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So Dark, the Secrets That You Keep
Southeastern part of the Ice Grotto | Heading Northwest | Light Rain | 64°F / 18°C | AW!

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Lethe Lilja

She was the ripe age of seven.  Seven months, that was.  A little black bundle that was all legs and no meat on her bones.  Eyes as big as dinner plates, burning with all the fury of Jymis’ eternal flame.  Already shorter than her littermate, but twice as smart.  Or so she thought.

“Shall we begin?”

It was only a voice that rang out from the cover of the night, but Lethe would soon come to know its face.  And what a horrid face it was.  Scars that seemed to overlap each other like a thousand vines stood out on a painfully blinding white face.  Two bloodshot brown eyes seemed to send messages that maws could not.  And like a whisper of smoke, her persecutor appeared.

The first few hours weren’t at all bad.  Those were the hours in which the mercy of Aegis was shone with gentle words and not-so-gentle gestures.  But soon, as the Scarred Wraith began to understand the bounds of her faith, the words cut deeper.  Soon enough, more than his words were used to slice through the skin on her bones.


But Lethe would not.  She would not concede when her fur was matted with the crimson of her own blood.  She would not concede when her head was held under the numerous aqualine surfaces until she was sputtering and gasping for air.  She would not concede when others were murdered in front of her for lack of her speech.  Innocents and children far younger than she.


She would not when her claws were wrenched from the pads on her paws or when she was starved for a whole fortnight, forced to live on nothing but her own urine and repellent makings.


It was when Lethe’s face was held above a smoldering geyser that the Scarred Wraith subsided his rage.  Brought her down from the slope, quivering and shaking with all the fatigue and weakness in the world.  Laid her at the paws of her mother and father.  Initiated her into Nijah’s Circle.  It was that very moment when Lethe became more than a snivelling girl or even a determined wrench.  She became a Shadow that night, under the darkness of Nijah.  A fledged assassin worthy of service in Her name.

Because as young as she came, as small or frail or fragile as she appeared, Lethe had gone through Hell and back to be what she was today.  Mistake her no more, dear readers.  She would slit the throats of thousands before conceding to the light of Aegis.  She was darkness, and it was then that Lethe had earned her first title by a servant of her mortal enemy.  Crimson Flame for the blood that pooled at her paws.  For the fires that burned in her eyes.  For the dedication and service to the Mother, who in return had granted Lethe much more than a mere title as an assassin.  She had granted her… well, that was a story for another time.

A bundle of darkness lay in the cavernous walls of the Grotto, appearing to be sleeping.  But only a fool would believe it.


May 22, 2018 10:26 AM

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Name Player
Lucian Dylan

Once the storm passed, Lucian deemed it appropriate to head out into the mountainous terrain in search of something to satisfy his growing hunger. He was not a picky creature — the least he scouted for was something to briefly power him on before continuing his hunt for Arielle down south. The trek amongst jagged peaks and rocky territory was not a waste of time, either, even if he hadn’t caught anything. There was always the possibility that somebody in the nearby area would know his target or her location, and each disregarded option to do so was a wasted chance to bring him closer to his prey.

He would find her eventually.

Hanging limp between his jaws, a russet mink dangled from partially stained teeth, pelt caked in its own blood from the pathetic fight it put up. Beautiful as it was, the shade of crimson Lucian had grown so used to rarely ever showed up on his own coat, only created a thick, sticky overlay that was much less pleasing. Nevertheless, the male was satisfied with his find.

Dark paws carried his sleek frame through the gloom, each movement made with immense amounts of caution due to the slippery nature of the rocks leading up to the grotto. He was no fool to rush, well aware that idiotic injuries would only slow down his mission. Lucian could now allow that.

Quietly, the shadow snaked his way into the chilled cavern. With a flick of an ear, he decided immediately that something was off.

A stranger, though he was not able to see her just yet, had found her way into the hideaway during his little expedition outside. Posture straightening, he merely continued on into the darkness. Whatever creature had found her way into here was either aware of his scent and content with sharing the space, or lacked the senses to acknowledge his scent as a whole. Neither seemed to be a threat.

With a sigh, Lucian crumpled to the ground and dug into his mink.

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Name Player
Lethe Lilja


The faintest sound of keratin claws upon ebony foundation.  So quiet that Lethe wouldn’t have caught it if she weren’t a full fledged Shadow.


The slightest disturbance in the air as a body moved through the cave entrance, concealed by the shade of the storm.  She thought for a moment that it was Kyren Who Travels Alone, the bevakooph who had thought himself worthy of her presence.  She had shown him quickly enough what she was: a Shadow.  The same Shadow who left him in the darkness, wondering where she had gone.

This presence, though, was different.  Lethe’s nose had always been poor in the ways of scent, though she made up for it with superior sight and hearing.  Now, however, the indistinct smell of a stranger merged with underlying tones of the similar odor meant that the stranger had made the caves his abode.  It may even be claimed territory.

How exciting.

Only a brief shift in the shadows told her that her presence had either gone unnoticed by the wolf or that it had indeed noticed her… and didn’t care.  Either way, it was a fool.

Even Lethe couldn’t deny that the phantom was good.  So good that she had barely managed to detect it herself, which made her feel nothing short of uncomfortable.  Leithos, perhaps, or one of his Shadows.  The joke was on him.  Rogue or not, Lethe was her own killer.  An assassin forged from the ashes themselves.  Servant of Nijah and chosen by the Mother.

Silent as stone and swift as the wind, the Child of Darkness faded into the shadows, pushing her lithe frame up into a crouch to get a better view of her… company.  The form itself was still concealed by darkness, though that did nothing to quell the way the girl twisted through the cave, low to the ground.  Stalking.  Waiting.  Watching.

A presence had found its way to her.  Time to see how good it was.

May 23, 2018 10:10 AM — Post #2

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Name Player
Lucian Dylan

The faintest of sounds echoed within the icy caverns, not limited to the quiet steps of a nearing predator. At first, Lucian did not mind it; his attention was occupied by the body between his paws, incisors stripping meat from bone only to later fracture it with powerful molars, tongue coiling ‘round in attempt to taste the rich marrow within. Still, his ears flicked occassionally — an indication that he was just as aware of her presence as she was of Lucian’s own.

The crow’s lime gaze averted to the shadows eventually. Despite the gloom, what minor part of light that managed to scramble into the grotto reflected off the ice’s surface, providing at least a glimpse at what laid ahead. She was as dark as he, undoubtedly, and masterfully still. However.

“Striking eyes are treacherous at times, Devil.” Nobody knew that better than himself, after all. A shadow personified. “You have no reason to haunt.”

May 24, 2018 04:35 AM — Post #3

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Name Player
Lethe Lilja

Striking eyes are treacherous at times, Devil.

Devil.  If only he knew.  An unfortunate timing, a slip of the mind, and fate’s wicked gamble.  Now she had a roommate.  The choice was made in a matter of seconds, as it should.  But to whom did it benefit?  Her, when she could have killed him and be done with it?  Something told her to wait.  Shadow or not, the presence had had the ability to sense her moving aura.  That was something worth noting.  If he was a Shadow… well, things could only get interesting.  The smell of competition was on the wind, though it was short lived.  Lethe was nobody’s second best.

A few tentative steps and she appeared into the light of the caverns, the shadows at her back.
It was then that she finally got a good look at the wolf in front of her.

She took the black as a good sign.  Hearts of darkness were by far easier to persuade than hearts of light.  It was his green orbs that took her by surprise.  She’d heard of northerners with their eyes of ice.  Southerners with pelts of strawberry blonde.  Wolves to the far west who lived on islands, their shoulders broad and muscles toned.  So who was he?

“You have very good ears, sir.”  She finally said with a voice that was both polite and cool.  There was no use angering someone who was clearly competent enough to spot her out.  Lethe stood quietly with the shadows at her back, seeming to size the male up.  Asses his strengths.  Weed out his weaknesses.  Only a fool would overlook those.

In the light of Nijah, who was this stranger?  Where had he come from?  What was his story?  Questions she could have asked; words that could have filled her maw.

Instead, the Pale Daughter stayed just as she was.

May 24, 2018 04:55 PM — Post #4

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Lucian Dylan

Very good ears. An amused chuckle vibrated the cavity of his chest, dark paw swiping the crimson carcass away in order to offer the shadow his full attention. Admirable hearing to spot her gleaming eyes, yes. “Thank you.” He returned, simple, with a swat of his tail in attempt to curl it ‘round his hinds.

“What brings you here, sombra? Surely, she had not occupied the cavern when the pale maiden visited him a single night ago—the poisoner was certain, for he had searched every nook and cranny upon first finding the frigid hollow. Despite the unexpected presence though, her being there was not entirely a downside. Perhaps their paths meant to cross and she knew something of Arielle. An amusing arrangement crafted by whatever Gods let the world rot.

May 27, 2018 11:07 AM — Post #5

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Name Player
Lethe Lilja

The shadow took her compliment with a flick of his tail.  Pompous?  Perhaps.  Though Lethe had certainly met men far more egotistical than this one.  Still, there was the tendancy of most lone males to turn abhorrent in the presence of another.  A presence that evoked the true colors of a man.

What brings you here, sombra?

Sombra.  Shadow.  With that kind of terminology, it made Lethe wonder…

“I could ask the same, Fantasmo Negro.  How did an hombre of talent come to hide away in the depths of the north?”

Given, she wasn’t actually that interested in the tales of his past.  She just wanted to shake him.  Rattle him.  One might even say disturb him.  The Silent Daughter was good at that, with a body of darkness and two eyes of hell.

But alas.  What brought her here?

“I am persuaded by vengeance.”  She finally answered, staring straight into the soul of the wolf in front of her.  Sombra or no, he was just meat.  Meat for Nijah, meat for night.

May 27, 2018 04:31 PM — Post #6

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Name Player
Lucian Dylan

Admittedly, such a casual response in his own language made for a pleasant surprise. Lucian’s lips threatened to curl back, not out of malice, but rather into a pleased smirk. The longer she lingered, the fonder he grew of her presence.

“I seek an Arielle. Dark as ourselves.” He responded easily. Her name rolled of his tongue with a tender flick. Perhaps she was the key to his target, had she encountered the runaway girl.

Vengeance. His ears cupped at that.

“Your prey must be fortunate,” How strange that sounded, “To have such an executioner.” And at the thought of her teeth sinking into warm flesh, the crow craned his head in her direction, interested. “Give me your name.”

May 30, 2018 09:54 AM — Post #7

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Name Player
Lethe Lilja

I seek an Arielle. Dark as ourselves.

The SIlent Daughter’s eyebrows raised, if only for a second.  She’d not had the blessing of hearing such a name before, nor had she come across such a figure.  ”I’m afraid the whereabouts of Arielle, Dark as Ourselves, are unbeknownst to me.”  How… unfortunate.  She sounded like an interesting character.  ”Has she run away?”  Lethe couldn’t help but asking.  Such a name and description commanded some kind of interest from the Child of Darkness.

His next statement amused her.

”Fortunate to be nothing more than chosen by the Mother.  Lethe was many things but a selfish creature she was not.  She didn’t kill in spite or thirst for blood but for more powerful reasons.  Keeping Nijah appeased was her most prudent one.  Though, in a few cases, the girl was driven by more than just dedication to her goddess of holy murder.  Vengeance, it was called.  Revenge.  Otherwise known as evening the tables.

Give me your name.

A command by such a figure went unnoticed by the girl.  She wasn’t prepared to give anything to the male, not even if he asked kindly.  Perhaps, though…

”A name or a title, for a girl has many titles.”  Child of Darkness.  Silent Daughter.  Crow.  Crimson Flame.  Aliases that had accumulated over the years but had not been delivered without purpose.  Harsh as they were, she had earned them.  Each and every one.  She was sure there would be more to come.

”And yet, my mother called me Lethe.”

She wouldn’t toy with him for long.  A cat didn’t waste his time on a mouse before pouncing.  She intended to do the same.

May 30, 2018 10:06 AM — Post #8

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Name Player
Lucian Dylan

The woman hadn’t come across Arielle. A shame. How easy it would have been that way, to hardly traverse foreign lands and already have his grip on the girl. Her family would have been satisfied, that was certain. He hummed.

A name or a title. Well. Had he not asked for a name.

Eventually, he got his answer. Lethe. “Suits you.”


May 30, 2018 10:50 AM — Post #9

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Name Player
Lethe Lilja

A simple answer she got in return, one without much thought.  He thought her name suited her.  Yes, well, that’s because it did.  Dysnomia had been present enough to explain the grouping of syllables to her daughter before she had been so unfortunately diminished from the world.  Snort.  The name Lethe was a spirit.  Not a flowery one like the tales the highborn daughters were names after; useless things like love and beauty and light.  No, Lethe was named after the spirit of oblivion.  The name itself literally meant destruction and concealment.  Ideal for a servant of Nijah.  There was also the common mistake of her name falling into the wrong pronunciation of the wrong mouth.  Leeth, some would say.  A nickname for lethal.  Lethal indeed.

”And you, mi Syr.”  She spoke in the tongue of her mother, addressing the dark male in a formality of that same language.  ”What did your mother call you?”

It would be nice to know the name of her newest shadow.

May 30, 2018 11:21 AM — Post #10

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Name Player
Lucian Dylan

“Lucian.” Only Lucian. Lucian with no alias, no special title.

The mention of a mother did send the male’s mind down an unwanted path, though. She was a sweet woman; old and barely capable of much, but she was good. Unfortunately, the pathetic state she was in left much undone, and the young crow found himself growing up undoubtedly too fast.

She was good, yes. But good was worthless in the long run.

May 30, 2018 12:11 PM — Post #11

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Name Player
Lethe Lilja


Within no time at all, she could see the male’s gaze change.  As if he were remembering something.  Perhaps it was the mention of his family?  Her intention wasn’t for things to turn dramatic, however.  Like many wolves, Lethe’s mother was deceased.  She harbored no feelings of remorse or agony towards the woman, though.  Dysnomia had been good to her… in a way.  Now she was gone.  There was nothing more that needed to be said on the matter.

“Well, Syr Lucian.  Reckon the cave is large enough for the both of us?”

She said, finally breaking the silence.  It would be most unfortunate if the grotto was not, indeed, large enough for the two of them to share.  At least for the time being.

She didn’t plan on leaving.

May 30, 2018 02:02 PM — Post #12

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Name Player
Lucian Dylan

“I’m not selfish with my space.” A casual roll of his shoulders. The dark male shifted his weight to lie on his side rather than his stomach and pressed up against a cool wall, head resting both high enough to observe and still be mostly comfortable. He would be leaving at dawn, anyways. 

May 31, 2018 10:29 AM — Post #13

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Name Player
Lethe Lilja

I’m not selfish with my space.

A glance.  A nod.  The Silent Daughter went back to as she was.  Went back to where she was most comfortable, too.  The shadows.  Leaving Lucian in the light of the caves, Lethe slunk back towards her corner, where her inky body was consumed by the darkness.

Jun 02, 2018 01:23 PM — Post #14

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