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[summons] Jay | early afternoon | overcast | backdated, three days after 'new dawn's light'

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Athena Stormborn Wynter

Athena’s talk with Atlas hadn’t put her in much of a good mood, something that persisted even as the days passed. Although she hadn’t exactly been distant from everyone else, Athena found herself more contemplative and quiet of late, though she’d remained close to the rise in the days since she’d spoken with her brother. She hadn’t been quite in the mood to make her usual trek across the eastern grasslands, and had done her hunting close to home.

She had her meeting with Jay to consider, as well- she’d been seeing him from time to time, and though there wasn’t much of a change in her typical demeanor, she hadn’t exactly stuck around to have long conversations. Athena hadn’t intended to make him wait so long for their trek down to the creek- during which he promised to catch her a fish, and that had certainly been the only thing on his mind, certainly- but she hadn’t wanted her own dour mood to prevail. Rather than meeting him the next day, she’d taken her time- it had been three days, or somewhere thereabouts- but she didn’t think it was long enough that he’d start wondering if she was going to meet him there.

Athena had trekked down the rise and to the creek, making her way toward the point where the water simply soaked into the ground, intending to work her way farther upstream. The rumble of the rushing water was nonexistent here, and small marine animals and insects liked to take advantage of the brackish water that pooled here. Athena avoided that, not wanting to get her paws muddy just now, and she would rather avoid the biting insects that stayed in the area during the warmer months.

She threw her head back and howled, letting the note linger in the air, hoping that Jay was nearby. She waited a beat before putting her head down and sniffing around for some small creature she could terrorize. She hadn’t done much snake hunting this season- maybe she could occupy herself with that while she waited.

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Jay Allyn Vibe

He’d been enjoying a nice nap, resting up after his morning run, when he had heard it. Coming from the direction of the creek, it had made him rise to his feet almost before he had even begun blinking himself awake. He hadn’t been sure how Athena would gather him when she decided she was ready to spend what Jay hoped would be a fun, pleasure filled evening with her alone. Hadn’t been sure if she’d physically come to get him, or tell him to meet her there later on any given day. He hadn’t been expecting a call quite like this, though he was almost certain it had been meant for him, considering.

And he’d been all too ready, full of anticipation for this moment, a feeling that had been growing with each day that passed. For a host of reasons, he was looking forward to this. He would not make Athena - or himself, for that matter, wait for very much longer. Jay had promised fish, and sincerely hoped he would be able to deliver on that front. In the event that he could not, however, Jay lifted the hare he’d snagged during his early morning outing. He hadn’t planned it, but it would work well enough as a fall-back.

He’d made his way down from his point on the rise, into the wooded terrain leading toward the creek. Athena seemed to have ventured down to the sort of marshy area around where the creek began to taper off. Even with the hare in his jaws, her trail was easy enough to pick up and follow, leading him on a pleasant, casual stroll.

Not all of his thoughts were so nice, however. It was impossible to forget that moment last winter, the encounter that had happened not so very far from where he was right now. An encounter that had left him frustrated, bitter, and angry. For a very long time he had been uncertain, up until recently, that was. Most of his doubts had been quelled when Athena had agreed to meet him here.

He hoped that now, he’d be able to free himself of the rest of them.

Good eye scanning the terrain, he spotted the one he’d followed, sought after. Despite moving quickly, he had attempted to venture down here inconspicuously, not wishing to draw attention from.. anyone else, other packmates perhaps. But now that Athena was in sight, he made no further efforts to hide his approach. Jay cracked a smile despite the hare, which he was quick to place aside.

”You happened to call, Miss Stormborn, and for me, I hope?” Jay questioned cooly, though a wry smile intentionally foiled the serious act. 

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Athena Stormborn Wynter

She kept her attention on what she was doing, her nose leading her toward a distinctly reptilian odor that she began to follow. The slithering trail was old, however, and she doubted she would find the serpent which had left it anytime soon, but she had little else to do while she waited.

Athena was listening for any signs of approach, one ear turning in the direction she heard pawsteps, her nose telling her that it was the wolf she’d been looking for. That was a relief. Athena didn’t think she could take meeting some new face or having someone she didn’t know very well wander over curiously and wonder why she was calling, because she didn’t think she would have been very nice in informing the hypothetical wolf in question to move along.

But, it was Jay. So that was one very specific crisis averted, in any case.

Unbeknownst to her, their thoughts strayed down a similar path, as she recalled their last meeting here at the creek, and the one that followed it. Athena couldn’t say it was the first time she’d thought about it, not by a long shot- not even since she’d returned and it had become evident that there weren’t any hard feelings over the matter. She’d done what she felt she had to, he’d backed off. She didn’t know if he understood any better why she’d been upset, but she also didn’t want to bring the matter up again. It seemed best just to move on from it.

So there wasn’t any lingering feeling of foreboding as she saw the white wolf approach her through the trees. Athena angled her path toward him, tail swaying gently behind her as she walked toward Jay. He called out to her, and a little half smile crossed her muzzle as she approached, though she looked almost pensive as she pace slowed and she ambled toward him. Her eyes strayed from his face to linger down near his shoulders, then she glanced down at the hare he’d brought with him. 

Ah… well I was hoping for a tall, ruggedly handsome and charming fella that I wouldn’t mind passing the time with,”  she said matter-of-factly, but her tone became somewhat airy as she continued: “I suppose you’ll do, Mister Jay.

She looked at him with obvious humor in her eyes, tail wagging, and gave no indication that that was exactly how she would have described Jay to a friend- if she’d had one of those to do any describing to, anyway.

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Jay Allyn Vibe

Unlike the meeting last winter, when Athena had approached him with all of the subtlety of a herd of bison, her gait this time around was much more amicable. Possibly even welcoming. It was also rather pleasant and.. stirring, in a certain sense. Jay was fairly sure that bit was likely not intentional, though if he was honest with himself, that only made it all the more appealing.

Best not to let his thoughts stray too far down that path, not just yet. He’d promised fish, and unless something entirely unexpected were to occur, that was what he’d aim to deliver before getting in to anything else. He would just have to wait and see what came after.

Throwing a monkey wrench into the plans of not wanting to let impulsive thoughts or desires wander too far was a wholly unexpected sort of greeting, different than anything he had ever heard before. Jay might have grown accustomed to the playful sort of banter he and Athena exchanged whenever they had met, but her taking it a step further - actually seeming to.. compliment him, albeit in an ambiguous and indirect fashion - left him staring dumbly for a few seconds longer than he might have liked.

But rather than take the time to think through and analyze what it might have meant, Jay would go with it. Maintaining a bewildered expression, though now utilizing what had been a genuine reaction to perform his act, Jay turned to take a lingering look back over his shoulder as though expecting to see someone matching the description Athena had given.

He used this brief time to compose himself, and when he turned back, he wore a thoroughly unamused expression. ”Ah. You’d probably also prefer this fella not have a messed up eye as well, then, hmm?” He questioned, a faux tone of indignation lacing the words, as though he had been slighted by the notion of being labelled a secondary option. Though he knew very well that wasn’t true. In fact, it now seemed quite the opposite, if the ruggedly handsome and charming bit was any indication.

Even if he wasn’t entirely sure how anyone would ever come to that conclusion about him. While his physical appearance may not have been as loathsome as he had once found it, in his mind he was still the same grumpy, ugly old bastard.

Jay paused a mere moment to take a breath before continuing, first cracking a little smile to show it was all in good fun. ”I suppose I’ll just have to make up for what I lack in looks and charm by doing my best to show you to a good time.” And indeed he had every intent of doing just that.

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Athena Stormborn Wynter

Athena raised her brows over half-lidded eyes and looked at Jay expectantly. She quite liked the little thrill of triumph she felt whenever something she said managed to surprise him, though there was a moment when she wondered if she had genuinely offended him. He looked somewhat bemused, and turned to look over his shoulder for a moment, as though searching to see if anyone else was about. Then he looked at her, expression more serious than she’d expected. He mentioned his missing eye, which Athena felt was a particular sore point for him, and her ears splayed out to the sides of her head as she winced a bit. Maybe that was too much, too soon?

I wouldn’t hold it against him,” she said, and though her tone wasn’t quite flippant, Athena was still stuck trying to decide whether or not she was digging herself a hole she wouldn’t be able to get out of. She was about to speak again, to apologize and let him know that she’d only been joking and hadn’t meant any harm, but Jay continued after a moment. His next statement was of the wry variety, though it didn’t seem like a barbed comment, and she could finally see a smile on his muzzle. She didn’t quite breathe a sigh of relief, but she was glad that she hadn’t managed to annoy him.

She stopped a few paces away from the white wolf, giving a show of looking him over thoughtfully. Only this time, her contemplative look was genuine. The eye was certainly a debilitating injury, but going by sight alone, she could see how it might make him look a little dangerous. Like someone who’d fought and come out damaged, but nonetheless with his life. She didn’t know exactly how he’d gained it, whether it was meant to be some cruel form of torture or if he’d fought his captors to get away and that was the price he’d paid for it, but she wasn’t going to ask him about it now.

Oh, I wouldn’t say there’s a lack.” Her gaze slid away from him briefly, feeling slightly self conscious over what she was saying, still uncertain of this new thing between them that she’d begun to embrace rather that push aside. It was simultaneously annoying and intriguing, but one emotion was clearly winning out over the other.

And some things don’t detract as much as you might expect. It isn’t all about looks, anyway. A pretty face can hide a rotten character.” She paused for a beat, la faint look of something list disgust crossing her features unconsciously, before it was gone. Then she continued, bobbing her head toward the meat he’d brought with him without looking away: “Were you in the middle of a meal.

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Jay Allyn Vibe

His faked reaction seemed to have worked, and potentially, he felt, been just a little bit too convincing. Athena had been at least somewhat convinced by it, appearing uneasy as well as perhaps almost apologetic. It wasn’t something he particularly enjoyed seeing, either, so Jay made a mental note to avoid going further down that route in the future. He’d stick to the more lighthearted stuff, then. Just to be safe.

Though he had already been fairly certain that his eye was not seen as particularly bothersome or unattractive - Vaska had thought that way, and now Athena as well - it was always nice to hear that confirmation spoken aloud. She wouldn’t hold it against him. He nodded, the wry smile widening just a bit while he arched the brow above his good eye. ”I guess you could say that beauty is in the eye of the beholder, then?” Jay spoke contemplatively, though his humor with the situation was clearly on display.

Jay would have liked to ask just what there was to be found about him, that had apparently appealed to Athena, or that she considered attractive. Perhaps it was in part due to his perseverance, and the commitment he had shown to the Alliance, Athena’s home. That was important to her, he knew. As far as physical appearances went, though.. the eye certainly did give him a rugged appearance, though he’d never thought it might help him be referred to as handsome, in that sense.

But he’d go with it. Just as with Tyra, there was little sense in lamenting the loss of something that might never come back. Or, in this case, would never return - because he still held out hope that Tyra might one day venture back to the rise.

He wasn’t lacking in charm, though, either. Athena spoke of that as she had come close to him, perhaps no more than two steps away. ”Is that so?” He commented, tipping his head inquisitively while he listened to the rest of what she had to say. Jay could recall her saying something similar when they’d first met, about looks being deceitful at times, which was still as true now as it had been. He could also recall his response to that, though, just before he’d left to seek out the Rangers.

”Mmm, you’re right, it can. But I’m certainly glad that isn’t the case with you.” Jay spoke, taking one more purposeful step forth, his good eye first looking over Athena’s face and eyes,  then moving down to her shoulders, and beyond. While perhaps not the most charming or elegant words he could have come up with, there was no hiding or covering up the suggestiveness there, and it didn’t help that his mind wasn’t exactly clear, at the moment. At least, Jay felt, it was probably safe to assume they were past that point in all of this by now.

Closing his eyes, he allowed himself a deep breath while attempting to pull himself back into reality. ”You’ve been a good friend to me, Athena. Better than I deserved, and I thank you, for that.” He offered a smile and a little half bow to go along with the words. 

Glancing back toward the hare when it was referenced, he quickly gave his head a little shake. ”Nah. That is.. in case things don’t go as planned, with the fish.” It’d been a while since he’d tried to catch them, and as such, Jay didn’t exactly rate his chances of catching one very high.

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Athena Stormborn Wynter

Athena groaned and rolled her eyes at Jay’s terrible pun, looking at him with mock disapproval, though the seriousness of her features were tempered by humor.

I suppose I deserved that,” she said flatly, tail flicking once behind her.

Athena grinned wryly, thoroughly amused with the idea of anyone thinking her wicked, the thought flashing across her mind for an instant before she realized that he’d indirectly called her pretty. Athena had never been a vain sort, but neither was she unaware that she might be attractive, but the implication made her wry smile warm somewhat. He was looking her over, but it was nice to be noticed in that way by a wolf she liked. She couldn’t help but notice that Jay had stepped closer as he’d said it, and she chuckled, a brief two-beat note, and took a demure step forward, turning slightly so that she could still look up at him out of the corner of her eye without having to crane her neck so much. Why did he have to be so damned tall?

Her head canted just slightly to one side at Jay’s expression of thanks. She hadn’t thought that an unspoken offer of friendship- perhaps of something more- should be worth such a show of gratitude, but after a moment’s introspection she could not say that she didn’t feel the same. After all the time she’d spent here, there were few wolves she would have named friends- acquaintances had come and gone out of her life over the years. Now there was no one, and even those she’d wanted to trust hadn’t been worth her time in the end. She didn’t believe in fate or providence, but she was glad she’d happened across him on the range. She supposed she had the cat she’d stumbled across to thank for their meeting- if she hadn’t startled the creature, Jay might not have approached her. She might simply have passed him by without a word. Funny to think that they might never have met, but for something so fleeting and inconsequential.

Jay dipped down into a small bow, and Athena smiled at the gesture, which she once found amusing but now found endearing. She lowered her head in a nod of acknowledgement, but didn’t emulate him. Instead, she moved past him, her shoulder deliberately brushing against his, her fur mingling briefly with his own as she slid past him.

As far as I’m concerned, the privilege is mutual.

She paused briefly, circling over toward the hare as she turned to angle herself to face the white wolf once more, expression one of interest as she looked at Jay. She was going to say something, to ask where he wanted to go, to mention that perhaps they could start on bigger prey soon. But she just looked at him, considering, tail swaying idly at her ankles. She didn’t speak right away, and when she did, her tone was thoughtful.

Where do we go from here?

She would let him interpret her meaning.

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Jay Allyn Vibe

Although the look that she gave him seemed to indicate that she was thoroughly unimpressed by his clever little remark, Jay could clearly see it had at least been amusing. He flashed a brazen smirk, thoroughly satisfied with what he had accomplished.

It was nice to enjoy Athena’s company again. He’d missed her, and their talks of course, but he had not realized just how much until they had reunited just a few days ago. All of the bad things, the worries, fears, doubts.. it all seemed so far away in this moment. Things would always happen, he knew, but for now, \Jay was content to keep it that way. For as long as he possibly could.

Athena had mirrored him, taking a small step closer for herself, and making it so that they were just that much closer. But then, after a pause and a small nod of her own in response to his thanks for her friendship, she moved forth, brushing against him. Jay savored the moment, leaning into it. And though the touch was a small one, fleeting, it was oh so very pleasant. It had been such a long time since he’d felt anything like it - too long - and selfishly, he wanted more. Fish be damned.

He’d allowed himself to speculate all that time ago, when he had met her out there in the range, but never had Jay expected he would actually grow to feel as he did, now, for another woman. But he had. It’d happened. It still was. And rather than push it away, Jay was finally ready to embrace that, and to let go of the last of his old life.

”I’m glad.”

He wouldn’t forget them, his old family. But he also wouldn’t let what had happened to them control him. Good eye staring for a few moments longer at the spot Athena had once stood in, he turned so that the good side was angled toward her, flicking an ear at her question.

”You sure you wanna leave that up to me?” He rumbled lewdly, risking another two steps and finding himself quickly growing beyond the point of restraint. At least in words. There was no reason to hide it, anymore, though. Especially not when he was sure Athena already knew, or at least suspected.

His good eye narrowed as it focused on the one before him. ”I wasn’t sure a few days ago, but I know now what I feel, and what I want.. Miss Athena,” he tacked on, straightening himself up, but refraining from moving any closer. ”And that’s you. Only you. Just as you are. And I want to be yours. For as long as you’d have me.” 

And there it was. Clear as day. Perhaps not the most eloquent proposition, but entirely genuine.

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Athena Stormborn Wynter

I must admit I am a little curious,” she said at Jay’s suggestive comment, and waited to see if he would finally make that leap into blatant lewdness, but it certainly wasn’t the direction the white wolf decided to take. She’d been prepared for that, less so for what he said next.

Despite her inquiry, Athena could not say she’d been expecting the turn that Jay’s words had taken, her expression losing its somewhat demure air and returning to its typical serious facade as she watched his face while he spoke. She didn’t completely wall herself off, though she felt her chest tightening somewhat in anticipation, heart thumping in her chest. She didn’t want him to see how deeply his words had affected her, and how much she felt unequal to this particular task.

He said he wanted her, in no uncertain terms, and Athena waited to feel some sense of affrontation that he would make such a bold remark now, or to feel flummoxed and unable to speak coherently, as he’d made her feel in the past. Neither emotion reared its head. There was only a tentative sense of contentment… and not a little apprehension. Her brows furrowed contemplatively as she considered the offer Jay had laid down before her, imagining herself at his side for the rest of her days. He was reliable, and had a good head on his shoulders, she thought logically, but more than that, she examined how she felt. She enjoyed their time together, and she found her eye drawn to him more often than not. He made her feel comfortable. She could be herself with this wolf, and he liked her all the better for it.

She watched him for a few seconds before she spoke, obviously trying to gather her thoughts carefully before she spoke, not wanting a single thread to me misconstrued. What did she want?

Mine, she thought experimentally, and smiled.

How can you be certain that you’re making the right decision?” she asked softly, and there was genuine curiosity in her inquiry, a sense that she was seeking an answer for herself as well. How could she be sure that binding herself to this wolf, however she felt about him now, was what she really wanted? And what of him? How did he reconcile what he wanted now with the family that had been taken from him in the past? 

Jay had turned to face her, but he hadn’t moved to close the distance between them. Athena moved closer to him now, tentatively, taking a few steps closer as she looked up into his face.

This was difficult, this sense of openness, but she didn’t feel quite so self conscious with Jay. That was an entirely new sensation.

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Jay Allyn Vibe

There he stood, as still and silent as a stone statue, good eye glued to the figure of the one before him. Specifically, her face, and eyes. Having just made known exactly what he felt, and hoped for, all he could do now was wait for a reaction, and a response.

Strangely, Jay noted, he did not openly fear rejection as he had thought he might. Jay certainly hoped that was not how things would turn out, but he was prepared for that very real possibility, and would be willing to accept that particular outcome, if that was how things were to be. He knew what he felt, and what he wanted, yes.

If he was not the one Athena wanted to share her life with, wasn’t ready for such a thing, or whatever else it may be, Jay would accept that.

It was difficult to read what he saw upon the face of Miss Athena. At first, with his initial comment, she had seemed intrigued, and curiously he wondered what might have occurred had he opted to pursue that any further.

Soon enough, he’d get there. But with the direction he had taken things.. Her expression had hardened, possibly contemplative. Likely because what he had just said was more than a bit surprising, sudden. At least it wasn’t open rejection. Patiently, he opted to sit back, to show that he was ready to discuss things or answer any questions Athena may have.

And then he saw a small smile break through. A question was posed, and it was one that would be difficult to respond to. Not for lack of any answers, but uncertainty as to whether or not he could formulate the words necessary to explain why he felt what he did. And uncertainty as to the particular nature of the question. Was she asking him how he, specifically, could be certain? Or in general, possibly uncertain for herself, as well? Maybe it was a bit of both.

He’d try to answer both.

He watched, but remained still as she moved closer, considering his answer. ”Through careful introspection. Think about how you feel, in here,” he spoke, lowering his head and stretching out his nose, aiming to tap the tip of his nose to Athena’s shoulder very briefly before pulling himself back. ”Think about how your prospective mate makes you feel, when you’re around them. Do you enjoy being around them? Have they enriched your life since you’ve met them? Have they helped you grow, and change for the better after meeting them?”

A lengthy response, and he wasn’t quite done yet. She’d asked him a question, and now wasn’t the time to hold anything back. ”You must also look at things pragmatically. Is this individual loyal, devoted, and can you trust them? Do you share similar morals?”

Jay paused for a moment, for both a breath and to allow time for the words he’d spoken to sink in before continuing. ”These are just some of the questions I’ve asked of myself. And in every instance.. the answers have been favorable. Even after all of my travels, I can’t say I’ve met another woman I’d rather have at my side. I’d like for that one to be you.”

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Athena Stormborn Wynter

She’d half expected something more whimsical and sappy from him, but Athena was glad when Jay’s sensible demeanor made his response to her rather more straightforward than the topic might suggest. Admittedly, she’d never spoken about any romantic feelings she might have with anyone else, nor had she ever bothered to speak to anyone else about their interests. Somehow, a more candid discussion seemed appropriate for the two of them. Even as Jay explained how he had come to his decision, Athena’s expression remained static, though she turned to watch him as he stepped forward, pressing his nose briefly against her shoulder. Asking her to consider how she felt about him when she was with him.

It wasn’t a difficult question, and Athena felt hr cheeks grow slightly warm in response. Could she trust her heart to tell her what she ought to do? It seemed like a perfectly good way to get herself into trouble. Athena had never allowed it to guide her before, emotions being so fickle and ephemeral. How could she be certain she would feel the way she did now, in even a few weeks’ or months’ time? But maybe that wasn’t the point of this. Not knowing for certain how things would turn out, but wanting to go through with it anyway.

She had considered much of what he told her on her own, and it was heartening to hear that he had taken the same considerations into account, and the implications of his feelings toward her as he asked her to consider her own. In every instance, she was unsurprised to find that she agreed with him. He was loyal. Devoted to the pack.

I’m not used to making decisions that aren’t a certainty,” she said after he’d finished speaking, her tail swaying behind her in a way that was pensive. “Not used to any of…” She made a vague motion, rocking her head briefly from side to side. Whatever he wanted to call what was felt mutually between them. “This. I’ve never felt like this about anyone. And lately, trusting others has become a gamble that always seems to lead to disappointment. To being hurt…

She disliked admitting that she was so affected by wolves who had ultimately proven themselves unreliable and false. She wasn’t uncaring, despite her often stoic and sarcastic demeanor- it still hurt.

But this… with you?” She paused briefly, then took the plunge: “This is something I want very much to try.

Her words were somewhat hesitant, though it wasn’t because of nervousness or fear, rather it was a careful consideration of what she said. Nothing seemed adequate in that moment, and she smiled a little ruefully. This wasn’t a business transaction- though the emotions roiling through her only barely breached the surface, Athena didn’t want there to be any misunderstandings. Jay was already very close. No one in their right mind had ever labeled her affectionate, but suddenly she wanted to be closer to him, and moved to press her cheek softly against the fur under his neck.

She didn’t lean into the gesture, only waiting for a response, heart thudding.

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Jay Allyn Vibe

It was something of a relief to have, at long last, be much more certain of what he felt for the one that he was with, now. Even more so, to have had the opportunity to make it known. The fish hadn’t exactly been an excuse, for Jay had been hoping he might have the opportunity on this day to make known his feelings, though he hadn’t expected it to come so soon - if even at all.

Jay was pleased with how he had constructed his answer to the question he had been asked. He suspected that his response would appeal to Athena, knowing the way she would always so thoroughly and logically consider things. Though he remained careful not to allow this to show, simply maintaining an otherwise pleasant and proper expression, good eye lingering on and attentively examining that wonderfully unique eye color that Athena had, while his response was no doubt being considered.

His head tipped ever so slightly when Athena began to formulate her own response, claiming she wasn’t used to making decisions that weren’t a certainty, or any of what was going on, now. His expression grew contemplative before softening into something sympathetic and understanding as the topic of trusting others and being hurt was mentioned.

That was a pain Jay knew only too well, the innate fear of trusting others because of being hurt. His missing daughter, the loss of so many Alliance members who - while Jay might not have known them as closely as Athena might have - would be missed. He had lost his first family, something else which was known to Athena. And who knew what other hardships she had experienced, herself.

It was not lost on Jay just how much it meant, that an individual who most often seemed to carefully guard her innermost thoughts from even him, was now revealing them. And he wanted to lean forward, to offer comfort and console in the form of words or perhaps touch, but not just yet.

His breath momentarily hitched in his throat when Athena spoke again, and in that moment his heart seemed to beat in nervous anticipation. And then, she said, that she too, wanted to try. It brought forth a small smile, for that was all he had wanted. A chance.

The smile grew Athena reached out to softly touch him. It was a wondrous sensation which he eagerly leant into, moving then to align his body with hers. He hoped she’d let him.

There were so many thoughts, emotions, and desires that such a simple touch seemed to bring forth. So many things that he would have liked to say, but didn’t think he could find the words for. If he could have, he probably would have been standing here well into the night speaking them, and that was certainly not how he wanted to spend the evening.

”I.. am not one to buy into stupid fantasies, or make ridiculous promises, Miss Athena, but.. I do promise you this. It would take the worst of circumstances to keep me from you. I want this.” The words were soft, but not without conviction. He meant them, along with everything else he had said up to this point. He was committed to it. And if, somehow, it didn’t work out.. at least he’d still have a lifelong friend.

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Athena Stormborn Wynter

Athena had learned to read Jay’s expressions by now, though what he felt now was plain to see on his countenance as she spoke to him. He was perhaps as unsure as she had been, anxious for what she might tell him, and Athena could not blame him for any apprehension he might have felt in speaking his mind. She could not imagine that she was the most approachable sort, especially in matters as delicate as this had become.

The anxiousness she saw in him seemed to recede as she spoke, and the smile that broke out on his face was rather like seeing the sun blossom from behind the clouds on an overcast day, a gesture so common and mundane, but bringing an unexpected feeling of delight as she watched him. Whens he touched him, he responded in kind, angling himself to stand at her side, and Athena maintained the contact, her eyes closing tightly as she allowed herself to simply feel the contact between them. She enjoyed the contact more than she might have expected to, and made no move to step away or even to look up at him as Jay continued to speak. She simply breathed, taking in his scent as it mingled with her own. It was comforting.

She finally looked up, once he’d done speaking, craning her neck to look up at him, her smile serene.

I don’t think that will be good enough, Mister Jay,” she began, and despite her words, her tone was warm. She let her head fall back against him, pressing her face into his fur with a more insistent touch. “I don’t care what it is, and I don’t care what happens. You just make sure you always come back to me.

She knew he couldn’t see her face just now, but Athena let a secret smile blossom on her face, one that was entirely pleased and not a little incredulous over the situation she had found herself in. To say she never would have dreamed of this would be to imply that she had felt it was unattainable. Athena hadn’t expected to ever want to feel this way, and despite her hesitance earlier, she was glad now that Jay had told her how he felt, and glad that she had reciprocated. Now that she had him, now that she knew he wanted her, and that she wanted him in turn, she didn’t intend to lose him. Not for anything. 

And I’ll be sure to do the same for you,” she finished, allowing her head to fall back against him “You know that, don’t you?

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Jay Allyn Vibe

Whatever anxiety he had formerly felt regarding the reciprocation of feelings had long since faded away, right alongside any nagging fears or doubts which had been present because of his past. Instead, Jay now felt a profound sense of contentment, serenity, and affection.

This sort of yearning was something he had experienced only once before in his life, and after that particular individual had been ripped away from him, along with the entirety of his family, Jay had very much doubted he’d ever want, much less be capable of developing such attachments again. It was something he’d feared for a long time. Formerly, when he had closed his eyes, he had seen the faces of everyone he had loved and lost.

But now? With Athena, and the Alliance? That had changed. He’d found his purpose, however small, while living among them. Discovered fulfillment in his life, in his devotion to the pack, even in the relatively mundane tasks that made up day to day living.

Now, when he closed his eyes, he saw everyone he had gained. Most of all, the one beside him. His past, the feelings, and the memories would never be gone, but at long last he would be able to move on from it. Completely. It was what they would have wanted.

His good eye was drawn to Athena as he felt her shift at his side, gazing up at him with the most pleasant smile and look he’d ever seen, despite the worry that seemed to be expressed in the words spoken. She wanted him to always come back to her, she’d said, resting against his side.

He moved, just a little bit, to press the tip of his nose to Athena’s neck. Taking a soft breath, Jay then drew his chin across her fur in a gentle, caressing motion, before resting it atop her left shoulder.

”Don’t you worry about that,” he spoke, allowing his good eye to close, only vaguely aware of a soft breeze tickling his fur. Probably because it seemed cold when compared to her touch. ”I don’t intend to wander very far, Miss Athena, cause you’re the last thing I want to see before I rest my head at night. And the first thing I wanna see each morning. I wouldn’t have it any other way.” Nothing except death would keep him from her, and hopefully that was something neither of them would have to worry about for a very, very, long time.

An affirmatory noise rumbled in his chest at the question he’d been asked, for he hadn’t any question about Athena’s own loyalty. ”I know it. But it is nice to hear that, from you.” That had already been proven, and long ago indeed.

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Athena Stormborn Wynter

Jay was quick to lay her fears to rest. Athena knew that he couldn’t be certain about that- no one could predict what might happen in the future- but she was willing to accept his assertion that he would do all he could to stay with her. That was all she wanted of him, and when he rested his head on her shoulder, she breathed out a small sigh of something like relief. She could have remained that way for some time, considering what he told her.

It was nice to hear that he had the same confidence in her. With the words spoken, Athena felt no need to speak now that they’d made their assurances to one another. It was nice to just enjoy the moment, for the time being. Before she had a chance to take a step back, to go over this in her head and wonder if she’d done the right thing. She’d let her heart do the talking- later on, logic would assert itself. It was her way, but Athena trusted herself to make the right decision.

I don’t imagine all of this happened by chance, hm?” she asked wryly, and there was humor in her voice. “You knew what you were doing when you asked me to come here.

Not that that was a bad thing.

this is bad, and i am so very sorry ._. didn’t wanna make you wait any longer.

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Jay Allyn Vibe

It was strange to think what might never have been, were it not for the occurrence of a handful of events, and the way each had turned out. There were a few moments.. or situations in which Jay had found himself that, in retrospect, could have easily ended differently. Things that could have caused him to lead his life down an incredibly different path, and even in some instances potentially end it altogether. Even altering the outcome of the least of the situations Jay allowed himself to recall, might have meant he’d never have been here, now.

And he was incredibly glad that he was here, now. Everything he’d been through had brought him here, to this moment. To everything he was starting to find, and to feel, again. Jay supposed he felt.. grateful, in a sense, for what had happened.

He allowed himself another pleased, and admittedly rather sappy smile, partly glad that it wasn’t visible. It was only Athena’s words that prompted the expression to fade, and to then pull himself back, to part from the wonderful touch they’d shared. Not much, but enough so that he was able to see her eyes and look into them.

And then he gave offered a single, firm shake of his head. ”I didn’t know. Not for certain. I knew that I wanted to tell you, but only.. if the time seemed right.” This time, the smile Jay allowed was much more serene, though the left corner of his mouth pulled back. ”The only thing I did know was that I’d promised to get you a fish, and I still intend to do exactly that.”

Averting his eyes from hers, Jay was silent for a moment after, contemplating. As he’d already allowed himself twice before, his good eye studied Athena, tracing her shape. And then, as he’d done upon first speaking of the fish two days ago, moved to attempt to circle around Athena while keeping his right side to her. ”But there is something else I can offer you, too.” He suggested, the words rumbling from deep within. ”Something new.. exciting, and very pleasant. Surely.. an experience that would be quite memorable.”

Just as the last time too, he attempted to draw close once he’d turned to reach Athena’s left flank. ”That is, if you’re interested,” he tacked on, believing it imperative to make known that he was still capable of practicing restraint, even if he really didn’t want to and said capability seemed to be dwindling. 

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