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Yuna Nami Chris Staff

Yuna had a small pile of herbs she had carefully selected from her stores. Most of them were ones she had not widely used at all, but she liked to be prepared for anything. She just hadn’t expected to be meeting a nephew with a heart condition, but the healer took it in her stride. It wasn’t the herbs she brought to Sebastian yet though. She had left him currently enjoying the sunshine outside, though Yuna had asked him to rest, rather than try exploring. She didn’t yet know the young male well enough to know how obedient he was. 

“Sebastian?” She called around the fish in her mouth. He needed to eat well, small and often, to get back to his full strength. Today, she knew, she would be able to start introducing herbs other than garlic, but she wanted to talk to her nephew first, get a feel for him and how willing he was to be involved in his own treatment.

May 17, 2018 08:03 AM

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Sebastian Lei

Since coming to the coast, life had been practically a blur. Time itself seemed nonexistent and through the pain and exhaustion, all Sebastian really did was sleep. It was the only treatment that felt right to him. If there was anything else that his aunt was doing with him, for a while, Sebastian couldn’t tell.

Yet, in the coming days, he was able to stay up for more hours in the day. The pain had subsided since his last episode and while things were looking up—he was still slightly worried. He had never felt that way in months, or like, ever. Did that mean something bad? Should he be worried?

He wanted to take his mother or even confide in his father, but after everything they had been through and Finn…it just seemed like a burden that he did not want to weigh them down with.

He would be fine. He had to be.

Yuna had told him to stay out in the sun, rest, take a moment to breathe—and though he wished he could do more, he obliged. Walking around was still slightly painful, his body still pretty damn sore.

And so reluctantly, he had settled himself down below the sun; his eyes closed for a few moments, and he wondered if he should sleep. Sleep itself sounded good… and he could… but before then, a voice rung through his ears.


Sebastian briefly turned his head to glance in her direction, before calling out half exhaustingly back, “Yeah, I’m here.”

((short morning post))

May 17, 2018 10:08 AM — Post #1

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Yuna Nami Chris Staff

Sebastian still sounded exhausted, she noted, and he looked it as well as she reached him and her mismatched gaze swept over him. He had been so quiet since he had gotten here, she knew she had given his body enough time to recover from the journey now before she tried some new herbs.

She set her fish down on a rock and came to settle at his side, gently pressing a lick to his ear before stretching out on the sand beside her nephew.

“Nap if you need to, Sebastian.” her gentle voice encouraged. “I’ll be here when you wake up.” She would, too. Comfort was important for Sebastian right now. He needed to know she was reliable, that she would keep treating him no matter what.

May 17, 2018 08:45 PM — Post #2

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Sebastian Lei

His eyes flashed across the sandy landscape, watching briefly as his aunt’s cream colored coat came into focus, and briefly a fish between her jaws. He could smell the pungent smell of salt..and whatever fish were made of and although Sebastian knew he hadn’t been hungry before—he could feel his stomach churn at the thought of eating.

When was the last time he ate? He wasn’t sure.

The boy’s mouth briefly watered for a moment, but as she placed the fish on a rock and moved towards him, he made his best efforts to forget about it. It wasn’t for him. He probably shouldn’t eat anyway though right? He was recovering, and was food even good for wolves who needed to rest? Especially after his own episode…maybe he couldn’t even keep down anything.

His body shifted briefly as his aunt came to his side; the boy growing more comfortable with her presence.  Though when she told him to nap, he shook his head. Listen, he was tired, but he was also tired of being tired. Napping and sleeping and not being up and about was starting to make him restless. He hated this about his body.

Each time his heart acted up, it felt as though a million years would have to pass before he felt like himself. It was awful. “I’m okay, I’m a bit tired of sleeping all the time…” He didn’t know how to respond, he wanted to take in her words and agree to them. Be the model patient. But he was still a kid. A growing boy who wanted to go out and play with his cousins, he wanted to explore the beach and see if this could be a place he wanted to stay—Finn had already found his home, Sebastian now wanted to find his—because it obviously wasn’t going to be with his parents in the long run. “When will I be better?” He asked, his boy probably hinting more towards the hope of a perfect world rather than his reality.

May 18, 2018 02:01 PM — Post #3

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Yuna Nami Chris Staff

Ah, he had a stubbornness to him then - not a bad thing, but one Yuna distinctly suspected was his father’s influence. Sebastian would need determination if he was to get through his illness, though. Having a heart condition was chronic, long-term, and so was dealing with it.

“In that case, are you hungry?” She fetched the fish and put it before him with a small smile, then lay down beside him once again.

“Soon, I hope - I’ve got some more garlic for you but some new herbs to try as well. Each day, we can add something new, and see which ones work best for you.” She explained her plan directly to the young wolf.

“Do you like your full name, Sebastian, or is there a nickname you prefer to be called…?”

May 18, 2018 09:01 PM — Post #4

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Sebastian Lei


The sound of the word immediately made his mouth salivate as his ears perked forward and his eyes lazily glanced towards the rock. Fish. It was a meal that he was used to, but he was not going to complain. If he could anything at all, that would be a blessing within itself.

The boy gave a small nod, agreeing towards her inquiry. He was kinda hungry. Not sure if he was hungry for fish in particular…but he’d take what he could get.

The smell was strong as it lied between his paws, and something deep within his brain was telling him not to bite into it. Yet, he did so anyway. Digging in gently and ripping away the slimy parts of the fish. The moment he swallowed the first bite, Sebastian couldn’t stop himself from making a face. His nose scrunching up and his eyes quickly shutting as he forced the meal to swallow. It tasted…weird.

Though after a few more bites, he learned to accept it, to ignore the smell that wafted from the fish and continued to eat. He was a hungry boy after all.

Sebastian gave a few nods though his meal, listening to her words but finding no way to respond to them. He didn’t know what to say. Would anything truly help his condition? A part of him doubted it, but he knew he couldn’t just roll over and give up—his parents would be furious. So instead, he just nodded.

His ears perked forward to the sound of her last question, and in all honesty, it took him a little by surprise. No one had really asked him what he’d like to be called. Sebastian was nice and all, but it always sounded so formal to him. But his parents liked it and so he had never made a fuss about it… but now he could pick? “I like the name Bastian..but either works,” he said, his voice low as he continued to finish off the fish.

May 19, 2018 02:19 PM — Post #5

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Yuna Nami Chris Staff

He certainly looked hungry and Yuna tucked her paws comfortably underneath her as he ate with big gulps, though at first he seemed uncertain about the taste of fish, if the face he pulled was anything to go by. “Sorry I’m not much good at hunting land prey. I’ll ask your mother or sister to bring the next rabbit they catch.” She told him, though he did eat the fish, which she appreciated. He needed to keep his strength up. 

“Bastian it is then.” She smiled at him, then retrieved her herbs. “So we know garlic has been helping you, and so does the dandelion I gave you when you first got here. But I’ve brought some hawthorn berries too, which are one of the best treatments I know for heart problems. The thing is, we need to find a combination of herbs that work well for you, especially if you travel. Heart problems are very varies, different things work for different wolves.” She explained.

May 19, 2018 09:47 PM — Post #6

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