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I hope they remember you
Willowed Glade | Early winter | Afternoon | Overcast | Looking for wolves, looking for answers

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Kyra Daniels Chris Staff

((Going to assume given their agreement to stick close that Nero and/or Saelys are nearby offscreen, may be able to be scented :)))

Sticking to Nero’s plan, Kyra was on the lookout for other wolves.

She stared down at herself, hardly comprehending the wolf looking back at her. She didn’t look a great deal like her father, the only parent she had any visual memory of. Except for maybe her eyes, her eyes were the same colour. But her face shape was totally different to his, far longer and leaner and more feminine. She hadn’t realized silver had sprouted on her face. She was sure last time she looked she was pretty much solid black.

Her mother had left when she was so young, Kyra didn’t recall exactly what she looked like. But it was Antonia the young girl resembled more now, at least in fur colour. She had inherited her father’s towering height. Given Kyra was still underweight, and lean to begin with, that was even more emphasized.

Kyra sighed, got to her paws, and began to weave through the pools without looking down again. She had to find somebody who knew more about this area and tell her brother and sister what she found out.

Jun 14, 2018 01:51 AM

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Maeve Morris Zoi

The smell of wolves all around the lake was not a surprise, but it was almost enough to make her want to drive back up the mountain and spend further time with the gimp male. He had been a time and a half, and she found herself waiting for her sister to reappear.

The thought of going South and passing by the range left her cold, although she yearned for the familiarity of the ocean as well. The gorge had been a home, for a little while. She doubted Bucky even remembered her, by this point; he had been too swept up in being a ranger.

The fairly confident stride to her toward the lakeside was why she almost missed the shadow looming at the edge. The black limber bitch was clearly out of her element, but Maeve herself looked off. In many ways, she moved like a coyote when there was a speed component - long, stretched out toward the ground almost in a cringed position.

But her eyes stuck to the shadow once she had been revealed, and the girl half circled back, closing in with fascination. The scents clinging with her told her of a trio; it remarked of her own sibling adventure that had ended in cruel oblivion.

Jun 16, 2018 11:16 AM — Post #1

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Kyra Daniels Chris Staff

There was somebody nearby.

Kyra searched without success, scanning visually, half uncertain and half rigid in her stance. Kyra stopped walking and pivoted, searching, feeling defensive without being sure why.

Maybe she needed to act more like a princess, and not like anyon’s victim.

“Show yourself.” She called the command in a low voice. “I don’t like be stalked.” 

Jun 17, 2018 07:55 AM — Post #2

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Name Player
Maeve Morris Zoi

Maeve allowed the call out to be enough, and the amusement seemed to tickle. The demand that echoed out of her lips was enough that Maeve humored the poor little black girl if anything because the bite in her voice reminded her of a pale shadow of Tita.

Not stalking,” The words echoed out of her hoarse voice as she broke into the open, straightening herself as she slowed to a stop. Eyes lingered on the younger girl, and her tail flagged out restlessly.

Looking at.

A pause.

I had a black sister, once.

Jun 17, 2018 08:03 AM — Post #3

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Name Player
Kyra Daniels Chris Staff

Well, this was clearly a poor specimen of a wolf, and Kyra half wished she hadn’t bothered and left her skulking in the shadows. She wasn’t in a social mood, despite needing to find out some things. And she didn’t speak well, either.

Kyra wondered briefly if there was a herb that would have helped her, if it wasn’t winter.

Something in her softened slightly when the older female spoke of having a black sister. “I’ve got three.” She returned, though technically it wasn’t true, but Cerys was gone now and her fur colour would never been known by this wolf.

“I’m searching for some information on this area.” She let the other girl know, caught between wariness and interest, able to slide either way.

Jun 19, 2018 07:52 AM — Post #4

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