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Legends say, We’ll be together again
Early Winter, Noon, Cloudy

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Saya Zeri

It has certainly gotten colder over time. Saya had no idea if it was something to be concerned about. Right now she felt that she was capable of being independent. Ash too was on the line. Rowan was still only a question of he could or not. Obviously he was capable if he stayed in good shape while being silent.

Saya had thought a lot of the next move. Ash was patient, they had waited long enough. She had prepared herself well enough to what she expected. Hopefully all will go smoothly. She had a few doubts but as long as she wasn’t alone on this she wasn’t too worried. She wasn’t going to call her brothers. She rather not get the attention of the pack. Instead she quietly wandered around in search of her brothers, including Star.

Jun 09, 2018 06:41 PM

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Tahti Viktor

She was often found patrolling, spreading her scent all over the pack lands possessively. This is mine. These wolves are mine. I will protect them. Do not trespass. She had three youngsters under her wing, now, and she had no intention of losing any of them. Letting anything near them that could harm them. There was a difference between a hard-knocks lesson and a lesson that got one killed.

She worried, too, hence why she preferred to keep her distance (but never, never too far) from the kids unless they sought her out. She wasn’t going to helicopter-mom them. They’d lived this long, and they needed guidance rather than orders.

She almost didn’t notice Saya, as the woman had settled down for a quick cat-nap, but her niece’s scent tickled the wolf’s nose before she slipped into slumber and she lifted her head. Winter was coming, she suddenly thought. The woman tch’d softly at herself. Heat would be hard this winter, with Saya around. It was no fault of the girl’s, but females often grew aggressive around others of the same sex when the hormones hit. She’d need lots of control to handle her dominating instinct when the hellish heat hit soon. She wondered if she needed to explain the birds and the bees to the children, but that thought was fleeting. None of them would be sexually mature by their first winter. There shouldn’t be a problem.

Jun 09, 2018 07:29 PM — Post #1

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Saya Zeri

Star was close, that much she could tell. It took only a little while longer to notice where she was. It’s good to see that she was still here, the up coming moments were going to be where they were going to need her the most.

To start, Saya calmly approached. “Hey Star.” There were two subjects in mind but Saya could only pick one or the other. The final decision was this. “We’re going to leave for the mountains soon.” She figured that they had delayed that long enough and that now was the time to get everyone to move.

Jun 10, 2018 06:21 AM — Post #2

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Rowan Jill

Ages had passed, he felt, since he’d been beneath the comforting boughs of the oaks last.

The kindness shown to him by the strangers at the rise lingered at the front of his thoughts as he walked. Despite it, his purpose for wandering had been for nothing at all. No sign of Mum, or Aunt Reg. Nothing.

His paws were heavy as he strolled home. At least, the place he’d be able to call home for only a short time longer.

Somewhere, in between all of the worry he’d entertained as he wandered, he’d wondered about his siblings, too. If they were concerned for him, or confused as to why he’d left. It was easy to see, in hindsight, that maybe he should have explained things to them, such as why he wanted to go looking for their mother and aunt.

What he’d intended to be a surprise had failed horribly, though. He was returning alone, without the two wolves he wanted to bring back most. Now, Ro dreaded seeing Saya and Ash again, simply because he had to explain that he’d not been the sort of brother he wanted to be.

The one who could fix all of this.

Ro is fully skippable for at least two rounds. I just wanted to throw him in here for him to show up eventually! :)

Jun 10, 2018 08:27 PM — Post #3

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Ash Chris Staff

Ash had essentially been sleeping since he got back. He hadn’t yet maintained an adult endurance level, and he’d gone a good distance before heading home. Hearing Saya’s voice saying the word ‘mountains’ he let out a huge yawn and stretched, then rose and shook his winter coat out as he strode in the direction of his sister and aunt.

“You’re coming right Aunt Star.” He didn’t phrase it as a question, his gruff voice making out like he didn’t care.

Even though he did. Aunt Star had left. But she was the only one who had come back.

Jun 11, 2018 11:00 PM — Post #4

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Tahti Viktor

Her head bobbed in greeting, amber eyes soft and affectionate, hoping to help Saya feel welcome and get across that the woman was glad she’d been sought out. It took a couple of seconds for Tahti to remember she wasn’t mute anymore, that she could have said something. No matter.

They were going to the mountains. The female stayed curled up where she was, mulling this over thoughtfully before stretching lazily when Ash showed up. “You’ve decided on the mountains, then. A change of scenery will be interesting.” A tilted eyebrow at the black-and-white boy. “The only reason I can think of for me to not follow you three and ensure your well-being would be my untimely death.” Perhaps she could be something of an ambassador to the mountain pack from the Rangers. She would discuss it with Bucky. “I expect we’re not leaving today? Will you give me a couple days to sort things out here with ranks and my duty to the Rangers? And what about Rowan? Have you had contact with him? Does he know?” A lot of questions rumbling from her unused voice, but there were many things to address.

Jun 13, 2018 05:22 PM — Post #5

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Saya Zeri

“As soon as we can.” She said in return. Ash had joined in and seem to be at an equal understanding with Saya. Meanwhile they would be giving Rowan a final chance to show up for this.

With Star’s support she felt quite good with the idea of leaving this place. The more the merrier and Star was someone with experience. There wasn’t much to say besides letting everyone here know the plan. She was going to have Ash have the final say as to when they will go. Saya had her chance to get ready.

Jun 13, 2018 05:45 PM — Post #6

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Ash Chris Staff

Ash just nodded when Aunt Star asked if they were decided on the mountains. Yes, they were decided. It had been decided for a while now. And he was keen to get out of here, to see if his sibling(s?) could be happy somewhere.

He’d be happy anywhere there was prey and space to run. For a while, anyway. 

He sighed at Star’s joke, looking unimpressed the way only a teenager could. “Star, we don’t need a puppysitter. We’re nine whole moons old now.” He pointed out with a roll of his eyes. “You settle, we’ll leave now, you catch us up. Yeah, Saya?”

He knew that his sister was impatient to get moving. Not that he blamed her. Ash had sulkily roamed around up north for days brooding over Rowan. His jaw set when their aunt brought him up. “He can catch up, too.” He muttered rebelliously. 

Translation? No.

Jun 14, 2018 06:44 AM — Post #7

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[ Edited: Jun 14, 2018 06:47 AM by Ash ]
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Tahti Viktor

She nodded. They were ready to blow this joint, hm?
Well. It had been expected to be a temporary home.

Ash was being a teenager, and she almost panicked because shit this right here was a parenting moment wasn’t it.
In the end, she didn’t really think it through as she probably ought have.
“Where I come from, you weren’t considered an adult until you’d survived your first winter, and I’m holding you three to the same standard. You’ve made it this far on your own, and I believe in your abilities to handle yourself, but Saya at the least doesn’t even know how to defend herself, a problem I have neglected to address as of yet. My apologies.” But she certainly wasn’t going to hold them down here if they wanted to leave. Her job was to push them past their limits to prepare them for the real world. They were already behind where she’d been. They certainly should be able to fight at this age. They could travel and hunt, both good skills to have. But she worried the trio’s education was lacking.

“But your suggestion is wise. I will handle the loose ends here, find you in the mountains. And I will let Bucky know which way to direct your brother when he shows up.” She noted the stiffening of Ash, the drop in warmth in his eyes, and decided to drop the topic of Ro, quickly. “Oh, before I forget-Which mountain range is it we’re traveling to?” Tahti, you dork.

Jun 14, 2018 12:50 PM — Post #8

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Rowan Jill

Oblivious to whatever tensions colored his siblings’ current impression of him, Rowan continued to approach the oaks. A pang of self-consciousness fluttered in his stomach as he walked. How long had it been since he’d been here, what would be his home for only a short while longer? Why did he care so much about making a certain impression, when certainly his remaining family was exactly that—loving siblings who he could depend on to welcome him back?

It was silly of him to worry about it, but he turned to glance at his body anyway. The mud that caked his pelt after the recent storm had since been groomed free. The only signs of his journey now were a few disheveled patches of fur, some loose twigs and leaves, and of course his slightly trimmer-than-normal belly.

He sighed, but ultimately thought things would be fine. Even if his mission had been a failure.

Turning to face forward, Rowan caught sight of motion upon the savanna. Two light specks seemed to him familiar, enough so that he could assume with some confidence that his siblings were around. The dark one he quickly wrote off as Bucky.

He’d be sure once he was closer, but his mind was fairly certain already of the wolves’ identities. He sucked in a breath, lifting his head as he strolled toward the gathering. A falsely confident front, maybe, but he refused to return while sulking in all the negativity he felt on the inside.

tossin’ him back in, arriving for real next round~

Jun 14, 2018 01:26 PM — Post #9

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Saya Zeri

‘Huh?’ Was what Saya’s face showed right after being told she couldn’t defend herself. It was embarrassing considering the fact she tries hard to stand at an equal footing with Ash. She took a quick glance as Ash to see what kind of reaction he’d have, then back at Star. Saya attacked the doubt quickly.

So she objected while trying to fight the embarrassment it was creating“I-I-I can defend myself! We haven’t even tried to see what I can do!” Why didn’t she have to say it like it was a problem? It was specifically her too. Saya wasn’t too sure how to feel about that but she didn’t want her brother to think she was weak or a burden on him.

She was heavily bothered by the statement that she only looked away afterwards, away from the both of them. She was offended and too embarrassed (because it could be true) to respond to the following words. She did listen though.

Jun 14, 2018 05:55 PM — Post #10

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Ash Chris Staff

Aunt Star could be so long winded. She pointed out Saya couldn’t defend himself and he scowled at her for saying so. He had never had any lessons in defense either - Aunt Reg had left before that ever happened. He touched his shoulder quickly to Saya’s, letting her know not to be upset.

“Star, we’ll be fine.” Damn, he’d already traveled to a whole new coast in the past week. He understood her last question having glimpses mountains to the north up there too.

“South mountains, only a day away from here.” He pointed out, though it was a little more than that to actually head up into the rougher terrain of said mountains. “Saya and I will stick together.” He nudged her to come with him, but around then his nose gave him some expected news.

He turned to find Rowan sauntering towards them. Ash blinked, but he only missed a single beat.

“Bout time Ro. Leaving for the mountains, come on.” It simply wasn’t Ash’s style to get up in arms about Rowan’s antisocial period. Saya, no doubt, would be the one to exclaim and gush over him. Ash… was a mixture of annoyed he hadn’t bothered to talk to them and relieved to see he hadn’t deserted himself.

Ash eyes his brother critically. “You look shitty. Let’s hunt on the way there.”

Jun 14, 2018 07:38 PM — Post #11

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Tahti Viktor

(Lmao ‘Aunt Star could be so long winded’ Ash hun. She’s got a lotta talking to make up for. XD)
Her nose, weak as it was, caught his scent before she spotted the third white wolf to arrive, and her tail waved softly. The quiet son. Their personalities had just been showing when she’d left, and so far Saya had proved similar to how she’d been as a puppy, if more jaded, and Ash. Well. Still quiet, grunty, but she couldn’t convince herself it was her doing. They didn’t even seem to realize she’d once been mute.
She didn’t think she needed to correct them.

She was delighted to see Rowan had seemed to grow healthy, but then worried because no, he wasn’t ok and her warm smile switched to a disapproving frown. “I don’t doubt your ability to learn, Saya, nor your ability to adapt to a dangerous situation should it arise. The three of you traveling together ought be safe, the southern mountain range is closer, I think.’ She tilted a nod Ash’s way, acknowledging the rendezvous point. Or general area, anyway. The she-wolf opened her mouth to chide Rowan and demand he eat something because she could see his ribs he was her responsibility and he was starving, dammit but Ash beat her to it and approval bloomed in her chest. She didn’t hesitate to offer him another, subtler nod, hoping he understood she was counting on him to take care of his siblings-Not because he was necessarily more capable, but he had apparently traveled before and thus had more experience, plus he seemed to be naturally taking command of the situation and she was not about to wrestle that from him-If anything, she was more than willing to let the boy try to take the reins, especially since she’d be staying to wrap things up with Bucky. Though she wouldn’t need to ask him to keep a lookout for Rowan anymore, which was a relief. She’d been worried.
She’d question him later, and nail down Ash to drag at least a full sentence about his own well-being too, when she got to the mountains.

Jun 16, 2018 08:42 PM — Post #12

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Rowan Jill

He could hear the tail-end of the discussion as he arrived. Bucky had said something to make Saya upset, and Ash was consoling her. Whatever Ash-brand of affection he showed their sister, however, he did not offer to Rowan as he stopped a few paces from the gathering.

Instead, Ash declared that they were leaving.

Wait, what?

Rowan, stunned, felt his jaw go slack. A silence rang in his ears, blocking out the swear Ash used that would have certainly set him scowling. His blue eyes, for as much yearning and sadness they harbored on his way here, had dulled. He couldn’t even see the wolves before him.

He’d… thought about this. So, so much. What coming home would be like. How he wished he’d have their mother and aunt in tow. Why was he being told to leave, and so suddenly? He had a speech prepared! Words! Hugs!

His mouth had opened wider, but it was a long moment before he found words to speak. In that time, he could only stare dumbly at Ash.

“Bu—What? I mean, I just… got here….” Swallowing, he looked to Saya. His nose tingled with the threat of tears. He was so tired. Couldn’t they… prepare, more, for this? “Saya, I…. I’m so—”

His apology was cut off. The tingling of his nose couldn’t stop a familiar scent from hitting him. Finally, he turned to look upon the black wolf properly, his eyes snagging on the white patch on his—her—chest.

He recalled the first time he’d tasted, been fed, meat. The memory, and this familial scent, was enough to have his legs trembling. His voice, too. The bottom line of his vision grew blurry with tears.

“A-Aunt Star?”

Was it… really her?

Jun 16, 2018 11:04 PM — Post #13

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Saya Zeri

Saya huffed, Star could have said it in a different way. Well whatever, Ash seemed to still be on her side so it was much easier to let it go. She didn’t have anything else say, Ash went straight to the point and Star seemed to have approved. Shortly after the one and only Rowan had finally shown himself. Saya was already rushing over to him.

“Where have you been?!” She said angrily but her expression had switched to something more forgiving. She could only be mad at him for never showing up, which was obviously not the case. He did look like a mess though, feeding would be the first thing she’d think of too.

There were tears in her eyes to express how happy she was to see him. She aimed to give the only kind of hugs she knew best and that would be to brush and push against him.

Jun 17, 2018 04:40 AM — Post #14

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Ash Chris Staff

It was another delay, but at least it meant that the three of them were back together. And Aunt Star, too. One built-in babysitter, but she hadn’t left and Ash was tolerant of that.

He padded after Saya, with an air of indifference he was failing to properly keep intact. “Don’t be mad at him.” Ash murmured in a caution when he heard the tone of Saya’s voice. Rowan was like her. A bit soft. It wasn’t anything Ash looked down on his siblings for - it was part of who they were like he was fast and Saya talked lots and Rowan wasn’t good at Wrestle and Star used to not talk and now she did.

He didn’t feel it necessary to point out that aunt Star came back when Rowan had two perfectly good working eyes of his own, and now Star could talk for herself. But he did seek Rowan’s gaze, and giver a little nod, as it to assure him that it was all happening. That they had a few more allies than just the three of them.

“We can go tomorrow then. I’ll go get you food.” Food he intended to hunt and catch himself obviously. It was also to give Ash a chance to keep up a wall that allowed him to keep up the presence he was just fine with Rowan going off somewhere without them. He wasn’t confrontational enough to bring it up. And he thought that if he acted fine with it, he would be.

((Exit Ash!))

Jun 17, 2018 05:29 AM — Post #15

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