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Ancell Gabriel Lucas

Ancell was not a good hunter.

His affinity had always been more towards plants and medicine. He hadn’t had the chance to properly learn any medicine, of course, but he did manage to find out some things by himself through trial and error. Alas, a boy had to eat. And when a boy was a poor hunter, he had to conjure up something more… creative.

Tonight, Ancell was eating berries.

His maw was stained red with them, the juice dripping down his chin. They wouldn’t hold his hunger for long, but they would do for the night. Besides, Ancell was not complaining. He was holding up alright all by himself. The only problem was that the bush was running out of berries, and Ancell was still kind of hungry. He could see a few, deeper in the bush. He only had to stick his muzzle into it, open up a small hole, and just… eat them. It was easy enough, in theory. In practise, it was different.

In practise, Ancell had gotten his muzzle stuck in a bush, and there was a stick up his nose. Help.

Apr 12, 2018 04:17 PM

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Samaya Sundown Quinn Staff

Finding her Tyrell was proving to be a lot more difficult than she’d first imagined. She’d lost whatever hint of scent she’d thought she’d picked up on, and now she was wandering aimlessly. It was frustrating.

No one seemed to know him or where he might be and it was ridiculous. The last two wolves she’d come across hadn’t been much help either - even with Crixus’ offer to have whatever wolf he’d been talking about keep an eye on the valley for her. Samaya rolled her eyes at nothing in particular and continued on.

She was unaware of the wolf some distance off, caught up in a bush. She was too worried about herself, at this point. Too absorbed in her own woes to even think about worrying about someone else.

Tyrell was not supposed to be this hard to find. She stomped her paw and kept walking.

/// She should be within hearing distance, maybe. srry in advance for this girl. x3

Apr 13, 2018 10:43 AM — Post #1

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Ancell Gabriel Lucas

Soft whimpers had begun leaving him, face twisted in discomfort as Ancell tried to free himself and only ended up lodging the twig deeper. Oh no. Ooooh no. He didn’t want to panic, but he kind of was, struggling against the bush with his paws digging into the earth. This wouldn’t do, it wouldn’t do at all. He’d stay there forever, and then he’d die.

He’d really rather not.

Ancell pulled his head back, hard, and felt the twig tear into the inside of his nostril- a loud yelp of pain escaped him, and Ancell went very, very still, breathing shallowly. He did not know how to deal with this.

ooc;; hello samaya have fun torturing my boy

Apr 15, 2018 06:28 AM — Post #2

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Samaya Sundown Quinn Staff

Even as focused as she was on just. Being internally angry about nothing going exactly how she wanted it to, she wasn’t so unaware that she wouldn’t notice a yelp. Not to mention she could hear struggling now and she’d caught the scent of wolf. For a moment, she thought a fight might have broken out, but she could only smell a singular wolf.

Narrowing her eyes in the vague direction of the sound, she considered going on her way - leaving behind whatever wolf had gone and got themselves hurt. In a meadow, no less.


What if this wolf had seen Tyrell. She had to ask every single soul she came across. If she skipped a wolf and that wolf knew him, she might never find him. Gritting her teeth, she marched in that direction.

And it didn’t take long for a white figure to catch her attention but the site that greeted her thoroughly confused her. The wolf had his head shoved into a bush. Kind of just…standing there?

Samaya just stood for a moment, stared. Totally expected the wolf to remove his head from the bush and whatever he was doing in there to pay attention to her, because hello?? She was right here, thanks.

Uh, what are you doing?”

Apr 16, 2018 10:48 PM — Post #3

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