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[continuation, summons] With Lysander, barking for parents | Backdated to Full Summer, HY4

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Buffy Sam Staff

The dutiful babe led the white giant all the way to the boring cave.

Guess what. It was still boring.

Her gait slowed to walk as she entered and barked into the caverns, “Mommy! Daddy!” Someone’s here!

And Buffy was home!

Oh. Shit.

She wasn’t supposed to have left, was she?


Mar 04, 2018 05:08 PM

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Lysander Jade

The way to the “boring” cave led them northwest across the mountain slopes. It wasn’t all that far, though, and Lysander felt some sense of relief in knowing that the pup’s wandering hadn’t taken her too far from home. He was quick to note the scents scattered around the area, too. The rough terrain bore traces of several individuals, male and female alike, and as the two of them drew near the towering wall of rock Buffy had been leading them toward, Lysander realized that the amalgamation of scents weren’t just those of scattered rogues.

When it hit him, his muzzle wrinkled softly.

There were distinct markers here. Borderlines.

This wasn’t just a family and their pups; this was a pack.

He felt a little less at ease with this in mind, but he carried on casually enough — albeit with a higher degree of vigilance than before.

It wasn’t long before their destination made itself clear: an opening in the stone, large enough to permit entry but inconspicuous enough that Lysander imagined that it could have easily been obscured by snow during the colder months. While Buffy went on ahead, tromping down the steep incline of the entrance and right on into the cave itself, the old wolf found himself falling behind a short ways. Now that he knew he was delving into claimed territory, he was hesitant to simply barge in — even with the welcome of his little guide.

After all, pack member of not, she was still only a child.

She barked, calling out to her parents, and the sound of it echoed in the vast chamber of the cave ahead. Meanwhile Lysander continued to linger outside, waiting to see what response would follow. He kept his head level with his spine — a neutral posture — and his senses on alert.

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Kamaal Kam

I thought I’d muster the muse to post, but I guess I didn’t have it in me. Jade, feel free to assume Kamaal recognized Maaike after being given a name/description and she told Lysander that the girl was looking for Titania who’d gone missing. The encounter happened back in late spring—I reckon she’d mention that as well.

Thank you. <3

Mar 08, 2018 12:14 PM — Post #2

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