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[summons] HY4 | After The Mobius Trip

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Kato Nesryn-Daniels Quinn Staff

The sound of their howls rang on in Kato’s ears, still. It had been hard, to keep running, with two familiar voices calling for him across the sands. Two voices he missed terribly. But even so, he’d had to keep running. He had to get back to the gorge. But Aethon’s call alone had almost been enough to stop him dead in his tracks. Almost made him pause long enough to let them catch up. But he knew if he hadn’t kept running, they would have taken him back. There would have been little chance for Kato to resist, alone and faced with two wolves he held dear to him.

His best bet for remaining where he thought he wanted to be was finding Amelie and Ransom - at least with them by his side, he might be brave enough to fend them off. To tell them that the hills were not what he wanted, at least. He only hoped they might understand. That maybe, they would see that the desert was what Kato had chosen, in the end. There was a small hope there that perhaps, if Kato could convince them, maybe they would see that the Hollow was not home. Maybe they would leave it. Kato knew his father was dead, but even so, Eden would be more welcome than the Hollow. The desert, too, but Amelie probably wouldn’t been keen on a whole new group coming to her desert.

As he neared the gorge, Kato let loose a bark. “Ransom? Amelie?” Kato called, skidding to a clumsy stop in his haste to stand still, to listen. He hoped they were close.

Apr 26, 2018 12:59 PM

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Tiberius Zarin Zoi

The Gorge belonged to Amelie. With that thought in mind, there was a remarkable arrogance that plagued him so. It urged him out of hiding, carrying the desert hare that he had worked on catching for her. Unwise, this time of year, is the one giving away food. But there was the purpose in everything that Tiberius did. Always.

It was why he slowed down and he neared, hearing a voice call out. It left him flush against the stones, surprised and vaguely unamused that someone was calling out for his Niece. One supposed it was bound to happen. And mentally, he wandered through the thoughts and stories that had claimed him. Amelie had given him names, after all.

The tongue flicked against the hare in his mouth, and like a serpent, he strayed toward the clambering mouse feet of a male youth. His nose telling him the scent was not one he recognized, which was fair. Nettle had never let him too closely into the caves where the young had been.

Woofing, he alerted to his presence - he wouldn’t scare one of His Amelie’s friends. He might’ve come looking for her, but it was better not to make his ways a threat. Let those who lingered know he was as impassive an intruder as one could be.

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Apr 27, 2018 06:55 AM — Post #1

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Thrush Bamsy

The side of Nettle that calculated and assessed would not be surprise at finding that he had run.  It was difficult to assess, though, with the feeling that pushed in her chest, the feeling that came from knowing Kato had fled rather than come to them.  His guardian, from the day he had been born.  His brother, from the moment she and Ko had rescued the black pup from death and madness.  Pain, distracting pain, and an inability to think logically as she and Aethon ran after the fresh scent she had come upon.

He must have stopped, for they had gotten close enough to hear Kato’s voice, calling for someone.  She bit her tongue between her teeth before looking to Aethon as they ran.  “We’ll stay quiet until we can see him.”

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Apr 28, 2018 09:29 AM — Post #2

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Amelie Sam Staff

Her head was lowered to the river as she lapped up water. A cool mist dampened her face and tickled her whiskers from a nearby rapid. The day’s themselves were becoming cooler. Barely, but enough for the native to have noticed. She would welcome the cooler temperatures and the odd bouts of sprinkling.

An ear flicked toward the calling of her name. And Ransom’s. The gorge was generally quiet with minimal chatter. There was usually little to talk about.

Amelie lifted her head, water streaming from her lips and down her chin, either trickling back into the river or down her sternum. She turned away from the water and picked up a trot before making a wet bark in response.

She wondered if he might have found that bitch she had told them about. Amelie had gone looking for her but her scent had disappeared from the wasteland. It seemed like she had called her bluff. Desert wolf. It had laughable. More so, now.

It wasn’t long before Kato came into view. Amelie gave him a simple sway of her tail but her ears were erect. Curious as to what she had been summoned for.

Apr 28, 2018 09:38 AM — Post #3

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Aethon Nesryn-Daniels armadillo

Aethon couldn’t quite put into words the feeling of absolute weightlessness following his call for his brother. There was hope, as there was always hope in this boy, but it felt like it drained out as the blood drained from rabbits with time ticking away and no answer following. Kato ran. In the opposite direction. Aethon felt like the air had shifted then and followed his Valkyrie in mostly silence afterward.

The adolescent wasn’t sure what exactly was controlling his limbs because he most certainly wasn’t. The air kicked up sand and he became preoccupied with keeping a line of sight on the horizon. It seemed like they had ran miles when Nettle instructed him to stay quiet, something he wasn’t really a master of but today’s circumstances held a vice grip on his vocal chords. He simply nodded. She didn’t need words to understand him, just as she had from birth ‘till now, his eyes said it all. I’m scared. Scared for Kato, scared for what answer he was going to give them.

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Apr 29, 2018 10:51 AM — Post #4

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Ransom Rainy Staff

The sound of his name and Amelie’s brought his attention to the boy approaching, though it wavered momentarily when he heard the woof of an unfamiliar voice not long after. Another gathering? This time Kato was calling, not the girl, and the big wolf padded to meet him with a questioning look on his face.

May 01, 2018 01:06 PM — Post #5

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Kato Nesryn-Daniels Quinn Staff

He hadn’t bothered to check back over his shoulder the entire time he ran, and he did so now. There was barely any relief at not finding Nettle and Aethon standing there. There were close, he knew. His time was up. They were here to fetch him and Ransom had said he wouldn’t stop them. Amelie had told him no one could make him do anything he didn’t want to, but what was he supposed to do if the wolves here didn’t stand at his side, didn’t support his decision? He couldn’t do it alone, he knew that much.

It was a surprise when a new voice rang out through the gorge, deep like Ransom, but not. His ears fell flat, feet shuffling in sudden nervousness. Was this new voice with Nettle or Amelie? He didn’t dare return the call, just stood in silence, unsure of what to do.

Amelie and Ransom appeared moments later and Kato scrambled for Amelie, tried to catch her eyes and seek permission. He ducked his head as he neared, intent to press his face into whatever bit of chest or shoulder she might lend. To seek comfort, strength. “She’s here,” He said, voice quiet, eyes trailing over to Ransom when he drew away, just a little. “Nettle is here,” He repeated, louder, voice wavering. Some part of him wondered why it was Nettle and not Mama but he pushed it away.

He knew someone would have come, eventually. He thought he would be ready when it happened. But now all he was ready for was more running.

May 02, 2018 11:22 AM — Post #6

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Scarce, Skippable

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Emberia Erucius Lexo

Mighty snug was Emberia, nestled into the crevices of the rock side. Here she stayed the vast majority of her time in a mode of near hibernation, venturing out only rarely to hunt when the hunger itched at her belly.

It was after one such outing that she now dozed in her confines, a deep fissure not far from the maw of the gorge. Upon her first arrival, the auburn wolf slept here and there, but now she quite found herself favoring that particular spot and it so reeked of her scent. A sign of habitation? But Emberia was not one to even consider these things unless prompted. She simply did as her nature urged her, and it had not quite urged her into heading out of the desert just yet. Shrug.

So when a disturbance came skidding into the gorge, the woman was not immediately inclined to investigate but. The boy Kato was shouting now so perhaps it was pertinent for her to arise. With a dragging, stretching motion of her body, that black nose popped out of the shadows and out came that hazy red blob.

Ever the last to join, she padded along to join the squad, yet her eyes instead slid with muted interest over to where she had heard a mysteriously new voice chime into the fray, and watched impassively to see who might come out of the woodwork, while her ear remained cocked to the mouth of the boy to catch what was going on.

May 02, 2018 08:12 PM — Post #7

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Tiberius Zarin Zoi

Even as the noise seemed to come slipping through the air, marking like a whisper on the breeze. A summons for the wolf who was his; the strangers that otherwise made up her life. Curiosity plummeted through him, but as he rounded, he found his eyes hungrily tracking to Amelie. A craving.

His hare thick within his jaws, he found himself bemused. But he caught the words, so effortlessly, Nettle is here.

The boy was against his Amelie, Tiberius fought down the motion of possession. It wasn’t his ultimate goal, after all, to do much than lay down another foundation. The male who appeared to be scruffy, quiet, must have been Ransom. The boy, Kato.

Nettle was coming.

As he put the hare at his feet, he peered cautiously. “I picked an odd time to come, it seems, Miss Amelie.” The words slid through the air, comfortable enough. Amused, although he squashed much of that push. To Ransom, his head inclined politely. This was not his circus, but Tiberius was a well-played ring master.

May 03, 2018 04:45 PM — Post #8

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Amelie Sam Staff

Amelie remained still when Kato came to lean against her. Amber eyes fell upon a familiar white beast. Before she could speak, Kato spilt what was on his mind.


The boring wolf Ransom had mentioned who Tiberius knew. Kato’s aunt. Amelie had forgotten that a wolf would likely come after him. She remained silent. If he sought words or comfort then he had gone to the wrong wolf. Amelie all ready gave him her piece. No one could make him do what he did not want to do.

All she worried about was the drama might come with Nettle. How blind the she-wolf could be to her sentiment. But, she supposed Kato’s being there made the desert vulnerable to such.

An ear flicked fleetingly toward Emberia’s wordless approach.

“This is Tiberius,” she said. Amelie doubted they were the words Kato had been wanting to hear. Frankly, she wasn’t sure what he wanted her to do.

She huffed. Amelie wasn’t sure if she was irritated or unimpressed. It was likely both. The nervous behaviour was slightly unnerving.

“She can’t make you do anything,” she stated rather matter-of-fact-ly. “Just…” don’t get her involved. Amelie pursed her lips while an ear twitched.

(Sorry for the wait, friends!)

May 09, 2018 12:39 AM — Post #9

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Name Player
Ransom Rainy Staff

Ransom was dipping his head in greeting to Emberia, and his lips had parted with intent to say something aloud when he saw the white male. A questioning look played on his face, and a brow raised slightly when he addressed Amelie by her name. Apparently the girl had more friends than he realized. He answered the inclined head with one of his own, but turned his attention to Kato.

Nettle had come for him. Was Sikozu here, too? His mouth felt a bit dry all of a sudden, but outwardly he remained calm. “She has come because she cares, Kato. Hear her out, and then make your decision.” He would do what he could to support the pup in his choices, but maybe seeing Nettle and whoever had come along with her would sway him to return home.

May 10, 2018 07:09 PM — Post #10

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Kato Nesryn-Daniels Quinn Staff

There were more wolves here than he had thought, at first. One scent he knew, just a little - The red furred female he’d seen lingering in the gorge. But the other scent was new and Kato’s eyes flicked briefly, nervously, to the large white male. The desert was just getting more and more crowded and like the Hollow, it felt less and less welcoming. Less and less like a place he wanted to be. Amelie had said it was empty - free of the large gathering of wolves he’d left behind in the hills.

He opened his mouth to ask, but Amelie spoke up before the question could even form and so he shut his mouth, frown tugging at the corners of his lips. Tiberius, she said. He wasn’t one Kato had heard of before, but he acted quite like he belonged. He let a hum of acknowledgement slip from behind his teeth, but he paid the big white wolf little mind. He had more important things to worry about than a wolf he didn’t know.

There were no words of comfort, but it wasn’t surprising. Amelie didn’t seem like the type to offere soft words and Ransom? Well, they both knew someone was going to come eventually. Kato only sighed, resigned. He wondered, briefly, how far he might have to run to stray from the reaches of the wolves who sought to drag him back to a place he didn’t want to be. One day? Five? Maybe ten? He just wanted them to let him be - for once.

He moved to stand at Amelie’s side - not close, but not far either. Even without words of comfort, her presence alone was enough - strong and steady. She can’t make you do anything, Amelie said, once more. It was always those words when he brought up his troubles and even with as little as they might mean, he tried to believe them. How much could he truly refuse? He wasn’t sure of his own strength.

His ears flicked when Ransom chimed in and his ears splayed to the side, defeated. Listen to her, Ransom said. Hear her out, because she cares? If she cared so much, couldn’t she have just left him alone? Hadn’t she seen that the Hollow had not made him happy? Hadn’t been home to him? Or, like everyone else, had she been too wrapped up in herself to notice Kato’s unhappiness?

His troubles never seemed important until he fled from the thing causing them.

May 15, 2018 08:41 PM — Post #11

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Name Player
Thrush Bamsy

Quite a bit of consternation, at the arrival of one so small.  If Nettle had been remotely in control of the situation it would make her feel quite powerful.

As it was, though.

They came down through the gorge, unfamiliar territory to her.  The walls of rock made conversation echo back toward herself and Aethon.  Familiar scents began to weave over and back under their paws.  And eventually, a scene unfolded: two giant males, and she knew both of them (what the devil was Tiberius doing down here?); an unknown female, and her little nephew, standing with what must be one of Ransom’s darling desert pups.

Kato was looking at her as if she was rearing back to strike him across the face.

It hurt for an instant, before the pain was washed away by anger at the idea that this reunion had so many witnesses.  Her wroth for them was palpable in the way she ignored all of them, most especially the grown males, choosing instead to pad resolutely to Kato, breast to breast, and nudge her face under his jaw and down his wooly neck.  Then shifted backwards, to cock one sky-grey eye at her wayward nephew, her expression gentle and firm.  “There’s nothing to run from,” she told him gently, in some neutral ground between chastisement and reassurance.  “I promise.”

| Kato is free to avoid the nuzzle, but Nettle’s next bit would remain the same

May 18, 2018 05:33 AM — Post #12

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