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Hormonal Wrath
Late morning / break in the rain/ on the edge of the Clearing closest to the caverns

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Piper Nightshade Raven Marie

After her first morning with Freyar, Piper had moved away from the caves. Just over to the Clearing; she wasn’t feeling particularly social, and didn’t want any of the Kin to suffer at what would likely be a sharper tongued Herbalist than they’d probably ever seen. She wasn’t far enough to be out of calling range, in case there was an emergency, but far enough that she wouldn’t have to be a constant part of pack life. The Nightshade was sure that Leas would understand, given that theyd both planned to raise another litter this year, and especially since Freyar would probably spend most of the time with her.

Shed chosen a wide pine tree as the makeshift den, sheltering under the needled bough and even scraping out a shallow dip in the earth in case the rain kept up; enough room for she and Freyar to have slept under it comfortably enough, if a little squished together (which Piper absolutely didn’t mind). Of course, shed told him where she would be, had offered for him to stay with her. After all, he was in no danger from her hormonal wrath, and she still wanted to make sure they had a litter of pups.

Crawling out from under the shelter with a groan of pure sleepiness and stretching each limb, Piper lounged around in what was left of the dead grasses, sprawling and wiggling on her back like a puppy herself. The rain had broken for a while, it seemed, and the bright rays of late morning dappled the Clearing ahead through the heavy clouds of withheld rain.

Jun 29, 2018 06:20 PM

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Name Player
Freyar Gabriel Lucas

Freyar would readily admit that if nothing else, Piper knew her limits, and she was resourceful. Away from the caves and the place where she had rested for so many months now, she had been quick to find a den- and a big one, at all. Freyar had always had trouble finding a place massive enough to shelter him, but in his eyes, Piper had done it like it was nothing. And she had been right- it was a very pretty clearing, even all dried up. In the nights that the sky was clear, he was sure he could see all the way to heaven.

Perhaps, when the time came, he and Piper could make her a den here. It felt too straightforward to suggest, but the thought remained. When the time was right, he would voice it.

It was strange, really. Winter had never gotten in his head like this before, but he was feeling strangely affectionate. Maybe it was the lack of it he had had, over the years. But no matter the cause, it was enough for him to ignore his awkwardness, for a little bit. Early in the morning he’d wandered off, and he was just now wandering back, a rabbit dangling from his maw- it had just come out after the rain broke. It was a good start.

Blue eyes caught movement up ahead, and Freyar was thankful for the prey between his jaws- he still didn’t know how to feel about smiling so much. But he had found himself relaxing with Piper. So he approached slowly, watching her with gentle eyes as she squirmed against the earth, and when he was close enough he dropped the rabbit nearby.

“Good morning”, he hummed gently, pushing the rabbit forward with one paw- moist earth and snow mixed with the pale fur. “Hungry?”

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Piper Nightshade Raven Marie

His pawsteps were noted, as was the smell of fresh rabbit, but Piper didn’t stop in her early morning itch until Freyar had moved within range. After one more full body stretch, Piper rolled onto her belly and fixed her mate with a devious smile, pausing after he had spoken.

“Always. Im not much of a hunter myself, honestly. Little bastards always slip away from me. Want to share?”

The queen stood then, shaking out her fur before stepping forward. Over the rabbit and right to Freyar, with a welcoming rumble deep in her chest. Piper rubbed against his chest, tail wagging, and leaned her cheek closer to his own in order to make sure he would hear her whispered alternative.

“Or we can save it for… after?”

They could sprawl and talk over breakfast after shed relieved the burning sensation under her skin, urging her to continue trying until the window they had closed.

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Freyar Gabriel Lucas

Sharing didnt’ sound like a bad idea. He didn’t get the time to voice that, though, because then Piper was up and coming over. Apparently it was a choice she had already made. He didn’t mind following along. When she touched him, he leaned back against her, returning the greeting. How strange. He didn’t remember greeting another physically before, ever.

New, but not entirely bad.

This… flirtiness was entirely new, as well. More than once, Freyar found himself unsure how to respond to it- he was happy to let Piper lead there, too. Τhe dark woman was far for experienced than him in those parts of life- he’d readily admit that. When she whispered, he paused.

He was not good at this, but he hoped Piper would understand it made him no less willing.

“If you wish”, he replied gently a heartbeat later.

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Piper Nightshade Raven Marie

If you wish.

His passiveness was new to Piper, but she wasn’t against it. The Queen was okay being in charge, even if it was new in such a way. It was better now that she knew affection wasn’t something to be shunned.  Even if it was new and different and maybe sometimes a little awkward, she was happy this co-parenting journey and the start of a mateship was with Freyar. The Nightshade had very few wolves in the valley she liked let alone trusted, and he was the first outside of the Evergreens to catch her attention.

She rubbed her cheek down the side of his neck, sending a gentle nip towards his shoulder and turning away to wave her tail in his face.

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Name Player
Freyar Gabriel Lucas

There was a balance here that Freyar found he appreciated. When Piper moved, he followed her with his eyes, studying the way muscles rippled under dark fur. How strange. In a few months, he might be a father. It was the one way he never thought he might spend his winter.

Piper was full of surprises.

She turned, and he turned with her, her tail full in his face. That was strange, too, and he couldn’t help but send a silent thank you to whoever being had seen it fit to let them exist in the universe, for creating instinct such as it was. His muzzle found the base of Piper’s spine, and he nuzzled at the area gently, a moment later leaning his cheek on it and spending only a few seconds looking at her. He would… get the hang of this. Eventually.

“Now, yes?”

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Name Player
Piper Nightshade Raven Marie

Things were getting easier. It wasn’t as embarrassing as their first dance, now that they both knew what was expected and how things would work in these next few weeks. Afterwards was still a little hazy, but Piper didn’t care much about thatI’m the wake of her hormones. Once they found out if she was pregnant or not, they could…. maybe talk it out more. As it was, she clearly wasn’t in a mood to talk just yet. Perhaps after her mood had been settled from flirty.

Piper rumbled appreciably at his touch, turning her head to gaze at him with unbridled affection. She leaned against him for a moment, frozen like that until he spoke. The ebony queen nodded, moving her tail both out of his face and out of his way, forever thankful for the size shed been blessed with.

(Wanna fade out and end this so we can do our puppy roll? :D )

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