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Can’t keep her down
East Eden | Sniffing around for Scotch and his recruits

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Natasha Chris Staff
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Natasha knew better than to just waltz into enemy territory and starting howling. She had lingered in the glen a few days after the fog trying to catch her mother to see if she or anyone else was going to come with her, but there hadn’t been a good moment and so in true Natasha fashion, the headstrong yearling simply set off one morning. She moved down the slope towards the sound of a waterfall with caution, but so far she hadn’t seen anybody. Still. Until she knew where Scotch was, and anyone else he had dredged up… best to be cautious. 

She sniffed the air warily and kept to the undergrowth, sure-pawed as a wolf of her build ever could be. Whatever happened, she was ready. Natasha of the Firewing Brotherhood was always ready.

((I honestly have no idea what is going on with timelines of this plot and everyone else involved, because after a certain point I feel you can’t keep backdating everything endlessly, but whatever works for anyone else, Nat is flexible))

Mar 06, 2018 01:07 AM

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