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Peregrine Isabel

His legs twitched in his sleep, but as much as it looked as though he was probably running through a meadow of happiness, a nightmare had wriggled into his mind, worming through until it reached his insecurities and wickedly exploited them.

“You brat!” the voice bellowed. Except this time it wasn’t the voice of the light-furred stranger. It was clear enough for him to understand that it was one of his brothers, but as with all dreams, his brain twisted it to blur the line between the difference of his brothers’ voices. All he knew was that it was one of his beloved brothers.

“NO!” Peregrine shrieked in protest, thundering across the ground toward the black blur of a brother. He ran, every ounce of determination fueling his advancement. But with every passing step, his size only shrunk. What once could have been the full force of a bulldozer crashing into the blurred yearling was no equivalent to a flea springing onto its new victim.

The distance grew as his size fell down to the size of an ant. His legs tired. Everything began to spin. And suddenly he found himself atop a tree, wings nestled into his fur as if they’d been there all along. Without his command, they unfolded themselves and stretched out beside him. Taking a leap of faith, Peregrine pushed himself forward, allowing himself to glide with the breeze. The mood of the dream had shifted entirely. It seemed placid. His brother was no longer calling him a brat. But as soon as things started to feel peaceful, the tips of his feathers began to crumble into dark sand, weighing him down and messing with the balance of his wings. Down he fell until water wrapped itself around him. “Stupid lake!” he heard, voice crisp and clear despite the fact that he was underwater.

Peregrine awoke with a start. He gulped in air much like he would have had he actually been drowning. He looked around, making sure he was in the right world. No wings. No blurry brothers. He was the right size in relation to everything around him. Everything seemed normal. Gradually, his heartbeat normalized.

It had just been a bad dream.

Apr 11, 2018 08:36 PM

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Misha Kori

These mountains had not been an easy crossing. But it was a necessary one for him. Before her death, his sister had pointed him in the direction of the valley, stating that there were many souls to cleanse here. First, though, he had to cross the mountains.

The lanky male plodded along the shoreline, sniffing casually as he went. The night was silent here. It seemed to be devoid of life, except for the crickets. But even then, their dull hum seemed to be strangely quiet.

So it was no surprise that he could hear the faint gasping and gulping from further down the shore. Was there someone dying here?

The shadows at the edge seemed to become agitated at the possibility. They were angry, he knew.

He moved with swiftness towards where he could see the small figure, hoping to help.


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