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hy4 | early winter

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Briar Rainy Staff

It had seemed as if the valley held little for them, when they’d left.

Apparently, the lands beyond were no better. Worse, even. So it was with slinking, skulking gait that Briar trotted weaving through the desert, following the line of the foul-tasting creek so as not to get her stupid ass lost.

Of course, she had Dhracia with her. Darling, delicious, delightfully and disarmingly disturbing Dhracia. She could get lost, so long as it was with her. Because likely, the bigger female would pull her out of whatever shittastic situation Briar could find herself in. But also she might get her into such situations, and that was always a concern in the back of her mind.

At least she made up for it in other ways.

The sky was bleak, a cloudy expanse that stretched out seemingly endlessly before them- but Briar knew that eventually, this snaking waterway would lead them to the hills, and from there, the valley was theirs to explore. Her nose twitched in anticipation and she turned her head to see the tawny shewolf at her side, then swerved purposefully into her to bump her shoulder.

Jun 11, 2018 03:24 PM

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Dhracia Madison

She remembered passing through this desert. It had been a laborious task the last time, almost a year ago - with the snow melting, the sun sweltering, her tongue dry in her mouth. She had hated it.

She hated it marginally less, now.

Cold, gunmetal eyes fixed on the glimmering scar that wove its way through the scrubland, watching the way its peaceful surface gurgled in the diffused sunlight, reflecting with flawless recreation the brittle grass and dry snow and empty slopes that closed around them. Her nose twitched, seeking the scent of some hapless animal to fill their stomachs, her mind wandering and failing to pay proper attention. She was more concerned with what lay ahead of them, than what might be hiding around them. The valley.

The sudden impact of Briar against her shoulder snapped her out of her thoughts, eyes crinkling deviously as she swerved back.

“Who shall we visit first once we re-enter the valley?” she mused. “Do you think the Hillside wolves would remember us?”

They had been good for a free meal last time. She was willing to bet they could get away with it again.

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Briar Rainy Staff

Black lips, stark against the snowy white of her coat, parted in an impish little grin when she received an answering bump, despite the fact that it unsettled her balance and she had to take a few clumsy steps to recover without toppling herself into the water at her side. The red dust at their feet rose in tiny clouds with each footfall and her ears swiveled to listen to Dhracia’s musings.

“Ooh I do wonder if.. Noodle? Nanna? What was that old guy’s name?” She screwed up her face as she tried to remember him. Big guy. White. Tried to be all suave. “Anyway. You think he’s still kickin’?”

She thought they ought to go have a look. Her nose twitched again, and tongue slid out to swipe across her whiskers with interest. “Ooooh,” she whined slightly, to herself. Something nearby had perished, and was coming to a full ripeness that drew her attention.

She was gonna roll in that shit.

Briar’s pace quickened and she scampered away from the waterside to where a mound of flesh and bone was visible in the distance, a couple of vultures wheeling overhead as the braver of their sort hopped in an ungainly sort of way upon the ground.

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Dhracia Madison

Dhracia’s lips drew back, revealing a flash of teeth at their shared memory of the old wolf who had chased them down. She couldn’t recall the name either. Even with Briar’s guesses, it failed the jog her recollections of him; it was entirely possible she just didn’t care enough to remember the name, only that he was old and had attempted to be smooth with them. “Once he sees us again, I doubt he’ll be kicking for long,” she answered.

Whether it was an act of their ripping teeth or simply the sight of them stalling his feeble heart, she was keen on uprooting whatever order they had established there in the hills. And anywhere else. She was bored and restless, hungry - and so far, the valley seemed to be the most promising place in which she could cause some damage.

If she couldn’t rule, nobody could. It was easier to destroy than it was to build, anyway.

Her nostrils flared at the scent drifting toward them. Eying Briar briefly, she cracked open her jaw and tasted the smell on the roof of her mouth, feeling herself salivate already. But she hung back, allowing Briar to make the discovery.

Jun 11, 2018 04:04 PM — Post #3

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Briar Rainy Staff

Briar cackled in response. The thought of seeking out that old wolf and doing some sort of damage to him or his pack was, on one hand, thrilling. On the other, it was terrifying to the point that part of her hoped it would never happen. She was too easily swept up into dangerous plans.

The little white wolf turned her head back to check that Dhracia followed, for even in approaching a gang of vultures, she was not enough on her own. They hardly stirred until she got especially close.

It had been an antelope in its life, though the word for the creature was unknown to her, and death and the beginning of decay had shaped its form into something less recognizable. A vulture flapped lazily, squawking, several feet away, as if to decide whether it might just sidle right up next to the wolf and eat its fill despite her presence. Her hackles rose and she moved in closer still, attempting to claim the space with body language alone.

And then with a sharp bark of, “Oi! Fuck off!” when that didn’t work. It hardly lifted from the ground, great black wings outspread to maintain its balance on feet not meant for prolonged use upon flat ground.

Jun 11, 2018 04:12 PM — Post #4

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Dhracia Madison

The longer she breathed in the smell, the more voraciously it woke her hunger from her stomach. She felt something stir inside of her, her tail lashing, her eyes scanning the red, dusty hillocks for the body from which the stench emanated. Briar pinpointed it easily, so she traced the woman’s path toward a decaying body slumped into the dirt. Her tongue lashed from her lips to wet her nose, bringing the smell to life inside her nasal cavity. She inadvertently picked up her pace.

In spite of Briar’s warning, the vulture didn’t seem too pressed to move. Dhracia jogged up behind her mate, her head raised high as she bugled a warning of her own, emphasizing their intention of taking the animal. Side-stepping, she closed in on the vulture and its quarry from a different angle. Her teeth snapped, eyes bright with enthusiasm for the game, almost daring the vulture to retaliate.

Otherwise, she would drag it down and turn it into dessert.

Jun 11, 2018 05:05 PM — Post #5

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Briar Rainy Staff

Her backup seemed to make more of an impression than did just Briar on her own, and the ugly beastie hopped away several yards, though it stayed relatively close, watching with what could only be described as bitterness for the apex predators to claim their share.

Briar’s tail wagged briefly at the sight, but she was much more interested in the already-dead thing than in the vultures. Birds were difficult to catch, often resulting in a waste of energy for no reward whatsoever. she hadn’t realized Dhracia’s level of interest in the creature.

Snuffling wetly around the remains of the carcass, she zigzagged back and forth near it, as if searching out the perfect spot, occasionally poking out her tongue to taste the flesh that lay open in spots, evidence of the birds’ earlier feasting.

When said spot became known to her, she unceremoniously flopped to the ground and began to writhe in the stinking mass.

Jun 11, 2018 05:29 PM — Post #6

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Dhracia Madison

A wave of satisfaction rolled through her, cresting in her chest and tingling at the back of her neck, as the vulture hopped away and relinquished its find to them. She lowered into a crouch, tongue swiping across her maw to restrain saliva from dribbling any further from her lips, and acknowledged the hunger that brewed in her stomach. Growling. It was as if she couldn’t even remember the last time she had eaten. But she could - it was just the greed of her thin body, always working, always breaking things down, aching to devour everything in her path.

Hunger inspired her. It was why she refrained from leaving her spot when Briar zoomed toward the carcass, desecrating it with her weight. Out of the corner of her eye, she watched the small white wolf soil her fur with brown and red viscera. Her stomach rolled again. She felt the air whistle between her teeth, wanting to close down on something.

Out of impulse, her limbs extended. She launched forward, charging at the vulture, leaving the carcass and her mate behind to follow her basal desires through. Crunch, rip, destroy.

Jun 11, 2018 06:36 PM — Post #7

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Briar Rainy Staff

Somewhere in the midst of the rolling Briar had grabbed a hank of half-attached skin and fur in her mouth and was essentially doing what I might only describe as trying to roll herself into an antelope burrito. Small as she was, though, the skin was not so copious as to allow this. She only succeeded in smearing herself further with Unmentionables.

She found, before long, that this specimen had been a male- undersized, perhaps, though that was hard to tell when it was so wasted….

But it definitely had testicles.

And she was definitely enchanted with that.

Snuffling and sneezing the dust from her nose, she stood up, and skittered to the rear of the animal, pulling its leg over to the side so that Miss Surgeon could get a better look at what she was dealing with, here.

Her head snapped up at the flurry of movement before she could move to take the testicles for her own (of course, these had been intended as a gift for Dhracia), and her tail flagged in the air as she straightened, letting loose a high-pitched yip of excitement at the spectacle of her mate chasing after the great black bird.

Jun 11, 2018 06:44 PM — Post #8

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Dhracia Madison

A wicked snarl ripped across her face as she lunged for the vulture, crossing the distance between them in one, two, three marvelous bounds, her long and lithe structure an arrow vying to bite into the sky.

The vulture ascended in a flutter of wings, its beak agape in ringing cries of protest and warning.

She snapped her teeth, clicking in the empty air. Dhracia retracted her limbs close to her body and then sprang forward, launching after the bird, but mastery of its element carried the creature too far out of reach. She landed hard on the dirt with another vicious growl, bristling, tail flagging, promising that the next time the vulture so even swooped within reach of her, she would tear it apart.

Her attention gradually shifted back to Briar, noting the stench now sewn into her fur alongside chunks of desiccated flesh and organs. Licking her lips, she skulked back toward the carcass and sniffed.

“Any good?” she asked.

Jun 11, 2018 07:43 PM — Post #9

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Name Player
Briar Rainy Staff


Briar hung back from the fray with the bird, her hopes soaring high with anticipation and then plummeting to the dirt as the bird, not Dhracia, turned out to be the one that road the updraft on her greedy desire. How fine it would have been to watch her mate pull the feathered beast to the ground and shake the life from its sturdy body. To break the hollow bones and hear the snap and crunch beneath those teeth. A string of drool cascaded down her chin and she licked it away, disappointment flaring but ebbing away when Dhracia turned back to her.

They still had the antelope, after all.

She skittered around to the tawny shewolf’s side, obnoxiously attempting to rub down her side to share in the gore, grinning all the time. “What d’you think?” she asked. “‘Well Aged,’ might describe it.” With subtle floral tones, and just the barest uptick of maggot.

With a little snort of self-pleasure she returned to the place between its rear legs and grasped the family jewels, bracing her paw on its thigh and shaking her head fiercly to separate the delicate skin. The cords that tied the testes within the creature were white and slippery, and she tugged again, again, trying to sever them until finally they snapped away, slapping her in the muzzle and draping over the bridge of her nose.

With a little growl of delight she sprang back to Dhracia’s side with her trophies, swinging them teasingly from her teeth, daring her partner to try to take them.

Jun 11, 2018 08:12 PM — Post #10

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Name Player
Dhracia Madison

Dhracia’s legs braced to receive the force of Briar rubbing against her. She didn’t mind; the affection was something she had grown accustomed to, even desired, after abandoning her prim predisposition in the throes of a rogue’s life. And whatever debris came along with it, she accepted in stride. So long as it wasn’t urine.

She twisted her head around, sniffing at the decaying viscera that had been rubbed into her fur. Far less noticeable than in Briar’s pelt, Dhracia’s all but consumed the sun-darkened colour. She peeled her lips back and nipped at a piece of gut hanging loosely from a clump of flesh that was ground into the hairs of her mate’s pelt, ear twisting to her description.

“Meat’s meat,” she grunted, spitting the piece she pulled out into the dirt. Dhracia paused for a moment to toe at the blackened flesh, searching it for parasites still visible to the eye. Once it was cleared, she ducked her head and seized it between her teeth, swallowing it down in one swift movement. Meanwhile, her brow had quirked as she watched Briar relieve the carcass of its genitals.

The proximity of them to her face, so suddenly, sparked another primal response. She growled, extending her neck to try and ensnare the shriveled reproductive organs in her teeth.

Jun 12, 2018 08:24 PM — Post #11

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Name Player
Briar Rainy Staff

Dhracia’s growl and snap set Briar’s hackles to rising, a delighted expression on her half-manic face. Her eyes danced, and her feet followed as she skipped backward, away from the bigger female. One of her prizes dangled lower than the other from her mouth, though, and she felt the tug when Dhracia managed to grab ahold.

They were a bit rubbery, surprisingly firm, and she set herself low to the ground with a little snarl, pearly white teeth flashing as she pulled back, stretching the organ nearly to the breaking point, tail lashing behind her with delight at this new game.

Jun 13, 2018 10:46 AM — Post #12

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