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losing personal relationships like people lose they house keys
ea | mid morning, cloudy, windy with mist

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Forrest armadillo

Ambition and hunger created an impasse blocking logic in the Silvano’s mind that morning. Exhaustion was evident in his lolling tongue, his deep heaved breaths pushed at the cliff’s edge. Anger seen in the flare of nostrils. Frustration blocked his internal monologue from psycho-analyzing his string of mistakes from the crack of dawn. The rising and falling of his chest was beginning to sync with the roll of the waves below. The crash against the stone’s edge was soothing.

Truly, it was a fool’s errand. His inflated ego may have been the case or perhaps the annoyance at being unsuccessful at picking up either of his sibling’s trailed. Either way, there was no excuse at his lack of interpreting the situation as a total loss from the start. The creature was agile, paced ahead and already startled. It’s weight would do little to sustain the energy already exposed by the chase and the upcoming travel needed. Forrest would stamp his foot, lashing out and quickly withholding back into his shell. The prey had decided suicide over cliff was better than providing some form of sustenance to the world it was bound to leave behind in either scenario. No, it was either truly vindictive or just so low in intelligence it flung itself off the ledge. 

The mist worked its way into his fur, taking residence where the red dust once occupied. Tongue found its way into the roots of his teeth, picking at a particular sore area. The zing of pain was satisfying. It allowed him to move away from the edge and turn behind him. The gust brought the cool air laced with salty mist to his back. Autumn was here, the obvious next step was something he was not sure he could accomplish. He needed to track down Felicity. Forrest would gamble she would settle down in some area before the cold took root, most definitely before her rutting season-it was dangerous to be a lone female in a new place. Felix had the power of gender on his side, his chances were higher if left to his own devices.

How was the scientist supposed to go about this. No way to know without taking some action and observing the results.

His head dipped back and he released a higher melody than one may expect from the large man.

Apr 08, 2018 10:49 PM

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Jaylan Chris Staff

((Yuuuuus Armadillo post where I have a woof!!!))

AJ was still lingering on the outlook, indulging Maya’s love of the windy, rocky precises. The roving male was feeling restless though, eager to be off somewhere new just as soon as he could drag Maya away from her new favourite place. There wasn’t enough readily available prey here to support them comfortably, and interesting as the views were, AJ wanted somewhere steadier underpaw.

The howl caught him by surprise. But AJ, even when he hadn’t had all positive experiences with strangers lately, was always ready to socialize. He lifted his muzzle to howl back, then let the note that lingered at the end trail into a friendly call.

“You might have to keep going if you want me to join you! Can’t see a thing in this fog!”

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Forrest armadillo

There may have been a twinge of hope in the silence between the end of his song and his eyes opening back to the mist-covered area. May have been, but regardless all he felt was disappointment at the masculine callback. He should have known it would not be this easy. The persistent itch of hindsight was gnawing at his ears. Perhaps he should not have split from his siblings. This valley, with its diversity in biomes and its pack that specialized in finding missing relations, was quite vast. Perhaps too vast. Perhaps, he had been wrong.

He still had an experiment to run even if his hypothesis had already been proven incorrect. He grimaced slightly at the tone of the call affirming the gender of the specimen. His last run-in with a male had proven to be quite fruitful. He just couldn’t shake the negative feeling in his gullet. Forrest Silvano, ever the pessimist. Salmon tongue was drawn once again toward the sore spot in the back of his mouth. Push, pain. Simple, easy. It drew him away from his dissociation. He was tangible.

It took him a moment to truly process the disembodied request. The incoming male was correct, the mist from the ocean and the cooling temperature had created quite the fog. Observant. Not the kind of company that was too unhelpful. “Here! The male bellowed, though his voice ever dismaying his actual size. He wondered what was running through the other’s head as he came close to a being he couldn’t see.

(CHRIIIssss yaasssSS!!<3)

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Jaylan Chris Staff

Wow, he was closer than he realized! AJ wasn’t silly enough to go blundering about in fog like this at top speed though. He was liable to run the howler over outright, and a lot of wolves were touchy about personal space. Not AJ - but other people sure.

“On my way!” He barked cheerily, tail already waiving, making his way towards the voice. Since the caller didn’t say anything else, it was a full two, maybe three minutes before AJ picked the right rock to round, and discovered a shadowy pale-furred male around his height was the owner of the howl he’d heard. He wasted no time in introductions. 

“Heya!” He greeted with a trademark grin. “You lost? I wouldn’t advise going south or west. Likely to fall straight off of the cliffs if you do, and that’s make our conversation a hella lot harder to have.”


Apr 11, 2018 07:50 AM — Post #3

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Forrest armadillo

The results were pouring in and they were proving to be quite interesting. Forrest remained steadfast in his current position, not moving an inch toward the happy, disembodied voice calling out in the mist. He had no reason to exert any additional energy as it seemed the male was quite satisfied to make his way over to him. Seconds ticked on and his expression remained the same knitted brows and general bored glaze over mint eyes. And then, a hurricane of a wolf burst forth.

Forrest generally took care to avoid the talkative specimens of his species but he had sort of fallen into a trap with this one. No bother, there was always something to be gained, regardless of it proved to be valuable or not was not in the Silvano’s power. A slight incline of his head was given away without his internal consent. Interesting, indeed. “Hello.” A little lackluster in comparison to the timber male but he had always had a difficulty in matching the pacing of energetic counterparts. His eyebrows furrowed a little at the question and it’s subsequent chatty afterthought. 

“I wouldn’t say I’m particularly lost in the traditional sense, no. I’m currently traveling and thus liable to wind up in areas that are unfamiliar-” Blink, pause, head tilt. “I-uh, appreciate the advice.” Forrest’s eye squinted, just for a moment. Blasted ticks. “Do you, reside here? It seems the environmental factors make for a. less than satisfactory living conditions.” He would move his head somewhat, indicating both the treacherous fall from the cliffs as well as the fog and mist from the crashing waves. It reminded the thinker of the bighorn sheep and mountain goats living so precariously on tiny slits in the rocks. Just taunting nature with their perplexing ways.

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Jaylan Chris Staff

Oh woooooow! This guy talked so fancy AJ felt himself stopping the jaunty bounce in his step and settling down just so he could match the calm energy of the other male. He shot an admiring and appreciative look at him, tail waving, and launched cheerily into introductions.

“I’m AJ, nice to meet you!” He exclaimed, as if his contained energy was bursting out his voicebox. “And not living here, it’s pretty much all rock, even if the views are great. My friend likes it here, so we’re staying for now before we continue exploring the valley.” He explained his current life story as it stood.

“So, if you don’t need directions or a daring cliffside rescue, why were you calling?” He smiled, pricked up his ears and shot an inquiring look at the other male he could now see was actually really quite good looking. Man, why did so many wolves in this valley have looks and brains? AJ was all ears, boy, do your worst!

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Forrest armadillo

How, fascinating. Forrest observed as the once energetic man now withdrew that same bubbling energy. However, it was not a social cue offered by an offended party. No, he was not embarrassed or abashed, he was…mirroring. A mimic, but not in the usual capacity of someone lacking conversational skills and picking them up. He was simply matching energy. Admiration was not lost upon the Silvano and it felt, nice. The knit in his eyebrows would be undone slightly.

AJ. AJ. AJ. AJ. AJ. The mostly white man studied the curvature of his face, the way his eyes lit up. There wasn’t much familiarity in Forrest’s mind to connect this new memory with anything he had seen. The affection he shared with his siblings was not of this wild nature. Of bursting forth. Their connection was more underneath the surface but equally as strong. “Is that an acronym or did your parents name you with two letters?” There was no underlying judgement, just curiosity. “It is indeed interesting to meet your acquaintance-uh, AJ.” Pause, blink, more looking at the man. “My name is Forrest Silvano.” That is how the smooth conversations went, right? Name-name, mutual interest-mutual interest-good-byes?

This AJ was quite forthcoming. Forrest wondered slightly how reliable of a narrator he truly was. The facts he was presenting wasn’t dipped in too much bias. Traveling with a companion, stopping at places they enjoyed, continuing to move forward as needed. “It’s a noteworthy location. How far across this valley have you and your companion traveled?” His tail twitched slightly, a reaction to the wind gusting another bout of mist swirling about his ankles.

AJ’s question would initially bring a nod forth. Yes, most wolves were curious, even if they didn’t ask as many questions as himself. “I’m currently on an information expedition for my siblings. We’ve recently come into the valley and I’m hoping to reunite with them with some valuable Intel.” Blink, pause, slight twitch-damn ticks.“They are Felicity and Felix Silvano.” Saying their names aloud caused a pang in his chest. It had been too long since he had seen their faces.

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Jaylan Chris Staff

((OMG I LOVE FORREST SO MUCH. Also I’m now really sad he will never get to meet Caspian!!!))

AJ’s stance must have been working because Forrest Silvano - of course a well-spoken guy like this would have a surname, a trait he’d always found weird - seemed more at ease with him now. AJ’s tail kept up a sway, even though a faint shadow of a grimace passed over his face when his name was commented on. “Uh, it’s just a nickname I go by.” He hated his full name. “But don’t know what letters are.” He had no issues giving that away. He couldn’t have an intelligent conversation with Forrest about something he did’t know about.

“Oh we’ve seen a bit of it so far! I haen’t met any Silvanos, but I can definitely ask my travel buddy Maya for you, she’s been here longer than me. Ooooh, you have intel! Sounds like an awesome story there. Tell you what, if you tell me about your intel, I’ll tell you where I’ve traveled and everything I know about the good, the bad and the landscape of this amazing valley.” The fondness in his voice was undeniable when he talked of the valley. “Deal?”

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Forrest armadillo

( omg chris tysm ;-; i love all of your darlings!)

Forrest found it both perplexing and endearing how much wolves so easily let information go. In both his words and his actions, the timber male revealed much more than just what left his mouth. His birth name seemed a sore spot as it wasn’t even released. The grimace was noted and pale green eyes would run across his face once more trying to commit each detail to memory. When his conversational counterpart would admit to not knowing what letters were, Forrest would nod in-understanding? No, he couldn’t quite grasp the concept of lower understanding. But, he respected the honesty. “Letters are, the foundation of our language, our mother tongues. They each make sounds-sometimes more than one when paired with others and thus creating our words, our names.” Pause, blink, eye twitch. “Once I met a gathering of individuals who communicated through grunts and airy calls. It was, difficult, to exchange information but watching them work together was quite a sight.” Sometimes Forrest forgot other people’s tolerance for patience.

Maya, Maya, Maya, Maya, Maya. AJ’s traveling companion, perhaps another fountain of information. Pity, he mentioned to his own recollection there had been no sightings of his kin in his traveling. Felix may have been flying under the radar but Felicity would have definitely been noticed. Her tenacity was unmatched. His chest hit a pang again. “That would be agreeable, thank you.” That was quite a lot for the Silvano to admit so the timber male had a reason to sway his tail. “Currently my intelligence on our situation is ongoing. I come from a land that was ravaged by sickness, my siblings and I have come to start the Silvano legacy a new in this Valley. I met a, creative hunter taking down bighorn sheep in the Basin. He hails from the Soulfire Covenant and also spoke of a pack by the coast who call themselves The Rangers and their primary function finding lost wolves. I imagine I will seek their services if I have exhausted all other options in finding my siblings.”

Even for Forrest, that was a mouthful. His tightened brow had released when speaking so much of his home, his family. And AJ’s admiration may have also had something to do with it.

What a, cute boy.

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Jaylan Chris Staff

((Seriously. Omg. You have NO idea how I am squueing over your boy and I’m so glad you adopted him!))

AJ didn’t quite get what Forrest Silvano was getting at over his letter obsession, but that was cool. He chuckled over the description of the grunting tribe. “Hey that sounds like every third male I’ve ever met!” He laughed, tongue lolling. He was not unaware of the way he was being scrutinized, but any guy as well-spoken as Forrest with such striking eyes could pretty much scrutinize AJ any season of the year. In his own AJ way, he was just as intuitive at picking up on the subtler signals Forrest was giving off as well.

Those his dark eyes retained their usual sparkle, there was interest there as well. Listening to him talk was nice enough in itself, like he was telling a story even when he wasn’t. But AJ loved hearing about other people. He was, and always had been, a people person, and his open, friendly body language suggested how rapidly he was tasking to Forrest, just like he had with Maya.

Quick to agree to the offer he didn’t bother with any macho posturing ‘you go first’ bullshit, perhaps sensing AJ for all his playfulness liked being direct well enough when it came to important things.

“Well, glad you and your siblings got out okay.” He had less levity in his voice that time. Sickness sucked. He grimaced when he mentioned the Soulfire Covenant, pricked his ears up then offered a word of explanation since he knew Forrest wouldn’t have missed that. Not a sharp guy like him.

“Worst wolf I met in this valley was from the Soulfire Covenant, so I hope their hunter was nicer. Astred’s one of those crazy march-hare types, attacked me in the middle of a conversation, and her leader apparently lets her run wild like that. Anyway, that’s not a good conversational point.” He shook his head, clearly finding it harder to maintain his usual carefree air when Astred was the topic. “I DO know where to find the Rangers, but I didn’t know they help with lost wolves.” His brow furrowed thoughtfully. If that was true then that would make two decent packs in this valley. Weird.

“Well anywayz, sounds like you’ve travelled to a few of the same places as me, but you kept your half of the deal, so if you’re still interested I’ll tell you everything I know about the valley.”

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Forrest armadillo

( excuse me while i do a heckin’ cry ;-; ily )

This AJ was quite the specimen. Within what was actually a quite small conversation, he had pried open his hard outer coating with a few good questions and looks of admiration dashed with friendliness. The timber male was practiced. There was little doubt to how he obtained a traveling companion but what was perplexing was his need to travel without a permanent residence. Especially to places that presented outward danger to a duo of nomadic predators. Perhaps they were similar to the gypsy wolves he had met on his prior travels. Reveling in the temptation and adrenaline of hazardous activity.

AJ seemed a little too nice for that, however, and so his profiling would be ongoing.

There was an incredulous look across his face at AJ’s, observation? Perhaps he had missed some humor as after his remark the man laughed. Forrest returned to interacting within the conversation by allowing a light gust of air to leave his nostrils and his coal lips curling somewhat at the edges. Felicity was humorous sometimes, though the trio had passion interjected elsewhere in their interactions. Forrest was due to practicing more of this “everyday” kind of emotion.

“It seems there is much diversity here in terms of culture, yes.” Hopefully AJ would pick up on the fact that, that was simply Forrest engaging in his thought process. The mist was becoming heavy upon his tainted ivory fur. He could the hairs weighing down. Whatever AJ’s compatriot found enjoyable about this rocky terrain, he couldn’t quite figure that out for himself.

For the first time since introductions the Silvano felt himself creeping back into his black shell. The sympathy that was offered was not familiar. It felt, like any gesture, an owed debt that Forrest wasn’t sure he was able to repay. Still, there was a well wish and truly the other male had nothing to gain by doing so. It was an altruistic manner of speech and the young man could appreciate AJ putting himself out into the open as such. “Your words are, appreciated, AJ.” The neutral facial expression was broken once more, the smallest of upward turn.

The reaction to his information could not have been predicted. Worst was a key choice of phrase. Astred, Astred, Astred, Astred, Astred. Connected to the Covenant, connected to Damien. There was a heated interaction, the use of the word attacked. The idea that there was an authority at play that had jurisdiction to promote or allow some sort of behavior was interesting as well. What had Diamen said before, about their…mission, in this valley? “Their hunter was an intelligent creature, he mentioned that the group’s primary focus was on, “second chances”. I didn’t think it may have meant such rehabilitation was involved.” Thinking out loud, he noted AJ’s withdrawal at his information giving. “I’m, glad you brought it up.”

His opportunity for the spotlight had now dwindled and he was now prepping to become a secondary unit. A hearty nod followed AJ’s proposal. Perhaps he needed some reaffirmation? Someone so agreeable could come from a spectrum of backgrounds. Forrest did not mind obliging when it allowed him to gain new knowledge. “My interest remains,” pale eyes had gone over the dark eye’d male enough and now they settled upon him in relaxation. Perhaps this would truly turn fruitful to the point where he could stop kicking himself for leaving his siblings.

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Jaylan Chris Staff

Well, first major strike against Forrest, he was missing his funny bone. After a beat AJ noticed him react with a gusty exhale and a smile, as if he were humouring AJ with the response. Never mind. Hopefully if they met again AJ could teach the guy how to relax and have some fun.

He nodded affably at the comment about culture. Yeah, but that was also true everywhere. Some wolves had weird ways.

AJ thought for a minute when there was no answer to telling Forrest he was glad he and his siblings escaped sickness, that he’d offended him. Or maybe touched upon a sore spot. Had he or one of his siblings gotten sick? AJ wasn’t nosy enough to press the subject, and then Forrest thanked him with another tiny smile.

He pulled a slightly dubious face when the Covenant was mentioned as a place of second chances. Anyone who let a maniac like Astred into their pack wasn’t any place AJ wanted a part of. But as AJ preferred to pick positive topics, he simply nodded to show he had understood Forrest’s assessment and, when the male encouraged him, launched without hesitation into his own report.

“I entered the valley through the mountains, but great as the views were I wanted to get to lower elevations before the cold set in. For a while I met a woman called Eudora who asked for help finding her father and I agreed, but the next day she ditched and never came back. I wound up in the range, met one of the Ranger’s kids in their oak savanna at the far northwest. I’m pretty sure the oaks lead down to the beach from what Maya told me, so the pack must be pretty big. If you cross the river there’s grasslands, but plains instead of hills, lot of great prey. I met a girl called Briar there who seemed okay at first, but she was just trying to get me to hunt for her - not an issue, I’m a guy up for a hunt any time of day or night, but she didn’t want to help, just wanted to watch then take the spoils. She didn’t stick around too long when I told her I wasn’t playing her games. I got a bit snacky and followed a lame deer back to the range but before I got a good shot at it, I met Maya on the borders of the Stormborn Alliance. They claim the tall rise on the range and a creek at its base. We started traveling together after that and she took me to the coast, which I highly recommend just for the record. There’s a shoal with a lagoon between here and the Rangers. That’s about everything.”

He flashed a slightly smug grin, cocking his head to the side in a Well, impressed? expression.

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Forrest armadillo

The, miscommunication of not only words but also physical signs as well was lost upon him. As intelligent as the Silvano could be, there were things-such as body language and casual conversation-that could sometimes simply slip through one ear and out the other. Excellence was bred into him but that didn’t necessarily mean he was at his full potential. Never mind it. His company was pleasing to the eye and he simply ran over him for further details. For science.

Eudora. Eudora. Eudora. Eudora. Briar. Briar. Briar. Briar. Stormborn Alliance. Rangers. Names, locations, endorphins flooded the front of his brain. This was what he was searching for. Intel, to bring back to Felicity. To make her smile from his effort. Felix, too. AJ proved to be a fountain of knowledge and Forrest basked in his impressive stature.

“Your traveling compatriot-Maya-will you two find a place, settle down permanently, reproduce?” All three possible options were said with the same deadpan curiosity. The majority of the public it seemed didn’t take Forrest’s approach to family building. To infuse good genetics (primarily those concerning the mind) into the already great Silvano lineage was a life goal he had possessed since he was young. He knew, vaguely, about the other things connected with it-love, responsibility, ect-but those came second priority.

“You have my whole thanks, AJ, for indulging your information.” Blink, slight eye twitch, he was growing more relaxed in the timber male’s presence. “I should think to bring my siblings to the coast, my sister may enjoy the scenery. Would we run into you?” He had a strong inkling Felicity may enjoy this one. He would just need to remind her to play nicely. AJ was a cute boy. It was obvious he did not harm souls on this physical earth.

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Jaylan Chris Staff

AJ let out a laugh at the first question, shaking his head. “Yes and no. Yes to the possible settling down, we’ve been talking about it. I’m enjoying the life of a roamer, exploring where I want to, but Maya eventually wants to settle somewhere.” The answered that question without binging up his issues with packs. “But no to the reproducing. Maya and I aren’t like that, we’re friends, no risky business going on.” He chuckled. He adored Maya, but not romantically.

He grinned at the thanks. Praise was AJ’s Achilles heel and his tail thumped approvingly. “Actually we’re headed north, next. There’s a geyser field I haven’t seen up that way.” Did Forrest want to go already? Dammit, AJ could have listened to him for hours. “But I hope we talk again sometime - if you catch my scent around, howl for me. I’ll be sure to keep an eye out for your Felix and Felicity.” He offered.

Maybe he could keep him talking. Dark eyes guileless, he tilted his head and observed Forrest openly. “But I’m curious, Forrest. I know you said you want to carry on the family name, so you looking for that somebody special?” The personal question was certainly phrased curiously, but still casually, keeping the topic light. “Or somewhere special to settle once you find them?”

Apr 18, 2018 12:29 AM — Post #13

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Forrest armadillo

A melodic laugh caused the Silvano’s head to tilt slightly southward. AJ had found humor in one of his inquiries. Perhaps the topic of copulation was more unnerving or more ridiculous in casual conversation.  This wasn’t so much a misunderstanding on his part of general conversation as a lack of grasping what tact meant to others versus himself. The Silvano treasured blunt truth overall. But AJ seemed to take everything in stride and there was no evidence of any sort of offense. Forrest listened intensely to gain further insight in his information broker. “A platonic relationship?” More thinking out loud. Perhaps he was not very considerate of his conversational partners. Forrest couldn’t say the last time he held a friendly acquaintanceship with someone of the opposite sex. Obviously his sister didn’t count as she was simply an extension of himself. His heartbeat just in time with her own. “I can see where that would be beneficial.” Sometimes things beyond that came with complications and winter was coming. It was nice to be the least complicated version of yourself for that season.

While it was not the young man’s intention to wrap up the conversation, it seemed it was happening organically. Until the timber wolf brought up some more useful information. The North. Geysers, in particular, piqued his interest highly. What an interesting ecosystem they presented to where they formed. Geographically warm locations sounded pleasant as the air became more and more crisp as the season rolled along. “I will see to it our paths will cross again.” Another small effort at a smile. If AJ was a fountain of knowledge at this point, time would only further and create a geyser out of him (see, Forrest could be funny).

Somebody special. Ah, that would explain the other’s laugh at his earlier questioning. This one was of the group that placed heavy feelings of romance on natural reproduction. Forrest couldn’t exactly blame the man. How else were you supposed to keep someone around long enough if you didn’t pay them some piece of mind? It was a good thing Forrest seemed to have gotten more of his paternal genetics for patience. “I would like to have ample time to parent my spawn, so finding a suitable mate would be in my best interest sooner rather than later.” Nodding, he was satisfied with that line of thinking. “My main interest at the moment is to find a pack with which my siblings would find agreeable to pursue their goals. I do have my eyes always open, though.” It sounded so real, like setting a timer on his plans when saying it out loud to another being. “And yourself., AJ?” Come now, helpful man, spill more information.

Apr 18, 2018 08:23 PM — Post #14

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Jaylan Chris Staff

Platonic, yep, that was him and Maya! Romance didn’t need to be involved every time a guy and a girl spoke to one another, after all. “That’s the one. And yeah, you bet your ass it is.” He agreed readily and with gusto. “Wolves aren’t meant to be alone. We’re stronger with friends at our side.” He proclaimed, his tone, light, but the conviction of what he said making his eyes bright.

His tail kept wagging when Forrest boldly claimed he would see to it their paths crossed. Now that was more like it! Score! “Look forward to it already.” He told the other male lightly, immeasurable pleased by the words and when the conversation kept flowing. AJ knew he could never hope to match how intellectual a man like Forrest was, but that wasn’t his goal. A guy like this, you had to keep engaged, keep thinking, put him on his toes just a little. A fine line to walk given they had just met, but when AJ liked others he tended to spare no expense in hiding that.

He had to grin at the phrasing parent my spawn though. Oh man, what he wouldn’t give to meet Forrest’s kids! The very thought filled him with glee.

“Got it, legacy before romance.” AJ wasn’t that surprised. Forrest wasn’t the first wolf he’d met with that particular goal. Each to their own. “Well if you’re checking out packs, makes sense to meet up so we can compare notes later on.” He pointed out reasonably. Even if he and Forrest did end up joining different packs, AJ would like to visit this guy. A lot. He sobered a bit when Forrest turned the question onto him though. He didn’t tend to do so well when the Heavy Feels came up in conversation, and his jaw opening a closing in a few false starts, his tail going still, betrayed him.

“I don’t know, man. Doesn’t it seem like this whole soulmates, happily ever after thing is just that - a fairy tale?” That was lacking his usual cocky confidence, a bit more of a vulnerable air creeping in there. It was more than what most wolves would have gotten out of him - it hadn’t been a joke, at least.

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