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dawn of the fifth day
[summons] right of Heckled Holt, creation of Vernal Acres | morning, light snow w/Lestat

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Sienna Rose-Aderly Madeline


They had been asleep, her body curled tightly against her mate as she stirred herself awake, a small yawn escaping her mouth as she came to. Yellow eyes peered from the black fluff that surrounded her mahogany frame, his tail was wrapped tightly around her body and her head lay gently on it. She really didn’t want to move - he was so warm, oh my Fenrir, she usually would be content in sleeping the day away if her seasonal frustrations didn’t take a toll on her. Lifting her head, she nuzzled him, her tongue tracing his cheek, his muzzle and then finally down to his nose as she leaned forward.

She almost didn’t want to disturb him; he looked so peaceful, and she was completely in awe over how his expressions changed from his usual monotone self regarding his dreams. But she knew that they would have to move eventually. She thought back on the previous day, how they mainly explored the area and to none of their delight, it only held trees, more trees, and surprisingly, more trees. So they moved in agreeance a bit more north. It didn’t take them as long as she thought, and once they had arrived, she found herself wondering if the lake that had discovered was the one that he had been heading to in the beginning.

They had carved out a den big enough for the two of them, but big enough to stretch out, just alongside a hill. And then they slept.

And now they were awake. And her heat and curiosity made her toes feel itchy to move. She looked upon Lestat again, not noticing her eyes had traveled to the entrance. She gave a lick to his cranium.

heat day 5/12

Jun 13, 2018 01:09 PM

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Lestat Aderly Rem

A low mumbled behind closed lips was what Lestat returned to the girl as she licked him in several spot. Lazily, his eyes opened. Heavily shutting eyes blinked a few times. ”Good morning, dear,” a muffled growl came from him as he brushed his face against her. His tail weakly beating against the dirt and golden grass.

”Did you manage to sleep well?” he questioned as he pulled himself to his four and stretched out his formerly coiled up frame. Lestat shook our his coat, loose, dead grass fell form his darkened form.

Walking away some and observing the near areas, eyes fell back to the golden pair of Sienna, ”Open land, a few trees, and a place beside the river. It should be fine for us and a few pups come spring, yes?” Les was pure logistics. And he needed the best suitable area for all that he planned to provide for.

Jun 13, 2018 06:12 PM — Post #1

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Sienna Rose-Aderly Madeline

He was an individual who woke up quickly - that was good. A light sleeper was exactly what she needed for the sole factor of protection. If they happened to have pups, she would be far more vulnerable in her healing state and she would have to rely on him to protect them. That didn’t mean she was completely helpless, of course, she did have a gnarly set of teeth on her. “Good morning,” She mused back, rubbing her cheek against his as he did the action to her.

As he pulled away from her, she followed suit in raising herself. Letting her back stick up in the air as she stretched, a yawn pulled forth from her set from jaws, the girl finally shook out her fur as well. She looked back at the make-shift half-assed den they had made for the night. It had been enough to shelter them for only a few days, the weather, especially if it ravaged the land like it had the year prior, would not be kind to it. It didn’t look that stable either, perhaps enough for a fox, though.

She wouldn’t miss it.

“Did you manage to sleep well?”

She let her eyes fall back onto her mate before she picked up her pace and let herself fall gently at his side. “Of course. Did you? You sure did seem amused with your dreams.” She grinned lightly up at him. “Did I ever tell you that you make the cutest expressions when you sleep?” A jest of a tease, her playfulness never seeming to end.

Her attention was brought upon the lake - and for a moment she thought she was staring back out onto the ocean. But she wasn’t. It was uneasily and bewilderingly calm, waves from the wind the only source of movement upon it. There also seemed to be an end to it, she could just barely make out the very faint outline of trees, but she had to squint to do that. It was a very large, colossal lake, that was for sure. There also seemed to be almost no-existence of wolf scent here, and that eased her mind greatly.

Mountains towered in the distance, but nevertheless an expanding valley luring to them. It surely would spark the imaginations of their pups come spring. The innocence of a pup never ceased to amaze her. She idly wondered if the land would fill with the beauty of flowers come to the season change. “I love it.” It was simple and to the point. Sienna brushed up against Lestat, her heat igniting the air around them. “Why don’t we ensure that pups come to witness the beauty of this land?”

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Lestat Aderly Rem

Lestat let a smile play on his lips as Sienna followed suit, trialing behind and then soon beside him. ”Don’t not teach our children to watch me while I sleep,” he hummed with a subtle jest in his tone. He had never thought of his dreams, they were often away from his memory by time he opened his eyes.

Like clockwork, Sienna began to rub against him. The lures and lust of winter heat still putting her in a frizzled, affection state. ”Now, are you that eager for children, or are you just using me to rid yourself of your symptoms?” a brow quirked up as he looked at her. His tongue soon swiping at the splashes of unkempt fur that ruffled and rose along her neck.

Resting his forehead against her own, his tail waved and waved contently. This was to be his new life. His new home. His new future.

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Sienna Rose-Aderly Madeline

She laughed softly, ”I believe it would be adorable, waking up to a multitude of eyes staring back at you.” She joked, her tail wagging behind her.

No, she would not teach them that, for if they ever happened to be next to someone that slept, it surely would freak the other out. She hummed at his next choice of words.

”Would it be bad to say it’s a mixture of both, Mr. Aderly?” She tucked her head into his chest, nibbling lightly at his fur, ears falling back.

-short post sorry-

Jun 14, 2018 11:33 AM — Post #4

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Lestat Aderly Rem

For a moment, Lestat envisioned several small eyes being glued to his face as he woke. Blues, yellows, maybe even green. Damien had green, had his mother or father had green? A grandparent, perhaps? What did his family even look like…

Flicking an ear and returning full attention to Sienna, he smiled softly. Faintly, but a warmness radiated from it. ”I knew you were just using me,” pale eyes squinted into a sharp narrow as he jested with her.

His tail giving away his jovial attitude. ”Children do sound nice. I have lived four long years without a mate or spawn, it is time for a change,” he hummed as he rubbed against her, his head atop her own and his fur easily intertwining with her own autumn tones.

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Sienna Rose-Aderly Madeline

”I knew you were just using me,”

For a moment she thought he was serious until she noted his tail wag and the small mischievous smile that engulfed his face. She narrowed her eyes back at him, sticking her nose up in his face before. She farted her tongue out to lick his nose, a playful growl escaping her mouth. ”Me? Pffft never!” The girl shot back, her eyes refraining from a narrowed to a hooded glance into his pale blue eyes. ”Where did you ever get such a crazy idea?” She breathed.

She grumbled approvingly as he rubbed against her, his head upon hers. Sienna listened to his words, nodding softly. Children of her own. She didn’t know much of pregnancy, or at least the symptoms. She just knew that she would have morning sickness, and a bump in her belly and eventually she would be able to feel them move. All from Bea. But besides that, there was nothing she was aware of - perhaps if she started experiencing it she could go to the Sanctuary or another pack to check in and have all her questions answered there.

”One more round?” She mumbled into his neck fur, her tail waving behind her.

-fade out unless he says no?-

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Lestat Aderly Rem

”One more round,” he breathed out in agreement, a puffy mist escaped his maw with his words. With his tail waving, he took his time to dawn over the girl. Showering her with licking kisses and small nuzzles of his nose.

Fade out and in

A deep exhale escape him, his tongue lolled out the side of his ajar maw. Powder colored eyes watching Sienna closely. His energy had been zapped, after the activity of the previous night and now this.

”perhaps a small hunt after our nap?” becuase, let’s face it, they were going to nap after that. They always did.

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Sienna Rose-Aderly Madeline

She panted, a sense of relief flooding over her at the end of it. Her tail began to slowly wag behind her as she turned around, nuzzling against his chest. A small hunt after their nap, huh?

She gave a small ‘mhm’ in agreement, before rubbing past him and going into the temporary den they had slept in. They surely would need to make a more permanent one after tonight, it was stable enough, for now, but she didn’t know how long it would remain that way. Afterall they had half-assed it.

Pushing herself against the side so he had enough room to lay down next to her, she released a small yawn. ”I want to know more about your past. You told me that you lived in a pack called The Haven, but not much else. I’ll tell you my life story if you tell me yours.” She said softly.

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Lestat Aderly Rem

Lestat flicked his ear and poked his against Sienna’s neck as he gingerly slid up along side her. A small yawn making his lips part and jaw stretch wide.

”I was born to someone who did not or could not care for us,” he really didn’t know. The haven didn’t know, either. He had asked, they had all asked. ”Damien, Valley, and I were raised by a woman named Willow, and her mate, Maxwell. They had just birthed three still born children. So they took us in,” he recalled maxwells death, and shortly after, willows. ”we grew up there. And one autumn day, a raid hit us, hardly. Damien and I fought them off as well as we could. We got as many out as possible,” he paused, still seeing the devastation of his home. His slaughtered pack mates.

”Once we were out, I had a group, Damien told me we had to go back and search for survivors. I denied him. It was too dangerous for us alone, and I had a group I was already carrying for. He disowned me, after that. Thinking of me as cowardice. And our sister, I do not know if she is dead or alive,” that was the basics to his life.

”Then I ended up here,” he glanced to his mate, judging her facial expressions to gauge his story.

Jun 16, 2018 03:45 PM — Post #9

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Sienna Rose-Aderly Madeline

The girl began to groom him, her tongue latching upon his dark fur as she cleaned what debris out, her ears pivoted, pointed towards his words as he began to speak. As he began, he threw a hard hitter right at her - could not and did not were far different in comparison to each other. Valley was not a name she had heard, it was rather pretty. She didn’t know he had a sister, to begin with. And then came the name Willow and it almost made her grin, they had a lot more in common than they had first suspected, it seemed. They both wanted to name their pups after those that had affected their lives in a good way, it made her latch onto the idea even more.

A raid. She nuzzled his cheek in comfort, especially as he stated that Damien had disowned him. “Did you find him at the pack, love?” She didn’t smell him on him, now that she recalled it, but it was worth a shot. “Bucky told me that there was a wolf that wanted to speak to you at the Covenant. He never gave a name.” She furrowed her eyebrows.

Had he spoken to whoever it was?

As he finished, she smiled. “And I’m glad you are. I’m very lucky to have met you.” She offered softly, tail swaying behind her. After a moment, she gave a soft sigh. “I was born in Loren Valley to a pack called The Silverback Walkers; my mother, Arlette, loved myself and my two siblings, Taylor and Daren. My father, Harrison, was the leader.” She breathed in, focusing on the entrance and the beauty that surrounded the world around them.

“My pack had a religion, of some sort. They believed that whoever possessed the diamond marking upon the forehead had been blessed by the Gods to show them the way. My grandmother had the same marking as I do. She was the founder of the pack and put those ideas in their heads. I was chosen as the heir, my brother Daren didn’t approve of the attention I received out of jealousy and greed of wanting the throne for himself; He set out to ruin my youth. Taylor was… slower. He didn’t really understand right from wrong and immediately took the side of Daren. It hurts not to be accepted by your own family.”

The topic itself was one that had been numbed long ago.

“I left at around eight months, traveled for a few months and wound up here. I was founded by Adonai, who became a father-figure to me.”  She said softly, looking over to him.

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Lestat Aderly Rem

Lestat felt the warmth of her comfort during the dark sides of his tales, then listened well as she shared her own life story.

Jealous siblings. Leaving young. An adoptive father.

Sienna had made it far, from a young age. Also quite a lover, for one that was so harassed and pushed out.

”The past is to far gone, the future is all we shall dwell upon,” their life. Their children’s lives. Their home. Their plans after winter and spring.

”Did you and Damien get along, when you lived with the covenant?” his voice was quizzical. Had their relationship held hope, or was he snappy towards the girl too? Would it be a lost cause to introduce his future children to their uncle?

Jun 17, 2018 09:43 PM — Post #11

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Sienna Rose-Aderly Madeline

He sure did have a way with words, and perhaps that’s what made her admire and love him even more. “That’s true, we may have our paws full come spring. We must provide them with the best future possible and protect them. I… want to give them the childhood I never had.” She stated, looking at him. Her tail laid upon his gently, curling into it. Unconsciously, her eyes traveled to her stomach, trying to imagine herself with one as big as Bea had once been.

Perhaps bigger. How many would they have? Two? Three? Five? Ten? One? Whatever the amount, she made a vow at that moment that she would provide and nurture them and raise them right.

”Did you and Damien get along, when you lived with the covenant?”

Her eyes fell back upon his after a moment, slowly. She realized, that no matter what may come, she was going to be as happy as she could ever be, and would ever be. “Damien and I met on brief circumstances. I didn’t get a chance to really talk to him, but he was very nice. Just quiet.” Much like herself at that time of her life, perhaps too swept up in as much drama as she had been. The quiet was welcome, for once.

Jun 19, 2018 01:46 PM — Post #12

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Lestat Aderly Rem

To give them the childhood she didn’t have. ”I will not deny, my childhood was kind. Fair. Lovely. I had a mother and father, my siblings and a pack. But I will guarantee their lives are even better, as well as making sure your life is just a bright,” he was a provider. A caregiver. For Sienna and his possible family.

Powder-blue eyes widened, but barley notably. Lestat nodded as Sienna spoke. ”I’m glad that he was kind to you,” he exhaled, voice a bit quiet. ”I am different, much so, from Damien and Valley,” it was painfully obvious as they grew up, but that was his job as big brother. ”They are fiery, quite expressive, and can act upon feelings and their own views. Valley is as free as the wind itself. The personification of wanderlust and wonderment,” Les smiled softly to himself. The ache in his chest still present as he wondered where his sister was.

”Damien is driven, short fused, and wears his emotions like a badge - even if those emotions are irritation and anger. He can be kind and loving when he feels it’s best…” he paused momentarily, ”I am the calm one. Logistics advise my decisions moreso than my emotions do. I am not expressive. I am not a spitfire as they are,” but somehow, they all flowed so well together. They were close growing up. They worked.

As his shifted topics, his tone lightened and a small smirk pressed his lips, ”Can’t wait to see how wiley our children will be,”

Jun 19, 2018 02:02 PM — Post #13

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