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Into the Glade, by the Milk Light of Moon
[continuation] Cont. with Montauk

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Sheyna Vyla

Overhead, a star shot sky of deepest navy had begun to hemorrhage with black. The clouds, previously pregnant with condensation, had dispersed as so much vapor over the lake. This had revealed bare, celestial windows up into the clear heavens overhead. As a pale scythe blade of moon ascended the sky in her climb, two wolves below contrived together in pursuit of prey.

Sheyna led the way through the bowers of verdure and vines. Her paws followed the game trail as she nosed her way deeper in. It smelled gloriously of damp earth in the swathe of willows. Many different varieties of smells were theirs for discernment. Stepping deftly, breathing deeply, Sheyna was aware of the quickening in her pulse. The moon devoured shadows of the glade arranged themselves into grey scale clarity as her night vision sharpened.

The deeper in they ventured, the more omnipresent the sound of running water became. Furrows of water bled into trenches, some into little pools. From here on out it would be impossible to keep their paws dry. She acknowledged Montauk with a bump of her flank against his.

For a moment, she was still as she gained her bearings. Nostrils flared, Sheyna snuffed at the bark of an obliging tree. Wispy vestiges of scent stuck to the woody trunk. Excitement smoldered in the she-wolf’s stout heart as the suggestion of potential prey was detected. Something of respectable size had urinated nearby and brushed against this tree- and not terribly long ago.

((omg Thank you, Madison! I feel the same about Montauk- love him! :) ))

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Montauk Danzai Madison

(you’re so sweet! :‘D)

Hours upon hours spent traveling had rendered Montauk easily exhausted. Heaviness tugged at his eyelids and threatened to clamp his vision away from the world, his muscles feeling like they could collapse his body at any moment. He wouldn’t admit that he was tired, but having walked most of the day only to remain awake into the night produced an unanticipated drag on his bones that made it just a little harder to focus on their search.

Of course, he would try. Even if it was just a sniff of a tree here or a snuffle under a bush there. He didn’t want her to think he was being lazy. He even took a moment to watch the way she flew through the green with zeal, and the contagiousness of her hunter’s fervor would catch him off guard and he would quicken his pace to investigate with her before a dull thrum in the back of his head reminded him of the tantalizing siren song of sleep. But he made an effort to shake it away. It would only make their post-gorging slumber that much sweeter.

Besides, the sudden moisture welling up around his paws served to shock him back to awareness the further they walked into the willows. Montauk felt her flank brush against his and raised his head, blinking into the starlight that rendered everything shades of black and silver. His head canted to the side as he watched her swerve toward a tree and, curious, followed to get a good mouthful of the scent clinging to its bark. It coiled against the roof of his mouth and evoked a surge of hungry saliva between his teeth. Montauk sought her eyes, hopeful that this would be the target of their pursuit.

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Sheyna Vyla

The humid air of the glade seemed to thicken. The moonlight had long since dimmed, unable to penetrate the masonry of tree boughs. Diminished now into a dappling of rare pearly light, the moon hung as a silent sentinel over the hunting grounds.

Relentles in their hunt, Sheyna was encouraged by the evidence of prey. She lifted her muzzle to sniff noses with Montauk, meeting his gaze with an alert expression. When that had been satisfied, her nose returned to its ceaseless questing about.

Sheyna scouted, belly low to the ground as she tracked the faint smell trail. An agitated swat of her tail suggested she had found something decidedly fresher. The wolfess stalked forward, following the scent. Stepping in the wake of the creature that had traveled through here, it took only a few tense minutes before Sheyna bristled from nape to flank.

A shelter of snaking limbs stood out before them, a sort of lean-to comprised of ancient and interlaced willow vines. It was also where the trail of smell ended. Tail rigidly flagged high in the air, Sheyna was a statue until Montauk drew near. The whites of her teeth shone in a bared expression of bestial readiness. The timber wolf lowered herself into a stance prepared to spring.

An idle rustling from within the refuge was all it took to break the trip wire of tension Sheyna had been storing in her muscles.

The female launched herself into the willowed shelter and thus the fray began. A lone buckling, half asleep and yet to grow out his antlers to their fullest, bawled out in surprise as she attacked. Her jaws snapped prematurely and struck empty air! The buckling had popped up off of the ground and was twisting about with agonizing deftness. Yet, before he could make his escape, Sheyna’s maw fastened like a trap around his hind leg. Dropping her body to the ground to anchor him, she unhitched the deer’s footing.

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Montauk Danzai Madison

Montauk’s tail lashed as he met her gaze. It seemed they had detected the same prey, and shared the same thought - it was time to track it down and make it theirs. He followed swiftly, lagging just a few feet behind at her side as he pulled himself through the brush. As if on instinct, he reverted to a hunter’s stature: light on his feet, nose twitching as he sought out the warm smell of life and the feeling of a heartbeat on the air. His paws evaded the slick slopes of rain-carved gorges through the mud, opting for the fold of soft grasses that might cushion the sound of his approach.

He watched her with admiration, the way she easily wove through the undergrowth as if she already had eyes on their prey. It took considerable self control not to get himself lost in the vision of the woman, her narrow hips (that might look delightfully voluptuous with steady feeding, woe, the life of a starving rogue) and her rippling fur, the attractive texture of her musculature beneath. His tongue slipped free from his lips to wet his nose, relishing the revival in strength of both her smell and that of their target.

When she paused, Montauk took those last few steps to catch up with her, his gaze falling on the willowed structure ahead of them. His jaws cracked open a sliver, breathing in. The ambrosial taste of deer prompted another wave of saliva to surge from his teeth. He honed in on the willows, searching for visuals.

Then, a rustle. Sheyna took off without warning and Montauk followed his instincts, launching after her.

He just barely saw her miss her first lunge and stiffened his legs so that he could jump to the side, hoping to cut off the young buck if it made an attempt to escape. But before it even had a chance to run, Sheyna had snagged its leg. A bugle of alarm cut across the silence and fired his primal instincts to lunge, to sink his teeth into something. Montauk snarled and dove for the buck’s front leg opposite of the side Sheyna had secured, and after some struggling, hopping back and forth to dodge the buck’s swinging antlers, grabbed its elbow and tugged.

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Sheyna Vyla

The raucously embattled wolves had split the peace of the glade. Serenading insects abruptly canceled their litany as roosting birds evacuated the tree tops in flurries of cawing rebuke. The bellows of the young buck were loud and unceasing. The tang of his blood had touched her tongue and Sheyna knew she would not stop until he was dead. She had never clutched anything so tightly in her jaws as she did now.

Sheyna became aware of Montauk close by; aware of his lending of teeth and muscle. Again, she was glad of him in this hunt. Though victory was not yet won, she felt her huntress’ instincts flare with vicious resolve. Soon, her own muffled snarls joined Montauk’s as the buckling was seized at the elbow and drawn down into taking a knee. Sheyna had bitten high up on the leg, into the thigh. Unable to kick, the squalling beast heaved against the gravity of their bites.

Slowly, they battled the fight from the animal. Wild eyed and panting, the buckling’s lanky legs struck out feebly, his energy apparently too sapped to crash about anymore. When their quarry reared his slender neck back in a swing of desperation, Sheyna took the opportunity to spin on her hind heels and attack. The buckling seized for a second when she took him at the throat, just under his jawline. The risk of her charge had worked.

Wrenching at his throat, she wanted to shake but, due to his considerable heft, she could only employ her trick of dropping her body as low as she could. Since the animal had been partially bowed towards the grounds anyways, thanks to Montauk, easing him the rest of the way down had not been too difficult.

Soon, the deer began to foam at the mouth and utter muffled, wheezing gasps that grew ever weaker. Sheyna herself, for the first time, felt the belated flirtation of exhaustion that was owed her. Her neck, her shoulders, and especially her jaw were burning with tension that ached for relief. Teeth still pinned into the column of the deer’s throat, Sheyna looked over the bump of her nose at Montauk. She wondered lushly if the sensation of prey expiring in their jaws excited him as it did her.

It wouldn’t be long now.

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