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Natasha Chris Staff

Natasha had never let her emotions dictate in how she served the Firewing Brotherhood. No matter what some wolves, even her own siblings, might think of her. And she and Eyja had spoken about Finni and Nanna and Natasha had their mother’s permission - they were ready. It was time for the next generation of Brothers to become apprentices.

She just hoped Stark would be over his snit with her, and he’d make sure this day was special for Nanna. She meant to keep an eye on her brother with his apprentice, and suggest they trained Finni and Nanna together quite a bit. He had asked for more responsibility after all, and this was Natasha’s way of making sure he could handle it.

She was excited for her own first apprentice as well, but in typical Natasha fashion it didn’t really show, except that perhaps her silvery eyes were livelier looking than usual, especially after the turbulence of the past few days. She liked Finni. Even though, in a corner of her heart, she wished Xanthos was here to take him on as well. (Valentina had trained two apprentices, Natasha was sure she could have as well).

She hoped those kids were okay, and still hoped they would turn up, even though she knew, better than anyone, what happened when puppies tried to survive on their own in the outside world.

“Eyja?” She called with a wuff, then sent up a howl for her leader, not minding if anyone else heard and came to investigate. 

((Just a note to say that this can be slotted into people’s timelines WHEREVER it needs to fit! I know that some wolves have been traveling and whatknot, but Nat and Eyja didn’t want this to keep getting delayed so we’re just gonna go ahead with the thread now.

Loose post order just don’t go nuts!

Single posts for those who struggle with muse for meeting threads ‘I’m here and standing by watching’ is A-okay also <3))

Jun 14, 2018 12:08 AM

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Eyja Jeames

Natasha called, and Eyja was glad for that; she had actually been looking for Natasha, after her conversation with Stark. However, she had been a bit silent and keeping to herself because she had tried to think of what to say to the girl. Seemed now was the moment to get it out there. ’’Over here. I’m coming.’’ she said, and moved in Natasha’s direction.

Winter was upon them, and Eyja was not happy with it. She wished she could skip winter. She did not want to deal with heat again. Not after last year. Last year… already. Eyja shuddered, and shook her head. She needed to focus.

Ah, there was Natasha. ’’What is it?’’

Jun 14, 2018 05:52 AM — Post #1

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Natasha Chris Staff

Natasha heard Eyja call back and was pleased. A moment to organize and settle things before they called the rest of the pack. She nodded professionally at her leader.

“Eyja. Did you want to get the girl’s apprentice ceremony underway? I think they’re really eager.” She smiled a little at that. Finni and Nanna were good kids. It was interesting, in a morbid sort of way, to Natasha. That they showed nothing of their father, despite being half him. It just went to show you that kids raised right (Take notes, Eden, she thought scornfully) had the chance to be decent.


Jun 14, 2018 06:35 AM — Post #2

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Eyja Jeames

Natasha mentioned getting the girls their mentors now, and Eyja nodded with a smile. ’’Yes, I’m all for it. However, before we call for the others… I wanted to talk to you about something.’’ she said. Eyja did not want to waste Natasha’s time, but to be honest this was pack business so it was not really a waste. ’’Before we continue, I talked to Stark not long ago.’’

Eyja’s face did change. She did not smile sheepishly or anything. She needed to talk to Natasha about this, and a good leader would not feel uncomfortable mentioning things. She had been working on her posture. It wasn’t perfect yet but… she was trying. ’’I’m not going to bother with your brother-sister relationship, Natasha, that’s not really wanted to talk about. I will leave that for another time.’’

Yeah, after all this. Later. ’’I just wanted to let you know Stark shows interest in the Lead Hunter rank; he told me that. And I believe he’s been doing a great job hunting for the pack, lately, however, I wanted to let you know about his request. But, we can discuss this at a later time.’’

There, she had said it.
She waited to har if Natasha had any thoughts on it. But if not, then they could get to the mentor thing.

Jun 14, 2018 07:14 AM — Post #3

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Natasha Chris Staff

Natasha had already known that Stark wanted to go whine to Eyja. She was just about sick to death of trying to be supportive to her brothers only for them to go running away, or running off and complaining. At least Eyja wasn’t going to nag at her, but she asked her opinion on the leader hunter roll.

“Stark’s talked to me about that as well, and he’s definitely not the right wolf after listening to his motivations. He’s only just starting to get over his issues, the last thing he needs is to have more pressure added to him.” Natasha spoke as definitively as ever.

“He’s been hunting a lot more, and it’s good to see him working hard. I think that’s good for him, the same way being a mentor will be good with him, but let’s see how he handles that before we decide if he’s mature enough for any more responsibility.” Natasha actually didn’t think Stark would be ready for that sort of responsibility any time soon - it wasn’t like he could drastically reinvent his personality. And much as she loved her whiny brother, she knew he wasn’t the right wolf to lead others or to provide advice. Nat just didn’t understand why he couldn’t just focus on being happy where he was.

Jun 14, 2018 07:34 AM — Post #4

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Eyja Jeames

’’Okay.’’ was all Eyja said on the matter. She understood where Natasha was coming from, but she also understood Stark. She understood them both. And yes, Stark maybe needed some more stability, first. ’’For now we will focus on the mentor thing. Let’s get it started.’’ Stark could continue working for Lead Hunter if he wanted to, but Natasha was right, and first she wanted to see how Stark handled being a mentor.

Jun 14, 2018 07:41 AM — Post #5

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Natasha Chris Staff

What a relief. Somebody who listened and moved on with being productive. She wasn’t being lectured about being more ‘supportive’ of Clint either. Natasha had had to steel herself before even suggesting to Eyja her daughters were ready, at the thought of attending a pack meeting with Clint.

Maybe he wouldn’t even show up. He had such a low opinion of even being a Brother, these days.

“You summon them - you’re the leader.” She reminded, as gently as Natasha ever reminded anybody anything. “I think you ought to say something first about how well the girls have been behaving, it’ll mean a lot being duel form their mother and pack leader. Then if you’re all right with it I might say something about the mentor-apprentice program itself, and then you can announce who’s getting who. Oh, the girls tried to get me to tell them who their mentors would be and I said it was a surprise.” Natasha laughed. Kids.

Jun 14, 2018 07:52 AM — Post #6

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Eyja Jeames

Eyja was a little surprised Natasha told her to howl for everyone. So far, Natasha had been the one calling for meetings and dealing with pack business. But, Eyja accepted, and nodded. She needed to become a good leader, eventually. And this would be a start. ’’Sounds like a plan.’’ she said, and then she shifted a little, turning away from Natasha. ’’And I can believe they would be excited. It’s a big deal, after all.’’

A smile, and then Eyja went to do what she was supposed to do.

She lifted her head, and howled for the others. A summoning for the pack. She had to admit she felt a little excited. Like a kid. But she did not say anything about that, and remained cool.

Cool like a cucumber okay?

Jun 14, 2018 08:00 AM — Post #7

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Natasha Chris Staff

A plan it was. Natasha couldn’t resist adding her howl to Etyja’s after a minute, because who could resist a good pack howl?

“It is a big deal.” She agreed once they were done. “They’re growing up fast. But they’re good kids. Be good Brothers.” But still a tiny, tiny speck of doubt remained, because as a puppy Natasha had believed she and her brothers would be the greatest Brotherhood wolves ever.

Hadn’t quite panned out that way. Three uncertain boys, two so much so they’d ran away altogether (even if one had come back), and a wolf secretly too afraid to step up and lead. She and her brothers, well.

She liked to think of them as a success story. But were they, really?

She tried to push thoughts of the boys aside. This was about Finni and Nanna and the next stage of the Brotherhood.

Jun 14, 2018 09:22 AM — Post #8

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Effie Quinn Staff

Midday was a late start for Effie. She had been on her way out when a call caught her attention - Eyja, she thought. Her lips quirked down, but the call had her stopping, shifting her path to head towards Eyja instead.

Her pace was unrushed, but she still made it to Eyja’s location in a timely manner. Natasha was with her, she noted, and she dipped her head as she neared. “Eyja, Natasha,” she greeted, a quiet murmur. This seemed important, whatever it was. Effie lowered herself into a sit, content to wait and let things get under way.

Jun 14, 2018 09:41 AM — Post #9

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Sterling Zoi

Sterling didn’t know what the hell was going on, but he did know some etiquette. It meant when someone was looking for his face to make an appearance, he could boogie on down and get his groove thang on.

It was nice, though, having the excuse to meet everyone. Not that he was really sure if it was a good idea, yet - he had met the two little chicklets playing in the water. That was a start, most assuredly.

High stepping, his nose graced the air as he broke the treeline, headed toward the gathering spot. His eyes swept over, surprised at seeing the young female who basically must’ve pissed on every blade of grass in the Brotherhood. Good to see what she looked like, at last. The flighty leader, and some old chick.

Afternoon, ladies.” His voice was jovial enough, easy going where it counted.

Jun 14, 2018 05:56 PM — Post #10

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Calypso Chris Staff

Calypso was not far behind Sterling, trotting with an efficient gait to catch him up. He was already greeting those assembled as she arrived, and she quickly scanned the area to see who was who. Eyja and Natasha, and older wolf, and her mate so far. Good, she wasn’t too late. She nodded respectfully at the three more established Brothers then brushed along Sterling’s side as she wound around him to sit down.

“Afternoon.” She echoed.

Jun 14, 2018 07:44 PM — Post #11

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Finni Raven Marie

Natashas first howl woke Finni, curled up in a particularly cozy tangle of roots and loathe to get up. Days had been getting colder, and though her coat was not the soft down it once was, the runt was uncomfortable. Winter sucked.

Slowly squishing out from the area she once would have found cavernous, Finni loped sleepily towards her Aunt.

When her mother’s call eventually rang through the trees, Finni shook out her coat and sped into a trot, ears perking when Aunty Nats backed it. A meeting? What could the Leader and Second want to talk to the whole pack about? The girls mind went to the only official pack meeting shed ever been to: her mother replacing their dear Marzena as the special wolf of the Brotherhood. Nothing had seemed wrong in the forest lately though, and there was no urgency or sadness lacing the call. This meeting would be good then, right?

Finally, she slowed, winding around a tree and pausing to sweep a green gaze over the meeting area.

Eyja and Natasha were waiting, Effie sitting patiently not far away. Sterling and his mate, Calypso were there too, but it seemed they were still waiting on a few Brothers.

She wasn’t late, then.

With a soft chuff of friendly greeting to her pack, and a tail wag accompanying a glance at her mother, Finni sat nearby Effie. See, she could be dignified and….. Not afraid?

Jun 14, 2018 07:50 PM — Post #12

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Stark Spitfire Jeames

Stark had heard Eyja’s call, and made his way over to her, only to find out there was a group gathering. Oh, pack meeting. Interesting. He nodded his head at everyone already there. ’’Hey everyone.’’ was his simple greeting, and he sat down with the group, near Effie. He hoped Clint would come to join them, but he understood if the boy did not want to be here…

Still, it would be nice if his brother would be here. They could support each other.

Jun 15, 2018 03:17 AM — Post #13

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Clint Mekani

Clint had been around, resting, recovering. While he still wasn’t exactly doing anything useful, he thought he might be feeling okay enough to become more active soon and try to get back into doing a bit of patrolling or something. He was still pretty skinny—it might take months to get back to his former weight —but at least he felt better now that he was eating regularly.

His mind felt better too, though still confused and conflicted on certain matters, but generally more at peace with other things, and more willing to give life a chance. Some of this change may have happened naturally with time, but Effie and Stark had both helped with some of it, he thought. Clint hadn’t been doing a lot of socializing with the rest of the pack though..

When Natasha howled, he didn’t really want to respond. It couldn’t possibly be anything important enough to be worth being around her right now, if she was still holding some grudge against him. But a while later, Eyja howled too, and he guessed he should probably go. It seemed to be a meeting, though he had no idea what it could be about. He was still mostly clueless on recent pack news. Hopefully it wasn’t about him.

When he got there, he paid a little more attention to who was there than he did during the last meeting… the one after Mom’s death, when he could barely focus on anything. There were two new wolves he didn’t know, and one of Eyja’s daughters—he couldn’t even remember their names—who had grown up quite a bit since the last time he saw her.

And the usual, his siblings, Eyja, and Effie. He might never get used to Mom not being there… Trying to avoid Natasha’s gaze, he quietly slunk in and sat next to Stark. He didn’t know what to say to most of these people anymore.

(probably skippable for most of this if not majorly addressed, he’ll just be sitting over here being uncomfortable and/or bored :p)

Jun 15, 2018 05:15 AM — Post #14

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Nanna Slash-GNR

Nanna was the last one… She thought. The cream girl came sliding in with a large grin on her face. When her bi color eyes landed upon Stark, she made a b-line straight toward him.

The pup had no idea why a meeting was called, but she wished to sit next to Stark. “May I sit with you, Stark?” She asked in the most quiet voice she could… which was a tiny bit louder than a whisper.

Jun 16, 2018 06:55 PM — Post #15

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