, standing here when the woman was obviously not very interested in taking up Effie’s offer.

Perhaps she should have just minded her own business.

/// Assuming Effie may have saw her the day before. I can change that if it being off-screen isn’t okie dokie. *screams more about timelines*

Feb 19, 2018 10:55 AM — Post #3

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Eyja Jeames

Shit, not since yesterday. Well then, Eyja really needed Marzena, and she needed the wolf, now. ’‘I need to find her. If you see her before I do, could you tell her I was looking for her? And that it’s urgent?’‘ she asked, her face worried. ’‘That would be helpful…’‘
Eyja looked around the area, a little bit nervous. She wanted to find Marzena now and talk to her, but she didn’t want to leave the kids alone for too long. The idea that Xanthos was back at it again with Finni, or even Nanna, right now while she was away. That thought was scary…

’‘One of my adopted kids attacked one of my own… They’re growing, and soon I won’t be able to hold him back anymore, if it continues. I want Marzena to take them over, so everyone can hopefully live in peace…’‘ Eyja explained, guessing that since this wolf smelled basically like the pack, it would be okay to tell her. Maybe Effie was a new member. Probably.

’‘If you were looking for herbs… are you a healer? Could you take a look at my daughter’s wounds? She was… bleeding.’‘ Xanthos bit her that hard. It was a scary thought.

Feb 20, 2018 02:53 AM — Post #4

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Effie Quinn Staff

Effie could only nod, offering a gentle, “Of course,” In response to Eyja’s questions. It seemed very important, whatever it was. And Effie was undeniably curious. Eyja seemed worried, extensively, about something - and Effie was close to asking what was on her mind outright.

But then Eyja spared her and went on to explain. That was probably better, in the long run. Effie liked to know all the goings on, but she was able to restrain herself, just a little, when it came to some situations. This was not one to shove her nose into without Eyja deciding she would share, most definitely.

Effie couldn’t contain a shocked little gasp, “Oh, dear, that is an urgent matter.” Eyja confessed she wanted Marzena to take over raising the kids, and Effie nodded, prepared to agree that it sounded like the best option.

But Eyja continued on, asking Effie to take a look at the wounds inflicted upon her daughter. Effie nodded quickly - an answer to both questions Eyja asked of her. “Of course I can,” She replied easily. This was why she was here. It only saddened her that her first treatment might be on a child. She hoped Eyja could sort things out for the kids.

Perhaps I should make a trip back to my den? I can grab a couple of herbs I know would help with bite wounds.” She already had a few herbs in mind and she didn’t think it would take too long to gather them up.  Perhaps Marzena would arrive while Effie was examining Eyja’s girl.

Feb 20, 2018 07:36 PM — Post #5

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Eyja Jeames

[Sorry for the wait! I thought Marzena would come jumping in but I guess that’s not gonna happen? I will just have Eyja call for Finni in this thread and maaaaybe she will speak to Marzena later?? Oh boy.]

Looked like this Effie wolf could help her, after all. Even though Marzena was not around to answer her – it seemed – Effie could help her look after Finni’s wounds. She nodded at the female, feeling a little less worried. She felt a bit more relieved. ’‘That would be great, thank you so much.’‘ she told Effie, and then looked around, hoping Finni was around. But it looked like she had to call the tiny girl.

’‘Let me call for my daughter. Then you can take a look at her…’‘ she said, and then lifted her head and let out a quick, short howl, followed by a call for the girl, so the pup would know her mother needed her to come. ’‘Finni, darling. Can you come to mom?’‘

Hopefully she was nearby enough to hear it. And hopefully she was not too shaken to come out into the open…

Feb 23, 2018 07:50 AM — Post #6

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Finni Raven Marie

Finni didn’t want to see anyone. She didn’t want to be touched, she didn’t want to be bitten. She didnt want to see those dark pups. She just wanted to find somewhere safe and go to sleep.

Eyjas call echoed through the falls, though, and Finni’s ears cupped forward. Mum was not far away, and she wanted FINNI. Well, that changes things, certainly?

Not much.

Finni extracted herself from the knot of grasses shed been trying to find safety in to trot Eyjas way. Mum would keep her safe. The runts movements were stiff, and though shed licked most of the dried blood off of the irritated wound, her shoulder still seeped blood. And goodness forbid she touch anything to the tip of her tail; the crooked appendage was sensitive and throbbed worse than her shoulder. Finni didn’t know, but it was fractured; imperfect. It would keep hurting until it healed, and would forever stay a little crooked at the very top. 


It didn’t take her long to find her mother’s pale coat, but she wasn’t alone….  A grown-lump was there too, and though she looked suspiciously like Aunty Nat, Finni knew shed never met this woman before. From where she stood just a few yards away, Finni halted, hackles raising and a distinct scent of fear rising in waves. A whine broke from her throat before she moved again; this time, in a wide circle to wedge herself beneath Eyja and to stay away from the new person.

“Mum call? Call Finni.”

In the most hushed voice she could manage—which wasn’t very quiet at all—Finni asked her mother why she was needed.

Well, pretty much. Mum called Finni. Why?

Feb 23, 2018 09:13 AM — Post #7

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Marzena is currently Inactive. Activate? Inactive
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Marzena Dom

Marzena had been out on patrol and had not heard the call. Upon her return, she noted the presence of Effie and Eyja nearby. She was always in the mood for some level of social interaction with her pack-mates, so she trotted towards them with a smile, “Eyja, Effie.”

Feb 25, 2018 03:50 AM — Post #8

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Effie Quinn Staff

Effie flashed a smile at Eyja, dipping her head. “Of course, Eyja. It’s what I’m here for.” Although she much preferred her skills to be unneeded, it would be good for the pack to know she was here - that they had someone who could deal with any sickness or injuries among the pack. Of course, Natasha had said her brother had an interest in healing, but she was unaware still how much he knew, how deep that interest really ran. She hoped he would commit himself to it. She could teach him - pass all her knowledge to his young mind.

Eyja called for her daughter, and Effie waited. Her trip to her cave would have to wait, because she could already here tiny pawsteps scampering near. Effie reclined into a relaxed sit, eyes watching as the young girl huddled close to her mother. She’d caught just a glimpse of the still seeping wound on her shoulder, the crooked tail tip.

A bit of her own distress bubbled up at the sight of the girl - another child had done that? She wanted to frown, was sure her lips tipped down a bit. But she schooled her expression, smiling gently towards the girl- Finni, Ejya called her.

Hello, Finni. I’m Effie, can I talk to you?” She seemed frightened, with good reason. An attack violent enough to draw blood and leave her tail broken at the very least would traumatize anyone. And so Effie spoke softly, gently, and easily slid to the ground - hoping choosing not to loom so high up and drop herself to the ground would ease a little of the girls fear.

More footsteps, heavier this time, and Effie flashed a quick look in Marzena’s direction, smiling and dipping her head with a quiet, “Marzena,” before she turned her gaze vaguely back in the girlpups direction. She didn’t try for direct eye contact with the girl, but her gaze was pointed in her direction.

Feb 25, 2018 10:31 AM — Post #9

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Eyja Jeames

Ah, there her daughter was, and once again she hid underneath her. ’‘I called you because I think you need a check up on your wounds… Effie here is a real healer, she knows what to do and how to take away the pain.’‘ she told Finni, and tried to look at the girl. She tried to see the wounds, and see if they were any better or not, but the girl was hiding underneath her. ’‘Does it still hurt?’‘ she asked, hoping to get a good insight from the puppy.

It was then that she heard Effie say the leader’s name, and she looked up to see Marzena approaching. Thank god! ’‘Marzena! I needed you. It’s about Xanthos and Nemesis.’‘ she told the leader, not wasting any time. Her voice sounded urgent.

Feb 25, 2018 11:17 PM — Post #10

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Finni Raven Marie

Aunt Marz came striding in the next moment, and Finni’s ears perked. Marzena had decidedly become one of the wolves the runt liked, but she made no move to greet the leader. She was being talked to!

Eyja was telling her about Effie, how she was a healer and that Finni’s wounds needed looked at.

Did it still hurt?

Mutely, Finni nodded. Yes, yes it still hurt…. But she didn’t want this stranger touching her! She was bigger, and scary.

When Finni turned to look at said scary lady, she was reclining to her belly and had started to speak softly. There was no eye contact, no command, and though she knew Eyja wanted her to go over there, Effie made it a little easier.

Keeping Eyja close, Finni scooted out from underneath, ears splayed back and greening eyes watching this healer with distrust.

But oh my, did she hurt. With Eyja just a few pawsteps away, Finni could do this. Mum trusted this lady, and Aunt Marz was so very close. Nothing would happen….?

“Eff…. Effie? Heal hurt? Finni hurt.”

Feb 26, 2018 08:12 AM — Post #11

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Effie Quinn Staff

/// Three day + skipping Marz! Jump back in when you can Dom! :D

Effie remained positioned low to the ground, smiling gently at the girlpup. The little one nodded in affirmation that she was still in pain.

Effie couldn’t help but wonder what had driven the other pup to do such damage. She knew little of the two dark children, aside from the fact that they were not truly Eyja’s.

It seemed like Effie taking a more relaxed position had worked - the girl, though obviously nervous, scooted just a tiny bit closer to Effie and Effie smile, encouraging. “Yes, Finni, I can help you,” She murmured, watching the girl with gentle eyes. “You have to trust me a little bit. Can you do that? I want to help, that’s all. Momma will be right here with you the whole time, is that okay?

As much as she wanted to get a look at those wounds and get them treated as soon as possible, Effie did not want to make the child uncomfortable -more frightened- if she could prevent it.

Mar 04, 2018 07:47 PM — Post #12

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Eyja Jeames

Finni said she was still hurt, and Eyja looked up at Effie. Could Effie help her? That would be great, amazing. Eyja didn’t want her poor daughter to hurt. It was even the most fearful one of the two. Effie reassured Finni, and Eyja smiled at her daughter.
’‘Yeah, Effie is a friend and pack mate, and she will help you. You just have to trust her.’‘ the mother told her child.

’‘And as she said, I will be here. I won’t leave you.’‘ she promised. Hopefully Finni was doing better now, and less fearful. Eyja wanted her to get better.

Mar 05, 2018 12:25 AM — Post #13

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Finni Raven Marie

Many comforting words and smiles were thrown about in gentle tones,  Effie asking her to have trust and Mum telling her she would be right there. Much different from the last time shed been cowering in the brambles, crying for Eyja to take her home. Finni nodded mutely, hushed in nervous curiousity, and turned to sniff at the wound as if to say ‘this is where it hurts, Effie’. Her ears cupped forward as she waited to see what the friend-stranger would do.

The woman didn’t seem to have any of the plants Cygnus had smeared onto her, smelly and sticky. That hadn’t lasted long at all under her tongue, and Finni hoped that Effie had some other magical way to make her feel better.

Mar 08, 2018 10:53 AM — Post #14

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Effie Quinn Staff

Effie couldn’t help but release a small sigh of relief at the little nod the girl gave her. Effie figured that was as good as it was gonna get as far as permission went from the girl. Effie could tell she was still nervous, but perhaps having her mother there - and Effie being as gentle as possible - had worked. She smiled sweetly at the girlpup and scooted just close enough to get a better look at the shoulder. She could smell the faint remnants of some other herbs, now that she was closer to the girl. She glanced at Eyja, curious. “She’s had someone look at them already?”

She paused a moment, time enough to allow a response and then shifted her attention back to the pup and her wounds. “I have a couple things -something to disinfect and something for the pain- back at my den,” She explained, turning her eyes back to Eyja once more. “Perhaps you two would like to get back to your den. I could make a trip to mine and meet you there?” 

/// Sorry for the wait, guys! D: I could have sworn I replied to this. ><

Mar 11, 2018 09:42 PM — Post #15

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