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like electric eels
early autumn, afternoon, sunny; with briar

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Dhracia Madison

At long last, they had left the mountains. It was strange to suddenly perceive a change in scenery when one had spent what felt like an eternity in a single place. The mountains would always hold a special place in Dhracia’s heart, but with the amount of wolves inhabiting the southern stretch, she found it less and less ideal to linger. Besides, there were still places in the valley she had yet to see. Trouble to stir up, too. Mountain wolves made for dangerous opponents; she wanted something softer.

Naturally, her first inclination was to visit the shoal that they had been chased away from. She remembered the soft-spoken male that emerged from the cave, and the larger male, and the female that joined them, and found herself wondering if they were still there. The scent of pups had been strong in the area, too. Maybe her intention was merely to scope the place out. Maybe, if they were lucky, they could corner someone and have a little fun. It was always like her to see how far she could push her adversaries. She craved that sense of danger.

Dhracia paused at the ridge that led down into the shoal and cocked her head to her companion. “Ready for some fun in the sun?” she grinned, and without waiting began to descend the treacherous slope.

Mar 23, 2018 12:00 PM

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