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Coming at you like a cannonball

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Ryd Hal

Ryd was really excited.

Like, really, really excited.

When she crossed the threshold from the hills to the lake, she immediately loosed a loud, happy howl, for basically anyone within earshot, but mostly for Cadre peeps. And then, she dashed up towards the northeastern bank of the lake, and howled again, and then raced over to a more western side, and howled again.

After all, it was spring, and flowers were blooming, and baby animals were gonna be born,  and didn’t they have at least one preggers chick who needed a more consistent food supply?

Yes, it was high time for a hunt.


Oct 28, 2015 10:53 PM

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Tala 'Qui Gyl

It was good she’d left. It was good, it was good, it was good. Tala had to remind herself of it. She was nglad to have left Rowan with his sister to make up for lost time. However, since Early Winter, she had yet to leave her mate’s side. Being away from him, even for this brief time, was misery. She felt all too worried; concerned that when she came back for him, like she had after meeting with Clementine, that he’d be gone. But, she shouldn’t be worried, she knew this. Now that it was Spring and Robin was around, if Rowan went missing, Tala would be able to track him easier. She should take this short time away to get something to eat, like she had said she would. But, maybe first, just maybe, she could go on a tiny adventure first.

She had just left the Glade when she heard it- the unrecognized howl. At first, she ignored it. It was probably for someone in particular and it didn’t sound troublesome. So off the she-wolf went, exploring Cloudmirror Lake and admiring the scenic view. The second time, the howl was more distant, and although was far from sounding as if it was a distress signal, Tala’s front lobe began to think more and more about setting off in direction of it. The third howl was somewhat closer, although not as close as the first call had been. But the third howl was signal to Tala. It was almost as if fate was saying, ‘go and adventure!’

The she-wolf took off, adrenaline coursing through her every limb and pushing her hard to get to the source of the howl. It only took a few minutes to reach the source- the wolf that they had escaped from. A multi-colored girl who seemed just about her age, if not a little older. A little fluffier in fur and blue eyed, far from the russet-gingery amber-eyed Tala.

“Why, hello there!” Tala said, slowing to a jog and, when within a few feet of the other girl, halted.

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Kestrel Erin

|| 1. Going to assume Kestrel and Ryd and Moon(if she joins in) have met briefly already, but don’t particularly know each other well.
2. Is Tala showing pretty obviously now??

Kestrel’s aimless travels took her from the shelter of the Grove to skirting the borders of the mountains to the south to everything in between. She hadn’t had much luck in recruiting, or even finding others to recruit to the Cadre for that matter. So far every wolf she’s met outside of her pack’s borders either belonged to another pack already or had already met a member of the Cadre and politely declined the offer. Her spirits weren’t exactly the highest and she soon found herself wandering back to the lake for a break before trying her luck to the east.

The masked wolf had only barely breached the outer boundaries of the lake when she heard a very enthusiastic call. And then another. And then another…

Ryd. There was only one wolf obnoxious enough to make multiple calls to her packmates.

She rolled her eyes, though a faint smile traced her lips, and she set off running. Luckily, being so light on her feet and agile on the lake’s terrain enabled her to catch wind and sight of Ryd fairly quickly. As she approached, she noticed another female was with her - one Kestrel hadn’t yet had the pleasure of meeting. Was she even part of the Cadre?

The young wolf hadn’t had much of a chance to get to know Ryd past the brief introductions. She’s heard quite a bit about her, though, from others in the pack and also from her travels. Still, though, it wasn’t much to go on. Either way, she didn’t really seem like much of a threat to Kestrel so there was no reason to act with poor taste towards her.

“You rang?” she greeted nonchalantly, her pace having slowed into a walk as she closed the distance between her and the other two females. Argent eyes shifted smoothly from Ryd to the unknown wolf near her, scrutinizing her body up and down for a moment. “And who might you be? A friend of Ryd’s?” She tossed her a curious look, a tiny smile creeping its way onto her features, though just barely. Kestrel was still working on her social skills.

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Vagary 'Gökotta Annakah

{{So Vagary knows Kestrel but I don’t think she would know Ryd.}}

Vagary’s ears had first recognized the howl shortly after meeting with Nyx. Although it was unfamiliar to her, some part of her knew it must have been a cadre and the two howls that followed seemed to confirm it for her. So she had take off, racing through the trees towards the sound, curious of what awaited her once she found its source. 

Flying through the trees, her nose was hit with a familiar scent. Kestrel. She was reminded immediately of the girl who had first told her of the Cadre and came to a stop, assuming that the she wolf had followed the sound of the howl as well. Following the scent, which soon turned out to be three scents, although Kestrels was the only one she recognized, she trotted through the woods, soon stumbling through the tree line and finding the wolves she had been searching for.

She recognized Kestrel immediately, offering a polite nod and a smile as a greeting for the she wolf before turning to the strangers.

She wasn’t sure who had lifted the howl but both wolves were of a light russet colour, and again seemed fairly older than Vagary herself. With a wide grin and panting after racing from the grove, she offered a greeting
“Hello!” She exclaimed excitedly, her tail wagging as she gazed upon the two strangers.

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Ryd Hal

Ryd’s hyperactive song ended suddenly, not because anything had startled her out of it, but because she just wanted to hear the echo of her own voice.

Echo… echo… echo… where was her Lug anyway? The girl huffed impatiently. She would have to train him to come when called; this insolence would not do.

She had not seen Moon in a bit, either. Surely everything was okay… but she missed her first friend here.

But then there was a rustling in the emerging foliage and Ryd whirled - face to face with a girl. A large, lean girl, looking rather puffy. But Ryd caught the friendly greeting, and she decided to play nice for today. “Hi!~ I’m Ryd! I’m starting a hunt! Are you hungry??”</b>

And then two others - definitely Cadre… right? - showed up. For the life of her, she could not remember if she a) had met them before, and b) if so, what their names were. Uh-oh.

The small silver-eyed one gazed at the newcomer, questioning her nicely. Ryd intercepted. “Yes! A new friend to join a new year’s hunt! Her name is… ah…” she trailed, unsure. Answer!

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Tala 'Qui Gyl

//Almost replied on Andromeda’s account. xD And no not yet, Erin. Rola got pregnant in very late Late Winter. So she’s expected to show late in this subseason!

She was shocked by how many wolves had shown their faces so quickly. But again, this girl, this Ryd, her name was, had howled three times. The she-wolf had had suspicion that they were more than likely for these new faces. Tala felt rather out of place and hoped she wasn’t intruding on anything. She would take her leave if she was. The she-wolf supposed she’d just have to see.

The two girls to enter were rather pretty, one dark in color and the other was paler. She was going to answer the darker she-wolf’s question when Ryd began for her. When her moment came, she smiled politely to the three wolves around her.

“Tala. Tala ‘Qui, Ryd’s new friend!”

//Tala’s first time introducing herself as a ‘Qui *beams*

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Moon Kelly

Moon had heard her friend’s call a distance out—the first and second time—and immediately lifted paw to find her. It’d been a while since they’d seen one another, and frankly, Moon was starting to feel out of place. She’d made the call to join the Cadre, but somehow she felt the odd one out if not for the nagging voices that kept screaming at the back of her head to just leave.

But she wouldn’t. Not without Ryd.

It didn’t take terribly long to find the small gathering of wolves. She recognized one of the females but couldn’t remember her name for the life of her, and the other two might as well have been chickenshit. The one smelled of the Cadre, though, so she had to assume she was good news, unless she was buddies with Gerrik. The other though…

She approached just in time to hear her introduction. Ryd’s new friend.

A sudden burst of jealousy coursed through Moon just then, and with suddenly bold steps, she brushed past the girl and toward Ryd, stopping at her side with a firm plop and not so much as a glance the girl’s way. The other two she studied, nodding at the familiar one, glancing briefly at the other, but the alleged friend got nothing.

Was this what she got for being so absent of late? If so, she was going to have to start making more of an effort. Ryd was her friend. Hers.

Oct 31, 2015 10:32 AM — Post #6

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Clementine Rummage Raylee

all this estrogen

Far reaching branches of budding flora brushed gently through the girl’s pelt as he brisk pace carried her through the trees. Small tufts of cotton-like hair pulled away as she passed; her winter pelt had been quick to relinquish it’s hold on her body at the first sight of spring. He gait swift, with a up-beat skip, Clementine marched toward the sound of the call.

There wasn’t a thing in the world that could damper her mood. Spring was here; the snow had all but gone, the birds had started to return. Soon, the girl Calamity would be having her children. Her outlook had brightened in a matter of a week. And now; another new member was calling out for her. For the entire Cadre, really.

It was hard to decipher who it was; Moon or Ryd or maybe Vagary. She’d met the three girls, but hadn’t found the time to sit down and speak with any of them for longer than a few moments. She’d been in and out of the Grove lately, too busy exploring the land as it came back to life after it’s frozen stupor. But now was her chance!

When she broke the treeline and stepped out onto the bank, the sight of the small gathering sent her tail waving eagerly behind her. Kestrel first caught her eye; the only one she really knew well out of the others. And then Vagary, the youngest. Moon and Ryd were standing close by as well. And lastly, a familiar figure standing amid the chaos of arriving wolves caught her eye. Her heart skipped a couple beats as the wave of realization rushed over her like a hurricane.

“Tala!” Her voice rang out across the chatter, resounding starkly across the still waters of the lake. The girl from the Hills! Memories of their little game of tug-o-war over the duck carcass came all at once. The girls had bonded well, and implored to one another the details of their next adventure. Had she reunited with that fellow? Were they expecting children, like Clementine had joked they would?

The girl’s nimble feet faltered over themselves as she scampered closer to the group, her eyes lingering on her old friend as she came closer. When she reached her, Clem extended her nose to bump it gently against the girl’s cheek, her tail now swaying fervently to and fro.

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Calamity D'Augusta Bri

Calamity heard the call and gave a bark to the wind back. The heavy set girl slowly stood and trotted as fast as she could to the summons. The albino stood out sore against the muddy grounds that she traveled. If she couldn’t hunt, she could at least help in case anyone got hurt. As she approached she said a greeting to each wolf and sat, waiting.

Oct 31, 2015 06:58 PM — Post #8

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Kestrel Erin

|| short, because there are so many effing wolves in this thread. <3

Kestrel watched patiently as another wolf kept adding to their numbers. First was Vagary, to whom she offered a smile and a nod, and then Moon showed up and promptly took her place next to Ryd. She learned the new female’s name was Tala, and she seemed nice enough. Then Clementine showed up, who then seemed overly enthusiastic about Tala - apparently they knew each other well, considering the way Clem gave Tala a friendly boop on the nose. And last but not least, Calamity, a wolf who Kestrel also gave a gentle smile to.

It was a good turnout to Ryd’s call, but then again after she’d called so many times it’d be strange to not think she was dying and/or in trouble. The small wolf decided to skip the pleasantries for now and get right to the point.

“So what’s the reason for your call, Ryd?” The she-wolf bumbled with energy and Kestrel could only think of one thing - a hunt. Now that winter has melted and bloomed into spring, it’d be the perfect time to take down a few prey.

The masked wolf threw a knowing glance to Calamity. She didn’t think it was a good idea for the white she-wolf to participate in such an activity, but they’d have to see how positions were dispersed among the other able-bodied wolves here first.

Nov 01, 2015 09:41 PM — Post #9

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Vagary 'Gökotta Annakah

Vagary’s attention was thrown back and forth as new wolves arrived and began to speak up. First was a stranger, although not for long, as the tawny girl quickly introduced herself as Tala, adding her second name with an air of pride, at which Vagary tilted her head curiously. Another she wolf arrived shortly after, not saying anything but making her presence known in the small group of she wolves. One, two more wolves arrived. Both white she wolves who Vagary recognized from a brief meeting, Cadre wolves. One of them seemed to know the stranger of the group, Tala. Perhaps she was a Cadre wolf, although it didn’t seem like it. The young she wolf watched curiously, attempting to discover the dynamics between the wolves.

Her curiosity however was quickly broken when Kestrel spoke up, her gaze turning to watch as the she wolf asked the question that she assumed they were all wondering, why were they here?

Nov 03, 2015 10:33 PM — Post #10

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Echo Fao

((I’m going to come on in, just to make this even more confusing. And also because Echo hasn’t met anyone in the Cadre here except for Ryd (of course) so I figured he could use the chaos to get confused about everyone’s names. ;3))

The call rang out. He ignored it.  It rang out again. He huffed and rolled over in the comfortable spot under the tree he’d been enjoying. Again. 

“Oh for frick’s sake, Speck,” he grumbled to himself.  He’d joined the Cadre, and while he had no regrets about that at all, he also barely knew what to do with himself. He’d decided to stop roaming around for a bit, rest up, get to know everyone, keep an eye on Speck, but…

It was just really weird to not be completely solo.  So he’d spent his time being idle, getting to know the lay of the land, and now…

Up on his big paws, he shook leaves out of his fur. Spring demanded action. Ryd was right.  That said… Did she have to call three times?

At any rate, he arrived on the scene towards the end of the gathering. And he was greeted with… eight…? furry rears.  Eight female rears.  A quick sniff and a look and he realized, he was the only fella around.  Oh dear stars, is this was Finn had meant? Were there really only three boys in the crew and fifty-thousand ladies?

He wasn’t complaining, but it was a bit overwhelming. Especially when he noted he didn’t know a single one other than Speck herself.

He didn’t approach the group, but instead he raised his voice loud to be heard. “Speck! What the hell? For a little thing you’re way too loud. I was sleepin’, yanno?”

And he flashed her a dangerous grin before flicking his grey eyes around the group. “It seems I’ve interrupted a bachelorette party, though.”  And already he was assessing each of them.  They’d be in need of names he could remember.

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Ryd Hal

Oh. My. God.

Right after she spoke, Moon came, and darn if she didn’t look ornery, but as she took her place next to Ryd, Ryd just kind of bounced up and down excitedly smiling now that her girl was here! She aimed a few side bounces too, against Moon’s shoulders, since bumping was their thing, yeah?

Tala introduced herself, and Ryd nodded to the other wolves present knowingly, as if she’d been completely aware of this tidbit. Yay for 2-second friends!

Then a little white female appeared suddenly, winter coat flying off like dandelion seeds, calling this Tala by name, and Ryd wanted to scratch her head. Wait… wasn’t she supposed to be pregnant? What was even her name?? Something like… tine. Twine? Nah, more to it… ugh whatever. She’d be “Fluffy” until her name revealed itself.

Another tiny female appeared, also white… kind of colorlessly white really - but look, belly! She knew she’d run into some preggo here. Ryd didn’t know her name either, but “Puffy” rhymed with Fluffy and that was perfect in her head since they were both tiny and white.

It really was a good turnout! Ryd was positively humming and ready to go, leaning against Moon lightly in excited comfort as the two looked out over the crowd.

Then the little dark wolf with the gleaming silver eyes questioned her, and Ryd cocked her head, a smile laced with attitude on her maw. She had for sure mentioned a hunt before, but perhaps this one was hard of hearing. “As y’all can see,” she started… only to be rudely interrupted by the first male to show up. Lug. Little big late Lug. Her tail wagged some more.

“Shut it, you! No one cares about your laziness,” she snapped out to him, but there was a wide smile on her face at his presence throughout her sarcasm. Moon and Lug and Ryd.. not that they knew each other, but she adored both of them and it was long overdue that her friend circle should merge!

“Righto. Everyone take a look at Puffy over there,” she addressed them all, indicating her muzzle pointedly to the pregnant pale girl. “Puffy’s preggo as all hell, and she’s only getting bigger. The girl needs to eat, and she needs rest, and we are about to go on an expedition to fill up our cache to make sure she - and the rest of us - got easy meals for weeks to come. All over our woods we got baby happy meals popping out left and right and tons of buns in the oven among the deer herds. All we gotta do is split into two teams and slay a bunch!”

If one were exceedingly close enough, they could almost see the saliva glistening on her fangs. Ryd was so ready to go.

“I don’t care what teams you each wanna go on, but one team - mine - takes the western woods here, and the other team takes the eastern side. And Puffy—!” This to the pregnant girl she didn’t know the name of, a warm smile on her face even as she spoke commandingly. “Don’t you even think about doing any crazy stunts. You can help sniff out trails, but you’d best be taking it easy with that belly of yours.”

Nov 05, 2015 11:46 PM — Post #12

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Tala 'Qui Gyl

As the rush of wolves poured in, a sinking feeling began to swallow Tala into the depths of self-awareness. She was the odd one out, clearly not meant to be in the spot she put herself in. But here she was, surrounded by many girls and a boy, none of whom she had met previous. And as Moon pushed past her to step to Ryd’s side, she felt more and more obtrusive to Ryd’s call for her companions.

A few minutes of loud chatter filled the air before she heard it- the clear voice sounding over the others, calling out the familiar sound of her name. The pale she-wolf began to step forward, turning her head every which way to see who had called out for her.

True she had yet to meet so many others, especially girls. She’d run into Marcus in the Wastelands, and Robin came much later. The only other girl she’d met was back in the Verdant Hills over a tug-of-war game with a lame fowl. And through the depths of color that surrounded her, a pearly shine flashed through the crowd, her face suddenly appearing as her paws stumbled over each other.


All feelings of doubt and dread dispersed upon sight of Tala’s friend. Tail wagging and nose against her cheek, Tala beamed happily to see Clementine again. Here, among the strange wolves, everything had clicked when she’d seen Clem. This was a pack, Clem’s pack. She wondered if this was the one specifically Clementine had wanted months ago.

Tala moved in close, nudging Clementine’s flank with her shoulder, “It’s so good to see you again!”

Before she got another opportunity to speak or catch up, Ryd’s voice boomed over the chit-chat, quickly silencing the group. And once the she-wolf had finished speaking, Tala’s gaze flicked back over to Clem again, attempting to read the expression on her face. Would she want to be on the same team? Which team would they be on? What would they be hunting?

As the multitude of girls began to divide, Tala stepped even closer to Clementine, hoping to be given some direction, and better knowledge, of what to do.

Nov 06, 2015 01:31 PM — Post #13

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Calamity D'Augusta Bri

ooc: Jumping order only because it’s the only chance for the computer for a few more days!

Calamity laughed and quickly moved her way over next to Kestrel and gave her a knowing smile. She could tell already this was going to be a fun day. Awkwardly she sat with her belly hanging between her legs. As she listened she learned her name was “Puffy”, which made the girl laugh even more. It was better than Red Eyes or Colorless, or hell, even her name. Puffy, she liked that name. Perhaps it’s what she would introduce herself as. Clearing her throat she spoke up, “I’m only here in case someone gets hurt, being a medic and all. So no getting hurt anyone! Or Puffy will be mad.” She opened her eyes in exaggeration with the word mad and laughed awkwardly. It seemed like a good strong group. But now the question was, what team did she go with?

Cala weighed this heavily on her mind. Prolly the team with the most men, they always had to show off a bit and most likely, with this large amount of women, there would be some stunts. Sighing, the albino waited.

Nov 06, 2015 07:15 PM — Post #14

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Moon Kelly

Moon sat beside her friend with a decidedly irritated expression marked across her features that may or may not have fallen squarely on the wolf named Tala. Ryd’s bump against her knocked her out of it some, though, and she looked to her friend with a pensive brow. What had she gotten herself into coming here? Pack bonding? Why did that make her want to turn tail and leave? Just her and Ryd guarding the so-called territory was one thing, but this small gathering was turning into a downright shindig, and Moon was feeling more uneasy with every warm body that was added to it.

Some white wolf from the Cadre who apparently knew Moon’s new best friend. Another white Cadre female, obviously far into pregnancy. Great, Moon thought idly to herself. Was this another Vandal-Dakota-type situation? For the life of her, she couldn’t decide why any wolf would put their bodies through what seemed like such hell, but it didn’t matter. That was their damn problem.

And then a darker male approached, and for half a second, Moon was certain it was Gerrik. Upon approach he was much lighter than her self-appointed arch nemesis, and with the way Moon was greeting him, abrasive or otherwise, her expression indicated no hard feelings, and the way she leaned against her was comforting. So Moon pushed back whatever irrational judgment she might have made over the wolf based on gut feeling and waited.

The masked, bird-named wolf who she knew was part of the pack but name she’d already forgot wanted to know why they were all here. Ryd shot down the male’s comments, and everyone else seemed strangely excited.

Moon felt… She wasn’t sure what she was feeling right now. Some sort of buzzing, strange feeling, but she wasn’t sure it was called excitement. Ryd wanted her here. She’d been MIA enough to let her closest friend resort to finding others to keep her company. She owed her at least enough to hang around and see this thing through.

A hunt it was.

Moon assumed by rights she would be on Ryd’s team, turning in the direction she’d indicated without a word, only pausing to look back at her friend and wait to see what the split would look like. The less wolves bumbling around her head, the better. Maybe a hunt was just what she needed.

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