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There be giants
Brittle Wetlands, coast | Early winter | Morning | Cloudy | High tide

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Kaya Silvano Chris Staff

Kaya was just paddling up to the coast after crossing from the island when she heard it. The unfamiliar warbling cry was so low-pitched she felt it as much as heard it, and hastily the burly silver she-wolf pulled herself from the water and turned, dripping, to survey the water behind her, squinting slightly as she tried to determine where the unfamiliar call had come from.

Kaya had seen a lot in her years. She prided herself on being level-headed, capable, resourceful, and difficult to surprise. But setting eyes on her first whale was certainly enough to get her eyes widening, her body stiffening in surprise. A giant fish swimming calmly into her bay was not what she expected.

She assessed it carefully at it breached. It had fins and a tail, certainly no legs to speak of. It seemed to blow water out the top of its head, which sounded so ridiculous she wouldn’t have believed it if she hadn’t seen it with her own two eyes. She deemed the size to be over ten times as long as she herself was from nose to tail, but infinitely heavier.

“You better not scare off the fish.” She called primly to the beast, feeling safe upon the shoreline. “And if you get grounded in the shallows, you can be well assured that I will find a way to consume you.” That much fish wouldn’t last long before going off (Kaya hated old meat) even in this chilly weather, but she, Crixus and Dragomir would certainly feed well while it was fresh.

Jun 13, 2018 08:40 PM

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Kip kay

Oh no.

Oh heck.

Kip was so frickin’ lost.

At first he was only meant to leave the waterfall and Finni for a bit, but a bit turned into a while and a while turned into a few days and where the heck even was he right now. The stupid purple-brown weather was the culprit behind his loss of direction, he was sure of it. I mean, how could any wolf ever possibly know what was left and what was right during storms? When it was dark?


The mountains were super close now. Even though they made Kip feel tiny, seeing them was so cool. Like. How many wolves got to see the mountains every time they woke up? Huh?

Well, Kip was one of them. Suck it.

As the pale boy attempted to cross the weird marsh he’d come across (yuck, by the way), something in the distance caught his attention. Some water literally just sprayed itself into the air out of nowhere. Immediately interested, he wandered closer to the shore, only to find out that it was a heckin’ FISH.


Luckily, he wasn’t alone. Another white wolf stood nearby, her attention also seemingly locked on the water beast. “What the heck is that?!” He squeaked, preparing to bounce up to the stranger. She must have answers.


Jun 18, 2018 03:38 PM — Post #1

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Name Player
Kaya Silvano Chris Staff

Kaya would NOT have wanted to admit her long distance vision was not as keen as it once had been. The yearling seemed to materialize out of nowhere, bounding up towards her like a long-lost relative, all too-long legs and giant puppy paws.

Instantly, Kaya’s posture took on a stiffer, more warning one. Her spine went rigid, her hind paws braced and almost pushing her into a forwards stance, tail lifted straight up. Kaya locked her eyes on toxicly bright yellow ones and showed her canines.

Warning: Do not breach Personal Space Bubble, boy.

“Why don’t you get in the water and ask it?” Kaya asked somewhat snidely. “I’m sure a beast that big speaks perfectly clear Wolf.”

Jun 19, 2018 03:28 AM — Post #2

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Name Player
Kip kay

Okay, what the heck squared. As Kip made his way over to the woman, she stiffed up and bared her teeth right at him. Immediately, the boy recoiled. What on earth did he do wrong? “Sorry! The sand is, uh, slippery.” Yeah. You’re a genius, Kipper.

...Why wouldn’t he get in the water and ask it? According to the woman, it spoke perfectly clear Wolf.

“You think so?” In that case, was it some huge water wolf? Were water wolves real?

Jun 19, 2018 11:14 AM — Post #3

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