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[summons] any ew | beyond borders, ev. caverns in sight | full autumn | afternoon

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Arren Thorn Jill

Arren… really didn’t have a great explanation for why he was doing what he was doing.

In the time it took him to find what smelled to be the Evergreen’s stronghold—not the most difficult task, given his nose still worked rather well despite his aching joints and worsening sight—he’d thought about a lot of things. His ex-mate. His sons. His old pack and old friends.

Mostly, he wondered what they’d think, if they knew what he wished to do now.

What-Ifs and Could’ve-Beens hadn’t ever really held him back, though. And on the rare chance they had, it had never been for long. He wasn’t a backwards-looking wolf, when the future continued to loom before him just as brightly as it had in his youth. His hope that that wouldn’t change gave him the resolve to approach the sloping boulders in a small clearing of the woods.

The Wolves’ scent was strong here.

Rathbone’s words rattled in his mind. Lots of pups around, he’d been cautioned. Hoping not to disturb whichever families resided here, when he howled at last, his was a short, quiet one. He could still tell though, from the rumbling in his chest, his voice had carried far.

He sat beside an aged pine tree, tapping his tail against what dry leaf litter had been blown in from other sectors of the woods.

Apr 16, 2018 07:05 PM

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Name Player
Adhara Fitzroy Madison

(i’m leaving what happened in the hunt thread vague!)

The leaves were in full-blown metamorphosis now. It was unlike anything she had ever seen. All her (short) life, she had known the leaves of be small, and then big, broad, bright green, and sometimes they would fall and drift on the air, and when they landed they would shrivel and turn brown, but not like what they were doing now. Still attached to the trees, they began to adopt a rainbow of different hues. Red, copper, yellow. Like the forest had been lit on fire.

Adhara was admiring the range of colours in the trees that afternoon. She had taken to walking rounds about the territory. Her near endless encounters with strangers were beginning to foster courage in her to frequent the borders, and by observation, she had taught herself to mark them as well. She assumed it was important - it was what kept unwanted strangers away from her home, after all, and Adhara had committed herself to protecting her packmates.

She wasn’t too far away when she heard the call. Curious, Adhara began to move toward it. She hesitated when she realized it wasn’t either of her parents, and it didn’t sound like Pharaoh, but if it was a bad wolf she could just as easily hide, or run away, couldn’t she?

Thankfully, she recognized the wolf when she drew nearer. A flash of fire-bright fur among the already burning autumnal brush. It was the stranger that had participated in the hunt.

Adhara uttered a bark of greeting as she trotted through the trees toward him, feeling safe enough that she didn’t need to hide herself.

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Auberon Fitzroy Matti

A strangers voice calling near his home was a good reason to go investigate, but a familiar voice was an even better reason. He approached with a quick step, emerging from within the caverns and squinting against the light for a moment until his eyes adjusted and he could see in the comparative brightness of the outdoor space.

“Hello,” he called, before he’d even finished looking around fully. He spotted the male who he knew he had recognized, and his sister’s bark drew his attention over to her. Adhara got a big grin and a wag of his tail as he padded across the clearing towards both of them.

“Good afternoon,” he greeted politely to the male, getting more of a hang for saying hello to other wolves. He wouldn’t call this guy a stranger, he wasn’t really a stranger. He had sort of hung around the pack, but Auberon hadn’t seen or smelled him here before. The dark boy wasn’t exactly sure what to classify Arren as. Not a packmate, but not a stranger, neither really a traveler seeing as the older male didn’t seem to go anywhere.

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Arren Thorn Jill

Sounds good, I’ll do the same. xP

As he sat, Arren considered how nice it would have been, to be approached by Rathbone. They were already acquainted, and if the timber-coated male recalled their encounter as fondly as Arren had, surely he’d be less than surprised to see him upon his pack’s borders.

The bark he received in response, when it came a few moments later, could never be mistaken as that of a muscular, older male like the Guardian. Before he ever turned his head, Arren knew the wolf approaching him was undoubtedly female. He was, however, pleasantly surprised to recognize her as one of the youngsters from the recent hunt.

His lips tipped upward into a lopsided grin, one that remained as another young voice called to him from the boundary of the caverns he could see some paces away. This pup, too, he recognized.

Well, what Rathbone proclaimed rang true. Lots of youths running about the forest, indeed.

Deep in his belly, Arren chuckled.

“Afternoon,” he drawled in his warm twang, returning the boy’s greeting with a wag of his tail, too. “Uh… Auberon, Adhara, Asa?” He prattled off the few names he’d recalled from their initial encounter in the woods, narrowing his eyes in a rare display of uncertainty. So many A names, his included. “I get any of those right?”

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Adhara Fitzroy Madison

Adhara noticed her brother’s approach only seconds later. Her tail flagged with unspoken delight at his presence and she swerved toward him, all too quick to align herself next to her darker reflection while her cool blue eyes lay unmoving from the man. She dug into her memories for his name and withdrew it only a moment later - Arren.

It seemed he was doing the same.

She tilted her head, her ear flicking as he recited her name among three others. Auberon, her brother. Adhara, her. And Asa, her friend - she glanced over her shoulder, almost expecting him to manifest out of nothing and trot up beside her. But maybe he was resting somewhere in the cave. Adhara put it out of her mind for now, focusing on the arrival of the man who had hunted with them.

“Adhara,” she replied succinctly, and then tilted her head as a gesture toward her brother, “Auberon.”

Icy gaze honed in on Arren with vested interest. “Why are you here?”

Her voice wasn’t cold, but nor was it warm and inviting either. It was straightforward and simply curious.

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Name Player
Auberon Fitzroy Matti

The other male smiled and wagged his tail and Auberon’s continued happily as well. Adhara too looked happy to see him, and Auberon was basically always happy to see everyone. His sister supplied their names after he had guessed them and Auberon gave a nod as confirmation. Was it odd that all of their names were similar? Adhara, Adler, Auberon, Azalea, Asa. Asa was new and even his name fit in. Maybe the boy was always supposed to be here with the rest of them. Maybe that was why other pups left, cause their names didn’t fit. It didn’t explain Aster’s departure, but the rest made sense.

Pushing the ideas aside, he turned back to them. Adhara asked a question and she never sounded as cheerful or welcoming as Auberon thought they ought to be some of the time, but he gave a little nod anyway. He gave his sister a little friendly bump on the shoulder in solidarity.

“Are you here to visit the pack?” He questioned. It seemed like this guy was around, so it sorta made sense he’d stop by sometimes. Auberon wanted to ask if he should call for his parents, but he also wanted to figure this out and make the right choice on his own - or at least between his sister and him.

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