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[summons] looking for Splash, aw

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Dante Wynter

Dante didn’t think he’d ever settle completely into a life along the coast. He never really went very far from the cove, and spent his days looking for food on the coast. Clams were easy enough to dig up, a quick source of food that never seemed to exhaust itself. It was a boring way to find sustenance, digging in the sand until he unearthed one of the shells, cracking it open and eating the slimy, disgusting thing that curled up inside. What a shitty way to live, hunkered down in a shell and buried in the sand, small and hoping no one ever knew you were there, doing who the hell knew what all day. Did the things even think?

He hoped not. The thought of that particular existence, in the frame of a thinking, introspective mind, was truly horrific for him to consider. Even though he considered himself more or less solitary, he could reach out when he so chose, and despite keeping mostly to himself, Dante did find ways to contribute to those around him- so he liked to think, anyway. He walked the beach near the cove most days, keeping an eye out for any signs of danger, but nothing ever seemed to happen around here. It was quiet, especially now that the pups had gotten a little older.

He didn’t mind quiet.

Dante had ranged a bit far today. He was carrying the withered haunch of a dead deer in his mouth, some part of a kill he’d scavenged out in the plains to the east. He hadn’t had deer- or anything other than fish or smell critters- in a while. Even the scraps he’d found on a deer that had been dead for days and picked over by everything from coyotes to crows was better than anything he’d had in some time.

There wasn’t a lot of meat left on the leg he carried, but the bones and tendons were good to chew on, at least.

He intended to use it in a little game, anyway. Dante moved toward the mouth of the caves, sniffing the air and trying to see who was about. He’d mentioned to Splash that he would help her learn to defend herself, and he wanted to follow up on that now that she was older and more, well, coordinated.

Splash?” he called, nearing the caves. Was she around?

Apr 10, 2018 09:42 PM

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Splash Aekyr-Laroche vtkk321

She was often hopping around up and down the coast, zooming ever the further south and inland in her constant discovery of the world around her. She’d met a lot more wolves since her last discussion with her uncle, his and Seeker’s advice about bad wolves a constant burden on her mind when she met a new wolves.
However, none of them had been bad yet! Which was a good thing! Plus, she’d found out an entire pack existed south, and she planned to make friends of all of them soon. Splash liked making new friends. However, she was still a growing wolf, and her tendency to run hard all day every day meant there were a few days where she found herself lazing around in the sun for most of the day, soaking it up and spending time with her family, if they happened to be around. Mostly sleeping, though, and practicing her swimming for the salmon run and so she could someday fish with the skill of her mother.

A call for her name from a familiar masculine voice made the puppy wake, albeit slowly, stretching on her side with a squeaky yawn and rolling to her belly afterward. “Coooooomiiiiiiiiinnnnnn’. That you, Uncle Dante?” She yipped, continuing to stretch before shaking her coat out and hopping toward the mouth of the caves. It was indeed her uncle (Splash had amazing deduction skills, you know) and her tail started up a cheery wave as she approached. “Whatcha got there?” It was no bird. “Is it for me!?!” Excitement now. Gifts were the best!

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Dante Wynter

She answered quickly enough, and Dante snorted loudly enough for her to hear him.

Who else would it be!” he barked, smirking. When he saw the kid come bouncing out of the caves, his smirk warmed to a smile. Still a pup, despite how big she was getting. Dante would never cease to be amazed at how quickly kids grew up, but for once the only thing he felt when he saw the dark kid was fondness- there was nothing bittersweet in the sight of one of Pace’s kids, at least not today.

Splash inquired about his find, and he looked down at it.

Could be,” he said, putting a paw over the limb. “You wanted to learn somethin’ about how to fight. So how ‘bout we see if you can take it from me.

His tail swayed behind him as he spoke, and there was a look of mischief in his eye as he waited to see what the kid would think of that.

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Splash Aekyr-Laroche vtkk321

Yeah, he was right. Not a ton of wolves frequented the Cove. She hadn’t even seen Yuna and her trio of girls for a while, though more recently she suspected she’d caught whiffs of the woman and her daughters lingering in the salty air. To some, it might seem lonely, but to Splash it was perfect. She knew where the other wolves lived, outside of her family, and could get there more and more swiftly as she grew, and the Cove’s quietness made it the introverted, yet outgoing, pup’s refuge and sanctuary.

“Fighting!!” She was going to learn that today?? Splash hopped in place, a bright grin plastering itself all over her dark face. Taking something from him? And her thievery being alright with him??? You didn’t have to ask her twice, the puppy wriggled her hips a couple of times with a devilish chuckle before pouncing at the whatever-it-was. Kinda smelled like one of the many plethora of scents at Bucky’s cache she’d visited, and blood, so it was easy for her to assume it was prey of some kind.
Something new to eat! All the more reason to nab it. And then run all the way down the beach making her uncle chase her because, well, why not? Sounded fun. She opened her jaws as she tried to latch her teeth into the leg? She thought it might be a leg.
A weird leg.

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Dante Wynter

It seemed his niece was going to approach this with the same enthusiasm she did everything, and Dante’s smirk widened a touch as she hopped in place for a moment.

It wasn’t difficult to see when she was going to pounce, but Dante wasn’t concerned about her getting over on him too soon- he had a paw over the limb, and she wasn’t going to snatch the leg and race off without him having something to say about it.

Dante watched her movements intently, and as the girl darted in close, Dante’s head shot down, jaws open to grasp at the scruff of her neck as she aimed down at the leg. He wouldn’t put much pressure behind the bite if he did manage to snag her- just enough to hold on- but he’d press down to try to push the kid down into the sand.

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Splash Aekyr-Laroche vtkk321

She trusted her uncle, entirely. She felt comfortable and non-threatened by him but when his jaws, however gentle, came down around the nape of her neck she yelped loudly. She’d just been going for the leg-thing and now!!!!
This was not the expected result here!! Aaaahhhhh!!!!
The pup’s chin and underside of her throat met the sand quickly enough, rear in the air and tail instinctively tucked, shoulders stiff with alarm. It only took but a second for her indignation to surface, followed by her confidence and good nature. “That’s no faiiiiiirrrrr!!! C’mon!!” She grumbled, hoping her grouch would hide her giggle as she wriggled slightly, snapping futilely at the distance between her nose and the leg beneath Dante’s paws before falling still fully. “I guess I kinda walked into that one, huh?”
She was already learning so much!

Apr 22, 2018 09:15 PM — Post #5

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Dante Wynter

The girl yelped when he grabbed her, but Dante knew it wasn’t a great feeling to have someone bite the back of your neck. Still, Dante held onto Splash’s scruff for a moment, until she’d dropped down into the sand was started to complain. She sounded a little miffed, but wasn’t ready to call it quits yet. Good.

She seemed to realize her error, and Dante rumbled his agreement.

Ain’t no such thing as a fair fight, kiddo,” he said gruffly, but with a lopsided grin, showing his teeth in a semblance of the reckless youth he’d been. “It comes down to who gets to walk away and who dies, if that’s how it’s gotta be.” He snorted. She wasn’t too young to know the consequences of a fight, and Dante had no illusions of sparing her the details. “Can’t just rush in. Gotta make damn sure you protect your neck- someone gets ya there an’ that’ll end the fight real quick.

He swept the deer leg behind him, kicking it a few feet away from where he was standing and then backing up so that he was more or less standing over it, resetting the distance between them. He kept his head and neck just below shoulder level, his chin angled downward as he eyed Splash, facing her once more.

Her move.

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Splash Aekyr-Laroche vtkk321

Dante soon let the pup up, and she hopped to her feet with a couple of bounces, shaking it off and letting him back up, resetting her own stance as she took in her uncle’s words.
No such thing as a fair fight? Wow.
This was intense, huh? Splash loved it already. This had to be the most fun she’d had in a while, for sure. Protect her neck. No such thing as fair, don’t rush in. Be the one to walk away, obviously.
She was learning so much already! Her hips wriggled as the puppy tried to copy Dante’s stance, eyeing him with significantly more caution than the last time she’d gone pouncing after the leg. Trying to get around him wouldn’t work. Going beneath, she was too big. Even with Dante’s large build Splash was quickly gaining on him. Nevertheless, the puppy was entirely unaware of just how big she was compared to others of her species.

Maybe….Like a crab? The way they snapped at her ankles if she let them was annoying, but Splash was wayyyyy more ferocious and amazing than any old crab, obviously. But they might have the right idea, right? Worst case scenario she got pinned by Uncle Dante again. So with a hop, and an excite feint, the younger wolf hopped forward straight for her uncle again, but much lower this time. She nip at his ankles! That’d show him, and make him move so she could steal the leg like the glorious leg-stealer she was.

Apr 24, 2018 10:03 PM — Post #7

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Dante Wynter

Splash gave a more considered approach this time, though it was clear that this was still very much a game to her. Not that that was a bad thing, especially when they were just starting out.

He was pleased to see that she’d picked up on his stance, lowering herself into a more defensive position before she started toward him again.

Dante kept his head low, knowing that she would go for the leg again. Giving her something to focus on, a goal to reach for, seemed like a better approach than just telling her to attack him, and he was glad to see she was so focused on the task.

Still, he wasn’t going to make it easy for her. She feinted to one side and dove in to nip at his leg. Dante whirled in place, aiming a precise bite at the girl’s own hind leg, turning his jaws so he could attempt to firmly grip the thicker part of her nearest hind leg, well above the hock. It was an uncomfortable spot to be bitten, with the potential to cause a lot of damage to the large groups of muscle there- though of course that wasn’t his intention.

The motion might be enough to dislodge her grip on him, had she held on- otherwise, he didn’t let it concern him for the time being.

i figured she was going for his hind leg, but lemme know if i need to change anything!

Apr 26, 2018 10:24 AM — Post #8

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