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Lapis Black Readoption
Congratulations Slash! -adoption closed-

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Igbo Black J

Hi everyone! Lapis Black is currently up for adoption!

Mostly due to the results of her father’s genes, as an adult Lapis will weigh in at 79lbs, with a length of 5 feet, and a height of 23 inches. Additionally, her coat and eyes will follow an inky black with more sun-bleached areas and bright amber eyes.

Lapis Black will be a wolf of few words. She tends to hold the mantra “actions over words” seriously. Naturally skeptical, she will tend to doubt everyone on the terms of their knowledge and respectability until equally due; however, do not fill her silence with one’s own interpretation. While acting as silent and distance, she is versatile in nature. With her understandings set in actions, her personality can deviate the two sides of the same coin. Her lack of belief in what other’s say can lead her to be manipulative with her own words and actions, while in turn if another has consistency in both requirements, her undisclosed loyalty may follow. In other words, manipulation and deceit may become a bad habit of hers when instinctively mischievous and curious to see how others react with words and actions by her or by others. With her apparent dismay for verbal communication, her true expression of unfiltered emotions lies in her physicality with others. Lapis Black’s ability to balance the how she perceives others, how she wishes to manipulate herself, and her authentic expression may conflict. Additionally, she will feel a close bond with her family members, but holds them under high scrutiny.
(Applicable) Traits:
persuasive, intelligent, skeptical, cold, reserved, distant, loyal

Special Notes
I would like to mention that due to recent events Lapis has had to handle multiple things within her environment:
-Lux (mother) gradual and eventual departure from Hellmaw Empire
-Igbo having to spend more time with Nima’s childrens and not as much time with Lapis and Abaeze
-Hellmaw members that have come and gone
-The death of Sigurd
-Nima’s leaving the pack

While it is not mandatory to know exactly everything that has gone on around Lapis (as it can be applied to her just being young anyway), it is important for how she develops. Her original personality paragraph is not set in stone and is definitely malleable!

RP Sample of Lapis
I would like the follow:
-Why you would like to RP Lapis Black
-1+ RP paragraph of Lapis

I am not looking for anything specific RP scenario and I am fine with something simple as a hunting scenario or more complicated like how Lapis would feel after an interaction with the other pack’s pups. I would like to see how the environment has shaped her.

Apr 10, 2018 12:12 AM

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Amelie Sam

Congratulations, Slash!

-toddles to close-

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