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[summons] Shimmering Shoal | Late summer | Mid morning | A few clouds | Calling Fawneon Fam, wth Mahalo, Arashi and Kalea



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Yuna Chris Staff
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Yuna hopped down the last few rocks and turned to see how her three daughters were coping. “We’re here, girls!” She announced cheerfully. She was glad the girls would have a chance to meet other puppies her own age, and hopefully Yuna would be able to help Fox, and her old friends by doing so, as well.

“Now, you can all howl with me if you want - that’s how we politely let somebody know when we come to visit.” She instructed her daughters, and parted her jaws in a small, sweet little howl to let Efeon, Fawn and their puppies know they had arrived.

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Mar 05, 2018 07:02 AM

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