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guess this avoids the stress
sera's out hunk shopping v2 // sunset

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Serafina Nevero Gabriel Lucas

Sera had found herself in a pretty place.

Her muscles ached. The time she had spend with that pretty brute back at the hills had been fun, but now she was restless again, body itching for some action. Even a fight would do, really, but she’d rather not. Her body was precious right now. She wouldn’t want to disturb anything going on in there.

Maybe the next man she’d find would be blue eyed. Her mother had blue eyes, and a lovely brown fur to match it, but Serafina hadn’t inherited either. Machello and Otavio, they got the eyes; Valente, he got everything. But Serafina looked like her father. A bit smaller and less muscular, was all.

How were her brothers, anyway?

She stretched, letting out a loud yawn. Heat really was exhausting, huh. She wanted to sleep again, but she’d been sleeping on and off anyway. When she was awake, she was sleepy. When she was asleep, she was uncomfortable.

Jun 10, 2018 05:47 PM

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Erasmus Tavart Rhapsie

NOT the blue eyes you were after, sorry bucko B))))

Ah, the unmistakeably ripe scent of a woman in heat; last winter had been great fun for Erasmus, and despite the change in scenery, what was to stop it from being the case this year? He moved with purpose, encouraged by the absence of any other men nearby. Perhaps that would not last long, but he didn’t need long. With a smirk spread across his inky muzzle, he cut across the fields and straightened up a little when the woman came into view; he was barely able to contain his grin as he sought to close the gap between them. Her pelt matched his own, but her eyes weren’t nearly as interesting as his; no matter. “Rather bold to lounge around in your condition, isn’t it sweetheart?” But perhaps you’re a bold girl. He drawled with an amused expression, toes flexing as he watched the woman.

Jun 11, 2018 10:36 AM — Post #1

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Serafina Nevero Gabriel Lucas

ooc;; thats ok shell live. probably

Well, she hadn’t had to wait long.

The scent of male in the air was unmistakeable, and soon enough the dark shape appeared, and very quickly continued approaching, from the looks of it. So eager. As if those men had never seen a woman before.

Well, maybe they hadn’t.

So Serafina waited, ears perked his direction, as he came closer. In her condition? She was in heat, not wounded. She could do just fine. Still, Serafina plastered a smile on her face as she eyed up and down. Also dark, and large, but not quite as large as the last male had been. Pretty eyes, though. Not blue. But pretty.

“Maybe I’m bold”, she unknowingly echoed his thoughts, head cocking to the side.

Jun 11, 2018 03:29 PM — Post #2

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Erasmus Tavart Rhapsie

She turned to look up at him, and Erasmus took that as an invitation, even if it wasn’t explicitly said; the male was interested enough to linger until he was told outright to piss off. Oblivious to the fact that he was being silently compared to the woman’s first conquest - but in truth, even if he had known, he probably wouldn’t of cared much (hell, he might just take it as a challenge) - he grinned easily. “Promises, promises,” the rogue crooned with an arched brow. God I hope so. Attention subtly - or perhaps not so subtly - skirted down her frame for a moment before flitting back to her face. “Erasmus. Nice to meet you, miss…?” He trailed off with an expectant look on his face, hoping to get her name in turn.

Jun 11, 2018 03:57 PM — Post #3

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Serafina Nevero Gabriel Lucas

He sure was a bold guy, too.

Serafina suppressed the urge to snort. He stunk of confidence- he probably thought he was the next best thing. He introduced himself, but silently, Serafina nicknamed him Tinycock. He seemed sleazy.

Not unattractive, though.

She eyed him up and down again. Frankly, she didn’t feel that keen on him. She’d need to think about it.


Jun 11, 2018 04:23 PM — Post #4

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Erasmus Tavart Rhapsie


In truth, he’d been called far worse, and to his face no less; a nickname like that may have brusied another’s ego - had she said it out loud - but Erasmus’ typical apathy for other’s opinions extended to this meeting when it came down to the bare bones of it. The male was only here because of the heat, nothing more nothing less; he wasn’t invested enough for anything else. He didn’t need the woman to like him, just to like him enough to get rid of the itch. If that made sense. Hell, he hadn’t been in the valley for more than five minutes, but a guy had needs. “Sera,” he repeats with a low hum, leaning in and aiming a nip at the girl’s flank; it was the first attempt to egg her into some sort of retaliation, whether it be verbal or physical.

Jun 11, 2018 04:37 PM — Post #5

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Serafina Nevero Gabriel Lucas

Skillfully, Serafina ducked out of the way, smoothly avoiding the touch. Mr. Tinycock here was a perhaps a little too bold. Very pointedly, she gave him another once-over. Not a kind one.

She hadn’t invited him in for a touch.

Definitely very sleazy, and didn’t seem to have much in his head but hormones. Definitely not genes she’d want to be passing on.

“Whoa, tiger.” Gee, where was a knight in shinning armour to whisk away this nightmare of a wolf? Or at least tell him to fuck off.

“Don’t ‘cha think you got a bit too much air in that head of yours?”

Jun 11, 2018 05:33 PM — Post #6

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Epidemic J


Another woman in heat?

Epidemic was searching around this area.

So it hers.

The other girl’s scent wasn’t as impressive as hers. It sat bland on her very own salmon tongue. Epidemic clucked, what a shame. The pair didn’t even know about her. The Vixen, The Diva With the Hips, The Red Woman, The QQuuwwweeeen.

Large hips swung with a careless ease, but Epidemic swaggered to the distant pair with a straightened purpose—a smirk pinched the edges of her dark lips.

Jun 14, 2018 09:24 PM — Post #7

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Erasmus Tavart Rhapsie

[eyeball emoji]

His interest in Serafina was diminishing by the second; in Erasmus’ mind, there was nothing less attractive than a woman who wasn’t into him. Why she wasn’t into him he’ll never know - he couldn’t possibly entertain the fact that there was something wrong with him - but it doesn’t bother him too much. He certainly won’t lose any sleep over it. In fact, anything that the black she-wolf might say now fades out as soon as another approached; another woman, far brighter in colour and far more receptive seeming. He turned to watch her approach, a brow arched and a smirk spread across his slender muzzle as the girl approached. Serafina could be gone and out of the picture completely for all he cared. “Suit yourself,” is all he rumbled to the rogue before fixing his attention solely on Epidemic, pointedly stepping away from Serafina - what a reprieve for you, darling - and focusing on the pack wolf. Interesting. “You certainly know how to make an entrance,” he complimented, tail twitching by his ankles.

Jun 16, 2018 02:18 PM — Post #8

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