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These battle scars
[continuation] East Eden, after 'Nostalgia' | With Relic and Astred

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Natasha Chris Staff

((Urgh sorry you guys super crappy prework post to get this rolling before I have to leave!))

Natasha had been pleased to find Relic and Astred had handled their trip through the reaches of Falter Glen without her aid and come to her call. The river crossing had been undertaken without mishap, and Natasha shook out her black and red coat briskly before setting off with ehr companions towards the caves. Already, she was inhaling and testing the scents, her nostrils flaring. “Hill wolves? I think Nima and Scotch must have recruited there as well. And.. urgh.” She wrinkled her muzzle even more. She’d just caught a very strong whiff of Sunfall’s scent. They had never gotten to the bottom of if the golden male was actually a rapist, though it miiiight not be true if he was here, smelling of hill wolves.

Unless of course, he was actually on Elliot’s side.

Apr 09, 2018 04:46 PM

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Relic Aureum Erin

The forest of the Brotherhood was filled with many obstacles as they made their way east. None of them had any issues ambling through it, luckily. Relic had a natural grace to his step most of the time, especially when he was actually focusing. It made sense that Astred stepped with ease, as well, considering she’d need to constantly be aware of her footwork during a battle.

In the end, they’d made it to a big opening that seems very out of place compared to the rest of the woods.

Natasha mentioned “hill wolves” and Relic tilted his head at the wording. “Do you mean the Hillside Sanctuary?” He questioned idly, not waiting very long after before continuing his speculations. “When I met with Nima, two wolves from the Sanctuary joined me - Albus and Senna. I wonder if they decided to join the party, as well.” Albus he could certainly see since he expressed interest in offering his fighting skills if the time came for them.

Senna, on the other hand, had voiced her rather positive thoughts on Elliot. It wasn’t very likely he’d see her here amongst the other Sanctuary wolves that may be with the rest.

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Astred Valfreyja Lilja

The journey to more open land had been fairly easy.  The only slight trouble for Astred had been the crossing of the river.  Her paws had slipped at one point, sending a brief feeling of shock up the warrior’s spine before she was able to regain her balance.  The pebbles beneath her pads had been slick, starting to cool with autumn’s arrival.  Luckily, she was near the back, which meant that Relic had hopefully not seen her trip-up.

Not minutes later Natasha had joined them and Astred found a brief smile enlightening her features before it faded.  There were jobs to do.

Hill wolves? I think Nima and Scotch must have recruited there as well. And.. urgh.

At Natasha’s sudden expression of distaste, Astred’s ears perked.  Her muzzle lifted in the air, but all she caught were the scents of numerous wolves.  She had no idea what Elliot smelled like, but Natasha had noticed something.  For sure.

“What is it?”

She asked lowly as Relic spoke of a pack Astred briefly knew of.  The Hillside Sanctuary.  They were to the North, correct?  She wasn’t completely sure, but she thought Relic had mentioned something of the sort during one of their last meetings in the basin.

For the most part, the blonde warrior decided to keep quiet.  Her job as a warrior was to protect and defend, not to talk, although with Relic’s help, she could hopefully become a skilled diplomat, too.

Her ears swiveled and tail lashed as she continued to take in the scent of strangers, committing them to memory.  At this distance, it was hard to tell them apart.  But soon, she would be able to match smells with faces. 

There was only one face she wanted to see, and it was the face of ‘King’ Elliot.

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Natasha Chris Staff

Relic commented with the name of the hill pack and Natasha nodded. “That’s them. I think that’s their scents - and they’d be close to Elliot’s hills, so that makes sense.” She hummed thoughtfully. Astred - who Natasha found surprisingly easy to communicate with - asked what she had picked up.

“Urgh. Big golden brute called Sunfall’s with the group. His old pack killed a Brother last year, and there were rumours going around he was a rapist - though not from a trustworthy source, and one of my new Brothers insists he’s okay.” She recalled. “Still, I wonder who’s side he’s on - I’d better call for Effie and make sure we know who’s who before going in there.”

She threw up a howl for Effie, and she wasn’t shy about it. Her howl was proud and rang out strongly. She felt secure with two other decent pack wolves at her back, Relic who had a good head on his shoulders and Astred who could clearly handle herself in a fight if her attitude was anything to go on.

“You know who I don’t smell even though we’ve passed where the borders were - Elliot. Wonder if we missed all the good stuff.”

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Relic Aureum Erin

The mention of Sunfall came up after that and Relic’s ears pricked in sudden interest. The news she shared about him, however, had the Lumen feeling confused. When he met Sunfall originally, he seemed like a genuine kind of guy. They hunted together and after that he offered Relic and Stephan an invitation to see his mate and children once they were born.

And now here Relic was, coming to take the invitation only to hear all these unfortunate things about Sunfall. For now, he stayed quiet on the subject of him being a rapist. “I’ve met Sunfall. He seemed like the sincere type at the time.” But others were known to be skilled liars. This valley seemed full of the worst rumors.

Relic stayed quiet as Natasha called - rather loudly - for her packmate. At the mention of her not smelling Elliot, Relic shrugged lightly. “Or perhaps he abandoned a while ago?” There were always endless possibilities. Especially with the crafty, manipulative ones.

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Effie Quinn Staff

It hadn’t been easy, leaving the kids to fend for themselves. They hadn’t had much choice, however. Not with the anger and greif so fresh in the young wolves. Effie would hold out hope that the children would come around - at least enough to move on to a new pack, perhaps.

She’d taken to the woods after everything - holed herself up away from everyone. It was easier, unsurprisingly, to keep her emotions in check with the others nearby. Out here, all alone, with only her thoughts - she’d let them take their toll. She’d wept, for the children, mostly. Wept until she could not anymore and her tears had dried up.
Regret settled, but only for what they’d done to those children. Elliot had had it coming, and Effie did not regret removing a terrible wolf from the valley. Some things needed to happen - she’d only wished the consequences hadn’t been so sharp, so harsh. For their sake. It was a failure on their parts(on her part) that the children had not been secured before Elliot had been taken out.

Effie could live with what she’d done. She wasn’t so sure about the children.

It was only when a howl, easily recognizable, rang out did Effie drag herself from what crevice she’d tucked herself into. Her ears cupped forward and she couldn’t deny the uplift to her mood that sound alone brought on. Natasha was here. Effie set off quickly, sending up a return call - quick and short.

/// She’ll be there in one round! :D also idrk how long after the fight this would take place tbh so vague-y-ness even tho quinn sucks at vague-y-ness.

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Astred Valfreyja Lilja

His old pack killed a Brother last year, and there were rumours going around he was a rapist - though not from a trustworthy source, and one of my new Brothers insists he’s okay.

Another one?  Although, Natasha had said that one of her packmates held ‘Sunfall’ in good terms.  Plus, the rumors hadn’t come from a trustworthy source.  Astred made no move to think of this new male negatively, but she did tuck his name away in the back of her mind.  For later.

Relic spoke up, too, placing his input on the situation.  Astred kept quiet.  It wasn’t for her to say, though she was certainly making judgement inside that pretty little head of hers.

You know who I don’t smell even though we’ve passed where the borders were - Elliot. Wonder if we missed all the good stuff.

“That could be good and bad,”  Astred mused, more to herself than to any of the others.  Her mind was spinning with possibilities, only half of them positive.

“I don’t like it.”

The ‘King’s’ scent should have been all over the place—especially if he did have a ‘kingdom’.  Kingdoms were just larger versions of tribes, right?  Astred couldn’t say for sure; she’d never heard Kingdoms in the North.  They were for southern pricks who needed fancy titles.

Tail swishing lightly behind her in the wind, the blonde soldier waited silently for the wolf that Natasha had summoned mere moments before.


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Natasha Chris Staff

Natasha’s silver gaze fell on Relic, obvious speculating over his words. He said he’d met Sunfall and he seemed sincere, or sincere at the time. Was Laura right? Valentina hadn’t trusted Sunfall though, making the red-furred girl wary of him herself. But she nodded, filing Relic’s opinion away.

She snorted sharply in agreement at Astred’s last words. “Me either. But let’s find out what’s going on - that howl was Effie, my packmate.” She reported.

Her ears pricked high, hearing the sound of pawsteps.

“Over here Effie.” She called in a low tone a moment later, as alert for potential enemies as she was her packmate. She couldn’t be sure - just because they hadn’t been border patrolling didn’t mean there weren’t still dangers here.

((Vague timeline is fine mate; I know huge group threads with important stuffs moving slow makes it difficult!))

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Relic Aureum Erin

|| Go ahead and skip Rel this round. He’ll just be waiting for Effie/the status report (: ||

Apr 10, 2018 04:57 PM — Post #8

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Effie Quinn Staff

She must not have been too far off. The volume of Natasha’s call should have told her that much, but she hadn’t realized it until she started moving. Until she picked up Natasha’s scent, accompanied by a couple others she did not know. Voices, too. They were there, but the words were undetectable with the distance.

Only when Natasha spoke up and spoke her name did she finally catch anything that was being said. And not long after, the familiar figure of Natasha came into view through the trees. “Natasha,” Effie called, fond. She approached with haste, taking only a moment to assess the two wolves with her - one fluffy timber guy and one woman with the most striking markings adorning her face Effie might have ever seen. She dipped her head to both, a quick acknowledgement, before she focused again on Natasha.

Is everything okay?” These two wolves smelled of pack, Effie realized. She wondered if they’d come to help, perhaps. She wouldn’t allow herself to think something terrible might have happened. She had had all the tragedy she could handle.

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Astred Valfreyja Lilja

~Astred is also skippable this round, she’ll just be watching and waiting c:

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Natasha Chris Staff

Natasha, never prone to huge displays of affection, greeted Effie with a resounding three tail-wags and a crisp nod. “Effie, it’s god to see you.” Unhurt, it seemed, as well. Was that a good sign or a bad one? Not that she wanted Effie to be hurt, but it might indicate the search was still dragging on and Elliot and any followers hadn’t been found.

“Yep, we’re checking in on the mission. This is Relic, and this is Astred, leader and guardian of the Soulfire Covenant in the mountains.” Nat nodded at each in turn. She’d recalled Astred’s pretty standard title but coudn’t nail down the fancy word Relic had used. Natasha didn’t linger, rarely worrying about causing offense.

“How’s it going - any progress?” She asked Effie, her silver eyes sharply hopeful. She wanted that asshole Elliot gone from her forest.

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Effie Quinn Staff

As she closed the distance, Effie reclined into a sit, facing the three. She offered Natasha a smile, dipping her head in return. “Good to see you too, Natasha.” And it was, really. Sunfall and the others were decent company, but she got lonely, out here. Homesick. They were fellow employees doing a job, no matter how she looked at it.

Her ears stayed perked, attentive, as Natasha went on to introduce the two strangers. Relic and Astred, she said, of the Soulfire Covenant. A pack, then, just like she’d thought. Effie turned her attention to each wolf in turn, offering a moment to acknowledge each wolf. “A pleasure to meet you both. Unfortunate that it had to be in this situation, however.” And unfortunate that they’d arrive much too late. Effie could have used them - maybe things could have gone smoother, overall.

She nodded an affirmation to Natasha’s question, then, eyes seeking Natasha’s - quiet triumph evident. “Elliot’s dead,” Effie said, “We found him holed up in the caves.,” Effie stated, calm. It was easy to distance herself from that bit of news - she felt no remorse, there.

However, we ran into a bit of a problem.” She tried to keep her voice even, but the thought of the children still saddened her. “We were supposed to have wolves assigned to keep tabs on the children. Nima was supposed to spearhead that. She died before any other wolves could get in close to the children,” It was easier, talking about it like it was just some task, and so she kept going. “We failed to foster any bonds and lead the children away, and they came across the aftermath.”

She paused, there, took a steadying breath. She flicked a glance towards the two newcomers - let an idea begin to form. She would wait, however, and see where these two stood amongst it all. “I’m not sure what we are to do with them now - surely none trust any of us enough to allow us to guide them to a new home.”

Apr 11, 2018 08:05 PM — Post #12

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Astred Valfreyja Lilja

A brief yet friendly nod was directed towards Effie, the slightest undertone of gratitude laced on her features.  Sure, the woman may not look like the strongest of heroes, but she had assisted in ending the violence that the entire valley could have faced like a scourge.  For that, Astred was thankful.

Elliot’s dead.

The two words she’d been waiting for.  Astred hadn’t been in the valley long enough to know the true horrors that Elliot had caused.  She was a newcomer in the eyes of many, yet she understood the risk that Elliot portrayed among others.  She was glad he was gone, and only the slightest bit disappointed that she hadn’t gotten to do it herself.  Oh, well.  Dead was dead.

At the mention of a problem, the blonde’s ears perked up.  She could imagine several outcomes in which the scenario had gone wrong.  Lives lost.  Territories violated. 

She died before any other wolves could get in close to the children.

The warrior’s blue eyes slid towards Relic for a moment before returning to Effie.  Once, she had held Nima in her mind as a perpetrator.  A villain worth eradicating before the rumors of her wraith spread to the basin.  Now… it seemed like she was the heroine.  A dead heroine.  Not much emotion shone on the face of the Lady of the Slain, for she did not know Nima on a personal level, or at all, but she folded her ears in respect for the loss of a comrade.

However, the larger issue remained.  The very thing Astred had feared from the start.  The children.  Something resembling mild anger took root inside her heart at the hunting party that had slaughtered Elliot in front of his children.  Yes, she agreed he was a threat.  Yes, his death was for the good of the valley.  But the children?  The only crime they had committed was being born from the wrong man, and this little ‘scene’ would stay with them for their entire lives.

Her eyebrows furrowed and a frown took over her face as she began to think of what they could possibly do to mend the situation.  Maybe Relic would have better luck coming up with something.

Astred?  Astred had nothing.

Apr 11, 2018 08:15 PM — Post #13

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Relic Aureum Erin

Relic waited patiently for Natasha’s packmate to approach. When she did, he nodded as she introduced him and then Astred. If they’d already scuffled with Elliot, then this Effie looked like she didn’t even take a hit. Perhaps Elliot went down quite easily. Or perhaps he wasn’t in the caves at all.

Natasha inquired about progress and Relic shifted his gaze from her to Effie curiously. It was then that the confirmation of Elliot’s death came to light, though promptly followed by an interesting bit of news Relic didn’t expect to hear.

Nima was dead.

At this, Relic’s ears pricked and brows furrowed. Had she met her end with Elliot? A plan that had gone awry? From his first impression of her, Relic thought her to be quite a strong, capable being. He wondered if her love for her grandchildren - or even for Elliot, himself - had led her to her fate. He lowered his gaze and head briefly to pay silent respects to the Empress. He couldn’t help but wonder how the Empire would handle the loss of their leader.

After that settled in, the next issue came about - Elliot’s children had seen the result of the hunting party’s efforts. His marbled gaze pulled back up, seeing Astred glancing to him at the news. Was she waiting for him to come up with an idea for the pups? Effie didn’t know, either. Relic was in the same boat.

“That is unfortunate…” he exhaled a subtle sigh. The Covenant wasn’t the best place for pups. There was Bea, but she had her own pups to manage. Relic couldn’t see Stephan taking on even more on top of the two he already had. Astred didn’t seem like the nurturing, motherly type and he wasn’t sure how Daniel, Kumar, or Damien would react to suddenly being adoptive fathers. Sienna, however, loved pups dearly.

“I doubt any of them would follow a single one of you after what they’ve seen, no offense. I’m not so sure the Covenant would be the best place for them…” he admitted honestly. There was always the chance he could be wrong, he supposed. “What about the Sanctuary? Or the Rangers?” He knew their numbers were high and the Sanctuary’s purpose was taking in others to help them. Perhaps one of the members from either pack, one unassociated with the murder, could find the pups and persuade them.

Otherwise, the pups may be stuck to wandering alone if they refuse help.

Apr 11, 2018 08:35 PM — Post #14

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Natasha Chris Staff

((Sorry guys for sleepy brainded post to not hold this up))

It was impossible for a small smile not to flicker at the affection in Effie’s voice when she spoke her name. It wasn’t that Natasha was looking for anybody to replace her mother - nobody could ever do that. But rather she saw pieces of herself reflected in the older woman, and that, and her own actions, had endeared Natasha fast to Effie.

She was quiet to listen. She frowned at the news on Nima. Assuming that she had died in the fighting, struck down by her son.

“Man, that bites.” She commented when Effie mentioned the kids had caught the aftermath. She was oblivious to Astred’s anger beside her. She ran over Relic’s suggestion.

“Bucky might take some. Though he does already have two murderer’s puppies there. Klass, the guy that murdered the Brother I mentioned, had kids with a woman called Holly. She killed my sister, and she hid out at the Rangers afterwards because her idiot mate tried to kill somebody else and got himself killed instead. Bucky made a deal with Holly, peace with the Brothers in order for a safe place to raise her kids.” A flash of a canine fang revealed what Natasha thought of deals like this.

Natasha wasn’t so diplomatic. Holly was still going to die for what she did to the Brotherhood. And Natasha was really going to enjoy beating the crap out of her and ending her life.

Apr 12, 2018 09:48 AM — Post #15

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