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Why’d you only call me when you’re high?
[continuation, summons] Fleeing from Kaya | After 'bird's eye view' | Calling for help | Nearing EW borders | AW

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Narcisa Negrescu Lilja

Blood.  It was everywhere.  In her mouth, in her eyes, dripping down her maw.  The numbing pain of her multiple injuries only made the female mad, giving her the hatred to continue running.  Though, she wasn’t sure for how much longer she could continue to flee.  One thing was for certain: if she stopped, if Kaya caught up to her, she would die.

Narcisa Negrescu wasn’t ready to die.

She still wasn’t exactly sure why the crazy bitch had attacked her in the first place, but she had no intention of doing what the woman wanted.  She was a Negrescu.  She took orders from no one.  She would rather die.  Well…

Nearing a forest, Narcisa wove through the trees, hoping to lose the older woman behind.  It likely wouldn’t work, not with the blood trail she was leaving.  They both had moderate injuries, although Narcisa could say that she was worse off.  There was only one thing to do.

“HELLLLLLLP!”  She screeched as she ran, her howl ringing throughout the forest air in desperation.  Maybe someone would come.  Maybe someone would save her.  Bitches better hurry up.

Apr 08, 2018 12:51 PM

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Name Player
Kaya Silvano Chris Staff

((I feel like she wouldn’t have gotten as far as the EW with her injuries, but I’ll roll with it and say Kaya has officially caught her up after chasing her the entire time))

Not as young as she used to be, it had taken Kaya time to work close enough to the starving, bleeding liar for another attack. But she was well within sight now, and at that screeching for help. Kaya didn’t believe she knew the Evergreen Wolves - she was just desperate, and it was obvious to the seasoned veteran why.

She was loosing. Badly.

By now Kaya had no issues with letting the girl bleed out and dragging her body back to Crixus and Larisa. Such things happened in battle, though she would have preferred to take a live wolf. She pinned her ears, and with dangerously narrowed eyes she dived forward, trying to crush the silver wolf under her weight. Again.

((Attack: Going for a tackle/pin
Defense: ears narrow, ears back.
Damage: Bruising, moderately bitten foreleg, scratched chest)) 

Apr 08, 2018 06:02 PM — Post #1

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Leas Fitzroy Matti

A screaming wolf not far from the borders wasn’t something Leas could easily ignore even if she had wanted to. And she did want to, so very terribly. Leas had puppies, Leas had a mate, Leas needed help here all the time, and yet she couldn’t ignore whatever the problem was that was outside.

She tossed her head up into a quick howl for the others. Not puppies! She thought as hard as she could, anything but puppies following her out here. She would have ignored the problem, except that if something horribly dangerous was just past their borders, than no doubt that dangerous thing could easily make it to the caverns too.

The brown woman took off at a lope towards the scream, figuring that as long as she showed up before any younger members of the pack at least she could start to asses whatever was happening.

[Arriving next round]

Apr 08, 2018 09:35 PM — Post #2

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Jacqueline Sabrina

Jacqueline had been out, familiarizing herself with the Evergreen’s territory. She hadn’t been with the wolves long, but she was already proud of herself for the progress she’d made with the pair of whelps, Mintaka and Auberon. She needed to officially introduce herself to some of the others—perhaps later today. She was rather fond of the potential within Mintaka. And where there was one, there had to be others who showed the same willingness to learn. They were siblings, after all. Or, at least, they were basically all siblings.

The dark woman had toyed with the idea of hunting today, to put herself to good use around the pack. The only problem being that she couldn’t sniff out a single trace of prey. Ears perked, eyes peeled, and senses alert, she’d waited for any indication that prey was nearby.

What she detected was certainly not prey. Not for her, at least.

Before she’d heard the faint echo of Leas’s howl, Jacqueline had already made a beeline for the excitement. She was sure that the damn Evergreens would try to fix the issue peacefully, if anything could be done, but perhaps whatever—whoever—was assaulting the wolf was worth paying consideration to.

There was strength in numbers. If it was an angry animal, she and Leas might be able to take it down. If it was an angry wolf… perhaps he or she was worthy of praise. Jacqueline was subtly looking for recruits, after all. Anyone who could make a wolf scream like that was worthy of the dark lady’s consideration.

She hurried toward the sound, hoping she wouldn’t miss all the action.

//Will be there next round!

Apr 09, 2018 05:44 AM — Post #3

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Narcisa Negrescu Lilja

Her breathing was ragged and her head hurt.  When was the last time she’d stopped to take a drink?  Must have been before she met this crazy bitch.  Who was still trying to kill her.  Like, what the fuck?  Narcisa wasn’t too bent on the idea of turning around and asking Kaya why she had her tits in a twist, otherwise she was sure her throat would decorate the forest floor.

So instead, she ran.

Generations of Lupus blood and it was going to end here for her?  No way.  No freaking way.  Narcisa was wayyy too important to let that happen.

Sometime during her contemplation, her tail had come loose from between her legs and was now flowing freely behind her.  It allowed her to run faster, however…  she would soon regret the action.  A lot.

While Kaya’s attempt at tackling her had been pretty successful, that sudden boost of energy had allowed Narcisa to barely avoid getting tackled.  But….


She screeched.  Kaya had gotten her tail.  Her precious tail!  It was a wonder that it hadn’t been completely ripped off of her body, but now, with Kaya’s grasp on her tail, Narcisa had two options.  Allow herself to be captured or say goodbye to her tail.

The faint sound of pawsteps in the forest ahead of her made it past the blood rushing in Narcisa’s ear, and she let out another screech while trying to shake her tail loose of Kaya’s grasp.  She would kick her in the face if need be.


So, send help.  Now.

Attack: None
Defense: Ears pinned, body lowered, currently held in place
Injuries: Bruising, moderate bleeding from face and back, also Kaya has her tail!?!?!?! D:

Apr 09, 2018 04:26 PM — Post #4

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Name Player
Kaya Silvano Chris Staff

((omg let’s see Kaya talk her way out of this))

Kaya snarled and gave the tail in her grip a wrench, but she made no attempt to flay at all the fur in her grip. Blood vessels in the tail were to time consuming to get to, and she pounced again, aiming to stand over the cowering she-wolf, in full dominant display with her tail straight up over her haunches - this wasn’t over. She still wouldn’t rule out killing her instead of taking her back to Crixus and Larisa, not by a long shot. She was smart enough to tuck her chin down to her chest - both to protect her throat and to glare warningly at the liar.

A howl sounded as her enemy began to screech, clearly able to scent the pack scents blooming ahead. Somebody was coming, and Kaya’s ears pricked up sharply.

“Madam Fitzroy? It’s Kaya Silvano.” She rapped out loudly, secretly relieved for a moment without active fighting to try and catch her breath. She had a feeling she would need to keep fighting since this girl clearly didn’t know when she was beaten.

It was an educated guess. Kaya was not familiar enough with Evergreen wolves to know the voice 100% was Leas - she hadn’t howled last time so Kaya only knew her spoken voice.

She had no idea there was a second female also on the way.

((Attack: No bitey-bitey this round, just moving to stand over Narcisa
Defense: ears narrow, chin tucked.
Damage: Bruising, moderately bitten foreleg, scratched chest))

Apr 09, 2018 04:38 PM — Post #5

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Name Player
Adhara Fitzroy Madison

The howl went up, but unfortunately, it did not dissuade Adhara from coming. In fact, the urgency of it pushed the girl to follow the sound with far more interest than she would have for a normal summoning. Roused from a nap, Adhara pulled herself to her feet and just barely caught sight of one of the newer additions to the pack, a dark woman who Adhara hadn’t bothered to talk to, running off into the trees in the direction of the call. Adhara knew the voice belonged to her mother - but after a few seconds of mulling over it, she realized what the hint of distress to it could possibly mean.

Adhara pushed into a jog after the noise, straining her ears to listen to the distant cacophony at the borders of her home. Screaming, voices. It was definitely cause for concern.

(arriving in 1 round)

Apr 09, 2018 05:35 PM — Post #6

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Leas Fitzroy Matti

There was more screaming as Leas loped through the trees. As she drew closer a more familiar voice called out to her however, making Leas wrinkle her eyebrows even further at whatever was happening ahead of her.

She finally came around the last trees that had stood between her and the screaming wolf to recognize Kaya, looming over a strange, but quite bloodied woman. Leas came to a stop, a distance far enough away that she wasn’t close enough for either to immediately lunge at her. She had not overly considered that this might be a trap of some sort, but it seemed she was the first one from the Evergreens to arrive.

“Kaya?” She asked, more seeking an explanation than not believing it was the same woman she had met before. “What’s going on?” She demanded of the pair. Leas was not normally anything of a demanding wolf, but a stranger screeching for help wasn’t easily ignored. She tried to remember how Rath always described the Evergreens. They kept the forest safe, and these two had brought their feud uncomfortably close to Leas’ home and pups. As she eyed the pair, both looked injured, and tired. What in the world had been going on?

Apr 09, 2018 06:08 PM — Post #7

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Jacqueline Sabrina

As Jacqueline drew nearer to the scene, more cries for help rang out. And a few identifiers, too: the pursuer was female, and presumably canine.

Then, she heard the name “Kaya.” How deliciously entertaining! She’d get a chance to see what the veteran was capable of. She hoped she wouldn’t be too jealous of that damned Crixus, whoever he was, for stealing her allegiance away.

Then, as she finally entered the scene to stand beside the rather disgruntled-looking Leas, Jacqueline realized she might be in trouble here. Kaya was an acquaintance, but she knew her as ‘Jacqueline.’ Leas was a different kind of acquaintance. She knew Lucienne only.

Lucienne, who had heard of the Evergreens from Lady. Not Jacqueline, who was here because Kaya had informed her of the place.

Uggggggh! Now she was in some trouble here. She threw a meaningful glance at Kaya, hoping she could convey some sense of familiarity in the disguise of her surveying the scene.

“Do you know this woman?” she asked, glancing at Leas with wide, amber eyes.

Apr 09, 2018 06:27 PM — Post #8

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[ Edited: Apr 09, 2018 06:34 PM by Jacqueline ]
Name Player
Narcisa Negrescu Lilja

Madam Fitzroy? It’s Kaya Silvano.

No, no, no, no.  If Kaya knew the pack wolves, then they were sure to believe her and not Narcisa.  Although, it seemed she at least had a chance when Kaya ceased to attack Narcisa instead of biting her or tearing into her.  Instead, the woman stood above her, and Narcisa had the sudden feeling that she was a pup, protected by her mother.  The real Aquila.  Or a kill, protected from scavengers from other predators.


Narcisa wasn’t done yet.  Not if it meant earning her life back.  So she had lied about her name.  There was no crime against it—half of the wolves in the valley lied about their aliases.  It was certainly no excuse to try to kill her.  Damned psychopath.

What’s going on?

“Please,”  Narcisa begged.  “Get her away from me!”  It was worth a try, since Kaya was no longer grabbing onto any part of her.  The colorless female attempted to scramble out from under the woman.  If she succeeded, she would scamper off several feet towards the dark woman before turning to face Kaya.  Best to keep your enemies in sight.

“She attacked me out of nowhere and tried to kidnap me!”  Narcisa accused, her pale eyes narrowing on Kaya.  “And then she tried to kill me!”  And probably would have, if the pack wolves hadn’t interfered.  At least that’s what Narcisa was assuming, since the dark woman carried several other scents on her.

Not that Narcisa was covered in cuts and injuries, to prove her point.  Kaya had more defensive injuries on her such as bruises and scratches.  If that wasn’t evidence enough, Narcisa wasn’t sure what was.

Maybe she could push the dark lady in front of Kaya in enough time to escape.

Apr 09, 2018 07:55 PM — Post #9

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Name Player
Kaya Silvano Chris Staff

Kaya pounced right after her fleeing foe, a low growl rumbling in warning. If it hadn’t been so important to keep the Evergreens onside, she would have been sinking her teeth into her again. Once more she tried to use her weight to pin the sniffling coward to the ground, where as far as Kaya was concerned, she could stay until this was sorted. But when she realized who else had arrived… well. That changed matters.

Kaya was not naturally, a wolf prone to grand acts of deception. As a warrior she had always been talented enough and led an entire pack trained by her own paw, in order to win her fights then and there rather than resort to espionage. But things were different now. Crixus and Larisa were more than likely out of howling range.

Her pretty aquamarine eyes showed no trace of recognition as they flicked over Jacqueline.

“Ignore her, Leas.” Kaya’s voice carried the same old commanding air as Champion Defender Silvano, who all the yearlings in White Forest were in awe of - a confidence she did not feel in that moment, but nobody but here needed to know that. “She’s a dangerous criminal, caused trouble for friends of mine, who I am taking her to to answer for her crimes.”

This might be salvageable yet.

Apr 09, 2018 08:23 PM — Post #10

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Name Player
Adhara Fitzroy Madison

Adhara fixed on the sounds of the skirmish up ahead. She picked up her pace into a jog, but her excited pace made it nearly impossible to sustain the jog, her heart pounding in her ears, her lungs sapped of air by the time she caught sight of her mother. The new woman was there, too. Adhara paused a dozen or so meters behind to catch her breath, listening to the exchange.

A woman was pleading for help. Someone had attacked her, nearly tried to kill her. Adhara’s eyes widened as she searched through the trees and could just barely see a woman on the ground, red dashed against her fur. The stink of blood saturated the air, the same way it did when prey was torn apart. She swallowed, unnerved by the feeling of hunger the smell invoked. It didn’t even smell like prey blood. Maybe that was nervousness, tossing in her stomach, then.

She stepped closer and listened to the woman standing above her explain that the bloody prisoner was a criminal. Someone who had caused trouble. Her brows furrowed.

She didn’t like this. But curiosity, and protectiveness, urged her to move closer, approaching behind her mother with hardened blue eyes fixed on the two strange women, making no effort to hide herself.

Apr 09, 2018 08:28 PM — Post #11

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Name Player
Leas Fitzroy Matti

The new guest of their pack, Lucienne, was quick to arrive after her and Leas gave a nod at the woman’s question. Though as Leas saw the strange glance from the other dark, brown woman to Kaya she felt as if she was missing something. “Do you know them as well?” She asked Lucienne quickly, feeling confused and unsure, though she felt like perhaps now wasn’t the greatest time to discuss it anyway.

The woman on the ground was begging, looking truly terrified as she tried to scrambled away, only to be pounced after by Kaya. The more familiar woman had a quick command for Leas, but Leas’ eyes were watching the woman on the ground. They were both injured, but it was clear that Kaya had the upper-hand. Leas understood what it was like to be afraid. This place was near Leas’ home, she was supposed to keep the forest safe, and while she had met Kaya, she couldn’t let some other wolf be murdered in front of her without trying to find out what had happened.

It did not help to hear the pawsteps of a child approaching behind her. Everyone was going to get another lecture about when it was appropriate to come out int the woods and when it was not. A stranger screaming was not an acceptable time, but for now Leas could do nothing more than let Adhara press into her while she tried to feel confident enough to deal with this situation.

“Tell me about what crimes, and what friends. Y-you disturbed the pack with this.” She glanced between the two of them, trying to look confident. She had to figure this out. After Rath she was in charge of the pack, and she had to set a good example for how things worked in their part of the forest. Surely one of them could answer what was going on, and Leas supposed if she felt like Kaya was doing the just thing she wouldn’t interfere. She wanted Kaya to explain why what she was doing was the correct thing. Her eyes settled on the larger woman with the hope of an explanation. If she felt like Kaya wasn’t…she didn’t know what she would do.

Apr 09, 2018 08:51 PM — Post #12

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Name Player
Piper Nightshade Raven Marie

Today was not one of the days Piper felt up to being buddy-buddy with everyone. She made an effort even on days like these to be at least neutral with her packmates, but there were several new scents in the forest that the Nightshade had yet to meet.

Today, Piper heard a scream in the not far distance. At first, shed frozen, abandoning the rabbit shed been chasing and stalking for the better part of an hour with a snarl of frustration, but listening nonetheless. When the voice didn’t register as one she knew, the cranky wraith began to stalk again in the direction of the rabbit, hoping it had sensed her fall back and had stopped.

But then Leas’ howl rang out.

Unable to ignore a summons from her (however technical) higher up and, more importantly, friend, Piper set off at a brisk lope. It took her a fair amount of time to get there, slowing to a heavy-pawed stalk as she heard Leas’ voice questioning about crimes.

Hackles raised, ears flattened, and ready to defend her home, Piper slipped from the forest and headed confidently for the Evergreens. Leas was talking to a couple of pale bitches, one standing over a starving woman. The Nightshade could care less what their squabble was, but disturb the pack they had. Adhara was close to her, silent, and a dark female she didn’t know but recognised the smell of stood on Leas’ other side.

The dark woman moved in hopes to put Adhara somewhere between herself and Leas, but with no intention of shielding her; all pups had to learn some time. Silent, she allowed her mismatched eyes stray to the wounds on these strangers: the herbs to treat them lay back in the caves, and Piper had no thought of going to retrieve them to help two foolish fighters who had nothing to do with her.

(If things don’t get physical or she isn’t talked to, feel free to skip Piper lol)

Apr 09, 2018 09:36 PM — Post #13

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Name Player
Jacqueline Sabrina

//Edited because I didn’t see Piper’s post, oops.

It took every ounce of willpower Jacqueline had not to wrinkle her nose in disgust. The weak scrap of bleeding bones was nothing more than a play-thing for Kaya, yet it had the audacity to beg and plea for the assistance of a pack of wolves. Jacqueline knew Kaya, even if she didn’t know her well, and she knew this bitch deserved what she’d gotten.

Now, how did she convey that to Leas? Or, should she convey it at all? Jacqueline would do what she could to let her opinion be known, but Leas had already noticed her glance toward Kaya. No, she needed to play this true to Lucienne’s character.

Her brows furrowed at Leas’s question. “No,” she said. She glanced back toward the scene before her. “I wish I did. It might make it easier to tell what’s going on.”

Jacqueline was unnervingly-annoyed when she realized one of the pups had scrambled onto the scene. As if the little whelp had any business being here. Children would only complicate the issue. Then, another dark woman appeared to stand beside the thing. She’d seen her around the Evergreens, but couldn’t put a name to the face. She also noticed Leas seemed unsure of how to deal with the whole situation. Or, that’s the impression Jackie was getting, at least. She didn’t sound confident.

The dark woman was more eager than ever to see how this mess played out.

Apr 09, 2018 09:49 PM — Post #14

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[ Edited: Apr 10, 2018 09:02 AM by Jacqueline ]

Scarce, Skippable

Name Player
Asa CJ

A spirited soul, Asa was not a napper; but he had rested beside Adhara as she did, waiting for her to show him more things—expecting more things. Surely they would go out today and do things… and not sleep, all day? But patiently he waited, having learned much the previous days. Adjusting to life within the pack was certainly different than traveling.

If there was ever danger in their journey, Adah would skirt them elsewhere; so the howl from Leas was unsettling, enough to make him want to stay where he was anyway, if that was its intention. Adhara, however, had other plans. He fought with the dilemma whether or not to abide by the warning sound within Leas’ howl, the tone of it that told him something along the lines of “danger.” But perhaps it was just that which made him lurch forward and jog hurriedly after Adhara anyway.

His hesitation brought him to the scene later than her, and he did not hear what the adults had already said: but what he saw upon arriving confused him, because he did not know violence like this, or much at all. He hung far back, his ears pinned down with uncertainty. Why was one adult standing over the other, and the other bloodied? He did not know to even assume that it was violence or wrongdoing, but it did not look like it was nice.

Adhara was close to Leas and another adult; there was a stranger too, and then of course, the bloody wolf and that which stood over her. His mind was fresh and impressionable when it came to social interactions on such a scale, so he watched from a distance, confused and intrigued—and also scared, which something primal told him to be. Why was this happening?

((Skippable, he’s just observing!! I figured he’d still be following Adhara around maybe as he adjusts, and also felt this would be a cool thing for him to witness!))

Apr 09, 2018 11:26 PM — Post #15

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