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Late evening/ beside the woods/ clear and warm

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Peregryn Axel Fox Raven Marie

Bitterness settled over Peregryns heart as heavily as the loneliness had. Towards those who’d abandoned him, towards his pathetic pack, his hateful mother, and even towards the forest itself for not being good enough for Astra to make her stay.

Perhaps it wasn’t good enough for him.

Thinking about leaving his place broke his heart as clearly as Astra had, but the more he thought about it, the more he wished to be gone. As beautiful and peaceful as the lake was, as comfortable and safe as the forest made him feel, it simply wasn’t home anymore. Astra had never planned on staying here; perhaps Gryn should heed her last opinion and abandon the forest.

What did he have to stay for, anyways?

Then again, did he have anywhere else to go? The patch of heaven beside the lake had been the closest thing to a home as he’d ever felt, but he could think of nothing but Astra when he was here. As the days passed by and the leaves began to fade to gold, Peregryn could feel a restless energy building in his paws.

He needed company, but didn’t like the constant flow of wolves who came in and out of his life as if he was some second choice. He wasn’t sure he still wanted to build his clan, not without Astra beside him, and couldn’t find it in himself to try and trust another stranger. The dark girl had softened his heart, but froze any faith he had in the world. It had been much easier before, when it was easy to not care about others. To think only of his next meal and hiding place to sleep off months of travel.

Perhaps he should just leave the valley all together and look for Astra. To hell with these trees if it meant he could find her again, live together. Be happy.

Tears welled up in the boys dual colored eyes as he sat hunched along the shore, staring at the calm water as he wondered what his future held. His own scent drifted from the trees behind him, but it wasn’t as much of a comfort as usual. His shortened tail curled closer to his flank, ears splayed in distress at the whirlwind of hateful and upsetting thoughts conflicting each other.

Perhaps it really was time to move on.

Mar 27, 2018 12:24 PM

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Brynn Awbrey Jeames

Why was he back here? Did he believe his family would take him back? Did he think they were still here? Haha, what a joke.

Coat shaggy and unkept, with a slight limp in his right hind leg. Rotten with time, Brynn was just a ghost. With a rabbit between his jaws, he’d paced around the lake for a while, trying to decide what to do. What should he do? Go back there? Go somewhere else?
They did not need him.
Did they still need him?

A wolf in the distance, a stranger.
Brynn knew not to go closer. He huffed, air leaving through his nostrils. He stopped and decided to simply lay down. This rabbit was his. He went to chew on it and tear it apart while he waited for the wolf to leave.

Mar 28, 2018 04:18 AM — Post #1

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Theodore Zoi

Here comes Theo to make the depressing train just a little longer.

There’d been no sign of much life outside the trees, around the lake. It was apparent that whatever had happened to Miss Ryd, it had been devastating enough to blow the pack out of the water. There had been little to no traces left.

The loss was no longer a surprise to Theodore. Things broke down, they deviated from reality. It was why Theodore stood feeling he had little left on his side in the world beyond Seeker. A nasty piece of evidence to, in part, his own decisive behaviour. 

Nose had him moving toward his proper stride, his curiosity blossomed. Wolves who were around, and thus there was a faint tilt of his head, his heart was thudding in his mind. It was why eyes seemed to blink, a slow and methodical dip in his shifting figure. As his tail raised loosely, and the grumble was faint with amusement.

Things had been quiet enough around here, so it was with some finality.

It was the full-on dark wolf that he emerged toward first, his eyes going to the adult who was big and capable. Paranoia seemed to tickle him, and thus, he halted. Unsure on whether or not the smell on the air was misery, or anger.

Or, with his knowledge of such emotions, a bit of both.

Mar 28, 2018 08:08 AM — Post #2

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Peregryn Axel Fox Raven Marie

Speak of the devil. Strangers.

Gryn sat up straight, ears perking in interest and tail rising over his back on instinct.

Not just strangers, but males. The last male hed known was King; though he knew by scent neither was him, more bad memories made him more irritated.

One was only just in sight, and Peregryn couldn’t hear any noise he might’ve made. He layed down and from this distance, he could just make out the motions of a mealtime. Blood in the air made that clearer, and Gryn knew better than approach someone who was eating.

The other was a little closer, and also halted, but didn’t lay down as the first had. The white male took the mottled yearlings attention, and with a couple unsure wags of his raised tail, Peregryn gave a mostly friendly if not inviting woof.

He would not approach somebody he didn’t know, but if this stranger was friendly, maybe he could distract Peregryn long enough to not wallow in his misery.

Or they could wallow together. Whatever.

Mar 28, 2018 07:30 PM — Post #3

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Brynn Awbrey Jeames

There was another wolf arriving to the scene. A young white wolf, with interesting markings. Brynn watched the wolf for a moment, eyed the other stranger to see his reaction. There was uncertainty, then acceptance.
Brynn wanted none of this. He huffed, and continued to eat silently. They could become friends all he wanted. He didn’t want to be involved and did not want to deal with either of them.

Mar 28, 2018 11:00 PM — Post #4

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Theodore Zoi

There was a ghost of a surprise that seized Theodore as he neared, pegging them around the same age. While at their full height, it was arguable that they both had another half year or so to fill out. It was inviting, for certain, especially when the dark yearling swung his head in Theodore’s direction.

Tentative steps were still what drew him forward, casting a glance toward the downed adult. What was he doing here? Was he aware of what happened? Usually, the older ones knew. It sprang a piece of hope to hear what had happened to the kindly miss Ryd and Makki.

‘Lo.” His voice was low, casting a nod of greeting toward the adult stranger. “Either of you knows what happened here? There was… a small pack, last time I was through.” But then again, he never fully strayed from what was most important. Manners.

A faint smile toward the yearling, although he kept his voice at a slightly louder pitch to carry. “My name is Theodore.

Mar 29, 2018 07:17 AM — Post #5

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Peregryn Axel Fox Raven Marie

The pale boy approached. Peregryn kept the older man in his peripheral vision, but otherwise ignored him.

The boy was his age, Peregryn was surprised to see; to realize he was not the only kid who wandered the valley. He didn’t come too close, and Gryn gave another wag of his tail to seem more inviting, but the fellow yearling had questions to ask.

A pack? Here? Gryn felt a frown crease his muzzle as he thought back. He and Astra had rested here a while back, but other than a few stragglers, he didn’t remember any layered scents that implied more than one wolf lived around here. Finally, he gave a shake of his head as he flicked his shortened tail towards his home.

“Here? I’ve been living in those woods for at least a few weeks, and I haven’t seen any sign of a pack around here.”


Peregryn returned the boys smile.


Mar 31, 2018 11:22 AM — Post #6

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Brynn Awbrey Jeames

Brynn shot the both of them an uncertain look, bracing himself for anything. If they decided to attack him, or try to take his food, he would be ready. He kept his food close to him, as he listened to them. His notched ear flicked once. But at the white boy’s words, he frowned. The pack, gone? Wait. The Cadre was gone? The other youngster’s words only made it sound worse. Brynn had to find out more about this!

He got up, grabbing the rabbit between his teeth, and moved in their direction. The moment he got close enough for conversation, but still a distance between them in case he needed to run, he dropped the rabbit at his paws. Keeping it with him, protecting it. ’’The Cadre is gone? Since when?’’ he asked, demanded. His eyes held worry, and a certain determination. He needed to find out.

Mar 31, 2018 01:36 PM — Post #7

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Theodore Zoi

Theo’s eyes remained as polite, even verging as warm as expected, although there was a comfortable wonder. This was an odd place to come find those who were not who he expected, and admittedly there was a small grace of sadness. Ryd had been… the sort of adult that Theodore instantly gravitated to. The loss of her was enough to leave his chest tight.

But then, of course, he bobbed his head. “A pleasure, Peregyrn… welcome to the valley.

His eyes twisted though, watching the male surge forward and try to get involved in the conversation. It was for that reason that his orange gaze turned to the wolf, and he found himself disbelieving. Had he… simply not been moving around? Did he completely miss the lack of boundaries?

I haven’t come across Ryd or Makki’s scent - the wolves I was familiar with of the Cadre.” The explanation was given freely, inclining his head. “That leads me to believe they’re gone - and there hadn’t been much for scent markers with the Cadre as there had been.

A shame, that was. A pack falling apart. He couldn’t begin to imagine the same sort of consequence ever happening to the Brotherhood.

Apr 04, 2018 04:50 PM — Post #8

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Peregryn Axel Fox Raven Marie

There was no good reaction to the news Gryn gave. His hackles raised as the older man suddenly came forward, still keeping a distance but making the mottled boys pelt crawl with unease. On the defensive, Peregryn took a step back, in case this stranger decided to come closer and punish him for a lack of knowledge.

Since when? Peregryn couldn’t be sure who he was talking to, but the boy wasn’t happy with this man interjecting so suddenly.

Sir, did he not just explain?

“You deaf? I just said I didn’t know shit about any pack.”

Theodore went on to give the rude old man a better explanation, and Gryn found himself taking another wary step back, ears falling. For someone who had been living off of limited contact, the boy could no longer feel comfortable when potentially outnumbered.

Apr 11, 2018 09:52 AM — Post #9

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Brynn Awbrey Jeames

Names. Scents gone. Fuck. ’’I don’t know who the fuck Makki is, but Ryd is a ball of fire that is bound to run into something and set it ablaze.’’ Brynn grumbled, clearly not happy to hear her name. After all, she had saved him from death when he was at his weakest. It would have been easier for her to have just let him go.

’’Fucking Pierre messed it all up.’’ he spoke to himself, clearly agitated. And without another look at the boys, Brynn left the rabbit where it was, and started running in the direction of where once the Cadre lived. ’’Damn…’’
A soft hiss escaped between his teeth.

[Attempted exit towards former Cadre grounds lol.]

Apr 13, 2018 12:44 AM — Post #10

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Theodore Zoi

Theodore almost fought the cringe at the boy his age’s sharp words. Theodore was too much the gentleman for such things, unless he was at his breaking point. And it was only Stark who ever seemed to have been able to make him achieve that height; perhaps Storm would have been likely to come close.


The name meant nothing to him, but the curse of it was again a bit of a surprise. His ears flicked against his head and he turned his gaze toward the black boy with a fair bit of amusement. “I hope we don’t end up like that as we get older.” The boy’s friendliness was still warm, still leaning toward the invitation.

A shift in his position, however, brought himself turning back to face the dark boy full on. It seemed Theodore’s penchant was more than just a little bit of fun. “What are you doing out this way, then?” His voice was casual, offering a chance for them to move on.

Apr 13, 2018 03:42 PM — Post #11

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Peregryn Axel Fox Raven Marie

The older man ignored him; it equally pissed off Peregryn and pleased him, and the boy made no movement or sound as he cursed a few people and, as quickly as hed burst into the conversation, left.

Good riddance.

The pale boy was much more pleasant. As Theodore turned to address him again, Gryns ears perked back up. There was clearly a chance he was already like that, but the mottled boy chuckled nonetheless.

What was he doing here? Peregryn hesitated a moment before giving an answer. His confidence had waned in the light of Astras abandonment, but it couldn’t hurt to tell the truth.

“A friend and I were traveling a while, ended up staying here before she ran off. I’d hoped to make a pack here, but…. Well I don’t have any other friends. I’ve been thinking about moving on.”

Apr 13, 2018 03:55 PM — Post #12

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Theodore Zoi

Theodore could feel drawn to letting the adult disappear, finding little value in watching regrets blossom into something stronger. Packs failed wolves, wolves failed wolves. It was something he had been forced to accept a long time ago. It had been ultimately an addition to ending his sister’s life.

His ear swung forward, and his eyes moved over boy in appreciation. Big, capable. But the news of being left, well. His head inclined softly, and his response to even hit the ground running was: “With winter drawing near, finding a spot to settle becomes all of our priorities.

He dipped his head though, offering a faintly shy look. “I travel with my companion, Seeker. He’s closer than any brother ever was to me -” Although not, in fact, sister. Emmalynn had been his moon and stars. “I would feel devastated to be driven apart from him, my regrets, Peregryn, that you suffer such a fate.” Theodore was ever noble, first and foremost prone to wanting to soothe wounds.

Where would you move on to? Do you know much of the valley?

Apr 17, 2018 03:31 PM — Post #13

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Peregryn Axel Fox Raven Marie

Winter. Honestly, Gryn hadn’t thought about the cold months lying ahead. It wouldn’t be his first, but the first of which he was alone. Suddenly, Peregryn grew nervous of the impending months. It would freeze, and he would be left to fend for himself with what few hunting skills he possessed.

Theodore went on to explain that he was traveling with one who might as well have been a brother, but Gryn couldn’t understand that. He and his siblings hadn’t been close at all, and there was nobody in this entire valley or beyond he was close enough to consider family.

“Thanks, I guess. I figure that’s just how things work. Nothing in the world is consistent. I should have known better than to get close to some girl.”

Where would he move on to? The question struck an ache in his heart; there was no home to go back to, and only one person he could search for. It been her to first question any friendship between King, Ghada and he, but also her that told him, heartbeats after, to live in the moment. Would she want him to stay here and move on, do whatever he felt? Or would she be hurt that he hadn’t come after her, like some test of loyalty?

“Probably out of the valley to search for her. I came up through some hills and a little bit of desert, but beyond that, no.”

He left out the part where he’d avoided packs like rabies and, and one point, had almost harassed one with fellow asshole King. Not everyone needed to know what a dick he was, right? No way to make friends.

Apr 24, 2018 10:55 AM — Post #14

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Theodore Zoi

Consistency was almost certainly something that most of the wolves he knew lacked. It was why hi head dipped down faintly, and while he didn’t move to push anything sharp out of his lips. Well. It was enough that he found his mouth tilting to the side, wishing he could ease some of the boy’s pain. It wasn’t easy growing up; Theodore knew that first hand as well.

Some won’t let you down… it just. Isn’t easy to find those wolves.” There was a faint grimace that accompanied his words, although he felt it was good enough to offer a bit of hope. Whether Peregryn would believe in it or not was a whole other thing.

But, in a gesture of kindness - and perhaps he was being too bold - he extended his nose out to bump into the other boy’s shoulder. Although he had been scolded for handing out his feelings too easily before, it wasn’t a habit he was looking to break.

Have you seen the rest of the valley? The coast is rather nice. I’m… looking for a spot to settle. I hate the thought of needing to winter, but Seeker - my friend - and I are likely headed to the Sanctuary. A pack that holds little requirement in joining its ranks, with all the benefits as long as you pull your weight.” Trying to sell it, much? But he found himself looking to offer the boy another answer; maybe the way of life didn’t need to send him off on his own.

Apr 24, 2018 03:02 PM — Post #15

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