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We never carried days on our own
East Eden | Full Autumn | Afternoon | Raining, storm brewing

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Kyra Daniels Chris Staff

The days rolled into a week, and then a month,  and before Kyra knew it, she and Nero had been alone, with no parents, for most of autumn. She was still noticeably underweight, though her thickening black fur, starting to show silver hairs around her cheeks and chin, hid some of her skinniness. Relic and Astred had helped, and Kyra was much better off than she would have otherwise been. But a pair of well-meaning strangers was not the same as the Kingdom during its glory days. 

Kyra tried not to think of her father too much. She missed him so desperately, for whatever his failings, he had still be her father, and the only stable parent out of two she had. Manson, too, Kyra missed Manson. She would know what to do right now.

But they weren’t here anymore, and that left things to Kyra and Nero. Her brother was tackling Saelys to see if their sister would travel with them, or go her own way. And now, after searching all the surrounding terrain she could easily reach for her Althea the past week, Kyra had returned and tried once more in the caves they had grown up in.

She had admitted defeat. Althea wasn’t here, and she hadn’t been in some time. Kyra had brought her collection of sticks from the hollow tree she used to sleep in the forest. These she arranged in a carefully laid-out line where her mother had once slept with her and Althea. For a long time, Kyra stared at that alcove. She couldn’t recall her mother’s face anymore. A very faint memory lingered of her scent, but that was it.

“We’ll find each other again someday Althea.” Kyra vowed, swallowing hard, then turning away with her jaw set and her ears back. She wouldn’t ever come back here again, she thought, and marched out of the cave entrance and into the rain as thunder rumbled overhead.

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Igbo Black J

for my own reference, slightly backdated..

Igbo Black paced tentatively. A tiny mole was snagged in his small maw. Its four squeaky limbs dangled precariously, but lifelessly, outside of his teeth. Igbo carried it carefully for fear etched itself into his steps.

Nima had wanted to pups to be raised by her.

Harlow spoke of the abandonment.

Distance scents lingered here, within the Kingdom that stole months of his life away. The Kingdom that made him hide in his starvation and his quivering weakness.

It was here, he met Nima, the Wayfarer, Idemoni, Sikozu, Manson…

It was here, he had a foolish, weak, fallible plan to have power.

It was by the river, when the days had been cold that he left Nima—not knowing how long it would be before he would see her again.

It was the glen where he traveled that he had met Lux. That he had conceived children. That he escaped with Idemoni. That he plotted murder, abortion, death.

How little of a man he was and currently is. His shadow casts long and hard in the purity of the sun, yet he himself was nothing but an inadequate little wolf.

Rains came down hard, a storm brewed as he marched on. Igbo’s head laid low, his amber jewels fiercely pointed ahead, and his shoulders raised. It would be more than day break before he returned back to Hellmaw, but he had to see what had been done.

The dark, small man approach the entrance of cave he knew Sikozo, Nima, Elliot, and Kiel had lounged in. He had never, but now it was the first.

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Kyra Daniels Chris Staff

Kyra almost ran smack into him. She reeled back with a yip, desperately scrambling to regain some scrap of princesslike dignity.

“Watch where you’re going!” She exclaimed haughtily, then her brown eyes narrowed as she took in the short, unknown black male walking into her former home like he had the right.

“Who are you, and what are you doing in our home?” She demanded regally, lifting her chin, pleased to note she was taller than this small male. He didn’t have to know, after all, this was her former home.

She was not broader than he, though, not with how underweight she was.

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Igbo Black J

Igbo in his true honesty had been dreading the cave. Who would he find inside? The floor of caves did no swallow the decease like the malleable earth would. The tiny man jumped back, his weight loose and flexible as he stayed on his feet. The mole he carried was squeezed in a moment’s tension.

Settled into a stable position, his gaze settled upon a little girl. She was mighty in size, black as night, and spoke as she held the crown of a passed Kingdom. Bratty and entitled. Igbo Black moved slowly, dropping the mole in front of him. She was young.

“I am Igbo Black. The butte used to be one’s home..” Our home she had said. That meant others were alive? She appeared to be fed, but not as thickened as she could be.

She could be Manson’s daughter, for all he knew. Or Eden’s.

What of Sikozu?

He could not picture her leaving her children.

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Kyra Daniels Chris Staff

Kyra watched as he dropped the small rodent, one she had never seen before, and her belly rumbled hopefully at the scent of fresh killed prey. She hadn’t eaten yet today. Her pride would not allow her to ask a stranger for food, however. But she edged a step closer, her hackles still lifted, her chin still far higher than his own.

She might be able to snatch it an run. Surely she could go faster than a tiny excuse of a wolf as this. Aside from releasing his grip on his prey his body language did little to placate the ruffled young she-wolf, and she scowled as he revealed he used to live here.

He’d left. Like her birth mother. Like all those siblings she had once had. Like everyone in fact except her father and foster mother and her precious brother Nero. The child was not yet nuanced enough in controlling emotions to keep the thought to herself. “You’re one of the ones who abandoned the Kingdom.” She said accusingly. “Why have you come back now?” She watched him ceaselessly through narrow eyes.

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Igbo Black J

The girl’s eyesight followed the mole he had carried as Igbo wished it would. “Please, he insisted kindly, bumping it towards her with his nose,“I brought it for those who might remain here.”

Igbo did not mind her accusatory tone. It was a wild sensation to hear that he was the one who abandoned the Kingdom for it was the same terminology used for those who left the Empire. Abandoned. Never to be seen again. Igbo had not expected anything different, nor would he argue with the child. It was not her burden.

He paused, not confident in how to continue. Was he to bring up that he escaped? Was he to speak on Elliot, Manson, or Sikozu? Or should he bring up Nima? Or should he begin with how she is not completely starving?

“I know that Elliot is deceased, and that the mothers have scattered, but I come back to a land that I never thought I would see again on a promise from one’s grandmother and my closet friend, Nima, to make sure that you and your siblings are safe.” His brows lifted in sensitive concern as he watched the girl. Was she to grow angry and attack? Where were her other siblings? Igbo held his tongue, feeling fearful pain shoot through his limbs as he kept himself in his spot. How much did the girl know already? Should he not be honest with her? Would it of been better to befriend before speaking?

The tiny man stood still, amber eyes watching with sincerity.

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Kyra Daniels Chris Staff

As if he knew her plans the male gently offered her the rodent. And pushed it towards her. Though her belly begged her to take it, her pride refused once he revealed he had brought it for her. “We don’t need your charity.” She parroted her brother arrogantly, staring hard at the small male, waiting for an explanation.

One came. Not one Kyra liked.

Closest friend. Nima, one of the wolves who had brought the wolves here that killed her father. Kyra knew after meeting her they were related, and that the golden male said Nima had wanted to take them to her home. But in her mind, they had all been in on it. The plot to kill her father. There was scarcely any difference between this little wolf and the ones who had attacked Elliot Daniels.

A low warning growl began to build deep in her chest. It had been a stressful few weeks, and she was not in as tight a control of her emotions as she used to be.

“Safe. You came to see if we were safe.” Temper frayed the words as if she couldn’t believe what she was hearting (she couldn’t), and she took another step towards Igbo Black, growing close to his personal space.

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Igbo Black J

“Not charity.” Igbo chirped back, initiating a cool demeanor. The girl was mad, which made sense. He tread of thin, sharp glass that could splinter at any wrong word or trigger—yet, he would not falter yet.

And as she crept closer, utilizing her size as an intimidation, Igbo stood firm staring up at the girl. She was younger and most likely stronger, but size and strength did not accomplish everything.

“Yes, safe.” He repeated back to her earnestly,“There has been much happenings, and a multiple of different perspectives that hurt others. For as much as Elliot may of treated you and your siblings well, he hurt others in a way that could not be forgiven, and in return those around him have been hurt. It was not my wish for any of this to happen, but it has and none of it can be taken back. I come to make sure no one has come to further hurt one or your siblings.” Igbo held his ground for his message was honest, and if the girl did not want to hear it, then it would be the truth of time to console her.

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Kyra Daniels Chris Staff

He didn’t back down from her, the way a portion of her wanted him to. He stayed where he was, and she was facing him now, right up close to his nose.

This was one of Nima’s friends, her best friend. Standing here after he ran away, pretending to be one of the good guys, claiming Daddy hurt other wolves, when his precious Nima had teamed up with the wolves who ripped her family apart.

She stared into his beady little eyes and wished Nero was here right now to take the lead, debating weather to call him, if he had found Saelys yet. Her lips drew back from her teeth, and the growl grew louder.

For now, this was her home, and she was in charge, and before her temper frayed altogether she kicked the mole with her back foot, bringing it within reach of Igbo. She wasn’t going to eat it. She wasn’t even going to accept it, because doing so would mean accepting Igbo.

“Take your trash with you, and get out of my home.” Her voice had gone quiet, but dangerously so.

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