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punch, drunk, young blood
late summer year 4 / midday and cloudy

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Petal armadillo

Petal’s boyfriend…thing had broken up with her, and frankly she was pissed off.

Not so much for the attachment aspect, he was rather hard to swallow, like a big, stupid bite of rotten rabbit. No, she was simply back to traveling solo and the style fit her much too snug. Her chest felt a wind up toy, twisting tighter with every step of her petite feet. The girl was a walking rain cloud and too stubborn to do anything but carry it over her own head.

The world seemed to revolve around her that day as it reflected her mood in monotone grays and lackluster sprinkles. Couldn’t even rain correctly. A frown tugged at the corners of her mouth, bi-colored eyes sweeping the immediate vicinity that she was pulled from her thoughts to. Ever since the dead weight had been dropped from her side, she had meandered listlessly through this valley. No goal, no real hard work accomplished other than taking whatever meager scraps she could through her days of walking, slight eating, and general talking to herself.

Things were beginning to turn to monotony and this she did not like, no she did not like very much at all.

A geyser erupted, almost on queue, and her mood shifted with the great display of nature’s spontaneity. A maniacal giggle and a forceful bark erupted from her chest as she danced on her toes around the new discovery. The coastal girl was no stranger to water’s divine and dangerous forces, but carving out the earth itself was something new. “What a good place to…give a dance…perform a sacrifice..” Thoughts out loud, thoughts that would have no doubt entertained her siblings…if only they hadn’t left her behind, they could have all danced and told great stories here.

| petal has come into the valley solo, just in case it’s not clearly conveyed


Feb 28, 2018 08:47 PM

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Tiberius Zarin Zoi

Tiberius had not yet twisted himself back toward the face of the mountain, but undoubtedly he was headed in that direction. There was just such a collection of memories, and keeping himself from skirting too far South with a ravenous need to see the condemnation of the lands was still playing.

Fora small time, he had humored himself that he could have tried another trip to the Evergreens. Perhaps seeing Rufus and playing the good ol’ boy Tanner would have been a bit of a treat. He had enjoyed the softness of the well-spoken boy. It had been a refreshing instance that had ultimately brought out some good-humored will. Shame it was all such an illusion.

And then on the means of his own safety, Tiberius needed to keep a better head about himself. It was why he was doing better at casing the grounds for multiple scents, playing on the wariness of what he could stumble upon.

But the blowing of the geysers was an old news. Once upon a time, it had been fascinating to look upon such an otherworldly phenomenon but now; as his eyes wandered across the fog that split from the heat of the water he puffed his lips. Better to avoid getting too close, although as his navy gaze drifted.

The dancing female caught his attention, and he drew to a halt nonetheless.

Mar 03, 2018 09:19 AM — Post #1

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Petal armadillo

Petal could feel herself bringing down the house, the mountains, the whole skyline. She was the most beautiful and the most disgusting thing there ever was and she loved it. Her steps were erratic and they held no rhythm. She was never good at anything other than being Petal. But she should be rewarded for it. The heavens themselves should have split and spewed forth a bounty for the pirate.

And maybe it had.

There, in the mist vomited from the geyser, a figure stood on high. Well, everyone always took the moral high ground when it came to Petal. A half-smirk, revealing a cracked canine, was sent in that direction. Still, she was small. She stood her ground. If she was any good at judging distance (she wasn’t) the wolf could have crawled from the depths the hell the size of him. Interesting.

“Who sent you?” Always making friends, this one. It was silly, the question, really. It’s not like he could confirm her fairy-tale assumptions. The question was barked and it was not given any context. She could care less if he spoke of his mother, of a pack, of a god. She was simply interested in if he would move closer. The almost-black eye shrunk slightly, attempted to decipher the figure in the distance.

Mar 05, 2018 11:51 PM — Post #2

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Tiberius Zarin Zoi

Tiberius could feel the grounds, the warmth of them, the deadness of the surrounding area. Heat had never been his thing, and what a testament to the warmth of the weathers being less desirable. Too much heat, it killed; it sucked the life out of things time and time again. There was no looking back, there was no question of what could be next.

As for that reason, his head tipped to the side at the wolf who had finally spotted him - and he didn’t hold his teeth long down upon his own tongue. Slowly the urge too him to descend towards her, nearing the geysers’ reach. Eyes flicked up to the sky, almost able to see the mist that still lingered from the last expelling.

Who sent him? “Perhaps the gods,” His mouth curved in a wry note, “Maybe the stars lined up to send me on this course. I’m not sure,” His beliefs had never been so boastful. But he allowed the honesty to cluck across his lips, bowing his head in polite greeting as he neared.

She seemed engaging, eager even; for a moment, it took him a beat longer to realize her youth. She was but a babe in the scheme of things.

Mar 06, 2018 03:19 PM — Post #3

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Petal armadillo

Hell had released a gigantic gumball of a monster. The closer he came, the more aware Petal was made of her mortality and it zipped through her like a carnival game. She was practically bursting with chaotic energy. Like the geyser, she was apt to explode.

She smiled.

It was more of a smirk, possibly a snide? She was alright with this happening, this was okay, but her feet still slid a little this way and that out of habit. A petite criminal didn’t tend to stay in one place all that often. One blink, two blinks and he was closer still. And then he spoke. He opened his mouth and poured out his thoughts and she was ready to jump in the puddles.

“Stars tend to be pretty sadistic, not like they have much to do but put us on collision courses and watch it explode”.

The smile stayed, and it grew at the polite nod he offered. Was this a royal, a religious man, an assassin? To be fair, Petal never knew what any of those roles actually offered. Growing up in the commune everyone tended to sleep, eat and make babies and not much else. Lazy conditions had warped a natural ambition into something sharp, something she liked to poke others with.

“Where do you want to go?” She didn’t care much for the answer, but wolves liked to talk about themselves and sometimes it ended up funny. The mist settled into her skin and she was happy for the slight release from the late summer heat.

Mar 08, 2018 01:36 PM — Post #4

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Tiberius Zarin Zoi

The smile granted his features with the observation she made, and he found himself further bemused. It was a believer of something, but what the female was searching for he couldn’t begin to guess. Sometimes, the means of saying something beautiful and exotic either drew out the other’s interesting side - or left them dumbfounded.

He shook himself, inwardly pleased she would pull something worth morbidity and fascination out of her lips. For someone so young, it was a promising start. “I want to go somewhere I’ve denied myself,” The words flowed with an easy arrogance. “But the capacity for mortality weighs.

Another moment, his eyes blinking at her lazily. “Where do you want to go, traveler?

Mar 11, 2018 08:35 AM — Post #5

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Petal armadillo

She had taken a gamble, and he spun her wheel.

Thankfully, she was just about to throw herself into the geyser for entertainment if he hadn’t come along.

She had an itch, an itch she could not scratch herself. He looked like he might be able to reach it. What good were those long legs and that big body if not for that? Unless he just posed for all this darkness and mystery he seemed to put out into the universe. The white man oozed it. She was tempted to lick up all this juicy tension.

What he uttered, spewed into the space between them caused her to visibly pause. Denied himself? Was he judge, jury, and executioner? Did he stand trial for his own actions? Petal was both confused and amused at the thought. That seemed like too much. Too much effort, too much restrain. Where was the fun in that?

“What good is something if you might not die doin’ it?”

She took his confession at face value, philosophies took much time to unwind and she wanted some action. The young woman would roll her shoulders, Antsy, ants in her arms and her legs. She could feel them chewin’, gnawin’. They wanted out, she wanted out.

His questioning brought her to the reality she had no goal, no end point, no grand climax. This annoyed her. Nose scrunched for a moment and then just as the tension rose, her muscles relaxed and she blinked back at him. Mimic, she was a mirror, whatever he wanted to play she was alright with seeing where it ended up. “Sounds like you found a good as place as any” She answered, but didn’t answer. She liked that, the dichotomy of yes and no, did but did not. Bi-colored eyes squinted slightly, wondering if he would get bored of their back and forth or open up a path of possibilities for her.

Petal was excited.

Mar 11, 2018 11:28 PM — Post #6

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Tiberius Zarin Zoi

She was an expressive little minx, for whatever it was worth. And at his dwindling prime, Tiberius wasn’t in a hurry to admit that it made him tired. It was enough that his head cocked to the side, and he felt a twitch from within. A familiar enough one that he had to snuff it out. While he was in good shape, this wasn’t the time of year to be pressing an advantage.

He couldn’t kill this one, no matter how her flurry of expression irked him.

It was for that reason, of course, Tiberius did as he had always done. Remained ever the gentleman, his mouth seemed to quirk at the edge as his lips parted. “For a fresh face, the valley is wrought with opportunity. Dozens of packs, places you’ve likely never seen the likes of before -” His eyes skirted toward the geyser’s pools, his lips twisting with a wry gesture.

I would keep from the stone hills South of here, but beyond that - chaos is like a friction ever running against your pelt in this place.” The honesty was on he could give, the favor neither here nor there on his tongue. It was easier that way.

Mar 15, 2018 06:44 AM — Post #7

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Petal armadillo

Was he bothered?

Petal squinted somewhat, trying to eat him up when her attention was caught. It was hard. She got so bored, so easily. This was how she came to be.


He was big, so big. She felt as if she could stand underneath him at full height and he would be unbothered. He was an umbrella. The geyser vomited again and the spray tickled her nose. She could use some shelter. He spoke, and spoke again. He could talk. She imagined him on a large rock. Talking, elegantly, talking a room to death.

Was that who he was?

Why would a man be so poised, so helpful? He spoke of opportunities. This valley, fresh-faces. She supposed, in a sense, that was what she was. No one really wanted to see her face, though.

“Are you Death?”

While she appreciated his poetic candor, she was extremely interested to know. He seemed a Ghost. Talking of fate, stars, opportunities. While she so lovingly flirted with mortality every day, she wasn’t sure if she was ready to go yet. Her feet felt both light and heavy while she awaited his response.

Mar 17, 2018 07:17 PM — Post #8

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Tiberius Zarin Zoi

Tiberius found himself intrigued, perhaps further, that her mind was incapable of weighing his words and responding. Like he had presented a game, and her dwindling capacity for attention had been just frankly unable to handle the presence.

Her assessment of him brought a slow draw of his head, and he offered a smile. It was once upon a time the greatest honor to be known as such a thing. He had indeed been a dear friend of Death’s, but to call himself such was a bit too bold. It was like calling oneself lucky in a stream of good fortune - it could sometimes twist into taking that foundation of luck away.

Would death have a reason to show itself to you, traveler?” The words were plainer this time around, answering a question with a question. It was then he took a step forward, closing in on her face. His navy gaze never wavered off her face, tail raising as he poured himself into the curiosity of it all. Was she worthy of death’s embrace so enough to worry about such identities?

Mar 18, 2018 06:55 AM — Post #9

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