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right outside of sandstone gorge, evening, hunting antelope

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Sybil Madeline

After her run-in with Amelie, Sybil continued to linger around the area.  As promised.

The girl was no doubt stubborn, she could get the hint, but she would take it in her own way. It wasn’t exactly to spite the toddler, but instead far from it. Sybil was just trying to get by, and she wasn’t exactly afraid to show her dedication and determination for doing it. She held a lizard in her mouth, it was spiky and it was rather squishy. Oddly enough, it was a delicacy that was far and few between. There seemed to be some sort of pattern here.

Either some sort of sick coincidence or she was just that damn lucky.

However, she engulfed it rather quickly, and while it subsided her hunger for the moment and stilled the crave for fresh meat, her attention was pulled at a snorting noise. Pivoting her ear for a moment, she attempted to pin-point it. A small herd of antelope, a male and his harem of females, no doubt pulled in from the expanses of the desert for greener pastures or the promise of water. Just like she had been. Luckily, they hadn’t noticed her yet. Sure, her coloration stood out in the daylight, but once the evening transpired and the last limbs of daylight crept over the horizon to engulf the land in shadows, she had an advantage. She blended in with both the shadows and the land around her.

Green eyes scanned the herd patiently, leveled herself down into the sand, hidden behind the crook of a stone slab and just waited. The scent of nearby wolves obviously caused the antelope to stand on guard and become visibly more agitated, so sneaking up on them with barely any cover wouldn’t do. All she could do was wait for one of them to make a wrong move - whatever it was, be it a trip, or something as simple as looking the wrong way for a specific amount of time, she would take it.

Apr 14, 2018 07:24 PM

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