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Your feet and your faith
Mid-Prairie | Late Summer | Hot, Stifled, Early Afternoon | HY4

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Greer Alice

She didn’t know why she did it. She couldn’t rationalize having left her brother, even if, at the time, it had seemed like the best option she had. Things had been confusing, she had been scared and overwhelmed and, lacking any sense, she had tried to hide from it. She thought she could evade the pain that had followed her since she was a pup and return to her brother without such baggage. But how silly the thought seemed now. He had left her, he had found her again. She had left him, but oh, how impossible it felt to be beside him again.

Despite how deeply she missed him and how desperate she was to track him down, Greer was in no kind of rush. She had been to the rendezvous point and had found no trace of him. No trace of anyone familiar or otherwise- except for the petite dark wolf she had encountered upon her arrival. Greer had moved along, passing by the young female with as little incident as possible, and had spent a few additional days mulling about the shoreline. After so many months apart, what were the odds of Caspian coming to meet her at the lake on any of the days she was there? She decided the chances were slim to none, though she wouldn’t give up on the search all together. She had come too far.

After the few days wait by the lake, she had continued west, heading down from the water’s edge and into the smoothly rolling prairies that separated her from the forest, from the ocean, and with any luck Caspian. From her position in the low grasslands the horizon rose higher than the it did by the lake, obscuring the forest from view and leaving her ill at ease. Instinct assured her she was going the right direction, but without her goal in sight, her overactive imagination whispered worse discourses.

He was not looking for her. He wanted nothing to do with her. She should give up, go… where? She had nowhere to go. There was no one else who had ever loved her or otherwise pretended to. There was no one waiting for her, no one blessing the stars for her, no purpose but to find her other half. Her Caspian. She had to do this. He was her brother. He was family. Somewhere within, Greer was certain that she and her only sibling shared a deeply-rooted and significant connection. A bond which bound them together for better or for worse. But why was he not on her radar? Why did she not have some celestial force driving her to the only soul that mattered to her? Wasn’t that how it was supposed to work? Momma had reiterated it, carefully securing the mantra in her pup’s fragile minds, carefully building their trust in instinct… the spirits will always guide you home. Give them your feet and your faith.

Greer closed her eyes but did not stop walking. The spirits had her in stride. But would they lead her to Caspian?

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Tiberius Zarin Zoi

Tiberius knew it was a bad idea to keep wandering, even as the draw of the lowlands whispered in the hindsight of things. But still, he found himself drawn around the ground, sinking toward the South. Memories whispered in his mind, and he didn’t quite identify the things that would have hopefully have his sanity returning.

It wasn’t like he was looking for trouble, although the edge nibbled at him. He found himself wanting the spill of blood, and yet it seemed like there was no easy solution for that. The craving burning through and through, his mouth opened wordlessly for a plea to take a piece out of something. Anything.

Still, his paws graced the lands he half-heartedly traveled, attempting to keep himself out of denial. Surely he wasn’t headed back to the desert; surely he wasn’t looking for those who had undoubtedly forgotten about him as time passed. Yet perhaps he was still unforgettable. Tiberius was not certain he felt strongly about being viewed in either manner.

The excuse of keeping away from the riverside hinted that his path lingered in a more plausible excuse. He didn’t know where he was going, didn’t know in his own worth where his paws were taking him.

But there were three locations in the valley where he knew wolves of value. And the third one was still far behind him back in the mountains.

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Greer Alice

Her steps were slow and careful, not that she expected to find many obstacles in the prairie. A dark heavy rock here, a thick-stemmed and heavily-rooted bush there. Mostly just grass. Long grass, dehumidified in the late summer sun and waiting patiently for the snow to come and hydrate it once more.

What creatures actually found joy in all this dead grass? Greer certainly didn’t. As bountiful as it would have been for her, with field mice and prairie dogs galore, she disliked it. Walking through the grass scratched against her pelt in an unsavory way. Not like the comforting nuzzles she longed for. Not like the brush of her brother’s fur as they slept, back-to-back, in perfect contentment.

Greer sighed a long, desperate sigh. Her head hung low, eyes transfixed on the narrow webs of soil that were exposed between stalks of vegetation. Maybe she would see something interesting. A dwarf flower nearly choked among the towering fingers of grass? A beetle hurrying along with a seed in it’s grasp? This place was very uninteresting.

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Name Player
Tiberius Zarin Zoi

Tiberius was in the partial motion of disbelief, although his paws kept him moving despite some of the ever brewing hesitations. He didn’t want to look like he wasn’t on board with his travels, but there was always that faint drifting note of uncertainty. Where he was drawing himself back to, he couldn’t say. Perhaps he was just fooling himself.

It took a while longer than he would have liked to admit that it took him for spotting the white female. It wasn’t that she was hard to miss in the height of the late summer season, but it one wasn’t looking it was an easy enough miss. Debate waged, his undecided mind blowing into his ears.

Maybe seeing her was the sign he needed to choose to turn around.

As per typical nature, however, curiosity blossomed across his expression. HIs voice called out across the wind, sing-song with anticipation. “Good day, Madame!” She looked unassuming, hardly purposeful in her stride.

Often that made for a good conversation. Misery. It brought wolves together.

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Name Player
Greer Alice

Greer’s steps were short, slow, deliberate. Take too long of a step and the itchy grass would sneak through the layers of pelt and irritate her skin. Any shorter of a step and she may have been stepping in place. Maybe trampling a soft clearing where she could lie down with her thoughts.

But she wasn’t circling. She wasn’t stuck in place. She was moving forward. She was making her way toward the only broken life she had ever known. It was fractured and it was nearly foreign, but it was hers nonetheless. Her brother. Her mission to get back to him.

Greer would have passed the male none the wiser, had he not called out to her. His tone was distinctively friendly, welcoming in nature. She as good as jumped from her pelt in surprise and leaned heavily into the dry stalks around her.

He towered over the grass, making her own trifle with the vegetation nay more than petty nonsense. Something small to complain about when your true problems are too harrowing to look in the eye.

“H-Hello…” she tried her best.

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