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Atlas Stormborn Jade

The seasons were changing in earnest now.

With all the spruces and cedars and firs that populated Falcon Rise and the creek below it, it could be difficult to tell at first. The shift had been a gradual one. Now, though, the vegetation in-between had fully given way to the oncoming fall. The lush shades of green appeared to have gone up in flames, transformed into an array of reds and golds that blazed amidst the staunch evergreens that dominated the area.

Mornings were cooler now, too. And for Atlas, that was a much-welcomed change.

The Titan had set out trying to enjoy the pleasant weather and changing leaves, but the closer he came to his destination the harder it was to absently fill his thoughts with trivial things. His paws felt heavy as he traversed the sloping terrain of the Rise. He knew what he had to do — what he’d decided, ultimately, was the right thing to do.

But that didn’t make it any easier.

When he reached his friends’ little corner of the territory, Atlas rolled to a halt and drew in a steadying breath. His eyes closed lightly as he exhaled, and when he reopened them, it was to peer around for any sign of life.

“Poe?” he called into the surrounding trees. “Jos?”

He was making an effort to sound as chipper as usual — and doing a fairly decent job of it.

For the time being, at least.

Apr 03, 2018 04:07 PM

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Josalyn Vedi Madison

(erin, i’m assuming poe and jos are together in the den - please let me know if you want me to change my post <3)

Admittedly, she liked to sleep in. Safely nestled inside Poet’s den, where it was warm and comfortable, Josalyn could have curled up and dozed all day, especially with the change of seasons - the air turning colder, the nights longer, the leaves losing their nubile green lustre. She was safe from the world in the den with Poet. Safe from all the miserable things the world had to show her.

Atlas was not one of those things. He never had been; the large man had only ever been a bastion of peace and safety and shelter to her. When his calling voice roused her from a dream, she grunted and shifted, retracting a leg she had absent mindedly kicked across Poet’s body. Josalyn squirmed onto her stomach and craned her neck, peering out into the sunlight where she saw the shimmering mirage of Atlas’ form among the trees.

Licking her lips, Josalyn tiredly withdrew to the den just to give Poet a nudge, to wake him if he wasn’t already awake, and then pulled herself out into the morning sunshine with a long, lovely stretch.

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Poet Serethi Erin

|| It’s all good with me! ||

Poet was fast asleep when he suddenly wasn’t anymore. He didn’t feel the initial nudge from Josalyn, but it seemed it triggered his body enough to wake him up a minute or so later. He’d been buried so heavily in his dreams that he didn’t even realize he’d been sleeping with half of Josalyn’s body splayed across him as he managed to fall asleep directly on his back with his body curled in an awkward C-shape and his tail nestled comfortable against Jos’s bum.

His eyes fluttered open to a foreign emptiness beside him, blinking a few times as if batting away the remaining bits of sleep to wake fully. As he laid sprawled on his back, his tongue lolled out the side of his mouth for a moment before he rolled onto his legs and yawned before lifting to them and heading outside the den…


Josalyn already made it out and Poet followed after a few beats later with eyelids still trying to open themselves up and his mouth smacking idly as he tested the morning air, turning his head gently this way and that as he poked just his head out of the hole of his den.

It wasn’t long before he spotted Atlas and his lips naturally curved into a small smile at the sight of his friend. Clumsily, as if he weighed a ton, he managed to crawl out of the den’s entrance to join Josalyn. <b>“Mornin’,”</i> he greeted before yawning again and shaking out his coat.

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Atlas Stormborn Jade

</b>When no response came immediately, Atlas wandered a ways deeper into the trees only to stop again. His ears turned back as he surveyed the surrounding woods. Maybe they were still asleep. Or maybe they’d already headed out for the day.

But before he could think twice about seeking them out, there came a faint rustling sound, and Atlas turned to find Josalyn’s familiar golden form emerging from their den. Poet followed close behind, first poking his head out and looking around blearily and then dragging himself into the open as if it took every fiber of his being. The greeting had hardly left his mouth before it gaped open in a yawn, and Atlas found himself smiling dopily at the both of them.

Poet was among his closest friends. He’d become like family to him — Josalyn, too.

And now that he was face-to-face with them, with the two of them acting totally normal, oblivious, it became that much harder.

“Ah, man,” Atlas drawled apologetically. “I didn’t mean to wake you guys. I can come back later.”

He took a half-step back, as if to show that he meant it.

And truly, a part of him really did want to hurry off right then. To forget about everything he’d intended to say.

But he couldn’t do that. Painful as it was, Atlas knew that he owed this to them.

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Josalyn Vedi Madison

The sunlight felt so nice that morning. She was tempted to just slide from a stretch into a lay on her belly and soak in the warmth, but with Atlas nearby, she kept herself on her feet and threw him a smile. Poet came to stand next to her, and she absent-mindedly leaned against him, brushing past him like a cat leaving its mark on a tree as she strode toward Atlas.

Josalyn shook her head at his apology and laughed. “It’s alright, we should be getting up anyway. We’ve got a lot to do today,” she hummed, side-eying her companion. Yes, a lot. Such as: picking flowers, cuddling in the sunshine, telling dumb jokes, and maybe they could even squeeze in a game of chase, if she moved her four o’clock to four-thirty. Her tail wagged with lackadaisical delight.

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Poet Serethi Erin

The world still seemed dreamlike as Poet’s brain worked to wake him up fully. Eyes settling on his burly friend, he shook his head in protest of him leaving.

“No, no-” he said before Jos somewhat cut him off. They have a lot to do today? Poet turned his head to look at Josalyn. “You’re going to make me do things?” He frowned childishly.

But then he remembered that Atlas had come to them this morning, which piqued Poet’s interest. “We can talk about that later, though. What’s up, bud?” His frown was replaced with a bright grin, eye smiles, and a few wags of his tail.

|| Smol post D: ||

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Atlas Stormborn Jade

The both of them were quick to dismiss his offer, much as he’d expected. Atlas tried to maintain that goofy grin of his as he listened to the banter between the pair, but he could feel it slipping, turning into something that more resembled a wince. He had no doubt that there was something between Poet and Josalyn. He wondered what would happen come winter. Would there be little baby Serethis on the way before long?

Normally that sort of thought would had him eyeballs-deep in the warm-fuzzies, but right now, looking at the two of them… he felt a heavy weight settle into the pit of his stomach.

It felt like he was betraying them, somehow.

Inevitably, Poet asked what he’d come to talk about, and Atlas had to force himself to meet his friend’s gaze.

“Well, I…”

He trailed off, looking around as if he expected to find the right words written on the tree trunks for him. His brow knitted softly, and he puffed out a sigh.

Better to just come out with it.

“With the way things’ve been going lately,” he began, and though his brow remained knitted, his features conflicted, there was a sense of resolve to his tone. “I felt like it was time to… talk about the state of the pack.”

With those last words, the Titan’s eyes settled on his packmates again. His normally bright gaze seemed dulled, almost solemn.

Though he hadn’t exactly said it explicitly, it was more or less out there now. They would likely know where this was headed.

Now, he merely waited to see their reactions. And as he did, he felt that sick weight in his stomach grow.

Smol post is still good post~

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Josalyn Vedi Madison

Josalyn grinned, expecting there would be some resistance. She wasn’t overly worried though. They didn’t have any actual, serious things to do. “Unfortunately yes, we have a lot scheduled for today,” she began, all too ready to rattle off the day’s affairs.

But that didn’t matter at the moment. She giggled quietly as Poet turned his attention to Atlas, and she did as well, fixating on her leader with vested interest.

Whatever he had come to talk to them about, it seemed to weigh heavily on him. She could practically see the weight on his shoulders, the way he seemed to sag slightly as he began to explain what he had come to talk to them about. The way things had been going lately. Her brow furrowed as she tried to think of those things, but she hadn’t been a part of the Alliance long enough to know its politics as intimately as she’d like.

Apparently, it was bad enough that he felt he needed to discuss it with them.

“What’s wrong?” she asked with a flicker of concern. It wasn’t like Atlas to be so mopey about things. Had something happened to their packmates?

Apr 10, 2018 12:37 PM — Post #7

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Poet Serethi Erin

“Unfortunately yes, we have a lot scheduled for today.” Poe subtly stuck his tongue out while simultaneously side-eyeing her.

But Atlas’ hesitancy and uncharacteristic seriousness of tone had Poet’s ears flattening slightly. They’ve known each other long enough to know when something wasn’t quite…right. But now the question was what wasn’t right.

“I felt like it was time to… talk about the state of the pack.” Poet’s splayed ears cupped forward more, but his brows furrowed. Did that mean…what he thought it meant? It was true that the rise seemed to be a bit, well, empty lately. Even Comet and Ororo weren’t in their den when he went by for visits in hopes to hang out with them more with Josalyn. He also hadn’t seen Apollo since that day. And Witchhazel seemed long since departed from the area. Other scents belonged to those he didn’t know, save for the mild smell of Athena popping up here and there. Oliver had left a while ago, too. Rolland never came back, though Poet continued to dutifully keep Hugo and family secure in his den.

The look in Atlas’ eyes had Poet staring at him with a silent, knowing expression. Not knowing in as he knew what Atlas was going to say. More as in he knew he needed to brace himself for some big news.

A new weight began forming in the pit of Poet’s stomach the longer the question went unanswered. He started nervously chewing at the corner of his bottom lip to subconsciously calm his nerves, but the habit only ever did so much.

Instead of asking a question, he stayed quiet. Josalyn already asked his question aloud for him, anyway.

Apr 10, 2018 03:46 PM — Post #8

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Atlas Stormborn Jade

Although Josalyn looked concerned, she didn’t seem to grasp what he was saying — or what he wasn’t saying.

Poet, on the other hand… Poet knew. He didn’t say a word, but Atlas could see it in his eyes. Even if he couldn’t predict exactly what was to come, his friend could tell enough to know that it wasn’t good news.

Atlas drew in a steadying breath, and then went on.

“It’s no secret that our numbers have been dwindling for a while now. Me and you guys, Athena and Jay… We’re all that’s left now.”

He paused to look around, as if to emphasize the point. How quiet their home was now. How empty. As he went on, his eyes lingered on the hillsides, their gaze gone almost distant.

“We’re stretched too thin to maintain the whole territory.” He sniffed — a note of mirthless laughter. “Heck, there’s barely enough of us to watch over the Rise.”

The Alliance was too small now, its domain too vast by comparison. Though he worked to keep the borders marked, there simply weren’t enough bodies to patrol them. And if something happened, Atlas feared that there wouldn’t be enough Wardens to defend the pack.

Falcon Rise, Thunder Creek… they were home to him. So many others had made them their home, too. The thought of giving them up hurt on a personal, bone-deep level. And yet…

“We can’t keep doing this forever.”

When he said it, it sounded as much an admission to himself as to them. And truthfully, it was. This was him coming to terms with it. Facing it down. He’d spent seasons trying to avoid the hard truth. Trying to mask the pain of losing one wolf after another. Trying to remain hopeful for the future even as he watched the pack he and his friends had built slowly dwindle.

Atlas had always seemed to be an incurable optimist. However, circumstances had led him to find that even he had his limits.

He was still staring across the sloping expanse of the Rise, its grass now turned golden — the way it had been when he’d first laid eyes on it years before.

Eventually, though, he forced himself to turn back to Poet and Josalyn.

“I’ve spent a long time hoping that things would get better. Trying to hold out for a little longer. And I’m so glad that I’ve had the two of you there with me.”

His gaze softened as he looked at them. He drew in a breath — one that was only a little shaky.

“But I think… maybe it’s time to let go.”

Apr 10, 2018 05:32 PM — Post #9

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Josalyn Vedi Madison

Worried though she was for the reason behind Atlas’ glumness, she was quickly realizing that whatever he had come here to talk to them about, Poet seemed to already know. Her gaze shifted between Atlas and Poet, their expressions somber mirrors of one another, sharing an unspoken knowledge that Josalyn had yet to grasp. It might have been due to the history they shared with one another; so many years spent in each others’ company that Josalyn was simply not around for. Or maybe it was something more. Was it about her?

That foolish notion was erased the moment Atlas began explaining their situation. That the pack had been dwindling in numbers for a long time. He spoke of the three of them, Jay, and another member, Athena - and her mind drifted back to Arrow, wondering if she was still around too. She hadn’t seen her lately, but surely, her new friend couldn’t have gone far. And what about Comet and Ororo? Weren’t they planning to return?

But there was truth to Atlas’ concerns. With so few of them, they couldn’t maintain the territory on their own. Five was still a pretty decent number, but to be fair, the Rise was large. But it… wouldn’t always just be five. Her brows furrowed, and though she listened, her mind was already hard at work trying to find a solution. Typical, bleeding-hearted Josalyn. Always so certain there was an answer to be dug up. Always so certain things could be fixed.

She shook her head, blinking up at Atlas. “It can’t be… the Stormborn Alliance has been around for as long as I’ve been here in the valley,” she said softly, looking between Poet and Atlas, always searching for that answer. “Surely, this is just a… a temporary thing. What about Arrow? And Comet and Ororo? Aren’t they coming back?”

Apr 10, 2018 05:44 PM — Post #10

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Poet Serethi Erin

As Atlas took his turn to speak again, listing off the names of the remaining Alliance members, Poet’s blue gaze pulled out to the distance. He heard every word, but he suddenly couldn’t look Atlas in the eye. If he did, he was afraid he might cry.

The wind gusted through the golden grasses - the rise’s trademark attribute. This was the only place Poet had ever been able to actually call home. Here, at the rise. With the Alliance, with Comet and Ororo, with Josalyn, with Inigo, with Apollo, and most importantly…with Atlas.

What a shame it was to finally realize that only two wolves of that list were still there. It was sad knowing that Atlas and Josalyn were the only things Poet had left in this world. The only things to keep him going. It had been enough for a while now, but the reality Atlas was sharing was like a stab in the gut.

The Titan gave his reasons and, although they were sound enough, Poet was having a hard time accepting them.

For a moment his mind went blank as he stared out, eyes tracing the curves of the rise he’d grown to know so well. It seemed like another cruel joke to have now this place torn away from him, but he couldn’t blame Atlas for it. He learned a long time ago that’s just how life was.

“But I think… maybe it’s time to let go.” The words wrenched the knife in his gut even more. Atlas was right. But disbanding the Alliance didn’t mean they all had to go their separate ways…right?

Josalyn didn’t seem to agree with the news and she started listing off names of those she knew here once upon a time. Poet was curious about the others, but there was one individual in particular he cared the most about.

“What about you?” His blue gaze pulled back to his old friend and settled, hoping he’d hear a favorable answer. Was he planning on leaving, too?

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Atlas Stormborn Jade

Having looked back to the two of them, Atlas could see all too clearly how the news had affected his friends.

Josalyn, her brow furrowed in thought as she processed it all. Poet, his blue eyes strangely vacant. Shocked, probably.

It was Josalyn who spoke first, though, and her declaration caught Atlas a little off-guard. The Stormborn Alliance had existed for as long as she’d been in the valley, she said.

Atlas found himself smiling in spite of everything. A bit wistful, perhaps. A bit bitter.

But the fact that the Alliance had lasted for as long as it had should be counted as a blessing, he supposed. That smile of his didn’t last long, though. Josalyn went on to ask about Arrow, about Comet and Ororo — what other little fragments of the pack had remained before it had dwindled down to what it was currently.

“I don’t know,” Atlas replied simply.

It was an earnest answer, if not a very confident one. His broad shoulders sagged a little with the admission.

“Comet and Ororo… they went looking for answers to the dreams Ororo has. Visions, she calls them.” He shook his head. He had no way of knowing when — or if — they would return. “And I haven’t seen Arrow in a while now.”

He imagined she’d gone searching for her brother again. He tried not to dwell on it. Not knowing for certain hurt.

Poet spoke then, and Atlas felt his ears press back as he looked to his old friend. He just wanted to know what he would do now.

Typical Poet.

Atlas felt like he was going to cry, but somehow he held it together — at least for the time being.

Still, what was he going to do?

“I… was thinking I’d take a trip,” he said after a moment. “I haven’t seen my parents since I left home years ago. I’d like to see them again. You know, assuming they’re still around.”

He sucked in a breath and looked away for a moment, as if to fend off an upwelling of emotion. The notion of seeking out his mother and father after so long was nerve-wracking enough as it was, but Atlas had already come to grips with the possibility that they might have already passed away.

All of this on top of the earth-shattering changes already taking shape.

“After that…” He trailed off into a shrug. “I dunno.”

In all honesty, Atlas hadn’t thought that far ahead. Not with everything else that was running through his head. Not with the anxiety he held over this very talk. Now that it was out, though, he supposed he ought to start figuring out what he would do when he returned to the valley.

Josalyn seemed hopeful that disbanding the pack would be temporary. That they could reunite, at some point.

It was a heartening thought. But Atlas didn’t want to hold too tightly to it.

“I won’t say that… this…” he bobbed his head, gesturing weakly at the air, “is permanent — because I don’t know what the future holds. But at the same time, I don’t want to give you false hope.”

The frown already edging along his lips deepened.

He couldn’t make any promises.

Apr 14, 2018 06:00 PM — Post #12

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Josalyn Vedi Madison

It was hard to wrap her head around everything. Even as Poet asked what would happen to Atlas, Josalyn was trying desperately to recall the last times she had caught the scents of her packmates. Admittedly, it had been a while. But she didn’t want to admit that. It felt like it would be forfeit to do such a thing.

Atlas had answers for Comet and Ororo, but Arrow, unfortunately, was missing. That tugged at her heart - she felt she had a bit of a connection with the other woman, another healer. They had sat together and laughed about Poet and her friend, Bragi. Could it be that wolves who Josalyn could have so easily called friends would just as easily just blip out of existence? She had such high hopes. She had wanted to ingrain herself in their lives, to become a part of something again. But… it only fell apart when she tried.

Even Atlas was thinking of leaving. Returning home, he said, to visit his parents. She could empathize with that. But it wasn’t cause to disband the Alliance completely, was it? No… she was just thinking herself in circles now.

A small sigh slipped from her lips. It might not be permanent, but the fact alone that it had to be done was disheartening. “Is there no way to salvage what we have? Shrink the territory, pull in the borders?” she suggested feebly. Even though she knew, at this point, it would be an uphill battle to try to convince Atlas otherwise. He seemed to have made up his mind already.

Apr 16, 2018 06:57 PM — Post #13

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Poet Serethi Erin

Atlas explained the sudden disappearance of Comet and Ororo and Poet’s head immediately hung as he listened. He never met Arrow, but the fact that another Warden had left only added more reason for the Alliance’s disbandment.

His Titan answered the question Poet posed. He wanted to go see his parents, if they were still there. Poet bit the inside of his lower lip before nodding slowly in acknowledgement. How long would Atlas be gone, though? Would it really just be Josalyn and Poet until they found another pack to stay with?

“But…you’d come back, right?” He knew he had no place to subtly beg for his friend’s presence again, especially after he was the one who’d upped and left in a rage after the realization of her sister’s lost memories of him finally set in. But even so, Atlas knew the sincerity behind Poet’s friendship.

Josalyn piped up to offer suggestions in order to keep the Alliance alive and Poet just looked at her with a weak smile, knowing her efforts were already futile. “As much as I’d try anything, I’m not sure how safe it would even be to have a small territory. Or comfortable.” He shrugged. If wolves around them started encroaching upon their small home, what use would it be to keep it a home?

Apr 18, 2018 03:26 PM — Post #14

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Atlas Stormborn Jade

“I—” He broke off, finding himself pitifully lost for words to say. “I don’t know, Jos.”

It felt like such a weak answer. And it wasn’t lost on Atlas that it was the second time he’d said as much. That he didn’t know. He lowered his head, but his eyes stayed on his friends as they talked.

Poet, of course, was still focused on what would become of him. That he was so worried about him both warmed Atlas’ heart and made it ache. Poet wanted to make sure he’d be returning to the valley after visiting his parents.

That much, at least, Atlas could be sure of.

“Of course I’ll be back,” he drawled. His smile took a little coaxing, but it was genuine. “You oughta know by now you can’t get rid of me that easily.”

Poet went on, though, and where Atlas had been unable to give a solid answer, his friend was willing to say what he felt. It was pretty much what he’d been thinking himself. What he hadn’t wanted to face.

His smile faded.

“Keeping a little spot for ourselves is possible, but what if we were attacked?” His ears turned back as he went on. “We’ve dealt with that kind of threat pretty handily in the past, but now…”

He trailed off, frown deepening. With their numbers so low, having to defend the pack against an attacker could go very wrong very fast.

And then, what if another group of wolves moved in and decided to claim the territory as their own? Atlas didn’t like thinking about that. Having to give up some “official” claim on his home was bad enough. The thought of another pack taking it over, though…

“Anyway,” he cleared his throat, dispelling the notion from his head. “I just want to make sure that you two will be alright while I’m gone.”

He was looking at the both of them as he spoke, but after a moment his attention homed in on Poet in particular, his bright gaze intent.

“I’ll be fine, so don’t worry about me.” He drew in a breath, partly to puff his chest out comically and partly just to steady himself. “I’m a big boy, y’know.”

He only needed that reassurance that his friends would be okay. What would they do? Where would they go?

Atlas had ideas, possibilities they could consider. But he would wait to see what their thoughts were first.

Apr 22, 2018 02:52 PM — Post #15

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