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We never carried days on our own
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The days rolled into a week, and then a month,  and before Kyra knew it, she and Nero had been alone, with no parents, for most of autumn. She was still noticeably underweight, though her thickening black fur, starting to show silver hairs around her cheeks and chin, hid some of her skinniness. Relic and Astred had helped, and Kyra was much better off than she would have otherwise been. But a pair of well-meaning strangers was not the same as the Kingdom during its glory days. 

Kyra tried not to think of her father too much. She missed him so desperately, for whatever his failings, he had still be her father, and the only stable parent out of two she had. Manson, too, Kyra missed Manson. She would know what to do right now.

But they weren’t here anymore, and that left things to Kyra and Nero. Her brother was tackling Saelys to see if their sister would travel with them, or go her own way. And now, after searching all the surrounding terrain she could easily reach for her Althea the past week, Kyra had returned and tried once more in the caves they had grown up in.

She had admitted defeat. Althea wasn’t here, and she hadn’t been in some time. Kyra had brought her collection of sticks from the hollow tree she used to sleep in the forest. These she arranged in a carefully laid-out line where her mother had once slept with her and Althea. For a long time, Kyra stared at that alcove. She couldn’t recall her mother’s face anymore. A very faint memory lingered of her scent, but that was it.

“We’ll find each other again someday Althea.” Kyra vowed, swallowing hard, then turning away with her jaw set and her ears back. She wouldn’t ever come back here again, she thought, and marched out of the cave entrance and into the rain as thunder rumbled overhead.

May 05, 2018 01:19 AM

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