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cold enough
early afternoon // faintly snowy

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Palin Jack

There really wasn’t anything in particular that had drawn Palin towards the butte, but the scuttling sound that promised possible prey had been more than enough to convince him to follow his lead. Imagine his surprise, then, to find that it was all mostly mice, and nothing that would make up a good meal. “I guess I sorta walked into that one,” He couldn’t help but mumble, snorting in disappointment. As he watched the clouds from his breath billow up before dissipating, he stopped to think about what he should do next. While he shouldn’t really turn his nose up at food, he wasn’t exactly willing to waste his energy going after something that wouldn’t even make up for the energy he was going to use. That, and his paws weren’t small enough to catch the damn things. Really, why bother?

Stretching and feeling the comforting feeling of his muscles semi-relaxing, Palin took a second to look around. The distant sound of the river echoed in his ears, a slight distraction to the sight he was trying to behold. It was sort of pretty, in a way. It was almost indescribable, but considering the tom was more used to the rocky parts of Horizon, he could see himself getting used to this place. “Maybe I could settle down here for a bit, ya? ‘nough food to last at least a couple’a sunrises, ‘nd I’m sure there’s a good place to sleep somewhere around here.” The tip of his tail twitched, and the corners of his lips upturned in a hopeful smile. There was something about this place that made him curious, and it wasn’t overrun by a pack or pack-scent, so he wouldn’t have to worry about explaining himself.

Not that he had anything against packs, or anything! He just… Well, how was he to know if any were good enough for him? That’s right! He was certain that he, out of all wolves, was one of the greats! Not like he had trust issues or anything silly like that. No, obviously he wanted to test the waters. Not today, of course, he just wanted to find a place to chill. Probably. Definitely, yea.
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Dyani Gabriel Lucas

Dyani probably would not have noticed the wolf if he hadn’t been mumbling to himself like that. After her latest attempt at communication with another, she really didn’t feel all that keen on trying again. She really wasn’t up for getting yelled at again. So much for trying to be polite.

And with that thought in mind, really, she considered just continuing to walk. Wouldn’t that be so much easier than risking it again? But wolves that talked to themselves like that were usually either very lonely, or ill, and all the air left Dyani’s lungs in a sigh. She was tired.

So she stopped, green eyes passive as she watched the man. What was he doing, anyway?
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Palin Jack

The faint scrabbles of mice kept poking at his ears. He was pretty hungry, admittedly. His nose crinkled uncertainly at the low rumble of his stomach, practically yelling at him to go and at least try and get the mice. Hey, you only live once, right?

He huffed again, head turning to where the mice were - or, where he assumed they’d be, from the noise - and trotted over there half-heartedly. Mice weren’t filling! They weren’t worth it! He knew this, Palin was more than aware of what happened when you overexert yourself over a meager meal that wouldn’t even come close to being filling, and what would happen if he did it too often. Yea, if he stayed here, it wouldn’t be for very long. A tiny flash of grey-brown caught his eye, and his thin head whipped towards it, but his heart dropped when it dipped back into the cracks.

“Oh come on!” He whined, feeling himself tense up. “You damn mice are just being difficult to be difficult now, aren’t you? Go on, see if I care! Cause I don’t.” He did care. Palin cared quite a bit, really.

Plopping down, dust disturbing around him, he stared at the cracks. He tried to ignore the dust that was tickling his nose. He was GOING to catch a mouse. He was GOING to get food today. Nothing and nobody was gonna stop him.
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Name Player
Dyani Gabriel Lucas


He was hunting. Not very successfully, by the looks of it. He was yelling, cussing at the mice, and against her best judgement, Dyani smilled softly. Aw, poor thing. Why was he trying so hard for a mouse? It’d hardly help his hunger.

“Sir?”, she called out. “I’m sure there are rabbits and hares around here. Don’t let the mice torture you like that.”

She would even help him hunt, if he asked. Or he could fish by the river in Verdant Hills, if he liked fish better.
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Name Player
Vicodin Zájac Bonyo


With a groggy groan and the peeling open of his eyes, he looked across the barren veranda and rose into position of sitting, stretching out his spine with a couple of pops of the column. He looked on over to the where the sounds emitted, his ears flickering as he straightened himself out. With the snow falling and the growing cold, his joints had become stiff.

Releasing a yawn, the man slumped, his eyes falling upon two individuals. It seemed one was trying to hunt and with the sound of his raised voice, wasn’t having a successful time. But, they weren’t children like Isidore. He couldn’t just swoop in and show them what to do.

They seemed perfectly capable so he just settled back and watched - expression black but eyes curious.

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Palin Jack

He was more than happy to sit there and pout for the whole day if he couldn’t get the mice. Palin knew he was being petty, but he was always petty, and he was always ready to overreact to things if they didn’t go his way. It had never helped him to get what he wanted, mind, but it certainly helped make him feel at least a bit valid in his actions.

The higher pitched voice of a wolf he didn’t know made him startle, and he looked owlishly at her, feeling now a mixture of embarrassment and confusion. How long had she been watching him? And why, also? And also, SIR??? SIR???? Did he look THAT old?? He wasn’t OLD, he wasn’t even like middle aged.

Palin offered a lopsided smile her way. “Ya don’t say! That’s great news! Gee, didn’t even think of huntin’ rabbits or hares. Sorta… Slipped my mind, I guess.”

He couldn’t shake the sudden feeling that he was being watched… Again. Well. Hey, it couldn’t get any worse, he guessed.
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Dyani Gabriel Lucas

She had startled him. She hadn’t meant to, but it was kind of unavoidable, focused as he was on his mice. One of Dyani’s ears twitched, lost. Was he being sarcastic?

The first half sounded like a joke, but the second sincere. She tried not to look too confused.

Well, she wouldn’t indulge either, since it was unclear. She did hate stepping wrong.

“Mice are hardly filling.”
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Name Player
Palin Jack

The grey wolf tilted his head curiously for a second, thinking. How long had she been watching? Even worse, was there the possibility that this other wolf had been following him, watching his every move just to privately shame him? He wouldn’t doubt it. Well, he was pretty great, after all, so maybe she thought he deserved to be knocked down a few pegs. The gears in his head were turning, but they couldn’t exactly reach a conclusion that they liked.

“W-well, I know.” He quipped back, trying to find the proper words to say, “I just-...” Should he admit that he really hadn’t thought that there would be other prey around, because he’d been so focused on the mice and possibly settling down? At least for a while! His main plan was to find a place in the mountains to settle down.

“Well, there’s no such thing as too tough a challenge, of course, ma’am. Not really easy to catch a mouse, so I thought, ‘hey, why not try?’ I mean, I wasn’t that good at it, I mean, you see what I was doing? Ha… How long’ve you been watchin’ me? You weren’t, I dunno, spyin’ or anythin’ were you? Not that I have anything to hide or anythin’, just curious. I’m Palin, by the way. What’s your name? Also, where’s the best place to hunt ‘round here, you reckon? I just kinda popped by here so I’m not sure myself.”

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Name Player
Vicodin Zájac Bonyo

This was beginning to bore the man, his tail flickering between his haunches like an irritated deer. The man was just beginning to spout shit and if he was going to be honest, it was doing his swede in. The woman was plain, older and perhaps more mature than the man.

He just kept pounding his head with meaningless responses. It was time to put a stop to whatever that was.

Rising from his hidden spot amongst the dried vegetation, Vicodin began to walk towards the pair. “You’re ramblinggg” he called, his tone clear but definitely not harsh. With a blank expression he halted within a few meters of the couple, tilting his head curiously. “If you want to know where good hunting is, get better at it. Any place is rich with supplements if you know how to get enough of it.” he mused, raising a brow to the young male.

He looked him over with a facade of no emotion but within, the male reminded Vic of Isidore and her failures. He was embarrassed, but willing to try. A good trait. He was determined at least.

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