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trying to find Aiden & Fam. // late afternoon, warm // Late Summer H4

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Epidemic J

“UUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUGGGGGGGGGGGGHHHHHHHHHHUHUHUHUHUHU.” Epidemic scuffed extremely loudly, yawning and stretching her cracked open jaw in the heat of the day. She did somethings, she lounged about and ish. She hadn’t talked to Kronos in a bit, but it was… how do you say… awkward?

Oh, yeah. Awkward. hahHA.

Epidemic walked around, and around, and around. Then, she found herself encircled in her own jealously.

Epidemic the Hunter.

As in hunter of SUCCESS AND FORTUNE.

She scuffed again, but not as loud. Her and Kronos were basically on the same level—at least in her own mind. Icarus didn’t need to know about her envy or anger. She would just prove that she was for the job. And that my friends, started with making friends with the other pack members—including tiny child.

Putting her nose to ground, Epidemic meandered casually to where the scent of Atayla, Aiden, and Artem concentrated the most.

Mar 02, 2018 06:51 PM

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Aiden Sam Staff

Aiden was a lonely boy.

He just didn’t know it. Being alone happened and that was okay. The pup always had a safe place to go to.

The stranger encounter - with a stranger, funny enough - had been all but forgotten. Just a little hiccup in his peaceful and innocent life. It had been a strange day, anyway. Strange circumstances. Occurrences.

But the boy was brilliant. Smart enough to make up his own games! Twig wasn’t all that smart, but that was okay. He was a pretty gullible little imp.

Aiden was in the tiny clearing outside his mother’s den. Roots galore. He couldn’t touch them, though! That would ruin the game. Sometimes he could bounce; other times, the roots were too close together, and he would have to place one paw carefully on the dirt at a time.

Because if he did touch one, Twig would have a laughing fit.

Mar 02, 2018 09:09 PM — Post #1

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Atalya Zesty

Atalya had stuck by the den ever since the incident at the den. Whoever that child was had extremely poor manners. She almost felt bad for her. And where were her parents? Such a girl like that should have been brought up properly. Perhaps then she wouldn’t have stumbled into foreign territory.

As of this moment, she was sitting in the mouth of the den, watching her son. He seemed to be playing a little game. Stepping around the tangled roots of the area close to home. Aiden liked making up games, she found. He was very creative like that. Though, she couldn’t help wishing he had someone else his age to play with.

A sigh escaped her lips when she thought back to her stillborn daughter. She was never meant to be born and she knew it, but there was always that lingering sadness. What would life be with a second child? Would Aiden have developed differently?

Atalya thought to take him out someday, to see the world. Meet new friends. She thought he might like that. The world was still a new place to him and there was still much to experience. She’d bring the subject up with Artem later, as he was most likely out hunting or conversing with other packmates.

Her nose didn’t pick up the scent of the approaching female, and she continued to watch her boy with a watchful eye.

//not too sure how far away she is, so let me know if i should change anything!

Mar 04, 2018 07:36 PM — Post #2

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Epidemic J

As she walked past the rooted trees, Epidemic picked up her head in a slight gasp. There was the tiny, tiny, tiny, oh so freaking tiny, boy. Aiden, right? He gripped a stick! And bounced!

With peaked interested, Epidemic grew closer, a natural smile lifting her face. Her inner arrogance quieted down, for once. Atalya sat by his side, like a good mother.

Suddenly, a pang hit her. A good mother. There had always been variation when it came to who was watching Epidemic. It was mostly Ottowa. It was only coincidence Atalya and Ottowa both had that wishy washy grey fur. The wonders of a lonely childhood could do a lot! Maybe Aiden might turn out just like Epidemic.

Though! Had Atalya been expecting to be a mom? How, what—um. ??? ! too much!

“Hey, Atalya, right?” She chirped out, trotting closer in the little family’s direction. Epidemic’s mental state swirled from one thought to another: from suppressing parts of her childhood, to criticisms of her own mom, to the future that she may be pregnant ONE DAY.  The red woman kept it together. If anything, she felt more composed then she had in a long time.

Mar 05, 2018 10:41 PM — Post #3

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Artem Vibe

He had spent the better part of today out and about, as he so often did. Among his daily goals were to provide food for first the family, and then himself. Along with that, checking through the labyrinth and at times wandering entirely outside of its boundaries, though never too far that he couldn’t return to the den site of his family before nightfall.

Though Artem was largely content with life as it was, there were occasions when he did feel restless. When he desired to move again, perhaps venture further south. Seek the mountains, and Relic, the friend he had made so long ago. If only to visit for a time. But that was a topic to be addressed at a later date.

Tonight he had decided to return to the den a bit earlier, desiring to spend the rest of the evening with his mate and child. There was also something he hoped he might be able to tell her, though it seemed that too, would have to be put off to a later date.

For, through the trees, Artem spotted a familiar reddish orange figure close to Atalya, that his mind identified as Epidemic. What a peculiar name that was, he was curious as to why that had been chosen for her. A hunter, she was, too. Perhaps she had brought food?

Aiden was also lingering nearby, seemingly in the midst of a game with his stick friend. His eyes lingered on the small pup for a few moments, before he turned them back to the elder wolves.

Whatever the case for Epidemic’s presence here, he had been hoping to become more familiar with the other labyrinth inhabitants, and this would provide an opportunity to do so.

”Good evening,” he called out in greeting to the two as he made his way toward them, deciding it best to announce his presence now. Just in case he was interrupting some important or private discussion. They would have a chance to wrap it up before he got too close.

Mar 06, 2018 06:05 PM — Post #4

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Aiden Sam Staff

Bounce and hop and pounce and-

Loud voice.

The boy tripped over a root and landed on his face with an “Oof”. It wasn’t the first time in his life he had eaten dirt and certainly wouldn’t be the last. He could hear his imaginary companion cackling in his ear.

When he noticed the she-wolf, Twig faded from his mind as he focused on the not-a-stranger. Aiden knew she lived around the forest - he still hadn’t really realised that he was part of a pack now or what a pack was - but he couldn’t remember if he knew her name.

Instead, he simply settled down where he had fallen and stared between the red wolf and his parents. His tongue darted out to lick at the dirt on his nose. It twitched.

Mar 12, 2018 07:17 PM — Post #5

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Atalya Zesty

An ear twitched at the sound of her name. Her head turned curiously to find the red female, Epidemic, trotting towards her. What a surprise! Atalya graced her features with a smile, all her worries forgotten with the new focus of the girl. “Ah, hello! I am Atalya, yes.” She raised to meet her packmate in the middle, “Epidemic, correct?” She was happy to bond with the red female, as she was planning on meeting everyone else sooner or later.

She turned to her son, who looked like he’d had a little fall. Perhaps he had gotten a little startled by Epidemic’s appearance. Poor thing. She smiled and beckoned at him with a raised paw, “Aiden, come and meet our packmate.” Soon, he’d come to know all the inhabitants of the Labyrinth. It would be good for his development, considering her former doubts.

Turning her head back to the girl, she opened her mouth to ask a question, when she heard a familiar voice. Artem. The woman smiled and turned her head to look at her mate. Just as she’d been thinking about him, too. What a coincidence. “Good evening,” she repeated, nodding at him. It would be good to talk with him, once the girl had left, of course.

Well, now that her family had gathered, she turned her head back to Epidemic, still smiling. “What brings you to our home?”

Mar 13, 2018 08:00 PM — Post #6

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Epidemic J

“Yeah, I’m Epidemic.” She exhaled her introduction awkwardly, now feeling shy up against the status of biological family. The whole scene was… cozy. A little stiff and a little awkward, she couldn’t tell where she belonged or if she should sit here or—-GASP—where were her manners?!!!

With the little pup’s dark eyes set on her, she gave a half crooked smile and a supposedly charming wink his way. That was all before the grand presence of Artem arrive. Epidemic remembered his position clearly. Advisor. So lofty. She couldn’t help the weight of family and hierarchy rest upon her shoulders. It was all too familiar to her, the chains she wore.

“Oh, yes..Artem,” She gave a brief nod to him, before turning back to Atalya in earnest. “Well. I wanted to get to know everyone!” She gave in a bubbly laugh. So precious Epidemic could go and find food for everyone and it will be just dandy! A waitress at your service! Clearing her throat momentarily, she continued with a smile,“And I wanted to get to know our youngest pack member.”

Because I’m awfully bored and lonely, can’t you see it on my face and demeanor? I’m stupid enough to get a position where all I do is one simple task, that I can’t be flexible or versatile is out of my job description. And here you two are, with your lovely baby boy, and I’m the joker, the idiot, the fool that others can laugh at! HAHA! Isn’t it great! I LovovovoOOVOVOe it so much!

“You’re a bit too young to take out hunting,” Epidemic said sweetly to Aiden, before turning her attention and dialogue back to Aiden and Atayla,”.. but I’d love to babysit or do something fun—and safe—with him.”

Mar 14, 2018 12:55 PM — Post #7

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Artem Vibe

Dark eyes turned to regard Aiden as he witnessed the little fall the pup had taken. Such clumsy displays were not unusual, so Artem tried not to let himself worry too much whenever he witnessed something of the sort. Even so, he paused once he had reached Aiden, to look him over briefly. He leant down to softly nudge his son, before returning his focus to the two adults at Atalya and Epidemic returned his greeting.

”Pleased to make your acquaintance, Epidemic,” he spoke, nodding to the tan hunter, continuing past Aiden and towards the others.

And so it seemed he had simply arrived in time for introductions. The two were merely introducing themselves to one another, with his mate inquiring about what had brought Epidemic to visit their den site. That was good, then, as it meant he was not walking in on or somehow interrupting an ongoing discussion. Not that it would have done much to hold him back, if they were, though, Artem supposed. He’d wanted to see his family, so that was what he would do.

Epidemic professed that she simply desired to meet everyone, and to get to know their youngest pack member, a desire Artem shared with her.

From what he could see thus far, Epidemic seemed trustworthy. She was polite and seemed trustworthy enough, though something about the laugh she had given seemed.. off. Perhaps insincere, or fabricated, in a sense. But that very well could have been the continuously developing overprotective dad voice in his head.

Not something Artem had ever thought he’d be prone to having. He moved to settle beside Atalya, curious about Epidemic’s suggestion about looking after Aiden - babysitting him and such. ”I would not have any issues with that,” he spoke up, briefly glancing toward his mate in an attempt to visually gauge her reaction. It would be good for Aiden to be exposed to some newer faces, and Atalya as well if she ever wished to briefly leave then den behind to explore or simply take a walk through the labyrinth.

Mar 14, 2018 08:37 PM — Post #8

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Aiden Sam Staff

His gaze on the red wolf diverted to his father when he padded toward him. The nudge caused the boy’s tail to thump against the root he had tripped over. He watched him join the other adults. The thought of following after him and sitting with them had yet to cross his mind. He was too busy taking everything in to get his limbs to function.

Mother becoming him was enough to withdraw him from his trance. With a little grunt, Aiden found his paws and moved to trail after Father. His soft pink tongue lapped more at his dirtied muzzle. He sat himself down between his parents. Nice and proper: good posture, bright eyes, tail wrapped around paws.

What he lacked in voice and balance he made up for in… practically everything else.

Epidemic spoke to him, now. He tries to keep eye contact as well as possible, but he couldn’t help but let them dart across her immense form every now and then. She spoke of hunting. He was too young for it, apparently. Hunting had never been an interest of his. It was what the other wolves did, right? Aiden preferred playing and exploring and trying to find pretty flowers. Anything that wasn’t green or brown like the rest of the forest.

Although, even that was quite a quest. He rarely left sight of Mother’s den. Little did he know that the itch to expand his horizons was growing. Just not enough for him to notice the development.

Aiden wasn’t sure what “babysitting” entailed, but he knew “fun” and “safe”. Those were good things. It was enough to put a tiny smile on his face.

His gaze then shifted to his father. He tilted his head back a bit to look at him. The timber wolf didn’t really talk much. His own energy was different from Mother’s. It was more sober - only one wolf could get more sober than Mother, and that his old man. He liked his father’s stoic-ness - he liked his father in general.

Would he be like him when he got older? His pelt was turning more like his dam’s, but he’d like to be more like him.

As usual, Aiden said nothing. He didn’t really talk in front of others. That was what his parents did. Observing was what he preferred to do, anyway.

Mar 14, 2018 11:34 PM — Post #9

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Atalya Zesty

The girl seemed a little all over the place, perhaps a little confronted by the small family. Atalya couldn’t quite figure out why, but she let it go. Some wolves simply found it hard to meet new wolves. So she kept a faint smile on her face, happy to talk with the ruddy female. “Its good to meet you, formally.” They did sort of meet when the Twilight Vanguard was formed, but they never had a chance to talk like this.

Feeling her boy sit down between herself and Artem, she chuckled as she realised he’d gotten a little dirty in his adventures. How endearing. She chose to leave his messy coat alone for now, as it was likely he would only get dirty as soon as Epidemic left (when she chose to, of course). She might as well let him have his fun.

Turning back to the red girl, who seemed to have regained a cheer about herself, and smiled as she said she simply wanted to meet her new packmates. “Of course, I’ve been planning to do the same,” though Epidemic made it all the easier, coming to her instead. She would rather enjoy taking Aiden out for a little day trip, in the future.

Her next words pleased the woman and she nodded her pale head. Aiden always needed more friends, she thought. He did seem quite entertained in the den, but she suspected company from other wolves did him a world of good. Perhaps to get him out of his shell, even though it was no real problem now, but more to help him develop social skills. A necessity!

Atalya became a little more pleased visually when the red girl suggested she could babysit him from time to time. What a wonderful idea! The woman let her murky gaze rest on her mate as he replied, giving the affirmative, before she gave her own response. “That would be lovely!” Dipping her head down to her son, still sitting beside her, she thought to double check with her boy before making any decisions, “Would you like to have a little play-date with Epidemic sometime, dear?”

Mar 19, 2018 05:34 PM — Post #10

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