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sniffing for Jay | set just before ‘end of an era’

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Athena Stormborn Wynter

The rise had been rather quiet as of late. Shade and Jingo had not returned, and Athena couldn’t say she had honestly expected them to. Maaike and Titania were still gone, as were some of the newer wolves she’d come to know by scent over the months. Now, there were fewer wardens than she could recall there being in quite some time. Athena had kept her distance from Poet and Josalyn, preferring to spend her time with her brother and Jay. It seemed to work out well enough for her- she’d been much less stressed out during the past few months than she had been in quite a while.

Where once that might have bothered her greatly, Athena found that the lack of company didn’t weigh as heavily on her as it once might have done. Even Apollo had decided to leave them. It hurt, and she felt a bitter spike of melancholy every time she thought of him, but Athena had been keeping herself distracted. There was still hunting, tracking, and marking to be done, and though she’d mostly ceased her habit of surveying the western grasslands each day, she was no less vigilant within the pack’s borders.

Soon, that might not be the case. Soon, this place may no longer belong to them. She hadn’t been able to count on many wolves in her lifetime, but she’d prized that feeling of stability that came with being in a pack. But it seemed she wouldn’t have that for much longer, either. Athena wasn’t sure how to feel about that. She wasn’t sure how to feel about much these days.

She had set out with a will to track Jay down that afternoon, following some of the usual routes until she came across a promising trail and began to follow it toward the trees atop the rise. She knew that Atlas would inform everyone about his decision in due time, but Athena wanted to speak to Jay about the matter. He had been a loyal warden for quite some time now, and it was only fair to let him know what was happening before Atlas announced it to everyone.

He couldn’t be far, and she continued along unhurried, tail swaying slowly behind her as she tracked.

Apr 23, 2018 09:51 AM

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Jay Allyn Vibe

Life hadn’t been altogether unpleasant as of lately, something Jay had found himself grateful for. He had a place to stay, access to food and water whenever he needed it, and most of all, a wonderful woman to share all of it with. Compared to where he had been a little more than a year ago in his life, Jay was doing quite well.

But.. that didn’t necessarily mean there weren’t worries on his mind. For one, there didn’t seem to be much of anyone left on the Rise. Five wolves, by his count, including himself. That was hardly enough to be considered a pack, and not nearly sufficient enough to continually patrol a territory as large as what the Alliance had claimed. Such thoughts had crossed Jay’s mind more than once, but it hadn’t been until that mess of an encounter by the creek until he’d fully realized it.

It was a damned shame. And something he had tried not to think about too much, just like the daughter that he still hadn’t heard anything about. 

So, to make up for it, he had just done his best to go about his daily routines. Patrolling, hunting, and contributing bits to the prey cache, even if that really didn’t seem necessary anymore.

There were times, however, when temptation would get the better of him, and then a nap would be in order. After all, what better way was there to pass such a quiet and peaceful afternoon?

And so that was what Jay had done. Settled down in a shady spot, in some soft grasses beneath a tree. And it was here that he had allowed himself to doze off, chin rested delicately on one paw and with his left side leant up against the tree itself.

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Athena Stormborn Wynter

It wasn’t long before the scent grew stronger, and her eyes spied an incongruous white splotch in the grass ahead of her. Athena approached, assuming he would hear her, but the rhythmic sound of his breathing alerted her to his slumbering before she reached him. She slowed her steps as she approached, trying not to wake him, head raised to look through the trees at the sleeping white wolf.

Jay had his left side pressed protectively against the tree, and he looked comfortable where he was. She wondered how long he’d been here. The trail that had led her to him wasn’t terribly old, but it didn’t seem as though he’d just recently laid down. Athena sighed softly, and though she wasn’t quite smiling as she moved closer to him, her expression was pleasant. Her pace, already tentative, slowed further as she took in the sight of him. Was it strange that she enjoyed watching him sleep, seeing his sides rise and fall and to feel comforted by the very sight of him?

Athena felt no pressing need to wake Jay just now- their discussion could wait. She moved instead to lie down near him, close enough for her outstretched forepaws to nearly touch his shoulder, and would lay her head down on her paws.

She could doze for a short time, if he remained asleep.

feel free to time skip and say they dozed together for a bit if Jay doesn’t wake up just yet~

Apr 25, 2018 11:28 PM — Post #2

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Jay Allyn Vibe

It wasn’t hard to allow himself to drift off into a peaceful sort of sleep, the sights atop the rise were wondrous and the sounds serene. Add to that a sense of belonging, as well as security - despite the dwindling number of residents here, and it wasn’t hard to just.. let go, for a while. Where once Jay might’ve been a light sleeper, who would have awoken to the approach of another, as tentative as it turned out to be - here, no such precaution felt necessary.

He wasn’t sure how much time had passed by the time he became consciously aware again, with the first feeling that returned being sound. His good eye parted only slightly, allowing him to see that the sun had sank just a little bit further in the sky, with afternoon passing on to its later stages.

Not feeling any particularly pressing urge to get up just yet, Jay might have been content to let dreamland overtake him once again had something not decided to take that particular moment to tickle his nose. The tip of it twitched, and though he honestly tried, he was unable to suppress a sneeze that ended up sounding more like a snort.

Muttering a soft curse under his breath, and attempting to blink away the annoying sticky residue that sometimes had a habit of building up around his bad eye, it was then that he noted that he was not, in fact, alone.

”Athena,” he greeted groggily, turning his head and blinking a few more times before wiping at the eye with his left paw, which seemed to help in clearing it. ”What a lovely surprise.” Well, perhaps not in fact a surprise, considering, but that didn’t make seeing her now any less appealing.

Apr 28, 2018 11:03 AM — Post #3

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Athena Stormborn Wynter

Athena had let her thoughts drift until the shape of them became somewhat soft and undefined around the edges, her consciousness slipping into a light doze as the afternoon wore on.

It was the sneeze that brought her back to full awareness. She’d rested her head on her paws, her bod having settled down into a more comfortable position in the grass. Now, she opened her eyes, seeing at once the white shape ahead of her. Athena raised her head, licking at her nose to wet it again, seeing Jay rubbing his blind eye with a forepaw. He greeted her, and she smiled at him, tail giving a lazy thump in the grass behind her. She didn’t move from where she was, but remained close- Athena wasn’t a wolf who gave or desired affection at all times, and was content to remain close, if not quite touching him just now.

Hello to you too,” she said, her voice holding the same faintly hazy quality as Jay’s, indicating that she’d also drifted off while lying beside him. “Aren’t you just adorable when you’re sleeping?

She grinned, and it was obvious that she was… mostly teasing him.

Apr 30, 2018 11:13 PM — Post #4

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Jay Allyn Vibe

It seemed that Athena had been in her current position long enough to have dozed off, as well. Which was strange, because he hadn’t heard her approach, or thought she was nearby when he’d first thought to nap. But it was, he had to admit, rather endearing. His sneeze appeared to have roused her as well, if the tone of her own greeting was any indication.

Blinking a couple more times before clarity was restored to his limited vision, Jay flopped lazily onto his left side, feeling ever so slightly stiff after having held the same position for so long. ”I thought I was adorable all the time,” he countered, taking a sluggish swipe at Athena with his right paw and flashing a toothy smile.

”Not half as nice as you, though,” he tacked on, rolling onto his back and affording himself a luxurious stretch to rid his body of any lingering sense of stiffness. As unfortunate as it seemed, he could feel age beginning to creep in on him. Jay didn’t exactly consider himself old, but it wasn’t going to get any better, either.

Until his good eye settled on Athena, once more. Perhaps that wasn’t entirely true. Some things did get better with time, age, and experience.

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Athena Stormborn Wynter

Athena took an equally lazy snap at Jay’s paw as it sailed by her. He’d rolled over onto his side, getting comfortable and making it clear he wasn’t getting up anytime soon. Athena’s hind limbs stretched out behind her as she lay on her belly, a lopsided smirk crossing her muzzle at Jay’s statement. He sent her compliment back at her and she smiled and gave a lazy half roll of her eyes at his flirting. Not that she minded it.

Oh, I would say you’re handsome, yes, but ‘adorable’ has certain, specific parameters that need to be filled before you can qualify. It’s all very complicated.

She looked at him pityingly, as though it were clear to her that he would never understand, the poor dear. Of course, by then he’d already flipped over onto his back and stretched out languidly, looking rather like an indolent cat. She took a moment to eye him, not wanting to shift the mood of the conversation so soon, but she wanted to get the conversation out of the way and hear his thoughts on the matter. Athena’s smile faded a bit, giving way to a somewhat pensive expression.

So, I wanted to talk to you about something. Atlas has made a decision about the pack now, and it’s going to affect us.

May 06, 2018 10:23 PM — Post #6

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Jay Allyn Vibe

It seemed that Athena only partially agreed with his bold declaration. She agreed that he was handsome, but stated that adorable had specific requirements which needed to be met and that it was incredibly complex. And he supposed, she did have a point. But he didn’t have to let that be known.

Coming to rest on his left side again, Jay let out a derisive snort of a laugh, rolling his good eye and giving his head a shake at the ridiculous comment and the equally silly gaze which he had been given. ”Yah, yah, whatever. I don’t care about all that.” He retorted defiantly. He’d be adorable if he wanted to. Yes. Nobody would take that away.

”I qualified with you, though, and that is what I care about.” he opted to add slyly with a wink and smile. And that was incredibly true, too. He’d never stop speaking of it, every opportunity he had, even if it was made through dumb jokes or flirty comments. Jay wished for Athena to know with absolute certainty of his genuine affection, and that it wasn’t going to disappear any time soon.

The tone of what was spoken next however, seemed far more serious than what Jay had been hoping to hear. And it sounded incredibly weighty. Blinking, he nodded once, before shifting to prop himself upon his elbows in a position a bit more suited for serious discussions. ”What is it?” He questioned with notable apprehension, affixing his good eye on Athena unwaveringly.

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Athena Stormborn Wynter

Athena let out a breath in mock exasperation, her tail flicking once at his silky display, which she knew was equally facetious. She threw a paw at Jay to give him a light shove as he tossed some sentimental nothing at her, and she had to fight the urge to look around and make sure no one was around to hear all of this sap.

She was sorry to shift the mood to something considerably more grim, but it has to be done. Athena watched as Jay sat up, expression serious now. Athena waited a second or two, trying to decide the best way to tell him. She supposed the only thing to do was to just say it and to have done with it.

I’m sure you’ve noticed our numbers have dwindled considerably,” she said. ”It’s been this way for quite some time, and wolves seem to come and go like it means nothing to them to do so.

Athena frowned at that, expression deepening into a scowl before she could catch herself.

There’s been so much loss that Atlas has decided that it’s time to give it up, now. There aren’t enough of us here to defend the territory as well as we once did, so we’re going to stop marking the borders. The Alliance is disbanding.

May 10, 2018 10:53 AM — Post #8

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Jay Allyn Vibe

True to what he had expected of her, Athena spared hardly a moment before launching into her answer. She made mention of the dwindling numbers which Jay had, of course, taken note of before now, so he offered a little nod. She was also not wrong upon stating that so many wolves had seemed to just move on without truly caring, though Jay suspected she had seen and dealt with far more of that than he had, for it clearly had a negative effect on her.

But what she had to say next was what hurt the most. The Alliance would be disbanding. Athena said it with such finality that there wasn’t any questioning if he’d heard her right, or wondering if perhaps Atlas would change his mind.

It was upsetting, and unanticipated yes, but perhaps not particularly shocking. Every one of the reasons Athena listed were valid reasons for the dissolution of a pack. Dwindling wolves, nobody to replace them, and not near enough personal to defend what they had.

And though it hurt him on the inside, Jay resolved to do his best not to show that. He could only imagine how it must’ve felt Atlas and his dear Athena. He didn’t need to burden either of them with his own feelings.

“I can’t say that surprises me, considering what you’ve said,” he spoke, a soft, contemplative breath escaping him. “And I think it could be for the best, for all of us.” There wasn’t any reason to cling to something that was dead or dying. That would only cause pain, a lesson Jay was only too familiar with.

“Does he have a plan, for what’s going to happen after? Or.. not?” That, Jay supposed, was the important question, now.


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Athena Stormborn Wynter

Jay sighed, and though he wasn’t ever emphatic with his expressions, Athena could read his disappointment in the gesture.

She looked mildly skeptical at Jay’s assertion that this would be for the best, lips pulling back into a thoughtful frown, though she didn’t comment. It was not ideal, but neither were the constant losses that the pack had suffered.

He’s going out of the valley for a little while, to visit our parents,” she said. He was going back home- or to where their family had settled after they’d been chased out of their natal pack, anyway. Athena shook her head slightly. “After that, I don’t know what he intends to do.

She didn’t know what she was going to do, either. It might have been easier had she only herself to consider, but that was no longer the case. Athena looked to Jay, expression subtle questioning. He’d joined the pack for a sense of safety and stability for the winter, and he’d decided to stay. Now, with winter coming on again soon, there was a sense of uncertainty that Athena hadn’t felt in quite some time. She’d lived a stretch of her life as a rogue, and she’s survived a winter on her own before. She wasn’t afraid of what was to come.

Still, though. She was going to miss the life she’d been building here.

May 13, 2018 11:46 PM — Post #10

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Jay Allyn Vibe

Athena appeared to look as though she disagreed with the whole notion of disbanding, but if that were in fact true, she did not offer any statement to the contrary. Not that there would have been any reason to, anyway, as certain as she had made it seem. A part of Jay couldn’t believe that the pack he’d called home for almost a year now would just cease to exist soon, but he supposed it was just like anything else in life.

Sooner or later, even the best, the strongest packs might falter or fail. Left eventually to die. At least he’d had this warning, so that he could start thinking about where to go from here.

Which he would need to begin immediately, because there apparently was not any plan to be had. Atlas would go visit his and Athena’s parents.. and after that, Athena did not know what he intended to do. So that was it. The Alliance was just going to fade away, like so many of the members had before it.

”At least we still have each other, that’s not insignificant.” Jay offered, attempting a small smile. ”Though I don’t think we should stay here for too long,” he added, wondering how Athena might feel about staying with another of the local packs for a while. There were plenty to choose from.

”Unless you were wanting to go visit your parents, too?” She hadn’t stated it, and Jay was fairly confident she would have, if that’s what she had wanted. But it was always best to be sure.

May 15, 2018 05:17 AM — Post #11

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Athena Stormborn Wynter

She returned Jay’s smile as he tried to console her. It was good to have him with her. It didn’t quite lessen the impact of losing her family, her home, her sense of purpose here.

She didn’t really want to consider what he said next. If she wasn’t staying on Falcon Rise, then there wasn’t anyplace else in the valley that she wanted to go, even if it would have been in her best interest to relocate, with winter coming on soon. Another thought that made her want to cringe. 

She’d been cast out of one pack, and watched another crumble to nothing around her. It was difficult to be objective about it when she felt so strongly about the fate of the Alliance. Left to her own devices, she would have clung to this hill for the rest of her days. It was home. She flicked an ear at the idea of going somewhere else, to the Rangers or to the Brotherhood, perhaps, asking them to take her in because her pack had failed.

But Jay asked if she would be returning to her parents, and Athena’s brow furrowed, her ears pulling back slightly. That would have been the next logical step.

What do you want to do?” she asked instead, deflecting the question for now.

May 17, 2018 05:49 PM — Post #12

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Jay Allyn Vibe

The sight of a small smile in response to his own was enough assurance that the feeling was mutual. Jay was not fond of the sort of hurt that Athena must’ve been experiencing now, and wished there was something more he could do about it. Except there wasn’t, and wishful thinking alone rarely ever got anyone very far.

Athena seemed to consider his inquiry for a moment, but rather than give him an honest answer she did something different - turned the question back on him. The tactic of deflection, it wasn’t something he had observed from her very often. But perhaps she truly didn’t have an answer. At least not a certain one.

”I want to be with you. Wherever we go, it wouldn’t matter.” He spoke at first, the words firm. It was a certainty that he did not wish to part from Athena, even if that meant leaving behind this valley.. permanently.

”But, if it were up to me, where we go, I think I’d.. like to stay with the Rangers. At the Gorge. I like the place, would enjoy helping them with what they do, and already know some of them.” Indeed, that would have been the easiest place for Jay to felt as if he belonged, seeing as how he had very nearly ended up there once already.

That was not the only reason, however. ”And then.. Tyra. I know there isn’t any reason to think she will ever come back, but if she were.. by some miracle, I’d want to be close to the Rise. Where she would find me.”

His daughter was more than old enough to care for herself by now, he knew. And very likely, that was what had happened. Perhaps it’d all been too much for her, and she had just needed to get out on her own. That was what Jay hoped.

May 18, 2018 06:07 PM — Post #13

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