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the summit | looking for bucky and marzena (rip)



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Atlas Stormborn Jade

With the stars falling overhead, Atlas had begun to make his way north.

He’d spent the night on the road, and by the time he neared his destination, the sky was already beginning to lighten, a pale golden glow heralding dawn. Atlas had been able to enjoy the display in the heavens, even while on the move. By now, though, the lightshow had long-since ended, and the world had reverted to its normal state. A calm sky, songbirds chirping at the first ray of sun.

The way from Falcon Rise to the Brotherhood’s territory wasn’t a terribly long one; however, the appointed meeting spot for the Summit just so happened to be located on the opposite side of Falter Glen. That made for a bit more of a journey. Plodding along through the tangled undergrowth, the Titan felt the corners of his mouth pull back in a frown. Initially, the Shadowed Dell had only been intended as the very first gathering. Valentina had offered to host, and the gully’s location put the representatives from the Alliance and the Evergreen Wolves traveling roughly the same distance.

But the very first Summit hadn’t gone as planned. The Guardian had been absent from the very gathering he’d helped to create, and there’d been a death in the ranks of the Brotherhood. It had all unfolded in a way that Atlas never would have been able to predict. That tragic event — and the tense situation surrounding it — had shattered the Brotherhood’s alliance with the Evergreens. And in light of it, Atlas had resolved to cut ties with Rufus and his kin as well.

Not long after that, Valentina had died.

Atlas felt his chest tighten at the thought of her. It still stung. Not enough to bring him to tears at the bat of an eye, as it once had. But the pain hadn’t faded, and he didn’t imagine it ever would — not entirely.

His steps had started to slow, his paws suddenly heavy.

He folded his ears back and pressed on, forcing his thoughts elsewhere.

The overall plan for the Summit had sort of shifted over time, he realized. Originally, they’d intended to take turns hosting, with each ally offering up their territory for the meeting so that eventually everyone got the opportunity to “stay home” for the event. Now, it seemed, the Dell had become the default setting — not that Atlas would complain, of course. Being more or less the same distance from both Falcon Rise and Wavehaven Gorge, it served as a fair enough meeting point.

As he continued weaving his way through thick brush and around densely-packed trees, Atlas’ thoughts lingered on the Lead Ranger. Even with a longer route to take, there was a chance that Bucky could have beaten him there. Although he’d left shortly after the first glimpse of a falling star the prior evening, he wasn’t the swiftest of travelers. It was entirely possible that a fleet-footed Ranger could have outpaced him.

While it had been some time since he’d last been there, Atlas found the spot easily enough. It was, after all, a great big gaping hole in the ground.

Standing at the lip of the chasm, the Titan paused to look around, as if expecting to see Marzena or Bucky materialize from the shadows at the river-bottom or from the surrounding woods. After a beat or two, he cleared his throat and barked a cursory sort of bark — just to see if anyone was around. The sound of it echoed in the stillness of early morning, bouncing off the walls of the chasm below.

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Eyja Jeames

This was going to be her very first Summit, and Eyja did not really know what to expect. She was excited, yet nervous at the same time. Worried she would make a fool of herself, but ready to be the wolf the Brotherhood needed. She did not know what to expect, nor did she know the other leaders she was about to meet. But Eyja wanted to meet them. She had to meet them. She wanted to grow bonds with the other packs. The Brotherhood had allies, but not enough. Eyja wanted to make the Brotherhood even greater. And that determination drove her forward.

Natasha was nearby, she knew that. It made her feel safer. She heard barks, and noticed a male’s scent. It made her uncertain, but she had to believe these were good wolves. And so she took in a deep breath and stepped out of the foliage and the shadows, making herself known. Her eyes fell on the big male, and she studied him. No backing out now, anymore. She was going to face her greatest fears and she was going to get through them, damn it!

’’Good evening. I’m Eyja, of the Firewing Brotherhood.’’ she greeted the wolf. He probably knew Marzena. It would surely be a surprise to him to not see Eyja here. A worried look settled on Eyja’s face. She wished Natasha was right by her side, right now. It would be easier to explain things, that way.

She kind of felt like the odd one out, here.

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Natasha Chris Staff

Natasha was relieved to be doing something, even if it was just a semi-boring meeting with Bucky and Atlas. Even if this summit was happening in the opposite direction to what she wanted to be traveling in.

At least it was close to home. Otherwise she was worried that both she and Eyja couldn’t have gone, and Natasha knew Eyja was still not comfortable around males she didn’t know. But this was the Dell, and she and Eyja could be there and back in the same day.

With a rabbit in her teeth she totted rapidly and emerged from the trees at Eyja’s side. She spotted Atlas not far away and flicked her tail at him.

“Hey Atlas. I brought lunch. And we’ll explain everything, when - is Bucky here yet?” She glanced around, but she didn’t spot his dark fur, and he wasn’t exactly some delicate autumn flower to hide away somewhere either.

She wasn’t looking forward to telling Atlas about her mother dying. In fact… she didn’t want to talk about it at all. She’d let Eyja handle that news.

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Bucky Rangers Chris Staff

Bucky had not made fast progress this trip. The Dell was, in fact, not far away from the Rangers territory, a good midway meeting point. But Bucky wasn’t traveling alone, simply able to break into a sprint across the open landscape beside the river.

“Ah, see those trees, Fox?” He flashed a smile down at his young ward. “That means we’re nearly there. Now, like we talked about. There’s going to be three or four other wolves there. So it’s totally okay if you’re feeling shy and don’t want to talk to anyone. If you want, you can tell anyone wanting to talk to you ‘I need some alone time please’ if you’re feeling nervous. Nobody is going to mind, I promise all the wolves here are my friends, and they’re good wolves.” He wanted to assure Fox even though she was in a new place, nothing would hurt her. He hoped that by encouraging her to speak up, even just to say she didn’t want to talk to strangers, might let her know it was totally okay not to be a social butterfly. He was so proud of how far the red-furred girl had come recently.

“Now, do you need any more willow bark for your legs before we go down there?” They had traveled along the river, and he knew the willow well now, having periodically stopped to get some of the flexible inner bark as a painkiller for Fox, just like Yuna had showed him. 

((He and Fox are a few rounds away :))

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Fox Matti

Fox ambled along beside Bucky, doing her best to keep up as they walked. She’d never been even as far as the oaks until a week before, and now here she was, following this river along to some new place to meet new wolves. Fox wasn’t here to meet new wolves, she was just here because Bucky was here and she had not wanted to get far away from him.

It still hurt to miss her parents and sisters, but Bucky had said they’d come back as long as she was with him, so Fox wasn’t going to be going far. At the mention of other wolves again she pressed in closer to Bucky’s front leg, letting their fur rub together and feeling calmed by his presence. She wished she was smaller and could hide beneath the adults still, but she had to settle for being right beside him. Maybe if she laid down she could crawl under there. It was a good thought, she’d save that for when something really scary was happening.

Right, she was supposed to be paying attention though. She looked up at Bucky as he spoke. While what he said made lots of sense, and she was sure it would have worked nicely for Eve, Fox just…couldn’t talk to strangers. It was scary and difficult when she was on her own. Wait, she’d just not be on her own!

“Will stay by you, you can tell.” She gave a little nod. Bucky clearly could talk to strangers. It would be like having a new Eve, well not a new Eve, she still wanted the old Eve back. But either way, Bucky could tell them to leave her alone.

At the mention of willow she nodded her head. The walking had at least warmed up her joints, and when they weren’t cold, they didn’t hurt so much. However, she anticipated that when all the walking was done she’d want to chew on the willow bark some more, and they could just get it now and she’d bring it with.

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Atlas Stormborn Jade

Almost as soon as his mouth closed, the shadows stirred, and Atlas watched as a wolf stepped into view.

She was a small thing, petite in build and pale in color — certainly not either of the wolves he would have expected to see. He didn’t recognize her as any Brotherhood member he had met.

But when she spoke, her name struck a chord with him immediately.

“Eyja,” he repeated the foreign-sounding syllables in a fond tone, smiling warmly at the female. “It’s good to meet you. I’m Atlas, Titan of the Stormborn Alliance.”

This was the wolf that Oliver and Mika had told him about: the one who had gone missing from the Brotherhood only to be found again before they could aid the pack in the search. Hers was one of those rare happy endings, it seemed.

Just then, another wolf emerged from the brush near Eyja. This one, however, Atlas did recognize. His face lit up at the sight of Natasha — and not just because she was toting a tasty-looking hare meant to be shared between them all.

“Hey, Natasha!”

He was beaming at her, tail suddenly a-wag behind him as he trotted closer. He would have said more, but it was at that point she brought up Bucky, and he slowed to toss another glance around the trees.

“I didn’t bump into him on the way here.” He paused to crane his neck, trying to look past the young female and her packmate. “Where’s your ma hiding?”

HNG, pls ignore me getting the Gorge’s location wrong. I wrote my post offline without looking at the map, and evidently my memory of it is pretty bad. xD I’ll go back and fix that later when I’m caught up.

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Eyja Jeames

Atlas, Titan of the Stormborn Alliance. Oh, that pack. His title sounded a bit scary, though. Big and tough, for sure. Eyja was glad Natasha was soon enough by her side. Atlas reacted in a kind and happy manner, and it put Eyja a little more at ease. However, he asked about Marzena, and Natasha didn’t say anything about it. Did Eyja have to clear this up…? Oh boy. She was a bit nervous about that.

He needed to know, but Eyja was not really comfortable telling him because she had taken over the role as leader. And she was worried Atlas might not like her for it, since she had basically replaced Marzena. But, he needed to know. So she sighed, and got all her courage together to answer him.

’’Atlas, I’m sorry to tell you this but… Marzena died.’’ she let the male know. However, she wanted to make the subject a little lighter. ’’She died peacefully.’’ In her sleep. Eyja had not seen any distress on the old woman’s face. When Eyja died, she wanted to die like Marzena had; old and peaceful. It seemed like the best way to go.

She let the first part sink in for a bit, before adding the rest of the story.

’’I’m now leading the Brotherhood.’’

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Natasha Chris Staff

Natasha had actually only met Atlas directly the one time, but she was already getting the impression that he never changed. He called out a greeting, big and friendly and casual and benign.

“Atlas, hey.” She returned, before the inevitable question came. Natasha’s shoulders tightened, and her ears went back, and she felt a moment of anger, as if Atlas somehow ought to have magically been able to tell not to ask that very question.

She gritted her teeth, and she tried to shove through it. She didn’t have a safety net anymore. She had no mother to come running when things went wrong. Just her, and the Brotherhood.

She stayed silent, her lips tightly closed, as Eyja handled that one.

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Bucky Rangers Chris Staff

Bucky accepted that Fox was not going to got a whole lot bolder in a hurry. She wanted him to talk for her, so he flicked his tail in agreement. “Okay Fox, I’ll tell them. Let me just stop and get you some more bark before we go find our allies.” He purposefully used positive words like allies and friends when he talked about the wolves at the summit, trying to let Fox know she had nothing to fear from them.

He padded over to the nearest willow and quickly clawed away the tough bark, stripping a slab of the soft inner section. He laid the first one down in front of her then busied himself collecting a few more, then securing them in his jaws before checking she was ready to head into the trees.

“This is called a forest.” He told her, deep voice a bit muffled because of his careful grip on the bark. “Way more trees than our savannah has.”

((No biggie Jade! I’m not fussed if you want to change it or leave it; Atlas hasn’t traveled much lately so I wouldn’t have expected him to have every location memorized anyway, especially since he hasn’t visited Ranger territory directly ;)))

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Fox Matti

Fox nodded, glad that Bucky agreed he would speak for her if it was necessary. He said nice things about the wolves they were going to meet, but Fox would hold onto her judgement until she’d actually met them. They might seem nice to Bucky, but if they talked to her too much, or were really noisy or something then she’d decide what she thought once she met them.

The orange girl waited patiently for the willow bark. She gently picked up the piece that had been put in front of her. Absentmindedly she began to chew on the end in her mouth. The other side stuck as she carried it along. The taste of willow had been growing on her a bit as she tried it more. It will wasn’t her favorite flavor or anything, but she had just sort of gotten used to it.

She fell back in beside his front legs to walk together and listen. The forest seemed kind of nice. There looked like there were a lot of hidey holes around which was a bonus. The walk here hadn’t been terrible, but Fox wouldn’t think of returning on her own. She looked up at Bucky, nodding. She didn’t mind if there were more things he wanted to tell her.

[Permission that Fox just follows Bucky if they want to arrive at the rest of the group next round]

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Atlas Stormborn Jade

Natasha’s ears turned back.

Eyja breathed a sigh, and as he turned to look at her, Atlas could see her appearing to compose herself before speaking again.

And when she did, he was blindsided.

Atlas stared at her openly, his bright eyes suddenly blank.

The news of Marzena’s death would have been a terrible shock on its own, but it came with a prevailing sense of déjà vu that that numbed the pain, if only for the moment. Sort of like a blow to the head that left you reeling and seemed to slow the rest of the world to a halt. Stunned and speechless, Atlas was trapped in a moment that felt like an eternity.

It was all happening again.

Even though the two Brotherhood wolves stood right in front of him, they felt inexplicably far away — as if he could never reach out and touch them, even if he tried. As if they weren’t even real. He couldn’t even discern their expressions anymore. Everything just seemed… wooden. Fake. Like something happening in a dream.

“What happened?”

When at last Atlas managed to speak again, the words came out flat. His mouth felt dry, his tongue leaden.

Only distantly did he realize what Eyja had said about being the new Leader — and the fact that Marzena’s daughter was still standing there, not saying a word.

In that moment, the shock superseded almost everything else.

Well I’ve always played him knowing the general whereabouts of the Rangers bc he knows where the river ends and knows they’re located near that. Gak. xD But I’m gonna go back and fix that now~

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Eyja Jeames

Of course Atlas wanted to know what had happened. Eyja wasn’t sure, and she wasn’t sure if she could explain it but… she would try. ’’I don’t know what caused it, we assume old age… But we’re sure she died in her sleep. She went out without pain…’’ Eyja told Atlas. She hoped her explanation would make it easier for him.

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Natasha Chris Staff

It wasn’t as bad as when Atlas had been told Aunt Val had died. But he was still horrified, and Natasha found herself carefully regulating each breath, trying to keep her grip on reality.

She was Second. The Firewing Brotherhood needed her. She could not cry. She could not fall apart. She was a leader. She was here to support Eyja. She was not a child, who would rant and wail and scream about how cruel the world was to take her mother away.

Inhale. Exhale.

“I smell Bucky.” She announced, her voice brittle, but her expression steady.

Let’s stop talking about Mom.


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Bucky Rangers Chris Staff

“I’ll try not to take that personally.” Bucky set down his load of willow bark at some tree roots. He then flashed a quick, rough around the edges smile at Natasha. He knew already from Stark’s visit what had happened, knew Eyja was leading the Brotherhood and Natasha was second.

“Nat, hey. Eyja, I’m Bucky of the Adunati Rangers, nice to meet you. Atlas, good to see you again.” He didn’t think Fox would stray far from him, but he patiently lifted a paw in case she wanted to hide in his fur as had become her habit. Nor did he try to stray too close to Eyja, not after everything she’d gone through.

“This is Fox, who’s staying with me at the moment.” He didn’t think it was exactly orthodox to bring a puppy to the summit, but Eyja was a mother, Atlas had led a pack for years - hopefully they’d understand. “She gets a bit shy, doesn’t like to talk much.” It was obviously rehearsed, and there was no defensiveness in Bucky’s tone.

He bent down to check on the red-furred puppy. “What do you reckon Fox? You want to stay by me or you want me to find you a special hiding spot and I’ll sit by it?” He checked, voice low this time.

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Fox Matti

They apparently arrived to the place they were going, and it was not what Fox had expected. There were big, strange wolves here, just sort of standing around talking. The girl stopped chewing at the willow in her mouth, though her tongue continued to poke nervously at it inside her mouth.

She pressed solidly into the side of Bucky’s leg, though after a moment she drifted from a front leg to instead be nuzzling at a back leg - further away from the new wolves. Bucky provided the introductions and Fox mostly looked at the many legs milling around because she didn’t want to look up at any faces.

At the question from Bucky she sat promptly down, leaning against his leg and very clearly not interested in going anywhere else. She would be staying right here.

[Probably skippable even if talked to by anyone aside from Bucky, I’ll just hop in with posts as it goes if that’s alright]

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Atlas Stormborn Jade

The fact that Marzena had died peacefully in her sleep, without suffering, should have soothed the hurt to some degree. Perhaps in time it would. But in that moment, the reality of it all was swiftly catching up with Atlas, and he felt his chest tighten painfully as he looked from Eyja to Natasha.

Marzena’s daughter looked calm and composed — almost unsettlingly so. Was she so skilled at keeping it all bottled up inside? Atlas’ mouth twisted into a grimace.

His heart ached for her.

“Natasha, I—”

He meant to tell her how sorry he was, but it was at that moment that Natasha suddenly spoke again, announcing the arrival of the third pack leader. No doubt she wanted to get away from that subject as quickly as possible. Cut off, Atlas swallowed hard but ultimately fell silent, and he turned to find none other than Bucky emerging from the trees.

The Lead Ranger carried on as casually and charismatically as usual. Normally Atlas would have been quick to engage him, but with the weight of what he’d just learned bearing down on him, the most he could manage at that moment was a smile and a nod — both of them on the weak side.

To Atlas’ surprise, though, Bucky had brought some company along with him.

“Fox,” as she was called, truly fit what he assumed was her namesake: small, red, and skittish. The pup was practically hiding underneath Bucky, but while the older wolf gave his charge the option of sitting someplace else while the grown-ups talked, she chose to stick by him, silently answering by sitting down and leaning into one of his legs.

Atlas looked down at the pup and gave her what he hoped would be an encouraging smile, though even he could feel that it was a bit thin.

“Good to meet you, Fox.” He looked up, hoping to meet the Lead Ranger’s gaze. “And good to see you again, Bucky. I trust your pack’s been well?”

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