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[summons] hunting, all welcome | west rolling prairies | afternoon, cloudy | early winter

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Ross Thorn Jill

Location is around here.

As he’d made apparent to Icarus, Ross was keen to hunt a spot of big game before winter set in fully. The task might have been better left to those possessing the rank of Hunter, but he only rolled his eyes at the thought. The caches were as much under his jurisdiction as theirs. The nagging feeling that he owed the Vanguard for his recent absence, one that latched onto the back of his mind like an unshakable tick, brought him to spend his morning tracking a herd of elk.

The group of ungulates could be smelt frequently in the labyrinth and surrounding woods. He hadn’t expected them to wander too far beyond the reach of the trees. Today, however, it seemed they were content to move into open territory, perhaps in some last-ditch attempt to scrounge up what grazing they could from beneath the thin layer of snow that had descended upon the land.

He followed them amicably, knowing that to scour these northern plains was part of his agenda, anyway. Two birds with one stone, and all that, right? He told Ick he’d look for Darcian, and he would. Females couldn’t have been that difficult to miss this time of year, anyway.

The Quartermaster’s nostrils flared as he breathed in the odor of the elk, dedicating one sector of his mind to threshing out the scent of the blue-eyed she-wolf, if any trace of her remained in these parts. Dimly his thoughts turned toward the notion that one of his own pack might have trailed him out here, but he didn’t risk placing too much hope in it.

Vanguard or not, he wouldn’t say no to others joining in. Long as they knew he fully intended to bring most of the spoils of the hunt back to his own territory.

Tipping his muzzle to the sky, he released a level, clear howl.

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Name Player
Icarus Dusk Madison

(i figured since they agreed to go out together, icky will be nearby!)

While Ross headed directly north of the forest, Icarus had taken an easterly route, coming out of the trees closer their northern tip. He doubted it would make much of a difference, but if Darcian had headed toward the northern mountains and then beyond, it was possible he could have come across her trail. He spent that morning roving through the grass and snow, relishing the cold against his paws, breathing in the brisk atmosphere and searching, however fruitlessly, for a hint of his friend.

To no avail.

Again, he didn’t really expect to find much. But it was still disheartening for him to make his way around the tail of the forest, back south-west to where Ross had followed the herds, without so much as an indication that Darcy had been in the area. By the time he heard his friend’s call, he resolved to set the quest aside. Ross must have tracked down the herd and found a good entry point, so if they were going to be successful in their hunt, Icarus knew he had to focus on the task at hand.

Setting off at a decent clip, Icarus headed through the prairie toward him, eyes peeled for sight of his friend up ahead.

(arriving next round)

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Name Player
Ross Thorn Jill

yay, of course! i’m glad you tossed him in :D
just having ross respond to icky but to anyone else, this is very much aw still~

Settling back into routine after being away from the pack was… nice, in a way Ross hadn’t expected it to be. Mostly, it felt right. The aggression he’d spent the first two years of his life stockpiling had been spent during the course of lengthy talks with his dad, and now, nothing so nerve-wracking was left in its wake.

There were still challenges, of course. He needed to deal with the females of the Vanguard going into heat (yeesh). Ick being morose over his missing flame. The struggle that would be filling the pack’s larders enough to survive the winter as comfortably as possible. But at least he’d been refreshed enough to take them all on.

He tipped forward into a bow, giving his back and forelegs an easy stretch as he awaited a response to his summons. The cold beneath his paws was fresh, enlivening his muscles for the hunt to come.

The first reply came in the form of Icarus’ howl. Truth be told, Ross hadn’t been expecting the Chief’s call to come from such an easterly way. He blinked, mildly impressed by how much ground Icarus had covered from the time when their paths split earlier in the day.

He gave a mighty bark to direct his friend to his location. Perhaps he’d bring news of Darcian when they reunited, but perhaps not. Regardless, they had a hunt to undertake, and Ross was antsy to discuss an approach to it.

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Name Player
Kronos Aelius Sabrina

Kronos had been out, searching for food when he heard Ross’s call. With the onset of winter, hunting independently was becoming increasingly more difficult, so it was in his best interest to seek the advantage that a group hunt produced. Bringing down something large was more worthwhile to the pack.

He sent up a call of his own and headed toward the sound, itching to get some real hunting done. He felt as though he’d only been bringing in meager offerings to the Vanguard lately.

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Name Player
Icarus Dusk Madison

Moving at nearly full speed, Icarus’ ears perked to receive not only the sound of Ross’ answering bark, but another howl, familiar in its masculine youth - Kronos. He cocked his head slightly in his direction, but moving as fast as he was, his chest lacked the capacity to breathe and call at the same time. He panted, running briskly until finally he spotted Ross’ dark form smeared among the grass and snow.

Icarus gradually slowed until he had come to a trotting stop next to Ross, his head bowed as he drank in the air, back rising and falling in rapid succession. With a lick to his nose once he caught his breath, he looked up at Ross, and then out in the direction he thought he’d heard Kronos.

“Find anything?” he panted. The question could have been either prey or Darcian; either way, a positive answer would bode well.

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Name Player
Ross Thorn Jill

The second call that reached his ears wasn’t entirely familiar, but Ross still recognized it as that of a Vanguard wolf. The nuances of the howl sounded youthful, too. He scrolled through a list of names in his head, eventually fixating upon Kronos’. Had to be the bi-eyed yearling.

The Quartermaster hadn’t spoken to him much, but he had no complaints about Kronos joining in. After all, playing nice with a packmate was so much easier than doing so with a stranger. Regardless of if they were friends or not, Kronos’ motivations could at least be trusted.

Ross barked in the younger male’s direction, providing Kronos with the same courtesy he’d shown Icarus…

Who happened to come into view at that moment. The sound of paws thudding against a cold-hardened ground drew Ross’ attention, and he watched as Icarus raced in his direction. The sight was a little amusing. Against the white of the snow, the Chief’s dark chest and face stood out, as if moving independently from the rest of him. He was, like, a single, black, bobbing face, levitating against the backdrop of the wilderness. Ross fought the urge to grin.

The amusement was snuffed by Icarus’ question. Ross didn’t miss the hope in his voice, one which revealed Icarus hoped he might have found a trail of Darcy’s. His brows knitted.

“A herd of elk,” he offered, knowing it made for a poor consolation prize. “They’re a bit farther ahead. Guess we should wait for Kronos before scraping together a plan.”

He paused, unsure of whether or not to return Icarus’ question.

“Anything?” His voice quieted, as though to risk hearing the Chief’s answer was something great and consequential. It sort of was, he supposed.

@Mads, assuming this might be before the Paige/Esme thread? Ross would be in a different headspace after that thread haha. Lmk if that’s cool!

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Name Player
Kronos Aelius Sabrina

Kronos was doing his best to join his packmates at a reasonable time, though they were a bit further north than he’d initially suspected. He kicked his speed into a reluctant run and closed the distance between them much faster.

There they were, two specks framed by the barren whiteness of winter. Only Icarus’s dark mask was immediately noticeable; he looked a little like a floating face from this distance.

Kronos flagged his tail in the air, releasing a dutiful boof to his packmates as he continued to lope toward them. He tried to stop in front of them, but ended up slipping ungracefully on the slushy snow and landing face-first at their feet, hindquarters sticking up, tail still arched over his back.

He grumbled something to himself and rose to his feet. He was used to Alaskan winters, crunchy, frozen-solid snow. Not this slushy, mushy snow that made the ground muddy underneath.

Jun 16, 2018 01:13 AM — Post #6

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