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pledging allegiance to a few common interests
[continuation] benny, vienna / full autumn / twilight / 60°F / light rain

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Morwen maiyev

The pools looked no different once she’d returned. Their turquoise hue was the same; the way the stone wrapped itself around them to make a chamber in its chest hadn’t shifted at all. By all the power a wolf could have, they never seemed to leave this place any different than before. Even blood could be worn away. Thoughts, not so much, but the weather would try.

The rain had picked up some from the evening, and the din was louder from within the cavern, though it had yet to find them in there. Morwen had led her procession into its depths the way she typically came, wont to be as transparent as was comfortable. There were other, more secretive entry points—but she’d rather not have kids sneaking up on her all the time. The umber wolf came to a stop at the edge of the largest pool, gazing as they tiered down towards a view of the valley, cloaked in black.

“Here we are,” she said, voice lacking the flair it probably should’ve had. “First thing’s first: that—” Morwen gestured with her muzzle towards the furthest pool, ”—is a drop. Don’t go falling off of it, because it is deadly.” She considered weaving some horrifying narrative of how Jarius died, but decided against it. She directed her gaze to the two wolves. “Second: this place isn’t just yours, it’s shared by me, two other wolves, and now, both of you. We all like our space. Respect it, and we’ll respect yours.”

The woman paused, looking between their faces as though she were awaiting their reactions. Really, she was considering what else she could say.

May 15, 2018 11:02 AM

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Vienna Bella

Vienna let her eyes trailed over the entire area, vaguely hearing what Morwen spoke about. She got the main points at least, and knew to stay away from the far pool. The new area was almost surreal to Vienna, dreamlike in its simplicity. Stone, water… That was about it. It wasn’t anything special, but according to Morwen, a few different wolves called it home.

It must be good for something then. Vienna nodded at Morwen when she finished, a silent agreement to giving everyone space. While she knew curiosity would cause her to meet the others as soon as she could, Vienna would still try her best to keep her distance.

She was broken out of her thoughts by the realization Benvolio was still by her, causing her to speak up. “I’ll do my best to give you all space, but right now…” Vienna looked at Morwen, then to Benvolio with worry evident in her eyes. He didn’t seem to be doing all that great while they were walking, and she was eager to get him fixed up and learn how to do it in case something like this happened again.

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Benvolio Nym Matti

Benny had hobbled his way up the mountainside with the two woman. Normally, a chance to race around in the mountains with two lovely ladies would have thrilled him, but his aching him and his awkward three-legged hobble had really overshadowed anything good about the situation.

He was glad to be able to limp along beside Vienna. He had flashed little glances towards her, admiring the young woman. She was small, and pretty, and friendly, and all sorts of other things Benny liked in his friends. For all that a porcupine injury was not pleasant, his second time in this valley was still, somehow, proving better. He’d already met two nice wolves who had helped him and now taken him into a place that was almost like a home. He’d all but given up on his sister. Wherever she was was too far his him to find, and he had tried so hard to find her. It meant he needed a new home now, a replacement Perdita to fill his life with.

The bigger, dark woman was giving a little lecture about their home. His exhaustion and pain had put Benny onto what was likely some of his best behavior ever, but he figured he could manage not to fall off a cliff and die - he had grown up in the mountains after all. Plus, he was good at doing what pretty woman wanted him to do.

“Yeah-huh, I’m just gonna…” Benny trailed off and plopped unceremoniously into a sitting position, carefully holding his right front leg off the ground, paw curled around a little to try to protect it. He sat for a moment, letting the rain drip on him, he was just glad to be done walking.

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Morwen maiyev

They had seemed to listen well enough. Once she had finished speaking, Morwen sized the two of them up for a moment longer before she turned back towards the cavern’s entrance. She was satisfied with that for now. If anything else came along, she’d mention it then. She knew they would smile and nod to anything she told them, too, if it meant a chance to freeload. Time is what would determine their worth.

“I’m going to get some herbs,” she told Benny. “This is probably pretty obvious, but you shouldn’t be outside. So stay here. Don’t leave unless there’s a good reason.” Morwen eyed his wound again momentarily before turning away. She’d never seen so many punctures all in one place, and pondered what may have caused it. The umber wolf stepped up to the craggy tunnel, and slipped into it, weaving through to the mountains once more. She hoped Lorenzo didn’t show up before she could explain herself.

Come to think of it, she hadn’t smelled, let alone seen, the man in a while.

Morwen pursed her lips thoughtfully as she parted from the cover of the springs, and began her descent into the pass.

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Vienna Bella

Vienna had almost laughed as Benvolio flopped down, visibly done with everything for the time being. She managed to stop herself with only a slight snicker, her body language showing nothing but joy.

She debated internally as to whether or not she should follow Morwen, more out of curiosity than anything, but decided she was best off keeping Benvolio company. It wasn’t like he could explore the area or anything while they were gone, and she didn’t want to leave him alone in this new place. So, she just watched as Morwen slipped away.

Sitting across from Benvolio, she tried to strike up some sort of conversation. Wanting to learn more about this wolf and things he ha do previously brought to light, Vienna started with what she assumed to be the obvious topics.

“I was wondering… How did you manage to get so pricked by so many quills? Also,” The small girl hesitated for a second, softening her voice. “You mentioned… You were looking for your sister?”

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Name Player
Benvolio Nym Matti

Benny’s eyes focused on his poor paw. Practically his whole leg hurt, but on his paw pad where the fur didn’t cover anything he could see it was red and swollen and uncomfortable. He glanced up again when she was talking to him but just gave a nod in response. He didn’t know where he could possibly go or what he could do anyway. He looked at his poor paw again. Benny was already feeling sorry for himself for this one.

The other girls voice brought his eyes up again. Maybe he’d just look at her instead. His eyes softened and his lips pulled out of their frown, just a little.

“Mmmm, a porcupine.” Did she know what a porcupine was? Everyone knew that right? “They’re little prickly things, slow, and fat, but sharp. I’ve hunted ‘em before, but this one got me. I ate him though, so he got what he had coming too.” Benny huffed, annoyed, but still at least feeling full from that damned porcupine.

Benny cocked his head at the question about his sister. He was surprised the girl had really even listened or wanted to know. Everyone else just said they didn’t know Perdy and then talked about other things. “Her name is Perdita, Perdy. We got separated in the spring, I’ve been looking for her ever since. She looks pretty much like me, timber, little?” He raised his eyebrows hopefully, wishing the girl to tell him that she did know. “Do you have a family, where’d you come from?” He didn’t think of his questions as blunt though they likely were. It was cheering him some to have someone to talk to. His tail brushed the ground behind him.

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Vienna Bella

Vienna had been intrigued when Benvolio explained what a porcupine was. Her mother had warned her a seemingly long time ago to avoid moving prickly objects at all costs. She hadn’t realised that the objects her mother read mentioned were really food! Although, she probably would try to hunt one herself. Looking at Benvolio, they weren’t worth it.

She also listened carefully when Benvolio explained more about his sister. He seemed hopeful, almost like he was pleasing with Vienna to know something. Sadly, she didn’t. “She seems like a nice wolf if you’ve been looking so long for her, but I can’t say I’ve met her… Sorry.”

Asking about her family and birthplace was expected, but still made Vienna’s ears droop a little. “I was born to pack less parents in an area with very few reliable food sources. I had one sibling, a brother, who was stillborn. Mother told me I whined at him for days to try and wake him… My parents both died during our travel, trying to find food for us… That was a few months ago.”

Telling Benvolio brought the memory back at a violent speed, dizzying her in its intensity. Her parents teaching her, her brother’s scent, finding her parents’ bodies, coated in blood. It wasn’t unlike Benvolio shoulder, now that she thought about it. Disgust clouded her mind now,  and all she wanted was to forget. While she was nearing adulthood, Vienna still couldn’t grasp the concept of moving on. Not yet at least.

Suddenly, Vienna blurted an almost startled question before ducking her head down in embarrassment. “Would you like help cleaning that up a bit”

May 17, 2018 04:39 PM — Post #6

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