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but i still want you
[summons] close to wayhaven gorge | howling cause she misses her family so sort of an accidental summon | thunderstorm | loud | cold

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Momo Aekyr-Laroche Zesty

Momo didn’t know why she was out here, or what she was doing. She was collecting shells, like what she did usually, but it had slipped her mind as she trudged along. No shells had been collected today, and her distraction from her task had only gotten greater as a storm brewed. The rumbling of thunder that made her chest shudder reminded her painfully of when her mother had taken her and her sisters out in a storm to see Aunty Jo. That time was so long ago now, and she could only hold memories to it.

Maybe it was dangerous to be out here. It was so loud now. She could see lightning drop down to lick the ocean. Something told her she shouldn’t swim, so she stayed clear of the waves. But she watched. Oh, how she watched. It was hypnotising, how the lighting would flash in front of her eyes. It gave her another outlet, something to help her block out all the painful memories, all the bad thoughts.

She missed everyone, even if they were at the cove. She felt distant, like she could never quite keep up with anyone ever again. And, despite feeling so, so lonely, she knew she had done this to herself. She had gone out in the storm, to try and escape her grief. She had left everyone behind. But it seemed right. It seemed right when she left. But now her heart hurt.

Momo longed to run home, to reunite with her sister, Splash, and Una and all her friends, but something was keeping her out here. She couldn’t go home, even if there was nothing physical holding her back. In her frustration, she let out an anguished howl, almost by accident. The girl couldn’t help it. Amdist the rumbling, it all seemed too much. And she couldn’t escape it.

It hurt. It hurt so much.

Jul 01, 2018 09:27 PM

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Splash Aekyr-Laroche Viktor

The thunder rumbled, the lightning flashed and Splash raged on step-for-step with the storm.

She wasn’t even mad, but it was how she’d always handled thunderstorms-With an attempt to match the ferocity of the sky. Of course, Splash had never really ever been truly angry, so her fury was more of a tempestuous, joyful game with the storm.
She knew her sister was out here. She’d caught her scent a few times trickling through the smell of rain, but she left her to her own devices. She’d been shell-finding when Splash had followed her out here earlier sneaky sneaky and Splash didn’t want to bother that.

That is, until a familiar howl rose above the crackle and boom of another lightning flash, sending Splash grinning like a maniac beneath the rain and snarling when the thunder rumbled in the sky. She hadn’t forgotten her sister’s howl, though, not a real summons, but rather a painfully upset cry. It unnerved Splash, was Momo hurt? Scared by the storm? Or just sad, perhaps? Splah is moving before she can think about it, sending her tall body in motion across the sands and slipping through the rain and across wet sand to find her sister. She’d stuck close throughout their ‘seperate’ escapades, drifting at the edges of where Momo likely wouldn’t notice her, but now she sauntered close enough to see her littlest sister.

Uninjured. Safe, without another wolf in sight. Was she just sad, then? Missing her family, like Splash did?
She didn’t know how to comfort her sister, she wasn’t sure if snuggles would be acceptable. Besides, Splash was aflame inside with the joy from the storm. Instead, she decided to lift her own nose to the sky in answer to her sister in the still between a lightning flash and the rolling thunder that shook her very bones.

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Dante Wynter

Dante sauntered along, crunching down on the bones of a rabbit, the remains of a meal he’d dug up from a fox cache he had sniffed out a short time ago. It had amounted to little more than a chew toy, but with the storm rolling in, he’d decided against continuing the search for food. Sniffing out a trail in the rain was pointless.

He was moving toward the crest of a hill, the sandy beach not far ahead of him, when he heard an anguished cry over the boom of thunder. He’d have ignored it had he not recognized the voice as Momo’s, and picked up his pace to a lope, moving to the top of the small hill before coming to a halt, squinting into the distance. It wasn’t difficult to spot dark wolves against the sandy backdrop of the beach, and it didn’t take Dante long to notice a shape in the distance, seeing the black wolf moving along the shore before he spotted Momo. That was Splash, he thought, moving toward her sister.

Dante wasn’t great at reading emotions, and he knew less about Momo’s moods than he did her sister’s. Splash’s answering call was almost a challenge, but Momo’s was decidedly more somber. Dante scowled at the wind whipping at his fur as he made his way closer, dropping the scrap of rabbit he’d been chewing on.

He hated calling out, self conscious of how he sounded whenever he howled, but after a few seconds of debating, Dante raised his head to answer, adding his stupid, warbling bay to the mix. He trailed off with a few low, rumbling barks, a sort of compulsory punctuation that he couldn’t ever seem to avoid.

He didn’t know what the hell was going on, but he was on his way, damnit.

skippable for two rounds as he makes his way over!

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Momo Aekyr-Laroche Zesty

And the sky lit up again.

Over and over.

Things just kept going, right? Not even the loudest of howls could stop anything, give Momo what she wanted. But what did she want? She wanted her family back. But what about now? That was a stupid question. She didn’t know what she wanted. Frustration didn’t suit the girl, but she was just that. Stupidly frustrated, she thought.

Lightning split the sky just as a howl broke the rumbling. It was punctuated and Momo was eerily aware of it. It was loud and clear. And she knew that howl. Splash. It had that energy about it, like she was trying to spar her with her voice. Had she followed her out here? She was always sneaky. Momo wasn’t even upset about that. It was like a comfort. Despite everything happening, Splash was still Splash. Still her sister. Her sister who loved the thunder.

Another howl broke the storm. This one she wasn’t so sure of, but it did sound familiar. The pale girl (who wasn’t such a little girl anymore) turned, trying to spot her sister and the other wolf through the rain. She was dark, like the weather. Made it harder to spot her. But Momo had sharp eyes, and that dark shape couldn’t just be a shape. Another dark shape was further away. Was that Uncle Dan? What was he doing out here?

The two dark wolves were lit by a flash of lightning, followed by a loud roll of thunder. Momo couldn’t help but feel better. The memories hurt, but less with wolves she knew. She didn’t really know what to do now, either. Her brooding had been broken, but what now?

Hell, this was her family. She shouldn’t need to think about it. Instead of going to them, she stayed still. Like her paws were ingrained into the sand. It felt weird. So she called, again, her howl deeper with an unknown emotion. Maybe she sounded sadder. Maybe she felt sadder, now.

Jul 10, 2018 01:44 AM — Post #3

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Splash Aekyr-Laroche Viktor

Her uncle’s call broke reached her ears beneath the sky’s roars and the pounding rain next, and she hopped in place in excitement. Maybe she’d try to sneak up on him and ambush the older wolf! Yeah, that’d be fun and also hilarious, if she managed to actually startle him.

Focus, Splash. Momo was sad! That was more pressing than sneak-attacking her uncle. A flash of lightning allowed her to see her sister better, and her tail waved from where it was curled triumphantly over her back. She just couldn’t be upset with the thunderstorm going on, but she was trying to be sympathetic to her siblings distress.

Momo howled, again, and Splash tilted her head before shaking it hard when rain trickled into her ear canal. Blech. She’d clearly seen Dante and Splash, but she was howling again? Hm. Maybe space wasn’t what Momo wanted, maybe she wanted Splash to come barreling in with the intent to cheer her up.
She hopped down from her perch, bounding closer with a purely playful growl and dipping into a playbow before bounding back up again. “Moooooooooooo-! Why ya sound so sad?” Finally, words from the beast, circling her sister because she apparently couldn’t stay still for two seconds, not as hyped up as she was.

Jul 12, 2018 04:16 PM — Post #4

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Name Player
Dante Wynter

ooc: He’s supposed to be still on his way but I can post if you’d prefer that?

Jul 23, 2018 07:21 AM — Post #5

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