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Feels Like Forever
[summons] Riverside Hollow | Full Autumn | Morning | Overcast | Howling for his family!

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Sunfall Chris Staff

Sunfall was still limping a bit, having taken it a bit too roughly on his still healing leg, but enough was enough! He couldn’t wait to be back with his family, even as he wrinkled his nose at the multitude of stink coming from the borders. He didn’t know half those wolves. And he no longer cared to - once he had the kids organized, Sunfall’s time at the Sanctuary would be over. Sunfall had had a lot of time to think while he was sniffing out rapists in the stone hills. He’d done his last good deed to keep his pack safe, devoted months to border patrols, but now it was time to move on, somewhere he’d be appreciated.

At least he had his family for that. Well, his kids, even if his mate had her doubts now.  Who knew, maybe she’d come to her senses and stopped blaming Catrine for all their problems, he thought optimistically. He was letting out a big broad howl even before he got there.

He then strode on towards the borders, tail already up and wagging. “Finn! Dawnfrost! Sebastian! Guess who’s back! Saski!” He barked up a ruckus, beaming all over his face.

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Apr 16, 2018 06:44 AM

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Sebastian Lei

Sebastian’s ears immediately perked forward at the sound of a low howl, a howl that he hadn’t heard in ages! Dad?! Was he really back? Finally! The boy’s tail began to wag happily behind him as he quickly jumped up to all four paws.

Where was he? Where did that howl come from? The boys amber eyes scanned the area around him, Sunfall had to be close. Sebastian had taken the day to explore more of the Sanctuary, more of the home he expected to grow up in; though his adventures could wait. Dad was back home!

The boys small snout stuck to the air as he sniffed for the familiar scent, and once he had got it, he took off. Like a bullet, Sebastian ran to his father’s call. God this was exciting! He was home! Sebastian wanted to hear ALL about what had happened, was the bad man gone? Was that why so many other wolves and pups were here now? Was their father a hero? Sebastian wanted to know.

It didn’t take long for a golden hued outline to peek out from the horizon and Sebastian’s heart immediately drummed in his chest. Dad.

“Dad!”He bellowed out a large bark, his voice was getting deeper now after all. And within seconds, the boy made his way towards his father, a wide grin across his muzzle.

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Saski Isskera Lei

Saski had found herself this morning lounging outside, her tail wrapped around her body and her head resting delicately against her outstretched legs. She lied out in the sun, basking in the warm weather that was finally upon them. And although this seemed like a regular day, it clearly was not.

For after a few minutes of dozing off, a sound brushed past her ears; a howl. A howl? Her ears perked forward and shifted towards the sound, her head rising from her legs as she stared out at the world around her. Could it be? No… Was she hearing things again? This was definitely a possibility. The autumn toned female carefully rose up, sniffing the air around her as she waited for the wind to carry her a scent.


Her emerald eyes moved towards his location, the sound of the howl, and to where she knew he would be. She wasn’t sure what she was feeling in that moment. Dread? Happiness? Either feeling was twisting her stomach in ways she could not recognize as good or bad. For so long he had been goon. It had felt like ages. And for so long she had time to think, about herself, and about him. They had left on terrible terms whether he knew it or not and Saski just wasn’t sure anymore….

But a part of her was relieved to know that he had made it out safely. That he hadn’t perished back in the desert. That he had made it home. But for their future? She wasn’t quite sure yet.

Though with a smile across her lips, she bounded towards him with an elegant gait, her tail aimlessly swaying behind her. She had been so broken before, but slowly, with the time for herself, she was putting back the pieces. Slowly.

“Sunfall?” She called out, her voice honey like and confident for a change as she grew closer towards the golden silhouette in the distance. Her tail briefly wagged behind her as she grew closer and closer towards her mate.

((She’s within seeing distance, just not completely there yet!))

Apr 16, 2018 10:29 AM — Post #2

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Dawnfrost Kori

Dawnfrost was sleeping. Though normally one would find her testing the borders, she’d exhausted herself the night before.

See, she’d been trying to hunt at night, when she knew nobody would be watching. And good thing too, as she’d not been able to catch anything and she probably looked like a fool while doing it.

It had been a frustrating night.

The sound in the distance began to wake her up. She blinked open her eyes, letting out a groan. Who was making all that noise?

Then it clicked.

“Daddy!” It was shrill, that scream.

She lept to her feet, then ran off towards where she heard the sound, stumbling a little as she went.

Apr 16, 2018 01:24 PM — Post #3

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Finn Zoi

The boy heard the call, but when it came down to it there were things that had not come to pass. While Sunfall had chosen much of his life in a way that seemed to suit him, he found his paws riveted against the cool ground. Fall had come full blast, and there had been scarce a scream. Scarcely anything.

Finn was growing up. At seven months, there was little in the mean of a doubt. It was a dangerous thing to behold the regret, the feelings of wonder. Finn had seen plenty in the months Sunfall had been gone, and had learned more.

He didn’t even sleep with his family, anymore. He hadn’t in quite some time. While he loved them, significantly so, it had been Sunfall which had held them together. While the curiosity nibbled wondering if his Father had changed half the amount Finn had - there was resentment. Sunfall had abandoned his family for almost a season, and everyone was running to grovel to him.

Finn had missed his father, arguably, most; he had pined. He had fought his will not to cross the boundaries and follow the male South for weeks.

Now he stood, tears stinging his eyes, feeling the full weight of the anger. Sunfall wasn’t dead. Everything was fine.

But it wasn’t.

Everything. Absolutely everything. Was broken.

And a lot of it, as Sebastian had long identified, was Sunfall’s fault.

The boy turned to move to the hollow, back to where the wolves who hadn’t walked all over his heart lay.


Apr 16, 2018 05:22 PM — Post #4

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Sunfall Chris Staff

Sunfall made a limping run towards Sebastian, the first of his children to appear. “Bastian!” He laughed, delight obvious at seeing how much his dark-furred boy had grown. “Look at you boy, you’re as tall as me!” He laughed, nuzzling his face, but only for a moment until he heard Saski’s shout. Well, hopefully she was happier about matters again. “Saski, over here!” He barked, before a golden flash of fur revealed his daughter, and with a grin at Bastian he went to greet her, wishing his stupid leg let him run at his usual pell-mell speed. She had grown enormous too, almost as tall as him and stocky like he was, but the same old puppyish energy infused her every strand of fur. “Dawnfrost! Man, I missed you guys!” His tail wagged wildly behind him, all shining mismatched eyes and grinning face.

He spotted Finn from the corner of his eye and turned his head.

Right. Sunfall knew the signs of ‘angry teenage boy’. “Finn! Come on!” He barked, pleading for a chance to explain, but it looked like his eldest was gone already. He signed. Not as easy to win over Finn as it was Dawnfrost and Sebastian, then. He’d have to go talk to him, father to son.

“You guys, I want to hear EVERYTHING!”

Apr 16, 2018 08:53 PM — Post #5

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Sebastian Lei

Sebastian bounded towards his father with a light but proud gait, his chest slightly puffed in the air as he marveled at his size. Yes, he was the youngest, but he was catching up! He was a bit lankier than the rest, but his height was definitely a win compared to his siblings. Perhaps, this was his in into impressing his father.

The boy’s tail wagged behind him as he returned the nuzzle against his father. He had missed him, definitely, and a part of him worried for his father’s return. He wasn’t sure if he would have made it, but of course, he was proven wrong. Sebastian had so many questions. What was it like? Did he finally kill the bad guy? Did they win? Was he a hero? He wanted to know everything.

Though, he also knew this was not the time to ask. Dawnfrost was coming and so was their mom. Each of them, he presumed would want a chance to reunite. Although, there was one wolf missing; and Sebastian was quick to notice.


Of course he didn’t show up. Although the two boys didn’t have the strongest relationship in the world, he knew where his brother’s anger lied. Did he finally stop blaming their mother after all this time? He wasn’t sure, but a part of him felt as though the two of them should have a talk. Brother to brother.

It was time for him to step up, Sebastian knew this. If his brother was going to focus on the negatives of this family, then Bastian needed to be the glue that held the lot of them together; at least he could do that much.

Though focusing away from those thoughts, he watched as both his mother and his sister reunited from their father’s long journey before speaking up. His eyes turned towards his father and glimmered with interest as he spoke up, “Homes boring. What was it like fighting in the Desert? Did you kill the bad guy, dad?”

Apr 16, 2018 09:32 PM — Post #6

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Saski Isskera Lei

She felt as though her heart had momentarily stopped beating as her eyes met Sunfall’s. She wasn’t sure how to react, how to be or how to feel. Things had been so fucked before that now a part of her worried about the consequences. What was there to salvage? Could they forget everything? Was Sunfall still out to control her? She had so many questions but she knew she couldn’t ask any of them amongst their pups.

A part of her felt like a terrible mom, and she wondered if Sunfall was disappointed in her. Not from their end, but from a parent’s point of view. Finn had been moody to say the least, wanting to step up and be the best at everything that he had even stopped sleeping with the rest of the family. He had distanced himself and she doubted that talking to him would do very much as of right now. She knew he needed his space and his time to be independent, but she was also partly disappointed at the fact that he did not show up to his father’s return.

Sighing to herself, she carefully made her way towards her mate, a gentle smile across her lips. She watched as he moved through their pups, acknowledging each one of them with a smile and a wolfish hug—but she also noticed his limp. What had happened out there?

She worried, but did not immediately say a thing; unsure if Sunfall would take it the wrong way.

Though when she did get closer towards him, she moved in to nuzzle her nose into his fur; hopeful that he wouldn’t pull away. “Welcome home,” she murmured.

Apr 16, 2018 09:45 PM — Post #7

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Dawnfrost Kori

As soon as she caught up, she danced around Sunfall in sheer excitement. She just couldn’t contain herself.

She heard Seb’s question and her eyes immediately lit up.

“Ya, did you?” she asked brightly. That would be really cool!

But she also had her own news to share. Her dancing stopped, but she continued to wiggle a little.

“I’m gonna be a hunter! I’m gonna help the pack!”

It was real important, this news.

Apr 16, 2018 10:05 PM — Post #8

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Sunfall Chris Staff

The kids danced around, reminding Sunfall of just how much he’d missed them. Saski came to press into his fur, and in the excitement of being home he’d forgotten things were strained between them. He nuzzled between her ears, then laughed at the kids’ eager questions.

He’d deal with Finn later, figure out his wayward eldest puppy. For now, he wanted to enjoy being home.

“I sure did kill him.” He announced cheerily, as if he were talking about bringing a rabbit back to the cache. “Well, we killed him, the whole team. Elliot’s whole pack’s broken up now, there isn’t any more danger.” He beamed, giving them all a moment to bask in his glory. “Oh yeah Dawnfrost? You and me’ll have to go hunting soon, okay?” He promised. But his daughter also wanted to help the pack, which he was sure Saski wouldn’t like.

“We need to have a talk about the pack, kids, but let’s go settle down in our pine trees hey?” He didn’t want to admit it, but pushing himself so hard had left his leg sore after a nasty infection around the bite. Cassian had warned him not to travel so soon but shockingly, Sunfall hadn’t listened to his healer friend.

He needed to be back with his family. Here. Here was where he belonged.

Apr 17, 2018 06:07 AM — Post #9

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Sebastian Lei

A single ear flickered to the side at the sound of his sister’s voice leak into the air around them. She too was going to be a hunter? For the pack? A part of him wondered what he could do for the pack. It seemed as though both Dawnfrost AND Finn already had ideas and already had goals, but he, he was left behind once again. He couldn’t run much, meaning hunting would be difficult—especially if he was trying to take down big prey. He knew this. His heart was his only drawback. So what could he do in this pack? He wasn’t too sure… And though he tried not to think about it much, it was definitely growing to be more difficult as he saw both his siblings improve.

Despite his thoughts, Sebastian smiled towards his sister and then moved his attention back towards his father; his tail still wagging happily behind him. He watched with a hopeful look as his parents reconciled, their touch seeming as if everything was completely okay between them. That was good, right? It had to be.

Though when Elliot’s death was brought up, Sebastian’s interest immediately locked onto that. He wanted to know EVERYTHING. ”What else happened? What was it like?”

Sebastian, though, noticed his father’s limp as well and when he offered to change locations, his head fell to the side. Was his father okay? “Are you hurt?”

Apr 17, 2018 10:19 AM — Post #10

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Saski Isskera Lei

Saski’s heart felt as though it melted momentarily at the touch of her mate. She could feel his body against hers, his nose along her ears; and for a moment, Saski felt happy. Relieved. Safe. Her worries disappearing within an instant. Her tail wagged behind her and she warmly smiled up at him as she watched her kids ask him a million questions.

This felt like home, she concluded to herself. Although they had their issues, so did everyone else. For a moment, she felt as though they could forget everything. Get back to where they used to be. Be a united force and hopefully fix their broken, little family.

Though when Sunfall mentioned the pine trees, Sebastian brought up a good point and a concerned look fell across her emerald stare. Yeah, Sunfall. What the hell happened? Her eyes moved towards his leg, already knowing he was limping, and then moved back towards his bi-colored eyes, “What happened out there?” She asked softly, her voice quieter than usual. “How badly are you hurt, Sunfall?”

If it was an emergency, they should get Cassian here—he was home too right? He came back with Sunfall? Cassian would know what to do if this was more serious than Sunfall made it believe.

Apr 17, 2018 10:24 AM — Post #11

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Dawnfrost Kori

“Wooow,” she said in awe. He actually went out and defeated a whole pack not just one guy!

Seb went and asked for more details, which she definitely wanted to know too.

She nodded enthusiastically to Sunfall’s suggestion of hunting. She had to get better at that because she simply couldn’t let Finn get ahead of her.

“Ya, the pack will want to see you! You were gone a long time.”

She heard her brother’s question about the injury, which she looked at almost immediately after he pointed it out.

“Looks bad,” she noted, “but it’ll get better.”

There was a smile on her face. The seriousness of the situation was a little lost on her right now.

Apr 19, 2018 03:56 PM — Post #12

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Sunfall Chris Staff

He winced a bit at the mention of being gone a long time, though Dawnfrost wasn’t as pissy about it as Finn apparently was with him. “I know, I know, and I’m sorry. I’m not hurt bad, that bastard Elliot bit me and it got infected, but Cassian gave me some herbs for it.” Then told him not to travel on it yet which was of course EXACTLY what Sunfall had done, but sue him. He needed to get back to his family.

“Come on, let’s go sit down.” He encouraged his family, minus one, and limped back towards the pines. Ahhhh. It was good to be here, even if it wasn’t technically home anymore.

“Okay, so. At first when we got there it was the most boring thing ever. Elliot was hiding from us, and he had two territories, one in the forest filled with this weird cave. So we spent ages searching, trying to track him down. Poor old Nima kicked it when a snake bit her though, she didn’t even get to see the mission through. But finally it unraveled when Elliot and his last remaining woman got into a fight with somebody else, not one of our crew, but whoever it was killed her and left him injured. We found Elliot after that, finally killed his ugly ass. He only had three kids left there, so I left them to the other wolves to send somewhere safe, since they didn’t want to come join their siblings here. Uh, then my damn leg got infected so Cassian looked after me for a while.”

Apr 19, 2018 08:30 PM — Post #13

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Sebastian Lei

While Sebastian wasn’t as angry as his brother was towards his father’s departure, he knew that just a plain ol’ sorry was not going to fix the mess this family was in. That much Sebastian knew. He also knew that if his father went and tried to say that to Finn, it would not go well. His brother was growing up, Sebastian could see this, but instead of being cool-headed like himself and his sister, Finn was a loose cannon at times. He could go off very easily and his anger seemed to be something that burrowed beneath his skin like a tick.

But that was neither here nor there, right now, all Sebastian wanted to do was spend time with his family—at least have a few good moments before Finn ruined everything; cause he knew he would.

As they made their way towards the pines, Sebastian’s eyes grew wide at the story his father was telling. Imagination was all Sebastian had to illustrate the scenes, but his thoughts did suffice—maybe even made Sunfall’s travels even grander. His tail wagged every so often as he just watched in awe as the words slipped from his father’s lips. It sounded amazing.

Not the killing part of course, Sebastian still had his qualms with killing other wolves, but the whole story in general was what got Sebastian going. His dad sounded like a king, a knight, a warrior—and that’s all Sebastian wanted to be in the end. He wanted to grow up to be a wolf that everyone looked up towards, wanted, needed, and trusted. He wanted to be a protector. A knight in shining armor. He wanted the world to rain with love and peace, and if he had to make it happen himself, he would.

“So now what, dad? Since the bad man is gone, what’s next?” The boy was curious to know, what were their next moves. It seemed as though ever since he was born that all his father cared about was fighting and killing off Elliot. He had disappeared at such a prime time when his pups were growing up that now he was curious to know what the family would do…what was their purpose here?

Apr 19, 2018 10:56 PM — Post #14

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Saski Isskera Lei

Her ears briefly fell at the sound of Sunfall’s apologies and Dawnfrost’s words. He had been gone a long time and a part of Saski feared that their pups would be effected by his absence; subconsciously or not. Finn was effected, that was for sure, and there was no talking to mom or dad about it. She had seen that. He was set in his ways and she feared that this might be the breaking point between their family. Finn always seemed to resent her in some way, and while she could understand where it had come from, it broke her heart every time. Sunfall was his favorite and she knew this, she accepted this, but what would happen when both parents were on the outs in Finn’s opinion? What then?

She worried, but she did not speak out about them. Not now. Not when the rest of their children were around them. They did not need to be burden by those thoughts, but she knew her and Sunfall were going to need to have a talk. Many talks, that is, but it had to start with Finn.

As they made their way towards the pines, Saski watched with a concerned look across her gaze as Sunfall ambled beside them. He was limping and while he did not make it a “big deal”, Saski feared the worst. He always thought things were no big deals, thinking that he was invincible; but he was not. He was a wolf. And the worst was always possible.

He spoke of his story and while it seemed as though the pups were enthralled by it, Saski was not. She wanted to know more about the limp. What Cassian said. Where he was. Why he thought it was a good idea for Sunfall to wander back on home when he was injured. Halfway through the story, Saski gently nudged her mate at his language when he got to explaining Elliot. Listen, their pups were getting older but they were still impressionable.

“Where’s Cassian now?” She asked, only half-knowing the answer. She assumed he wasn’t here yet, she hadn’t smelled him and it was just like Sunfall to leave despite another’s advice. “Are you sure your leg is okay, love?”

Apr 19, 2018 11:03 PM — Post #15

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