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A trickle of light, a tunnel so long.
Back-dated to after "A decision..." | Looking for Igbo, Dawn | HY4 EA

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Kiel Lascrofe Bonyo

Setting foot on the beaches surrounding the lake felt wrong. No matter what Kopec wanted, he still felt an air of unwelcome. Scraping his paws along the pebbled shore, he slunk along the lakeside with his head parallel to his back, ears slack to the side of his cranium. Scents settled across the territory, more just passing rather then the lingering ones of the empire. He frowned a little to himself. “Yeesh…” he grumbled.

How bad was the situation actually?

Kiel glanced in the direction of the caves, a small smile falling upon his lips to quickly be wiped away. Tearing his gaze away, he turned to face the lake, halting with his toes inches from the shifting water. The light snow trickled down from the sky, his pelt freckled with the flakes. His ear twitched as one landed on the tip, his eyes watching the surrounding land across from the lake.

Jun 09, 2018 05:51 AM

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June Bug Dingo

The lake was nice, a fine place to live out her last days—and they were her last days. Winter was close, she’d be in heat soon. She opted not to request a position in the Hellmaw Empire’s ranks. The young child, Kopec, clearly willed her elsewhere.

Besides, here on the outskirts of their caves she had plenty of food and plenty of time to devote herself to hearing the bugs. There were quite a few around now, though she knew their silence would come along with winter and her heat.

Something notable about this stunning lake was the lack of traffic that it saw. When someone did pass through, granted they didn’t keep quiet, anything they did carried far across the water.

She couldn’t hear, but was able to see another wolf through the thin snow. Without reason other than satiating her own curiosity, she decided to engage.

“Hello!” she called, taking advantage of the great echo. She approached the wolf from the same shore in which he sat.

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Kiel Lascrofe Bonyo

With the call followed an echo and to that he turned his head over to the wolf who sought his attention. A smile pleasantly sat on his lips as he greeted her with a gruff bark. He quirked his brow to her and rose his haunches in an attempt to at least seem a little polite.

Turning to face her, he dipped his chin. “It is a rarity to come across such a fine face in these parts.” he cooed, his southern toned voice laced with a silver lining. He raised his head with the firm smile on his lips, the light from the breaking day dancing in his eyes.

It was a beautiful sight, the rising sun past the mountains and the changing colours of the sky made him think of the wilds that lay beyond them. The crisp cold air surrounding him however, brought him back to reality. He watched the Lady with intrigue. She didn’t fell of the pack and yet, there was something about her that seem to linger in his mind.

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Kaska Asteri Rem

Though the thick blanket of snow had yet to arrive, winter was still present. Kaska knew the lake was not owned by the Empire, she was sure to scout it often. Their were aggressors out there, and though the children were not old enough to have heats yet, they were still females - and that’s all that mattered to some.

Kopec. Naga. Lapis. Amelia. Vitalis.

Five young girls, with only Abaeze, Tomas, and Igbo to guard them.

The overwhelming maternal instincts that rattled her mind, pushed her to go above and beyond to guarantee their well being.

When unknown scents lingered at the lake, Kaska didn’t hesitate to investigate. As burlap paws carried her closer, she could tell one was male and the other female.

The distance began to vanish, and she could make out the figures. What Kaska saw was… interesting.

”Hail, travelers. Pardon the question but, are you the father of the Daniels children?” Kopec was the spitting image of this male, golden orbs and all.

Olive eyes surveyed him, her tail twitching at her ankles as she patiently waited for a response.

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June Bug Dingo

She neared the wolf, regarding his polite comment with a smile and an intended reply, though she was at a loss of determining where to place it. Engaging in a conversation from her current distance would involve a lot of speaking up, but waiting to speak back could be perceived as her disregarding what he said. A state of limbo between awkward non-response, being rude, and yelling.

Thankfully, she needn’t say anything, as soon another wolf—a female—introduced herself to the exchange, saving June from the ever pressing need to decide how to handle this. She took the break and sped up to ensure it didn’t happen again.

She took a seat beside the male with little thought of distrust. He’d been nice enough. As per usual, she’d sit quietly while the other female vetted.

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Kiel Lascrofe Bonyo

Another voice called to him, another soul joining them.

It impacted the first woman to move, to join him at the lakeside within such close proximity. As she sat, he dipped his chin respectfully, a greeting of sorts. However, his eyes remained in the distance.

Inhaling, he resisted a frown. This scent lingered yes, but it wasn’t prominent like the markers around the territory. A quick surveillance told him she was new, an unproven. It was good to see a new recruit working the borders.

“And here I thought my disguise was flawless.” he laughed briefly, smiling at the small woman as she approached. Kindness got you everywhere that fear could not. It was best to keep on a happier face before judging anybody so soon. “but yes. It is I.” he said warmly, his head tilting with intrigue and curiosity much like a small child would.

“Who is it to that I speak?” he called, aiming for his voice to travel the distance.

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Kaska Asteri Rem

Indeed, the paternal parent of the Daniels, but… where had he gone? And why the sudden return? Her ear flicked, Kaska was a curious one, but too kind to be upset or rude to the male. The female with him sat along his side comfortably, perhaps his mate.

With a light grin sketched into her ink lips, olive eyes rested on them easily. ”Kopec is quite an individual, you must be proud,” her tail waved delicately, a slow swing that didn’t fade away.

”Pardon the rude introduction; Kaska, a new face in the new era of the Empire,” she dipped her head, grin not faltering to leave her face. ”It’s a pleasure to meet you both,”

Jun 10, 2018 08:24 AM — Post #6

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June Bug Dingo

Kopec’s father was nothing like her. She thought herself much too significant and never wore a smile, always ready to take herself seriously. There wasn’t anything wrong with that, but June did not care for it. Nima was like that, in a way, but June knew she had a fun side somewhere. She had trouble locating a thing in Kopec.

She continued listening, everything still but her tail.

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Igbo Black J

The little man was shaped by his priorities, brought to his last steps to follow them through. Maybe, it was because of who he was, or maybe it was because of his own perspective on life. The never-ending cycle of size and strength daunted him, teased him to where he could not go and who he could not love and tested his deemed value. The reflection of his own face, narrow and thin, in green, yellow, amber, brown let him know.




His family had not been little. He was not raised around little wolves like himself—their necks craned downwards and his upwards. Eyes ceased to meet. Touches were rough and threatening. Snap of teeth after flicked words, a certain look, a specific demeanor.

Large wolves did not know the little wolf’s struggle. Had big male meatballs ever need the touch of medical knowledge? Or was it their teeth that brought them respect? What good was tainted genetics without knowing which plants grew where? How to cultivate? How to blend and mix and apply and recover? How to twist words and stay far back, chin tucked and eyes ahead?

Little Igbo Black knew the weight on his shoulders, that others did not carry it. One may have dead parents, a lost path in life, but there was a certain lived experience with height and strength. Eyes traveled to meet one who stood on equal footing, on equal ground—not beneath them.

Only the little ones knew what it was like to be looked down upon in more ways than one.

Nose first, he emerged from the shadows of the trees, the lake spread before him. He was used to being eaten by his surroundings, but a fish was flapping its ways onto the lake’s shores—gasping in shock in a place it was not familiar with, thinking it knew it could breath here.

Stepping out from the tree’s silhouette, the picturesque scene condensed itself. The woman who followed Harlow, tiny and excited. Kaska, the foreigner. And the fish, wanting to be pushed back into the water for another chance.

Igbo said nothing, hard amber eyes stared. Rising with wraith, his tail shot straight out, tempting fully upwards. Black remained in place, by his lake.

Jun 10, 2018 09:28 PM — Post #8

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Kiel Lascrofe Bonyo

With the arousal of the scent he’d search for so long, Kiel rose to his feet, his haunches coated with the debris from the lakeside floor. His eyes lifted from the pair he’d been speaking with and they fell upon a shadow, the small form that was Igbo Black.

He did not lift a lip, narrow his eyes nor broaden his stance. He stood there, waiting. Sure he looked to the ground, he tried to show respect by tilting his chin downwards. He even dropped his ears to the side, slack - guilty.

He’d done wrong and whatever was thrown at him, he would accept as punishment. He wouldn’t cry out in pain, he would hold it steady. Just like that day with Nima.


Jun 14, 2018 08:43 AM — Post #9

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