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These battle scars
[continuation] East Eden, after 'Nostalgia' | With Relic and Astred

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Natasha Chris Staff
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((Urgh sorry you guys super crappy prework post to get this rolling before I have to leave!))

Natasha had been pleased to find Relic and Astred had handled their trip through the reaches of Falter Glen without her aid and come to her call. The river crossing had been undertaken without mishap, and Natasha shook out her black and red coat briskly before setting off with ehr companions towards the caves. Already, she was inhaling and testing the scents, her nostrils flaring. “Hill wolves? I think Nima and Scotch must have recruited there as well. And.. urgh.” She wrinkled her muzzle even more. She’d just caught a very strong whiff of Sunfall’s scent. They had never gotten to the bottom of if the golden male was actually a rapist, though it miiiight not be true if he was here, smelling of hill wolves.

Unless of course, he was actually on Elliot’s side.

Apr 09, 2018 04:46 PM

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