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Wandering Woman
A few yards from the borders/ aw/ cloudy but warm

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Piper Nightshade Raven Marie

Petunia was gone. Piper wasn’t sure how it happened, or what had happened, even, but the wounded woman was gone. Whether it was to die alone or just the fact that she no longer needed Piper, she was gone. Hopefully, she found her puppies, ones of which Piper hadn’t ever gotten to ask the names of, or what they looked like. The Nightshade couldn’t help anymore, even though she still wanted to.

Wandering was something Piper was pretty good at. She headed back across the hills, no longer interested in exploring the desert lest she find another dying, abandoned soul. Vaguely, she headed West, from where the winds blew salt from the sea. It’d been a while since she saw the ocean waves, and the ebony fae set her destination on the horizon.

She never made it. She stayed a day or two in the plains resting between two distant swaths of forest, and exploring one day, the white speckled female came across the thickly layered scent of a pack. The first shed allowed herself to wander near, Piper found herself wondering what life would be like in another pack. One that wasn’t her grotto home, with her family writhing around her. Would she make friends? Could a cranky old woman like her even find a home among others? Perhaps wandering free was how she would spend her latter years.

Without thinking anymore, Piper sent up a howl; requesting the audience of whoever would grace her with it.

Mar 14, 2018 12:17 PM

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Rathbone Fitzroy Sam Staff

Howls rarely rang through the lands.

Correction: howls not bearing ill news rarely rang through the lands.

There were days when Rathbone asked himself how the hell his life managed to get to this. He could remember just him and Leas on the range. Frolicking - if one could call it that.

Here he was, surrounded by death once again. It was like he was back with his natal pack. All they needed were some violent, dumb, misogynistic brutes and it would feel like home.

A stranger’s howl would certainly be a decent distraction. What it could be for, he hadn’t the slightest. But it seemed as if the withering pack just couldn’t catch a break. Maybe they were doomed to never get one until it was just him and his family.

That seemed to be how things were shaping out to be.

Rathbone emerged from the caverns with a woof in response to the howl. It didn’t take him terribly long to get there. The Guardian was either guarding the entrance or hunting. Napping when he could. It was almost like clockwork.

Crystal blue eyes noticed the stranger through the foliage as he neared. He managed to lighten his features slightly with a ghost of a smile.

“Hello,” he said in greeting with a polite dip of his head.

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Adhara Fitzroy Madison

(i hope it’s okay to throw her in here! let me know if not)

Adhara heard the howl too. And now that there were less of them and she had taken a few trips out of the cave already, she was intent on following it. She had watched her father emerge from the cave and head out toward the sound and, assuming that it was of similar intention to most howls she heard in the forest lately, followed him to what would surely be another family meeting of some kind.

It was hard to keep pace with her father, though. With his long legs and healthy heart.

She arrived shortly after he did, panting at the feeling of her heart racing, fluttering. Was it always supposed to be this hard to walk such distances? She spied her father, and ahead of him, a black smudge. Like one of her siblings, only a bit bigger. Certainly not someone she knew.

The girl drew up behind her father, making no effort to hide herself, and sharing no expression at the sight of the stranger beyond her typical stoicism. She was just waiting for the rush of blood in her ears to die down.

Mar 14, 2018 01:23 PM — Post #2

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Piper Nightshade Raven Marie

Piper didn’t have time to rethink or regret when a timber male came loping along; with no sign of this being the super territorial type of place, the Nightshade felt more comfortable. Her pelt rippled with uncertainty, ears twitching to pick up any little noise.

Not all wolves are as much of a bitch as you, Piper.

The stranger gave a smile, nodding politely as he greeted her. Feeling compelled to show her own respect to the older man (not to mention a wolf on his own lands), she lowered her white splashed muzzle; both a greeting, and making it known she wasn’t here for trouble. Piper was opening her jaws to respond when a pup appeared at his heels, huffing and out of breath. She must’ve had quite a time keeping up with who Piper assumed to be her father.

Always the assumer, Piper.

Whelp, any sign of grumpy Piper went out the door; she internally melted at the presence of the child, giving a genuine and wide smile and a wag of her tail.

Queue the friendly and talkative side of Piper that rarely broke free of her cage.

“Good afternoon to the both of you. I’m sorry to intrude, but I was hoping to learn more about the pack here, if you don’t mind. I’m not getting any younger and it doesn’t get easier to be a rouge.”

Mar 14, 2018 01:42 PM — Post #3

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Rathbone Fitzroy Sam Staff

An ear twitched backward at the sound of panting. When he came to a halt, he glanced back to see his little daughter. Maybe she had been out and about, playing. She had always been the more sombre of the trio but maybe now Adhara was getting more comfortable around the caverns compared to when they had first moved.

He gave his girl a smile before his attention returned to the stranger. His tail gave a slight sway as she spoke. The thought of recruits had long left his mind, given everything else that seem to plague his brain.

Perhaps this would be more than just a decent distraction.

“Well, I’m Rathbone Fitzroy, Guardian of the Evergreen Wolves,” he introduced. “This is my daughter, Adhara, one of our Kin. Here, Kin are all equal. Including myself. We aim to keep the evergreens as safe as we can as well as provide a home for each other.”

As of late, safety had been… a struggle. But it was mostly due to being outnumbered by curious whelps. They were still at a vulnerable age, but they were getting older and stronger.

These troubles would soon be behind them, he was certain.

Mar 14, 2018 01:54 PM — Post #4

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Adhara Fitzroy Madison

Tongue lolling from her mouth, the girl greedily sucked in lungfuls of air, her gaze shifting between her father and the stranger. It didn’t go unnoticed that the stranger had suddenly turned into smiles and sunshine when Adhara got there, and in fact evoked something of a grimace from Adhara, who didn’t understand the woman’s apparent delight. As expected, her father took the helm of the conversation. Adhara merely lingered next to him, close enough to press protectively against his back leg, listening.

This didn’t seem like a typical family meeting. Then again, last time, there had been a stranger too. Was that just a part of getting older? That strangers would come in and join their family meetings?

She wasn’t sure she liked this new development. But she would reserve judgment. For now.

Mar 14, 2018 02:02 PM — Post #5

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Piper Nightshade Raven Marie

The man was Rathbone, and the girl was Adhara. The pack was the Evergreen Wolves, and everyone was kin. Even he, the named Guardian, was equal to his wolves. The idea of equality stunned Piper; shed never come across a pack where the alpha was not strictly on charge, no matter how familial and peaceful the claimed to be. Even her father, kind and true, was firmly at the head of the grotto, his only equal as his mate. They worked together to keep the area safe.

Could Piper live a life among others not in a hierarchy?

“How many does the pack number? Would you be willing to take in another? Admittedly, I’m only okay at hunting. My skills lie in healing, protecting, storytelling, and teaching young wolves the way of their world.”

Mar 14, 2018 02:49 PM — Post #6

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Rathbone Fitzroy Sam Staff

How many were in the pack… let’s see: there was him, Leas, their three puppos, a few more pups.

“About ten,” he said. That seemed like a good estimate. “The kids kinda outnumber the adults, right now.” A crooked smile appeared before he gave his daughter another glance.

Rathbone couldn’t help his eyes from twinkling when she mentioned healing. An herbalist was what they needed. Especially after Achilles’ disappearance. Maybe Leas would be able to learn more after all.

“Of course,” he said with a nod. “You can be made an herbalist, if you want. My mate, Leas, has been wanting to learn more about healing.”

He refrained from mentioning Achilles, for now. At this point, he would rather not talk about any of their misfortunes if he could help it. All of that should just stay behind them: in the past.

Mar 14, 2018 11:04 PM — Post #7

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Adhara Fitzroy Madison

Adhara listened curiously to the conversation without feeling the need to interject. She mostly just wanted to know what this whole thing was about. Where were her mother and brothers? And Azalea? At this point, she didn’t know who else would show up. The other white pup, Margarita? Aster? Mintaka? Were they even still around?

Her mind had wandered. She missed the black lady’s first few questions, but tuned back in when she spoke of her skills. Healing, protecting, storytelling. Adhara cared less about the whole ‘teaching young wolves’ thing. Her parents taught her well enough, thank-you. But the storytelling… Adhara might be interested in that.

Her father mentioned that the kids outnumbered the adults. She found herself once more thinking about who all was still there, and realized he was right; there were way more children than grown-ups. But her parents were doing a pretty good job so far, she thought. He granted the woman permission to be an herbalist and spoke of her mother wanting to know healing.

Adhara didn’t care about healing. She cared about stories. And protecting. And whatever her father was doing right now, this whole… talking to strangers thing. This was where it began. She wondered if he had done this with the other man that had been lurking around lately. Maybe this was the reason for the call. To meet strangers and tell them what to do. Interesting.

Mar 15, 2018 04:50 PM — Post #8

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Piper Nightshade Raven Marie

Ten sounded like such a small pack compared to the largeness of the grotto, especially when Rathbone admitted that there were more puppies than adults, but Piper was undaunted. If anything, she relished the challenge of being a part of it all.

The Nightshade didn’t miss the excitement her skill set caused, and Rathbone revealed that they could use an herbalist; his own mate had been looking to learn. Pipers tail swayed easily behind her, and she smiled.

“An herbalist sounds wonderful, and of course I can teach your mate all she wishes to know.”

Adhara seemed reserved, quiet, but Piper saw reason in that: she was a stranger waltzing into somebody else’s home and asking to make her own home there. She could only hope that she and the others around here would accept her, and that she could settle here, as they called it, as Kin, find a more permanent place to spend her years.

The ebony woman gave the pup a smile before turning it to Rathbone.

“So, when can I start?”

Mar 15, 2018 06:04 PM — Post #9

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Rathbone Fitzroy Sam Staff

Having an herbalist brought him some comfort. While he had a habitual wariness of strangers, he didn’t doubt that they would be able to… take care of her, if need be, especially since she had never given him a name. For now, he would simply gloss over that.

“Now, if you want,” he said with a shrug of his shoulders. Maybe he didn’t entirely understand the question but jokes or any sort of humour generally went over his head.

Rathbone turned to Adhara, “Would you like to give our new Kin a tour?” And then he gave the ebony wolf a glance, “What’d you say your name was, again?”

He could pretend, for her sake. Maybe she had given it and he actually did miss it. If so, fuck old man’s brain.

Mar 15, 2018 06:56 PM — Post #10

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Adhara Fitzroy Madison

So it was decided, just like that, that the stranger would join them. She would be an herbalist, whatever that was. Adhara was stuck on the word, but figured it probably had something to do with a) healing, b) storytelling, or c) protecting, since that was what they were discussing before. Her gaze shifted up to her father as he spoke to her; almost as soon as his attention shifted to her, her tail wagged with reactive adulation for him.

Of course she would give the lady a tour. She didn’t really care about the lady, but she cared about doing whatever her father asked of her, so of course she would.

“Yes,” Adhara replied easily, and when he asked the stranger what her name was, Adhara turned her gaze upon the woman expectantly.

Mar 16, 2018 08:52 AM — Post #11

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Piper Nightshade Raven Marie

Piper hadn’t given her name. The flush of heat on her cheeks was something she wasn’t used to; Piper, queenly Piper, never forgot to introduce herself! She wouldn’t have, either, lost in a haze of excitement and nervousness about her very sudden new title. The ebony woman could sometimes be wary with strangers, the giving out of her name, but in the face of who was now, despite equality, her alpha?

Way to go, Piper.

Not a moon ago shed been nursing a mangled mother and attempting to help find her brood. Even though that had changed, Piper had very much wanted to see the sea.
Alas, the woods had called, and she came. It was not the grotto, but just like when shed wandered into the desert, Piper knew she had a purpose here.

Swallowing uneasily and flicking an ear in embarrassment, the herbalist gave the single most non-exciting introduction that had ever left her mouth.

“Piper Nightshade.”

She gave a flick of her tail and stepped forward with a smile, totally ignoring the blush along her cheeks, hidden thankfully under her thick coat. Tour time. Yeah.

Mar 16, 2018 09:22 AM — Post #12

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Rathbone Fitzroy Sam Staff

Piper Nightshade. It was fitting, in a way; it had that herbalist-vibe, if there was such a thing. He would never foolishly hope that her stay would be long-term, that she would be devoted to an old pack that was new to her. But he did wish it to be so. After all that had happened.

Rathbone smiled when she introduced herself. His gaze then shifted to his gaze as he turned to face her, glad that she was willing to do - what he thought - was a loyal member’s task. Maybe one day she would be an aide like her mother. Auberon had vigil written all over him, that was for sure. Once he came of age, at least. Old enough to hunt on his own.

While he was entirely comfortable with Adhara taking the lead, he would never leave her alone with a stranger. Despite being new Kin. He gave her a subtle but encouraging nod.

Mar 17, 2018 01:54 PM — Post #13

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Adhara Fitzroy Madison

The name came, and Adhara made a point to remember it. Piper Nightshade. Would she have to call the woman that whole thing any time she wanted to get her attention? Piper Nightshade. Piper Nightshade. It was so long. Why was it two words? Did Adhara have a second name attached to her first name? She was tempted to ask, but refrained for now. She had to keep her cool and remain aloof.

The silence that followed was her cue to lead them. Adhara glanced up at her father, as if to double check that it was time to go, and then set off back into the trees. She didn’t know much about the surrounding forest, but the cave she knew like the back of her paw. Giving this lady a tour would be easy.

(fade unless someone wants to do a cont. thread? lemme know)

Mar 18, 2018 12:22 PM — Post #14

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Name Player
Piper Nightshade Raven Marie

(I’m cool to fade)

Adhara was to be her guide; Pipers smile persisted, admitting a puppy that was growing up here probably knew the best places to showcase to a newcomer. The rest Piper could explore and learn on her own during her time here.

Sure as she was about being needed here, the Nightshade couldn’t help a glance back as she officially crossed the border and into Evergreen territory. What kind of life awaited her? Would she grow old(er) here? Die here? Would she find love? Or would she find that a peaceful life wasn’t for her, with a loose hierarchy?

All Piper could do was follow, tail waving happily.

Mar 19, 2018 02:58 PM — Post #15

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