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sigurd the ancestor / sigurd the son
carrying sigurd's body to mounds / H4 late summer / deep fog special event

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Igbo Black J

(if there is no reply to the thread in 3 days, I will attach a time lapse with Igbo burying the body)

Tiny, crippled, swollen, punched and caved in.

It was the sight of the boy’s childish body flattened on the ground, dead.

It was the sight of Igbo Black’s fear and what he held inside.

Kara Volsunga. Miss V.

His anger clenched the scruff of the child. It’s odor sticking into his nose like needles, raising the hairs along his spine. In the gross, sticky heat the grayness clung to him and all around him. Amber eyes reflected dully. Igbo Black would do his duty. He would carry the pup to the grave. He knew the way from where he had found…

The mounds. Slightly degraded, but bursting from the earth nonetheless.

The blur of Kara. Ironic, was it not? Makoa had been questioned as being loyal and staying, but it was Kara who left. Sigurd had been her ancestor. Did she flee at the sight of her child? What had been done? Yesterday, he splashed in the water. Yesterday, he bothered Tomas with play. Yesterday, he had wiggled from the entrance of his den, opened his toothless mouth and questioned his presence.

Now, it’s limb body hung from Igbo’s jowls as he stumbled.

Feb 23, 2018 08:15 PM

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Tychus Daniels Bamsy

Fogboy followed.  He knew the body.

He knew that Igbo was different, he contained a different thing.  He knew that.  Each day with Nima gone the holes inside them continued to grow, pieces of themselves crumbling into the abyss.

That crumbling feeling frightened him, and made it possible to take actions that were not part of his identity. 

Regardless of whether Igbo had known he was here, Tychus approached firmly and directly, his coyote mouth opening to clack nervously, ritually against a misty black ankle.

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Amelia Daniels Zoi

Amelia was drawn by the heaviness, the scent of death on the air. It was a dazzling thing she had not yet had the pleasure of understanding, although she had visited the mountains of earth that had been shagged into existence by wolf paws.

Vitalis was her name; the girl that had brought a touch of this dead thing’s scent on her pelt. The meaning that was accompanied with that was to the point of understanding that this was the brother. This was the brother whom, in fact, hadn’t seemed to ever be around to play with.

Had he been sickly? He didn’t look small like Amelia did; hanging through the fog-breath mouth that was manifesting of the dark god Eebu.

She spotted Tychus, amongst the crippling gray; her body scurried to his side, looking for protection against what she didn’t understand.

Lately, that had been living in an entirety.

Feb 25, 2018 08:05 AM — Post #2

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Igbo Black J

Igbo Black would of placed the corpse down, he would of begun to bury a hole for what once was. Instead, teeth from the underworld snagged his ankles.

Furious and half-frightened, his nostrils flared and his amber eyes glared to whip around and see the worm had grabbed his ankle. Was it not enough that one that appeared like him was gripped in his jaws, dead? Igbo’s upper lip twitched, before it settled. Amelia was by his side.

They were just little pups. Darling with their noses and ears and tiny, sharp teeth. His brows lifted in a sad expression, his eyes filled with a melancholy. It was not bad that they would see death so early on—for it needed to be explained eventually.

Igbo Black stared at them like he was the child to be caught.

Feb 27, 2018 08:56 PM — Post #3

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Amelia Daniels Zoi

Amelia’s discomfort was ever growing, but she knew some things about some little things. SHe understood, in theory, that the animals that were brought back here died. They left their bodies. It was why they could eat them; because eating the living seemed wrong. But once they were dead, that barrier was removed.

She’d thought, somewhere along the way, that wolves could die. If only because everyone kept promising up to their eyeballs that Nima would come home. It meant a chance, as she was beginning to understand, that she wouldn’t. Nima had gone to get rid of a bad guy, and thus, that could be dangerous.

As she looked at the pup hanging from Igbo’s mouth, she didn’t know what dangerous lay in wait as a pup.

Does Vita know?” A quiet push of words, ultimately finding her empathy where she needed it most.

Mar 03, 2018 08:37 AM — Post #4

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Tychus Daniels Bamsy

Tychus twitched backward, startled; Igbo’s livid face in this fog was a scary thing.  He leaned against his sister, to the extent he could.

She was small.  Like Igbo, sort of.

The dead thing’s body was stiff.

He had seen it play on the lakeside, briefly, before the Igbo spoiled his fun.  He had watched its sister bark nervously at Amelia, had thought about stomping the sister into the ground, a bug, an enemy.

A nothing.

Igbo was scared and angry.  Igbo had been scared and angry, he realized, since his mother left.

Tych shook his head, minutely.  His eyes were very big and fixed on Igbo.  The dead body was not pack.  Igbo would not feel pain and anger if he understood.

Mar 07, 2018 04:25 AM — Post #5

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Igbo Black J

Silently, his eyes dropped to the ground, and before him the body slipped gently from his grip and laid peacefully on the earth. “I will be speaking with her after the body is buried.” He directly answered Amelia’s question.

His amber eyes rose to face the children’s expression. Igbo Black could not tell what they were thinking, the two of them. Amelia and Tychus. His heart sung, open breaking at the seams.

What if this was Nima?

Why had these children not run from him?

A sharp exhale cut him.

“Sigurd’s death,” he swallowed, not sure where he was headed with his words,” is a reality. Wolves die, but we are returned to where we started.” Igbo blinked back tears as he recalled one of the first lessons he learned,“There is an explanation for Sigurd’s death, but I do not know why. It is my duty to bury him next to those who have passed on this land. Soon, like the rest buried here, he will grow into the grass and the trees. “

Should he bury the body in front of them?

Should he get them to help him?

Why must Tychus gaze right through him? When would his eyes begin to glaze over him like Elliot’s?

How his heart beat for Nima to take control, how weak Igbo Black was as he faced the children he swore to raise and father as his own.

Mar 12, 2018 01:41 AM — Post #6

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Amelia Daniels Zoi

Pain seemed to still her, but she found herself curiously detached. If Nima had gone to get rid of an enemy, was this what it would come to? Would there be a body? Would Nima be doing as Igbo was doing now, and taking it to a resting spot?

While the Volsunga pups had been family, they had also been not-family. Kara had kept them away. If it hadn’t been for her driving nature to see who lingered, perhaps she would not have chosen to willingly cross Vitalis’ path.


How do we do it?” The words, braver than the tremor through her legs. Burying a body. What did it entail? Her head lifted, her lips in a thin line as she stubbornly clung to what she hoped was right.

Mar 14, 2018 09:41 AM — Post #7

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Tychus Daniels Bamsy

We are returned to where we started.

Tychus had started in a cave.  He had started in the dark, in piles, with stones in his mouth.  He had started with Amelia.

Amelia, who so often made a bridge from one wolf to another, who had a magic in the way she said things.  She could expel an incantation, and suddenly: the stranger is friendly.  The adult concedes.  The worm’s own tongue felt fat and stupid, a lifetime behind in practicing manipulation.  He could only stare, point.  Sometimes whisper.

They all knew something that he didn’t.  They all felt things that he didn’t.  He was a cuckoo’s egg hatched among doves.

He did not want to bury the dead thing, which was not a wolf.

He sat.

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Mar 21, 2018 03:38 AM — Post #8

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Igbo Black J

“We shall dig a hole and allow the body to return to the earth in a manner that respects the life momentarily given.” Igbo gravely nodded as he answered Amelia’s question. Swinging his amber eyes to the spot next to the other mounds, his thin dark limbs soon carried him over , leaving the dead child’s being behind.

“Come, Amelia and Tychus.” He perched himself ready, paws at the foreground to scoop and bury the one who had passed. Tychus sat, perhaps because he did not understand—nevertheless, his inability to comprehend what was occurring did not exempt him from the duty that belonged to the pack.

Mar 31, 2018 08:40 PM — Post #9

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Amelia Daniels Zoi

Amelia was quick to move to Igbo’s summons, like a small apprentice who had been well versed in the ways. She knew nothing about the impending change, nor did she know what next to expect.

Ears flattened out against her head, and she leaned inward. She moved along, poised to strike. Digging was something, she supposed, she could do with some efficiency. Igbo’s words sat on her mind, and she found herself shifting to lean towards him, dig at his side.

Why did he have to die?

Apr 02, 2018 07:39 AM — Post #10

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Tychus Daniels Bamsy


A string pulled at his nose, and he was on his feet again, though he did not want to be.  He moved quietly behind Amelia, because he was better at moving quiet now.  He watched them both scratch at the earth and thought how small a hole they would need to hide the dead thing.

Sluggishly, his paws joined in the work.  They were bigger than the Igbo’s now.

Apr 04, 2018 04:45 AM — Post #11

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Igbo Black J

With the work of crafty paws, the dig was pulled back in a consistent motion. His eyes lifted to see Amelia’s body along Tychus’ working to dig the hole from the malleable soft earth.

“There is no reason why he had to die. He was not ill, for one would of cured him. He was not old, for then his passing would of been within reason. His death was not fair for he was young and defenseless, yet the reason unknown.”

The hole was deep enough. Tychus was strong, as was Amelia. Igbo Black slowed down, his eyesight leering over to the boy’s body.

Apr 05, 2018 08:57 PM — Post #12

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Name Player
Amelia Daniels Zoi

Amelia could only scramble, attempting to keep her head on straight as she allowed herself unable to stop the worry that swung through her. Sometimes things were supposed to be so cut and dry and to find out that it was otherwise… It burned the girl a little bit.

Scraping the earth, she found herself inhaling sharply. They were burying a body of someone she had never known. Was that a sensible thing to do? Really?

Who are the others?” Her voice was quiet, flicking toward the other graves when she took a moment to hesitate.

Apr 06, 2018 03:30 PM — Post #13

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Name Player
Tychus Daniels Bamsy

Amelia, the master of inference.  Or Tychus, inference’s little bitch.  He had never questioned the mounded earth by their lakeside, had even loved to scamper over them when he was small.  He flexed his paws in the dirt, looking at the nails and tendons.  What happened to a body when it was dead?

Why was the dead boy stiff?

If he dug into the mounds, would he find dry corpses like this?

Apr 07, 2018 07:46 AM — Post #14

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Name Player
Igbo Black J

It was deep enough for the body to be placed and buried. The dark male shifted his weight back to removed himself for the final deed, but Amelia’s questioned perplexed him. At first, he had not caught the brief and quiet mention towards the other mounds that swallowed the dead.


“I have known all three,” How the grey fog clustered in closer to him, how it obscured the distance: what was around him, what was the future. One could expect their heels to be snatched from underneath them. 

Igbo Black detached himself to pick up the body.

Emma. The one I failed and forgot. My burden given and left to jaws of…

He picked up the bloated scruff of the deceased boy.

Idemoni. We escaped Elliot together, we stole from him what was ours: the life we live. One for one, the jaws still cracked and snapped..

He placed the body into the hole and began to push the lifted dirt.

Igbo. Died at birth. Stems of awkward grass grew from where one lays now. Perhaps, a bush would grow when the lake receded more…

How the three graves could encapsulate the depth of his time.

Apr 15, 2018 07:54 PM — Post #15

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