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[summons] HE MEETING // near lake // afternoon

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Igbo Black J

The day had come.

He moved casually, free within his own world. He had spent so long here, longer than he had than any other area, but now the time had come. Nima’s passing was evident and known, Elliot’s death was settled and confirmed. They were living in a system built by her, yet without her.

Standing by the riverside, he threw his head back and inhaled deeply before his breath sang true and clear into the crisp autumn afternoon for Tomas, Lapis, Abaeze, Naga and Tychus, Kopec and Amelia, Vitalis.

loose posting order, and i am assuming this thread will go slow as other important threads take place

May 07, 2018 08:48 PM

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Lapis Black Slash-GNR

Lapis yawned as a howl rose up over the mountain. It was a meeting. The girl got up slowly… Taking her time with whatever was going on and made her way toward her father.

Was this the ceremony for the Daniels so they could finally crush all their necks? If so… Lapis wouldnt be sticking around… Winter or no winter.

The elegant child came over a hill and spotted her father. She held no expression… Cold… Distant. Once reaching Igbo she gave a silent nod and sat down.

May 07, 2018 09:18 PM — Post #1

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Kopec Daniels Madeline

Her sleep had a habit of being disturbed.

Ears laying flat across her head in effort to tune things out, she slept almost peacefully; well, as peaceful as it could get. She dreamed with an expression of her former self, a smile dancing loosely on her lips. Until a howl broke through the barriers of whatever dream had caused such a reaction. Muscles in her mouth returning to a neutral expression, a low growl rumbled out of her throat. Igbo, of course it was Igbo.

Perhaps she had dreamt of her mothers return, safe and sound, or perhaps she relived a memory of a simpler time. Whatever it was, it was easily forgotten and thrown behind her. Breathing in briskly, she finally released an annoyed sigh before moving to get up.

The sun was not as strong upon the mountain as it was down below, but the warmth it brought upon the slab of stone she had dozed upon gave her warmth that was rather rare. Despite the pools within the cavern that bubbled with steam and natural heat, it was nice to have a different source without actually getting wet.

Standing up, she finally made a ‘u’ curvature as she stretched, releasing a yawn that revealed all forty-two of her pearly white incisors. Shaking out her fur, finally she began to walk towards the summoning call.

-arriving in two rounds-

May 08, 2018 02:19 PM — Post #2

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Tomas Hodova Zoi

Tomas could feel the hesitation, although he was rather confident that he was making the right choice in the means. It was why his body moved, and he could feel himself almost smelling the crisp water that was sweet.

After having spoken with Igbo, he felt unsurprised by the summons. The boldness, perhaps, of the location choice had been what brought him forward. It was a half hiss of air, and his eyes crossed about as he rounded the rim of the lake with a languid ease.

Lapis was already there, waiting, and the faint smile touched his lips. It suited him just fine to see the girl vying for attention, but her demanding nature did not go unnoticed. She thought herself different from the Daniels; but she was not. Not when Tomas looked at her, rigid and wanting all the same.

Exhaling, he could only imagine how this was going to do.

A soft chuff to the Blacks, tail swaying. This was necessary.

May 08, 2018 03:02 PM — Post #3

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Amelia Daniels Zoi

The call wasn’t as comforting as the last one had been, nonetheless, she drifted her way with the thought of seeing her family. Already, the fur slightly bristled upon the stop of her back with the nerves - it had been, well. She couldn’t even say that it had been since her mother had been pronounced dead. That had been one meeting Amelia had fled from, no blinders about that.

But now, stubbornly, she held her head high. She spotted Tomas moving in with a flick of the ear to acknowledge him, but her eyes were drawn with bemusement toward the black wolves waiting. Without Kopec there, she warned herself about speaking too loudly.

The Daniels might’ve been standing strong together, and pack might’ve been second, but she still very much loved her Igbo. Enough that he ranked high enough to be blood. It was why, in worry, she knew that there was a risk that things could get ugly.

She didn’t want that. She really, really did not desire such things.

May 08, 2018 04:08 PM — Post #4

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Scarce, Skippable

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Naga Lexo

The howl of a Hellmaw wolf rarely came with tides of good news. Rather, a gathering had come to herald tragedy and vitriol amidst their dwindling ranks. Hawkish gold eyes looked towards the call - Igbo summoned them now. Naga did not take off at once this time - she lingered, wary to hear his words and weary of mind.

A dark figure walked into view in the distance, headed towards the Lake. Kopec.

Naga hustled from her place to catch up and join at her side, a low woof emanating to warn of her approach. She slid smoothly along the dark fur to nip affectionately at the left ear and veered away to give some ample space.

“Why could Black be calling now, hm sister?” she queried with tangible notes of irony at the beginning that leveled off to genuine unease towards the end.

/arriving with Kopec

May 08, 2018 05:21 PM — Post #5

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Abaeze Ebo Black Aeon

Please assume that Abaeze has been around, although he has not participated in any threads as of late! I somehow became incredibly busy and am finally able to catch up!

The call of his father pulled him from his activity, whirling his head in the direction it’d come from. His brows previously furrowed, lips drawn tight and thin, Abaeze Ebo had been inspecting a rock that lay just a foot stretch from the shoreline. It had sunk itself in the water quite a long time ago, before the boy had been alive, and he was sure it had been there before his father had been alive. It was much unlike the rocks that collected the shoreline together. This one was smooth, cold, weathered. Each tiny pebble was its own unique color, shape and size. The rock he was studying was as if the pebbles had melded together and worn out- one big size, a watercolor of shades, where one blended into the next and Abaeze could not find where one began and ended.

Abandoning his research, swearing on his life to return to further inspect it, he turned his body fully towards the direction of the sound and began to track it down.

arriving in one round (roughly)!

May 09, 2018 10:01 PM — Post #6

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Igbo Black J

For those who are late joiners because of personal schedules, I am fine with your characters listening in on what Igbo has to say in order to keep things follow IF that is applicable to your character c: !

His daughter sat by his side and Igbo inhaled the anxious air. The father moved to give her a light bump on the shoulder before the others came. Lapis was a part of the foundation too. One could be confident and one could lead. He had done so without the title, but the rest needed to understand. Nima’s death shifted a change in behavior, the dynamic between everyone had changed, and it needed to be addressed.

The short man nodded to Tomas and gave a smile to Amelia, before turning his attention to the arriving pack members.

It would not be too bad.

May 13, 2018 04:38 PM — Post #7

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Lapis Black Slash-GNR

The girl felt her muscles stiffen as Igbo leaned over to bump her. Of course he acted this way in public. What would have been better was if he called for her to spend personal time with. It was just propaganda to her.

Lapis kept an expressionless visage. Amber eyes watched as the whole Empire came. The only wolf that brought a smile from her was Abaeze. He was her favorite by far.

May 13, 2018 04:46 PM — Post #8

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Kopec Daniels Madeline

As the girl began to walk, she kept her head low, a favored position. She did not appear to be particularly interested in the subject, she appeared to want to get it done and over with. Kopec had gone quiet on the constant want to be dominant, she looked from afar, not particularly eager to want to see what was going on, but instead zeroing in on any mistake or wrong judgement the know-it-all did. There was an annoyed silence that radiated off of her, he had been at their ass consistently, even abandoning his own children in favor of those who did not share his blood.

The thought disgusted her. 

But she would keep her thoughts to herself, consistently there, silently judging. As she grew older, she was beginning to understand that she didn’t need to like the wolves to live with them. At the sounds of clicking nails against the stone of the mountain, her ear pivoted towards the direction before looking. A shade of brown, tans and blacks met her peripheral vision and the scent was a telltale sign who dared to become all touchy-nosey with her. Naga.

A small smirk eventually drifted onto her lips at the affectionate touch, and she slowed her pace briefly to give her sister a lick upon her head. An irritated grumble vibrated in her throat. Rolling her shoulders, she returned to her previous pace.  ”Perhaps he’s trying to rally the others together in a piss-poor attempt of unity.” She breathed out in feigned amusement.

As they continued to walk, the figures of others became ever apparent. The two Blacks were seated next to each other besides the lake’s edge and her eyes followed the silhouettes of Amelia, to Tomas, Abaeze, Lapis and finally to Igbo. Tearing her intense stare away, she finally breathed in and slowed her pace down. Whatever it was called for, could wait.

arriving in one round, her words are not able to be heard from anyone but Naga.

May 13, 2018 07:20 PM — Post #9

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[ Edited: May 16, 2018 05:24 PM by Kopec ]
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Amelia Daniels Zoi

Amelia could feel the tension that was strung through her body like the opening, haunting lines of a sharp-spoken ballad. The girl didn’t even begin to admit her wariness about being in a group, hearing differentiating opinions that would ultimately leave them feeling off the center of their own balances.

Her gaze rose to meet Igbo’s, aware that Lapis had only glowered her way; she offered a smile, although it was a vaguely stretched thin one. This was not her sort of environment to thrive in; she could open up and write beautiful poetry with her words if she desired. But not in front of others.

Feeling not exactly lost, but she drew her head higher. She was not as demanding as her siblings, but she was ever the label of the Daniels. She deserved to be here. These grounds were meant to be the Kingdom of her dreams.

Maybe someday.

Glancing to Tomas, Abaeze, she could only sigh. Wolves she didn’t spend much time with. Where was Vitalis? Where was -

Her eyes turned over her shoulder, and she yipped spotting her sisters in coming. A pang of longing swept her, but she held her tongue further.

May 15, 2018 03:45 PM — Post #10

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Tomas Hodova Zoi

As he drew near, his eyes flicked over the lot that had gathered. Amusement tickled him, although only just. Igbo was the brave one, calling the meeting and missing the ensuring wrath. It was a powerplay move, and one the Daniels would likely not take well to.

He sat apart from most of them, somewhere between the Black siblings and Amelia, to whom he gave a charming grin in a fleeting glance. “Miss Amelia.” The husky greeting was out of his mouth first, unsure of the requirements with the wanderer of the four Daniels. But then he turned his eyes to Lapis, and warmth tinted his gaze in fuller honesty. “Lapis, Abaeze. A pleasure to see you both.

His eyes turned to Igbo, and then he glanced out toward the incoming girls. Where was Tychus? The anxiety tweaked, although eventually seafoam eyes just settled on the choice of turning back to Igbo. Head cocked faintly, and he bobbed his head.

They could do this. Get through it without it turning into a bunch of whinging puppies.

May 16, 2018 03:57 PM — Post #11

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