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i named my stomach budapest cos its the capital of HUNGRY
[summons] full autumn, afternoon, overcast; calling TV/aw for a pack hunt!

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Icarus Dusk Madison

It was weighing on his mind.

Not in a bad way - in an excited, anticipatory way.

The pack hunt.

He had promised a group hunt between the Evergreens and the Vanguard, but the more he dwelled on it, the more he realized how eager he was to get in a hunt with his own packmates first. He had done a few hunts with his friends before, but never with all of them - and, the more he thought about it, the more he was beginning to realize that it might benefit all of them to do one. He’d been dying to see Kronos and Epidemic lead one, and he figured Aiden would probably need to start hunting on his own, too. He didn’t know how much progress Artem or Atalya had made with their son, but surely observing a hunt could only help.

Icarus ventured out to the pines that morning, a place he hadn’t visited in a long time, to seek out a herd of elk that had wandered from the sheltered woods to the misty, overhanging coniferous cliffs. He followed their trail until he located them milling about a small, bronzing glade of grass among the pines. Icarus kept his distance from them, not wanting to spook their targets, and retreated some ways away. There, he threw his head back and uttered one long howl, summoning his packmates to join him.

As his voice died away, Icarus leaned onto his haunches and listened. The forest had fallen still in the wake of his song, and then gradually life returned to it - the sound of birdsong, of insects, of tiny animals skittering through the leaf litter. He waited for a moment, and then howled again, hoping to hear evidence that his pack would be coming to join him.

(I’m going to leave this open until the 20th - but if anybody wants to post and can’t make it until after that, let me know and we’ll work something out!)

Apr 16, 2018 08:53 PM

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Cleo Divinity armadillo

(( attempting to be vague about how the thread/further interaction with razoo is going. having her arrive in this post to keep things moving quickly on my own part ))

Cleo had spent the morning being a busy worker bee, per usual. She was making progress on the guest abode. There was a nice under-bedding of moss topped with thicker grasses so it didn’t feel like you were sleeping on a swarm of damp eels. Decor was tasteful, if she did say so herself.

(It’s not like she would really ask anyone besides herself, anyways)

The ever growing crispness of the air was a constant reminder that the time in fall was ticking away, however, and it nipped at her heels. A knot was beginning to form in her stomach, one of stress, one of disappointment at her constant not-action. While the happiness of joining the Vanguard had thawed her freeze of depression, the anxiety was always present.

Luckily, there was a distraction hiding out in the pines. Cleo grinned, unintentionally for once, at the sound of the Witch Doctor floating through the trees. It didn’t take long to get her plush behind in action on that note. Her legs were already in action when she released a throaty response to his melodic call. Sultry, some might say - guttural, others may comment. 

There was a certain pride that flushed her toes at the sight of being the first to arrive. Also present was a memory of sharing secrets in their playful banter and her grin easily rolled into a knowing smirk as she slowed to a joyful almost-skip like motion in front of him. Witch Doctor, their fleeting isolation allowed for a playful interaction before the rest of the pack joined in and then respect would replace that. Tones were hushed, to not only invite him briefly into her personal bubble but also to not disturb whatever atmosphere he was trying to create. After greeting, she would sit at an amicable distant. She was one of the newbies, after all.

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Scott Peregrine Blaine-White Jeames

There was a howl, from Icarus. Scott could tell. He was calling, but for who? Scott wasn’t sure, and he wasn’t sure if he was allowed to be here. Maybe it was important pack business, and he had no place here. Still, he moved towards the call, and saw Icarus in the distance with someone else, unfamiliar. He stopped, and watched from this very distance, ears flicking.

He had been thinking, about it. About joining the Vanguard. But as of now, he had yet to make a decision. He did not know what he wanted. He still was in a bad state, both mentally and physically, and he was sure they had no use of him, that way. Maybe Scott should work on himself, first…

For now, he just kept his distance and quietly watched.

Apr 17, 2018 01:21 AM — Post #2

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Ross Thorn Jill

Ross had been in the thick of a patrol when he heard Icarus’ first howl. His first reaction was to consider the risks of stepping away from the labyrinth’s borders. So many… negative encounters seemed to happen when he wandered into the surrounding woods, despite the task being one of his core duties.

His standoff with the dark bitch continued to linger in the back of his thoughts.

For a while, he continued to pace the trail his routine strolls had carved in the undergrowth. He convinced himself that another of the Vanguard might answer the Chief. That Icarus would want him to complete the task that was so inherent to the title he’d been awarded.

His friend’s second howl, though. He couldn’t dismiss the hope that flowed beneath the sound of the Chief’s voice. It beckoned him to obey more than an outright command would have.

He scrunched up his muzzle, still very much at odds with himself—but bid his paws to carry him north anyhow.

Beneath what grey light the overcast clouds reflected onto the earth, Ross recognized Icarus and the red-furred woman from the chaotic gathering that had been at Adrian’s expense. He was quick to shove the memory from mind, a feat not all that difficult when his single eye came to rest on an unfamiliar face.

There was a black and silver wolf here, too—one he might have mistaken for Aksel, had this boy’s height not been considerably shorter. Ross regarded the lingering stranger for a beat, his gaze hooded and indifferent, before fixing it upon his packmates. “Hey.”

Apr 17, 2018 03:57 PM — Post #3

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Epidemic J

quick post to jump in!

Epidemic rolled in to Icarus’ call. She licked her mouth before settling into an open stretched yawn. Her teeth clicked against each other as they briefly met. “Wasssup wassssuuupp.” The red woman blatantly bleated. Epidemic was all over this area. Deer constantly scratched up and down these trees. Soon it would be winter and it would be harder to hunt, but Epidemic knew that her and Kronos kept the ship a float.

Today, though, there were some new members. Her amber eyes flicked seamlessly over the scrawny male who lurked awkwardly. He was also starving, it seemed. The hunt would do him well, Epidemic would be sure to prove it.

Apr 23, 2018 12:03 AM — Post #4

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Icarus Dusk Madison

Reclining on his haunches, Icarus waited patiently for the arrival of his packmates. His ears tipped and listened for their calls - there was Cleo, who he was beginning to recognize now. And… he expected more to follow, but surprisingly, nobody else had called back to him. So it wasn’t entirely surprising to see Cleo, to which he smiled and waved his tail, greeting back with a humored, “Ah, my favorite artiste.”

He would have launched into another flirtatious passage, but was quick to notice the arrival of the underfed newcomer he had welcomed not long ago. Scott held his distance, but Icarus keenly lifted to his paws and called out to him, “Hey, Scott! Come join us for a hunt!”

Not long after that, Ross had arrived with a simple greeting. Icarus returned it with a smile, “Hey Ross.”

And finally, Epidemic strode in, ever casual and bold. Icarus smiled wider and waved his tail. “Hi Demi!”

He allowed a few more moments to pass, listening for signs of any stragglers - but it seemed all who intended to come to his call was already here. At least that meant the rest of the pack would be hanging behind to guard the borders, though he had been hoping at least to see Aiden. Oh well. He’d have to seek out the boy later.

“So, I’m gonna cut to the chase here: there’s a herd of elk in a glade nearby, last I saw, and I was thinkin’ it would do us well to bring one back to the labyrinth. Demi, how do you feel about leading a hunt?” he asked, turning his attention to the spitfire.

(Thanks for joining everyone! We’re gonna do a loose posting order here, with Icarus starting rounds.)

Apr 28, 2018 12:00 PM — Post #5

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Scott Peregrine Blaine-White Jeames

Wolves arrived he had not yet met. A brown male, dark brown, with a lot of scars on his face. He did not pay much mind to Scott, only looked at him for a second. Another wolf, a female. She too did not pay him much mind, but more than the male did. He watched them carefully, heard Icarus invite him to the hunt. Scott wasn’t sure if he would be of much use, but… he could try, he guessed.

So he stepped forward a few more steps, careful. He took in the names that were spoken. Ross and Demi. He guessed Ross was the guy, and Demi was the female? But the other female who had arrived before him… he didn’t know for sure. He had not heard a third name. He still kept a small distance from everyone as he approached, feeling out of sorts here.

He did not exactly… officially belong yet?

May 08, 2018 02:03 AM — Post #6

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