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Kyren Shard

Best way to describe Shard is someone who works to have money to spend all their money on dog or dog related activities.

I’ve gone to conferences/seminars and such on animal behavior and body language.  Spent many years now in training lessons.  My main obsession is dog agility though I’ve started now with dock diving as a bit of fun.  In the past I’ve tried rally and barn hunt as well.

I have two wonderful tollers.
Posting images of them from phone seems a bit too difficult but sure to share later when on my laptop.

I can tell you of a million great toys you can fill with frozen treats and filling ideas if interested!  Not to say dogs are spoiled but they have a kiddy pool and a sandbox! (Each available at seperate times)

One of the dogs is 5 and the other just turned 6 months as of today.

I work at a call center but on occasion I’ve given personal dog training lessons.

Clearly I also rp… I’ve done a few different genre’s and diff ways to rp. 

Oh, I live in texas and work at a call center.  Shard it a nutshell right there!

May 15, 2018 12:56 PM

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Nala Vãduvã Kori

pics of dogs asap pleaseee. I love tollers they’re super cute ;u;
and yes for the treat toys! My aussie is too smart for the standard kongs now, she gets through those in under 15 mins >I so if you’ve got ideas then I definitely want to hear them :D

May 15, 2018 03:03 PM — Post #1

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Anna Rainy Staff
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Hello fellow doggy Texan!!

May 15, 2018 03:34 PM — Post #2

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Lethe Lilja

That’s super cool!  Welcome to Horizon! :D

May 15, 2018 03:47 PM — Post #3

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Kyren Shard

Photo’s of Wren FIrst (If I did it right it’ll show up as a bunch of small pic’s.. here’s hoping!)

Photo’s of Orri

and… a few toys…
my favorite is Kong Quest 
It’s a bone shape with a sideways spot for filling so the dog can get all of it where the common Kong is near impossible to get stuff out of the bottom..

Busy Buddy is about everyone’s favorite where I train.. some dogs take forever at it
You can control how hard or easy this is by how tightly you screw it together (see pic to understand)

Rubber tire toys (see them at most pet stores) should be hollow inside the rims.. put something in there and freeze.. lot of work to get frozen food out from in there

Do it yourself ideas:
Use empty egg carton as a slow feeder

Take a pressure curtain rod and a 2ltr bottle.. punch hole in bottom of bottle and slide it through curtain rod.. create some wholes large enough for treats to fall from..  so you can stick this between two walls and the dog can twist it around to try and make the food fall out

stackable cups - like the kid ones?
stack them with a bit of kibble in between each one (or other treat)

take a towel… put treats on it, fold, repeat a few times.. fold as tight or lose as you want for how easy/hard dog needs it to be

Scatter feed - dogs are meant to hunt for breakfast.. why stick it all in a bowl? throw some of it on porch or in house or outside in grass (I don’t do the last as often because what if dogs don’t find it all and bugs come about.. but some love it) .. this is great in giving dog something to do and it seems searching/smelling out food creates a chemical response in a dog that helps them be calm

More ideas out there but I think thats a few nice options?  I just recently tried the towel and it worked great.  I scatter feed all the time.. they love it and I’m just using normal breakfast kibble

Things you can freeze
Canned pumpkin
plain greek yogurt
canned dog food
peanut butter
plenty of other things but I mostly use the yogurt and dog food.. but have tried all of them.

May 15, 2018 09:31 PM — Post #4

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Damien Aderly Dylan
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Welcome, Shard! Wren and Orri are the cutest things I’ve ever seen

May 16, 2018 10:45 AM — Post #5

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Tiberius Zarin Zoi


So of course I have to post in here, because doggies! Doggy pictures (and finding out via CBOX that you do agility omg yay).

Wren and Orri are supa, supa cute! I want to squish them and love them and steal them but Texas is far away.

I think we should talk lots because your life sounds like mine except I’m where it’s cold and you are where it is hot. Maybe now I should start looking through my agility connections and see if I stumble upon a picture of Wren /s

<3 Welcomeeee!

May 16, 2018 04:18 PM — Post #6

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Kyren Shard

Yes!!!!! I might be prejudice but most adorable dogs everywhere.  Admittedly they have good odds at adorability just by being tollers

Hmm…. if you are in any Facebook groups on tollers you might find me.  I know the groups I’m in have people in different countries. 

Wren is from Gulfbreeze Kennel and Orri is from Vermillion Kennels (again all texas but hey!)

Now Wren’s only in Open Fast/Standard and Novice still jumpers so we won’t be in any hall of fame’s ... but Wren was my first agility dog and I take a looong time to learn things!! (Wren just wanted to visit judges/bar setters…anyone) for a while till we got a handle on focus…

So I need to look more at ooc in detail… what dogs do you have?  I do prefer warm over cold… so i definitly wouldn’t move to canada..

I’d love to visit Nova Scotia some day (are toller at all common enough there? At least to be known? I get asked what mix breed they are or if Australian shepherds/goldens)

I’d also like to go to canada for one of those camps susan Garrett holds or absolute dogs also are from up there!

May 16, 2018 06:23 PM — Post #7

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Kyren Shard

Side note: just remembered you don’t have tollers just agility dogs… you should be in toller groups anyway just because its an overload of adorability.

I’m not in any agility fb groups…

May 16, 2018 06:24 PM — Post #8

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Nala Vãduvã Kori

kay first off your dogs are ADORABLE. Especially little Orri :D

And second thank you so much for the ideas :D I’ve done the food scattering thing and done kind of a hide and seek thing with their food as well. I was looking for something to give her to do while I’m out, so the toy ideas are awesome. I will try a few asap!

May 16, 2018 08:25 PM — Post #9

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Kyren Shard

Lol Orri cheats with puppy’ness! To be fair all puppies make us all go ‘awwwww!’ but still… yes, I think all tollers are amazing! Everyone go get one! uhhh… unless you don’t want tons of energy in a medium sized package… and if you don’t like loud piercing noises when a dog’s excited…

glad you liked the ideas!

May 16, 2018 09:31 PM — Post #10

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Bucky Rangers Chris Staff
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Your tollers are BEAUTIFUL!
also welcome I will need photos of them forever pls :) Chris loves tollers!

May 23, 2018 01:49 AM — Post #11

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