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A sheep, in a pride of lions
Day post “To crumble, to break” || Morning || along the water shore

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Siberia Raine Rem

The storm wasn’t kind, falling endlessly all night and into the morning’s hours. The sun indeed rose, but its vibrant rays didn’t quite get to break through the barricade of Smokey clouds. Siberia lied beneath a hefty tree for majority of the night, following Damien in until a dry enough spot caught her attention. Luckily, the rain had ceased. Though the overcast was heavy, at least the air was void of droplets.

The blonde woman hauled her frame to her fours, a brisk shake of her coat to dry it and release any clumped in debris. Glancing around, she saw no one. The brown bear had vanished into the night prior - and since, she had yet to find another soul. Honestly, she was lost. Not knowing the name of the place she stood, or even the family that staked their claim to it.

Twitching her ear, thinking of all things she didnt know. A faint, lopsided frown curved onto her blackened lips. She was already a bad guest. Poor girl.

Walking stealing down a sloped hill, she soon saw the heart of their land. A lake. Gorgeously striking, even with the murky clouds blocking away the sun. It still came off so… appealing, tranquil - even.

Continuing downward, delicately sized paws overstepped puddles of mud and patches of soaked, dead leaves. Autumn was not the most cozy of seasons, but it still seemed quite remarkable in a landscape such as this one.

Submerging dingy paws to clean them, and taking in a much needed fill of water. Silver eyes admired the towers of mountains the scaled along the outer rings of the territory. It was a fairytale, really.

May 06, 2018 07:52 PM

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Claes Stephansson Quinn Staff

Claes hadn’t budged, not one inch, after the Hellmaw scent had faded. He’d stayed right where he was, all through the rest of the day, well into the night. It was a stupid, stubborn thing to do, but he would not allow her to return - no matter what any adult said. Claes might have been ill-behaved, but so had she. She didn’t deserve to step one single paw closer to the Basin. And so he kept watch, for as long as he could. Eventually, sleep took him, and he slept through the night.

Even with the storm and all the lightning and thunder, Claes slept, tucked just inside the treeline. The ruckus was something he was used to - something that soothed. Even with the rain drenching him-the trees above helped little- he slept until the sun rose.

He awoke with a start - with the confusion of someone who had no clue where they were when they woke up. It was disorienting for a moment, but as he blinked against the sleep in his eyes, he’d realized what happened. It didn’t make him any less pleased to realize he wasn’t in the alcove or that he was drenched. To the bone. Claes grumbled as he heaved himself to his feet, narrowed eyes aimed towards the north entrance. The scent of wet dirt and rain clogged his senses, but he doubted the Hellmaw girl was still lingering, especially with the rain. If she was stupid enough to return, Claes would be there, just like he had been before.

He let loose a groggy hum as he turned towards the lake, then, smacking his lips against the dryness on his tongue. Grabbing a drink and heading back to the alcove was what was on his mind, but when he stepped down to the rocky shore, a pale figure standing ankle deep in the lake caught his attention. At first, Astred came to mind, and he let his tail sway, almost moved to head towards the figure. He knew she’d been gone with Relic, so if she was back, that mean Relic was too, and Claes couldn’t wait to hear about everything he’d seen out in the valley.

But. Something was off. Something about the figure didn’t sit right - didn’t match the picture of Astred in his mind. He tried to sniff at the breeze, but the rain was cloying and he couldn’t smell much but wet earth. He could just barely see the side of the wolfs face from where he stood, and this wolf was clearly lacking in the dark markings Astred wore. His hackles prickled - fought to stand against all the rain weighing him down. He nearly let loose a snarl - after everything with the Hellmaw wolves these last few days, he was keen to snap and growl at any stranger. But Momma and Relic and Daniel surely wouldn’t want that. He could still feel the weight of Daniel’s disappointment, even. He had to be better at being nice. He had to be better at keeping the things he really wanted to say inside.

He sighed, instead, but he didn’t keep the bite from his words - that was beyond his abilities just then. “Who are you?”

They just kept coming, no matter what he did.

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Siberia Raine Rem

A voice is what rattled her attention, pulling siberia out of fictional world and bringing the senses of her body back into the real one. A simple inquisition. Who was she. Before answering, Sib’s maw shut, swinging her head to full height and angling it towards the origin of the sound.

It was a boy, quite large, compared to her, at least. Still growing, but surely almost done. His coat was an onyx black, with flecks of lighter tones and eyes that stuck out sharply from his dark mask. Observing him, he didn’t look too keen on her being there. Had she done wrong? Maybe she had slept too close to him claimed location.

”Siberia,” a soft answer to a sharp question. ”Damien said I could stay, to wait for you leader to come back,” she might as well give the name of her by-pass into the pack. Yes, the boy was only a mere pup, but he deserved to be defensive of strangers in his home.

Taking a small step backwards, paws leaving the water while doing so - Siberia fell into a seated position. Soaked tail coiling against her haunches as she postured up and watched him with dull, platinum colored eyes.

”May I know your name?” a faint cock of her head gave away her curiosity, tail tip flinching like a nervous tick. Blink. Blink. Blink.

Though uncomfortable, the girl was sure to still smile at the dark pup. Her cheeks pulling upwards and her lips curled mirrhfully into a soft beam. She didn’t wish for him to feel unsettled more than he already had.

May 06, 2018 09:11 PM — Post #2

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Claes Stephansson Quinn Staff

A steadying breath - an attempt to reign in and calm the bits of him that wanted to bristle and chase the stranger from his home. After the stupid girl at their borders, his patience was incredibly thin, but he refrained, restrained himself. He had to be better - or better at faking, at least.

It was weird, almost, the resemblance between this wolf and Astred. If she wore dark markings on her face, Claes would think them related. Or something. She was like a tiny Astred. Did that mean this wolf was Astred’s mother? Were all mothers tiny versions of their children? Maybe Papa’s were big versions, like with Papa and Anna, and Momma’s were tiny versions.

He was pulled from his thoughts by the pale wolf speaking up softly and his ears flicked, eyes focusing back on the wolf before him. She said her name and exposed exactly why she was here in one quick sentence and that was a relief. At least he didn’t have to try and wrestle her reasoning from her - nor did she start spewing shit about how she needed help but Cleas couldn’t help her. Nope, he was’t forgetting that any time soon.

His attention snagged easily on mention of Relic and his eyes narrowed in response, just a little. “Why do you need the Lumen?” Damien had said she could stay and that was fair, but to wait until Relic got back? He wasn’t keen on the idea, but he didn’t have much of a say if Damien had invited the wolf in. He sighed again, lip twitching when she moved to sit like she belonged here. All these strangers waltzing into his home and making themselves all cozy was infuriating. He wanted to snarl and snap and raise his hackles, but he just huffed instead, agitated, but tolerant. For now.

Another request for his name he didn’t want to give, but he had to remind himself - be kind. Momma would want him to be nice. Momma would want him to introduce himself and be pleasant. But instead, he muttered a “Claes,” begrudgingly given. It was a start, right? His eyes flicked up at the wolf again, curiosity getting the better of him - his own head cocking just a fraction to the side, scrutinizing. “Are you Astred’s mother?”

May 07, 2018 11:17 PM — Post #3

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Name Player
Siberia Raine Rem

Siberia couldn’t help but watch the young boy, his darkened coat with bright eyes that were honestly quite adorable. Part of her wondered if he was birthed here, mayhap he was just a child that found a home here without his family. It was rude to ask such things, so she cautiously held her tongue. Accents of cream and burlap scrunched up as she smiled towards him - Claes. It was nice, simple, but enjoyable.

Siberia’s silver eyes rattled and shook a bit as he questioned why she needed the Lumen. Assuming that was the term for their leadership, she dipped her head and anxiously wriggled about in her seat a moment. ”Well, my old pack was recently disbanded. Damien told me the Lumen was to pass through there, I was hoping to see if he managed to speak to any of its former members. To maybe figure out what caused it,” her voice cracked a bit. She was never the bold type, moreso meek. Weak, really.

Siberia felt herself gulp as the boy huffed, and then seemed to accutly barrow his gaze upon her. Growing a tad uncomfortable, the woman dropped her ears down. But they rose up an inch as Claes asked another question. One that sort of… confused her. Was she Astred’s mother? Was she another puppy that lingered in the area?

”I fear I’m no one’s mothw, a nervous chuckle escaped her as a faint tail wag accompanied it.

Sorry, I’ve been sick . So short, late post

May 10, 2018 09:56 AM — Post #4

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Name Player
Claes Stephansson Quinn Staff

Claes couldn’t say he liked this wolf, but she was definitely a lot more respectful that the stupid hellmaw girl. And at least this one had the decency to realize she shouldn’t taunt a pack wolf. The submissive gestures were appeasing and Claes let himself relax a little more, head sitting high atop his shoulders.

His ears perked, attention refocusing when the wolf explained why she needed Relic, and her answer relaxed even further. Not looking to stay, then, it seemed. That was a positive for her. Claes’ gaze softened, turned curious. “You’re not staying?” A cock of his head accompanied the words. It was strange that a wolf looking for Relic didn’t want to stay - usually, that was why they came looking for Relic. Claes’ tail swayed a little, hopeful that this would be one less wolf that would be sticking around. The Basin was getting too full for his liking.

Her answer brought confusion creeping back in again, and his head tipped the other way - eyes squinting. That disproved his theory, then, and he frowned. “You look like her,” Claes explained, just a little bit put out. He’d been almost certain he’d been right. But if she wasn’t Astred’s mother, why did they look so similar? It didn’t make sense, if they weren’t related. He hummed, a curious sound.

/// Np, bud! Hope you’re feeling better! :D

May 12, 2018 01:30 AM — Post #5

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Name Player
Siberia Raine Rem

Siberia flattened her ears a bit, the boy seemed quite pleased by the fact that she wasn’t going to stay. He had swung and swayed his tail for the first time since their encounter. The tawny hues girl just stared at him for a moment. Silence littered the atmosphere until he mentioned that she resembled this Astred character.

Taking a single step closer, with still more than enough space gathered between them. She slowly cocked her head, body still, her meek nature as apparent as ever. ”You don’t want me here, do you?” this land was Claes’ home. Where he proudly lived and aligned his allegiance to. And she was intruding. Given permission, but, still intruding and causing unpleasantries for some.

”Should I wait outside the territory for him?” Claes was a child, not even a year old. But it was still his home, and he had a right to be comfortable and feel as if he had a say in the upbringing of him pack, just as any other member.

May 17, 2018 09:33 AM — Post #6

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Name Player
Claes Stephansson Quinn Staff

This wolf was different than most that he’d come across. Her temperament was one he was so unused to - the only wolf anything like her might have been Daniel. Even then, that was just Daniel. He was a healer, soft, kind. Everyone else he knew could hold their own but this wolf was full of submission. It was a little confusing. Especially when she fell silent and just sort of stared at him. Claes almost lifted his lips to flash his teeth, feeling uncomfortable at the silence, the staring.

But then she stepped forward, a question falling from her lips as she did so. Claes’ eyes narrowed a little, unsure. No, he didn’t want her here, not really. But he couldn’t say that, could he? Especially if he was working on being nicer - for Momma. Instead he just sort of shrugged at her.

Until she spoke up with another question. He shook his head, reluctantly. No, he didn’t want her here, but running out an invited guest was not a nice thing to do, no matter how much he would enjoy doing just that. He sighed and glared at the ground for a moment before yellow eyes settled back on the stranger.

Would you leave if I told you to? Even with Damien’s permission?” He couldn’t help but ask - he was curious if he had the power to banish this wolf in her mind. With most intruders, Claes knew once they were invited in by an adult, he had little power to do anything about it. But this wolf was different. She seemed willing to listen to Claes, a mere puppy, and that was not a concept he had encountered before.

May 18, 2018 08:09 PM — Post #7

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